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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 11, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, if you're looking for great videos from the web, we have the best, right here, "right this minute." if you are looking for great videos, we have the best. right here, right this minute. hey >> go up to this grocery store and storm inside. >> the mystery video that has people on the internet talk g. team here at the ktvu
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newsroom. updating breaking news we have been following for you this afternoon. a carjacking and oakland has led to an amber alert. one man is believed to be in the vehicle with two other people inside. a man and a young girl, taken from a store in oakland. will start with the map showing you the location of the carjacking. it is at a safeway store just to the east of 13. thirteen runs through oakland. this is specifically redwood heights. let's give you a picture of the chopper, taken minutes after the carjacking was reported. you see here one of many police units on the scene. we're told that there was some sort of altercation inside the safeway store. and that a man came out of the store and then carjacked the vehicle with two people inside. and then took off. we have the car description to share with you. this is what police want you to be on the lookout for. it is described as a 2001 infiniti suv with this license
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plate. 6jfm648. the car description here is a infiniti suv. red or maroon in color. described as a q4. in that vehicle were two people in the parking lot, when someone entered the vehicle armed with a knife and took off. we have only very vague descriptions of the suspect at this point. this is what oakland police have given to us. we are being told that the carjackers described -- the carjacked are is a black man in his 40s. 5 feet 7 inches long. 155 pounds. seen wearing blue jeans. again, a very general description. but the specific information here is the car and the license plate. noah walker has been on the scene, you are there right now, what can you tell us right now? >>reporter: right now, the parking lot is still being patrolled by police officers. this is the safeway you are speaking of. at the 4100 block of redwood road in the montclair heights
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district. this is where it all happened -- it all started. you can see the police tape on the other side. and there is the police spokesperson right there. and write up those steps is where the police command post is set up. police are entrenched here by this safeway. all this started inside the store, just before 12:50 p.m. this afternoon. police tell me that the suspect created some kind of a disturbance in the store. might have been trying to steal something from in the store. he was confronted. he did not get away with anything. but then he came out of the store. and came into this parking lot. and that is where he ran into the two victims in this case. i asked watson, what happened before this objection. and was anything heard or said? clearly something was. because whoever witnessed -- or there might have been multiple witnesses, we don't know, but whoever witnessed this, told police something that led them to believe that this is a stranger abduction. so we asked watson, why that is
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so concerning. this is what she had to say. >> the suspect entered a car with two occupants. the suspect is believed to be armed with a knife. that is what witnesses indicated to us. >> you are looking right now at chopper video from just after this stranger abduction occurred. we have ground video from just after the stranger abduction. the license plate there is repeating. it is 6jfm648. a 2001 infiniti suv. it is either burgundy or red in color. two people inside. it is a elderly man and a girl, believed to be about 13 years old. they are the victims in this case. the suspect, we have a little more detail of his description. he is an african-american man. in his 40s. 5-foot, 7 inches tall. he was seen wearing a green
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shirt and blue jeans. we're told he has salt-and-pepper colored hair. and might have been wearing headphones as well at the time of the abduction. still an active senior at this a safeway. at the 4100 block of redwood road come here in oakland. at the montclair district. there are police circling this area. there are police outside this parameter. because we are so close to highway 13 -- that kind of spilled out into other thoroughfares, that could get you anywhere in the bay area, and police are staked out at some of these entrances to the freeways and off ramps to freeways, trying to find this vehicle. they are also in the process of issuing an amber alert. they want to find these people as soon as they can. because it is a stranger abduction. and because these people are unknown to each other. they don't know what could happen. there is no history that they can look back to. to take an educated guess. these are some of the scariest situations, in terms of objections. >> just to be clear, that
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safeway where you are -- highway 13 is just about a block to your left-hand side. once you hit that the freeway, you can go clear over to 24 or head south to 580-eastbound. the location here -- here is where police are trying to block off. >> it is key. police are trying to act quickly to find this person before you can get too far away. because it is very easy access to get some distance away. it's not like it is really talked into this neighborhood. it is a very neighborhood safeway store. someone that work that one of those buildings in the distance came over because he heard the commission and heard the helicopters and was wondering what was going on. obviously this is not the norm for anywhere. but certainly not what they expect to hear about in this neighborhood. i did go into safeway to try to talk to the manager. they are not saying anything about what happened in there so far.
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so far, it is just police giving the information we have right now. >> breaking news in oakland, we will let you go. that is happening at the safeway and redwood heights. just out of the montclair district in oakland. we're following another breaking story. this was about 15 minutes from that location. this is now on interstate 580 eastbound. it is a multivehicle crash that happened. there is a chp vehicle involved in this crash. it happened on eastbound 580 around the 150 avenue exit. you can see from the chopper pictures, taken minutes after the accident, of people involved in being treated for injuries. at this point, all we know is that the vehicle was involved in what is clearly a multivehicle accident. we do not -- we do not know if there are any ties to the situation happening about 15 minutes away up where no well walker is. again, there is a search involved for a red infiniti suv. when the helicopter showed us
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pictures, we could not see a vehicle matching the description. at this point, it is a huge traffic back up happening on 580 eastbound around 150th. keep that in mind. you see westbound trap it -- traffic on the rights grant -- you see westbound traffic on the right-hand side of the screen and moving fine. we will keep you updated on these stories. and for more, we will see you coming up on ktvu channel to news at 5:00. ck from them by our deadline, but if we get an answer, we're going to give that answer out to everyone. dude's heads up for parasailing fun -- >> and starts to just manhandle this airfoil. >> dizzy. see how he throws himself for a loop. and this little cutie sees the man of steel take flight. and he's impressed. >> you could almost hear him under his breath go wow, wow.
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i know that we always like it when wad guys, robbers, burglars, whatever, get thwarted by customers or the clerks behind the counter people that work in the stores they're trying to rob but it's not always a good idea. this is kind of one of those instances from south paolo,
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brazil, they bust into this supermarket in the middle of the day. the guy's in no shirt and no shoes. you should definitely get no service either. but they've got their heads covered and you can see they got guns coming into this place three of them. apparently they are part of a group of five but only three are seen in this video but then you see this guy with what looks like an old soccer jersey or something. apparently he's a retired police. unless you're watching closely you miss it. after he hits the ground, watch the guy, one and two, tries to shoot him twice. >> i can't believe it. that was point-blank. >> yep. the pistol jams. the guy does get up and you can see doesn't look like he has many serious injuries but you do see the blood he left behind surely from that pistol-whip to the back of his head. four out of the five guys involved in this robbery were later arrested. two of them minors. it's tough to watch. that moment there where he points that gun and you can see
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him pulling the trigger twice and it jams. it probably jammed because he hit the guy on the back of the head that would be my guess, that could be what caused it to jam. >> this guy is a trained police officer at some point and you know he's trying to protect all these people, all the women in this store, he really was trying to do something quite remarkable. you guys ready to go for a nice relaxing paragliding ride? >> i have a feeling that's not what we're going to get, though. >> oh, no. here comes keenan tucker over the skies of turkey. keenan gets out there and starts to just manhandle this our foil and his parasail and does different acrobatic moves. looks like he's doing moves and spins. >> oh. boy, that will get you dizzy. >> is he messing up or is he actually doing this? he just can do this. >> he can do this and he's doing it quite well although the name of the video was my first set. it looks like these are some of his practice moves as he gets ready to learn the acrobatics,
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it's beautif out there when the horizon is level. >> he did good. his first set looks pretty darn di carry a bag in your pocket just in case? it's hard to watch. >> some people feel that parasailing isn't exciting enough so they need to do acrobatics. >> isn't that true? if you got really good at just gliding, wouldn't you want to up it a little bit? why wouldn't you? i think we can all agree that the world just is a more spectacular place when seen through the eyes of a child. this is a little 16-month-old watching man of steel for the first time. very popular movie, warner bros. legendary pictures the newest incarnation of superman. watch this little boy's reaction to superman's first full flight sequence from this movie. you can almost hear him under his breath going wow, wow, wow. >> yeah.
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>> yeah. he sat up. he's excited. >> he's in a trans. keep watching. he starts applauding and moving around on dad's lap. he can't get enough of this movie. it makes you want to watch the movie through this 16-month-old's eyes. people are starting to share this video and they are talking about this video and you can see why because it's so full of cuteness and innocence and pure joy. >> instead of the director commentary they should include this kid like, oh. >> listen to the parents' reaction at the end of the this video once the movie clip is over. >> you are adorable. >> oh, mom, your adorable and he's, like, yay! >> he's super boy. >> yeah. and he's super cute. and for other superman fans out there no matter what the age the batman versus superman movie is due out may 6th of 2016 so go ahead and mark your calendars.
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dudes will be dudes. sometimes that can be a dangerous thing. >> a guy's trip goes wrong while shooting at a target in the desert. and still to come, the angry ram is back. but this time he's being won over -- >> with a samwich. see how a bite to eat has him backing off. plus it's almost time to give away an ipad mini.
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man in new zealand who takes all these videos is starting to win the ram over. you hear how he's kind of winning him over in this video. he calls it "with a sammich." ram sort of giving his order there. >> delicious. >> yeah, right? >> oh, he's a vegetarian this ram. >> oh, yeah, for sure. and that looks like even rye bread. >> it looks like delicious bread. oh! >> and look at this. instead of head butting the guy he's kind of friendly. he's eating the sandwich quite peacefully. looks like maybe the ram's lady friend came over and tried to get a bite of this sandwich and he was like, hell, no, back off. that's all you need to do if you encounter an angry ram, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, two slice of bread. >> maybe it's not the sandwich at all. maybe it's just the lady friend.
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he's happy now. >> mellow dude. >> hey, perfect time for the sandwich, do you know what i mean. >> can you put "sports center" on? when you see this video you, you may not believe it, but dennis here is a seasoned pro on his snowmobile. goes up the steep incline. loses it. >> no, dude, roll on him. >> heavy ski doo rolls on top of him but -- >> landed right side up which is a good thing. >> it did. and dennis pops up, too, no injuries. they are part of the power mod crew, the running board, the big piece of metal that runs alongside the snowmobile, came down across his back and broke his shovel but they believe his protective jacket that he had on is what kept him from getting injured from this big heavy snowmobile rolling on his head, that's why you wear the right gear when you're out there for sure. here's another snowmobile, goes by his buddies to attempt his own hill climb here and then
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oops. >> it look like he just took out a big snow man. it was like a big chunky big pile of snow. >> i think this guy was expecting the snow to poof out of the way. instead it hits him like a brick wall and a big chunk comes into his face. the snowmobile does not fall on his head. he pops up. no injuries. part of snowmobile. >> this is what you do and buy one of these things to climb up the steep incline. they'll be doing it again. >> it's time for the ipad mini give away. >> you got to have the tuesday buzzword. >> you enter on our facebook page and go to the first post on our facebook page and tap on the mobile link. >> time for the tuesday buzzword, it is arrest. >> get on over to and click on the win an ipad mini button. >> and enter the tuesday buzzword arrest arrest for your chance to win an ipad mini. >> if you don't win today we're giving away another one tomorrow.
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some people come up to check on an abandoned baby. only problem is -- >> it's not a baby at all. >> the zombie attack that's got these prankees running scared. >> did she fall? >> she did. she totally bit it.
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if you're getting ready to do something fun for valentine's day, still looking for ideas, i have one that could be pretty cool. these are valentine's day milk shakes. what makes them valentine's day? they're red velvet. >> ooh, fancy rim. >> icing and sprinkles rim. >> you need your ingredients, milk, velvet cake mix, ice cream, you get a little baking chips, you get straws. >> whipped cream. >> whipped cream. some glasses. and this is how you do it. in some sort of melting device you melt the baking chips. you put the glasses for your
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shake inside it to create a coat where then you're going to sprinkle the heart-shaped sprinkles. >> that gives your nice little delicious rim. >> in the blender you put in the ice cream the cake mix and vanilla extract. >> who doesn't get happier after drinking a milk shake? >> the question is this is the only gift i'm giving. >> gladly accept. fighting for the pillow. ♪ what you're seeing in this video the latest and greatest in baby bassinet technology, i
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don't know why they shot it in this really dark and kind of spooky room, but this will revolutionize the baby furniture industry you could say. yeah, not at all what i was talking about. this is, in fact, a zombie baby prank which is sort of the sequel to the devil baby attack prank that we saw that went crazy viral. we had it on the show. was all over the place. that was in new york city. that was to promote the movie "devil's do." the baby that puked and did all this stuff. the guys from model pranksters are back. >> she totally bit it. >> she climbed up her friend's back and actually fell. >> they teamed up with the g that made theevil baby doll vid one, and they are in palm springs, california. people falling over, watch, this guy on the skateboard check things out, and he falls down. >> does the baby head look adult? >> it's not a baby at all, it's
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a grown zombie. >> why do they come up? >> i think men are naturally afraid of babies to begin with and you add in a zombie head in there and totally blown away. >> dude on a bike comes up to check things out and he falls over before it pops. you have to hand it to the people who are concerned and what the heck is going on why is the baby by itself. >> how does the dog react? >> the dog is way less scared than these v4k
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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, it's time for the best videos from the web "right this minute." a guard breaks into a car trying to reach -- >> a 14-week-old child. >> how a crowd saved a baby left in 105-degree heat. it's a spectacular base jump off a cliff. >> you go through the clouds, how do you know what's on the other side? >> you'll find out when he does. not many police chases end with this much gunfire.


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