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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 31, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman with great viral videos. it's time to get your new year's eve on "right this minute." >> one flaming cocktail coming up. a customer said he could handle it but -- >> i think the bartender was right about having hesitations. >> tourists are doing a little
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elephant watching. what it's like taking a ride on the wild side. >> four guys in a cany are caught in a flash flood. how they survive theushfanger. and a prank goes haywire when a dude tells his girl friend he cheated. >> the stupid girl, it was one -- >> why the twist on this one is worth waiting for. >> are you [ bleep ] serious? oh, shoot! >> he's pranking her. >> oh, no. >> seems like nowadays more and more people are interested in like fancy hand-crafted cocktails at the bar. they're sort of making a comeback. this video here from brussels, belgium, the guy is about to do something known as the absent pipe, it's a glass pipe that the guy will light on fire, looks
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like the guy will suck the vapor from the pipe. >> and it's supposed to be really strong, right? >> the guy who shot this, his name is sasha. he told us the bartender was hesitant about giving the guy the shot. i think the bartender was right about having some hesitation because watch. >> oh, my god. >> quickly something goes wrong. i watched this a bunch of times. did he bump the pipe and the substance jostled everywhere? >> i think it jumped out all over his skin. >> watch the bartender's hand. his fingers were on fire as well. >> he told us the gentleman
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you're seeing here seemed okay afterward. he did say he had some skin peeled off his face. >> i think it was probably an involuntary reaction. he was probably like, ooh, that's hot. >> wow. >> to south africa's krugar national park where these elephants are chilling out. maybe they're used to seeing the tour guides coming to check them out. but today these elephants were just not in the mood. all of these elephants start charging a little bit toward the car. most of them stop. >> easy, easy. hey! >> oh! >> yeah, one of the elephants was especially angry, charges and hits the car they're in. you can hear how freaked out
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everybody is. >> hey! hey! hey! >> now, in the car is a very experienced tour guide. he's been a tour guide for a very long time, experienced guy. they do say that this was a completely unprovoked attack. >> hey, hey! >> he's never seen this. he's been doing this for a very long time. it's the very first time ever an elephant hits his car. >> you don't often see the power. >> she might be the aggressive one in the group. if you notice, she's missing one of her tusks. >> even though it sounds really crazy, no one was injured and the elephant walked away unharmed. >> i got an animal hanging out where he's not supposed to be hanging out. can you tell where this little guy is? that's a lama on a train. this guy was in fact part of a
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circus and five reportedly intoxicated students said i think we need an animal from the circus. that's when police were called. when you see a lama on a train, you notice that something's out of place. >> this looked like a scene from hangover or something. >> these photos actually caused quite a stir on the social media site, particularly twitter. because -- >> the lama does look like he's having a good time. >> they did say the lama was very friendly. >> they also took the five fellas into custody. and they called the circus owner and said we found your lama on a train. the charges were drond and everyone was uninjured.
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>> i want to party with those guys. >> happy new year! >> four guys are out in this canyon. erik hanson is a photographer and outdoor en,000iest, their friend eric and ben. they're propelling down -- that rain turns into a flash flood. and at the bottom of the 300-foot waterfall. >> holy cow, here it comes. >> but they realize two guys are still stuck at the top. >> one guy makes it down but another is left behind, 165 feet above. >> come down! >> they're afraid that he's going to get swept away. but through the mist they realize he's made it and they think he's made it out of the precarious situation.
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>> are they safe? >> they're not safe. because that was just the first wave. >> this is absolutely insane. >> conditions worsened quickly. they found a large boulder to hunker down behind and try to take cover. >> i pray for protection around us right now, nothing will hit us, we will not drown or swept away, we will be perfectly safe in jesus' name. >> all four guys made it out of the canyon alive. two of them are here to tell us about their harrowing experience. guys, describe this situation. >> it was like a freak train of energy and washing over you and ungulfing you. we couldn't communicate. >> before you went out there, did you know these flash floods were possible? >> it's always a potential, especially in this part of the country. we didn't expecthis big of a
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storm. that'sot what the weather report or anything else said was going to happen. >> what moment made you decide to pray? >> i realized we were completely stuck. i felt like we were in grave danger and i felt like i should pray to god. >> at any point did you feel like you were going to die? >> my brother was with me and hi a sick feeling i would have to call my mother to let her kn know -- i was getting hypothermic and we won't make it. we finally saw a crack of light and that was when we were like we just have to risk it.
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>> she's not thrilled about going to school but -- >> lilly is about to get a big surprise. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> the ditch day that brings tears of joys. >> lilly, we're going to disney land! >> and dude takes a daring stunt to the edge. >> he decides to do a one-arm handstand. >> see why this balancing act is a thrill seeker's dream.
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school is important but sometimes kids don't want to go. >> where we going, lilly? >> school. >> school is so fun! >> nuh-uh. >> they're in front of the school but then something happens. >> no school, no school. >> lilly is about to get a big surprise. >> let's skip school today. >> yay! >> where should we go? >> i think we should ditch school and go to disneyland. >> okay. >> yeah. >> let's go. >> you serious? >> no way. >> we're going to disneyland. >> why is she crying? >> i'd cry, too, if somebody said, gail, we're going to disneyland. >> chloe still under impressed
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but still has a smile on her face. >> and who showed a similar video with lilly around her birthday time. >> we're leaving today to go to disneyland. >> no, i'm not joking. >> and she started crying but it was beautiful because she was so thankful and excited. >> it's almost the exact same reach action. >> but we also get a view of had are little sister, chloe. >> and her mom said lilly absolutely deserved this. she said she's a very grateful child. >> what about your doctor's appointment? >> i don't have a doctor's appointment. >> i love you. >> i love you, too, mommy. >> this is 6 centimeters above the gorge and a drop all the way down. if you fall, there's no way back. >> he is standing on top a rock
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in norway. he is not going to base jump, he's not going to wing suit fly off this rock. >> oh, no. >> at the very edge of this rock, with a drop of about 2,000 feet, he decides to do a one-armed hand -- the thrill of the fact that you might fall off? >> sure. why not. >> i always envision it before i take any kind of action. and this image follows me all through the working process. it's the drive behind everything i do. >> good for him. he's obviously very confident to in his ability to stand on hand and throw sky -- >> we're triering to figure out
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if it's easy or hard for this girl to get tongue tied. >> she's got a split tongue that at times looks like two separate functioning tongues. >> how -- was this -- was she born this way or do you get this surgically done? >> you can have that done but look at the different stuff she can do. she's going like this almost. like warming up her tongue like they were hands. >> well, the clapping is so disturbing, when she collapse the two sides of her tongue together like seal fins. >> she's quite -- i don't know the world. >> am bytonguerouse. >> she holds.
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>> you don't hear her talk in the video at all but, man. >> is that weird. >> you know how some people can tie a cheri stem with their tongue. i wonder if she could do it like faster. >> he tried to pull a stunt and it went horribly wrong. >> now meet the dare devil who is preaching a new. >> see how two babies proof -- >> you can have fun anywhere. >> i was always seen no-no on tv and i won derl.
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>> i can't believe the difference. it's almost hair free. >> now no-no is better it and ever. introducing the new no-no pro. it's up to 35% more powerful. imagine neff having to save again. >> i like a close shave and this is better than that. it's gone. >> and there's a no-no for him, too. >> we'll show you everything to get is id
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>> this video shows you can have fun anywhere. you don't need expensive toys and gadgets. >> oh, the old door stop. >> they're twins. emma and donna. you may remember little emma. the one who sneezes some command. >> bless you. >> i remember her, yeah. >> everybody loves live emma and now her brother connor is getting in on the fun and everyone is falling in love with the babies playing with the
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springy door stop. >> that is a funny noise, even as an adult. >> sometimes i'll hit it by accident. >> they're occupied. it's safe for them to play with, as long as they don't get their little fingers caught in the stre screen. >> you two are ridiculous. you know that? >> some lessons in life are a lot more painful to learn than others. >> i can do athletic stuff. i don't get it. >> oh! >> don't do it for the vine. >> he was trying to make a vine video and it went horribly wrong. that's human biology student obi. >> today i put my life on the line, my friend's life on the
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line, don't do it for the vine. >> he should have known if the body hits the car. >> david: -- it's not going to feel good. obie, how did you find yourself in this position, heading down a car? >> it was a lot of false confidence. i believed in myself probably a little bit too much. >> oh! >> you tell me i can't do something, i'm going to try to prove you wrong. >> was this a copycall video? >> the only video i've seen of someone doing it was kobe bryant. i said if kobe can do it, why can't obie do it. i just wanted a popular vine. >> did you practice ever?
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>> we practiced but the practice was not thethe car would come b would jump from the side to see if i would clear any car or height. from the video, it looked like i was clearing the car probably like a few inches. but it takes a little more timing to jump at the right time to clear the car. i don't think i took that into account. especially that, i don't think i thought about that. this is my mistake. >> how are your legs? >> i just had a cut to my leg, that is it. i am so lucky to have survived my stupid mistake so can i hopefully tell people don't be stupid or put yourself in a dangerous situation i did because in the end, it's really not worth it. >> oh! >> don't do it for the vine. >> a popular youtube prankster decides to pull one on his girl friend. >> by telling her that i cheated on her. >> oh, that's not cool.
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>> it's a video prank you don't come back from. >> see
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i don't know how much this guy got for doing this, but i'll give you two $20 each if you do this. >> let's see what it is first. >> we found this one on juken video. >> he just smashed his head through that table. >> oh, my gosh. >> they're going to break his neck! >> which is the real stupid move. as if the first one wasn't. >> look at the girl in the background just shielding her eyes. i don't want to see a man die right now. the paper thin coffee table. >> when he pulls his head back out, it does look like it's particle board or card board. >> it looks like card board with
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a thin laminate on it. >> what's his face look like? >> it's a little bloody. >> regardless, i'm not doing that for 20 bucks. no. >> sometimes in life you just get what's coming to you. >> our friend roman atwood is in aruba celebrating his five-year anniversary with his girl friend. >> i'm going to prank her tonight by telling her that i cheated on her. >> oh, that's not cool. >> you don't celebrate like that. >> it could be a prank you don't come from you. >> honey honey, i have to talk . i swear i'll never do it again. >> what did you do? >> three weeks ago when i was in l.a., i met this girl. it was this one -- i swear to god i'll never do it again.
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like i can't sleep or eat or nothing right now. >> we have a family! >> god, i know. i'm so sorry. i don't even know what to say. >> i cheated on you, too. >> what? >> she said she did the same thing. >> oh, shoot. >> he's pranking her. >> oh, no, no, no, no. >> he did not see this coming. >> what did you just say? did you cheat on me? did you cheat on me? you [ bleep ] cheated on me? you cheated on me? are you [ bleep ] serious? you're [ bleep ]ing serious right now. with who? yo? i swear to god, you better be lying to me, you better be lying to me.
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>> i saw the cameras, you idiot. >> she had me the whole time. >> what happens after this? >> what happens after will slightly break your heart for her. >> i thought you were gng to propose! >> she thout he was going to >> i experienced the full range of emotions. i was happy, i was scared -- >> it was like a so opera. >> that's our show, everybody. . thanks for joining us. have a a safe and happy new year.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. the clock's ticking down to 2014 so it must be time for some great viral videos "right this minute." ♪ ♪ >> sky diving with inflatable toys. >> seems like a lot of fun. >> why it was until it led to a dead spin that led to this. some dudes are out duck hunting in a boat. >> something's about to pay them a visit. >> what it's like to be the


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