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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 23, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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to go. can you hold your breath for 12 laps, darrell? >> boy, my heart is pounding right now. these guys and gals are putting on a whale of a show. what a way to end a daytona 500. earnhardt behind patrick. fourth on the high side. and now he's three wide with jeff gordon and almirola. >> you know, you're in a box. where are you going to go? >> bowyer slipped up there in front of logano and that accordion to middle line. the 22 of logano -- >> look at dale jr. right behind danica. that could be a potent combination. >> he has turned up the wick here. 11 laps to go this time. >> logano had the lip. lost his momentum and that backed him up in the field and now keselowski is alone on point. two by two, four rows behind him with 11 to go. >> larry, did you think that 2 car had this kind of speed in it? >> not out front. when you look at the front end, the front end has tape and bond
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holding it together. >> unbelievable. >> you have a determined individual behind the wheel of that race car. >> wheal wheel it around. we know that. it looks like it's been in a war. >> last year, keselowski won roger penske's first sprint cup series championship after some 30 years of trying. today, he's trying to give the captain his second daytona 500 victory. 10 laps to go. 25 miles left in this daytona 500. >> darrell, is it safe to say brad keselowski's driving as much out the back window as out the windshield. here goes jimmie johnson. can he get up off the corn we are him and hold it down the back straightaway? >> while we were in commercial, we saw keselowski change lanes in front of johnson. >> nobody behind him. he's pushing you out front. off you now. he's off you. >> look how much that push by biffle shot him ahead of the
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jimmie johnson in the 48? that may be just what -- well, i don't know. back to the outside. he knows that's the fast line. he's probably doesn't want to give that up but he's getting down there looking at jimmie johnson alongside as well. and here comes johnson. here he comes. can't quite clear him. >> and keselowski has the momentum on the outside. caution is out. >> caution is out. >> he had biffle. and caution is out. >> three wide, caution is out up top three wide. >> turn number two and everybody gets a chance to catch their breath. >> now happy, get to catch our breath. drivers are happy. crew chiefs are smiling. >> now, what will be interesting the way they reset the field is by how you cross the last scoring loop. does it make a big deal? sure. because it determines maybe inside or outside lines where you'll restart. >> terry labonte will get the free pass on this caution flag. which is the fifth of the day.
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now, as if keselowski didn't have enough damage to the front end -- >> whoa. piece of aluminum right there didn't seem to hurt anything. that couldn't -- you know what, it looks like it might be off his own car. >> it came off several miles ago. >> what about jimmie johnson? >> chad is asking for the binoculars, mike. he was telling jimmie to go ahead and save fuel, meaning to stay out. whatever was on the racetrack, i drove it through the center of my grill. they'll take a look and see what, if any, cosmetic damage they have to the 48. >> i saw it bounce off keselowski's car. it was a piece of aluminum out of the one of the wheel wells. don't think it did any damage whatsoever. >> let's see if we can -- >> here is johnson. there's the debris. oh, yeah. >> yeah. but you can see how -- it's so light. it's just a piece of aluminum from one of the crushed panels. i don't think that's a problem. >> looked like it did any
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damage. steve? >> brad keselowski just told his team whoever is going through wide behind us is killing our lane. that's interesting. >> yeah. ten to go. what do you want me to do? >> i'll pass it along. don't think it will do any good. >> johnson, keselowski, hamlin, biffle and bowyer. pole sitter, danica patrick in sixth. logano, earnhardt, jeff gordon, mark martin. there's 25 cars can still win the daytona 500. >> yeah. they might be running 25th, too. right now. >> be hard pressed to tell any of the 25 drivers they can't win.
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♪ ♪ we welcome you back live to this quick update on what has been a frustrating afternoon at the daytona 500. went through 38 laps with kyle busch your leader. rain -- now this is one of the lengthiest in daytona 500 history. we're coming up on 3:30. they're drying the track. the rain has lightened up after severe weather warning earlier. much of that -- at least at the track has been cleared. so we're hoping to clear here and try to get at least halfway to make it official or complete every mile in the daytona 500. and there is a current look at the weather map. good news is, as you can see, those showers, those little xs are lightning strikes moving out to sea.
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and heading away from where we are. jimmie johnson, dale earnhardt jr. battling in the final laps. we'll return you to the conclusion of the 2013 daytona 500. we'll be checking back in with continuous updates on the weather and hoping to go racing later tonight in the 2014 daytona 500. you're watching nascar on fox. by leading a green flag lap, danica patrick made nascar history today. she'll restart sixth with six laps to go. that's her crew chief, tony gibson, talking to a member of biffle's team. biffle will line up right in front of her on the outside. rows two and three behind jimmie johnson. it's johnson versus keselowski on point. there are just six laps to go. >> yeah. and that outside line now has the hot rods in it that jimmie johnson's car is fast. 16 is right there. i think danica and biffle might think they can do something with
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johnson if they get the chance. >> pace car dives in. chevy, ford, front row. toyota ford, toyota chevy and here they come. >> danica is right up against the back of biffle. biffle up against johnson and head off to turn one. the race is on. >> building from 70 miles an hour pace car speed. up to 190 miles an hour by the time they hit turn 3 and johnson is in command. >> biffle is setting the time. his teammate, kenseth, pushed him to the very last half and dale jr. slid by him at the end of the race. biffle is in a great position right now. >> darrell, do you stay in the high groove if you're up front? >> you have to. you cannot move right now. there's no way.
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>> three wide behind the top ten as jeff gordon tries to bust out of the middle and come up to challenge. >> that outside line is definitely moving. you can see brad keselowski on the inside getting smaller and smaller in that two car. >> yeah. what you would like to have happen, biffle and patrick. clear the inside guys to give them options. >> how about dale earnhardt jr.? you're riding with him, pushing danica patrick down the back straightaway. >> and pushing is okay on the straightaway. troublesome in these corners at these speeds. keselowski and hamlin in the 11 on the inside with logano. trying but unable to close up on the outside lane. >> we were talking about teammates all day long and here is jimmie johnson and right behind him is biffle but then comes two more teammates in the danica patrick and dale earnhardt jr. that could be a big gain. >> four laps to go.
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>> there is no telling how much greg biffle in that 16 car wants to win the daytona 500. he's come close. he's had a great speed week and here he is in second place behind jimmie johnson. >> but, larry, with this car -- we haven't seen conventional wisdom pay off. i think that greg biffle right now is trying to think about what do i need to do to get by jimmie johnson and win this race? and right now johnson is not running the high groove or the bottom groove. s he is almost running the middle of racetrack through three and four. >> wouldn't you? >> i think biffle and dale jr. might make a move on jimmie johnson here before too long. >> should the caution flag come out before the leader takes the white flag, we'll attempt a green/white checker finish and try that up to three times if necessary. once the leader takes the white flag, the next flag, caution, or checker ends the race. >> the only problem with going little early, which i would love
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to be able to see, but if i don't make the pass or don't get where i want to go i may lose a lot of positions coming to the checkers. >> jimmie johnson is a daytona 500 winner but over the last six 500s, he finished no better than 27th and last year he completed only 1 lap. >> mr. lonely is lonely right now and is loving every minute of it. >> darrell, somebody has to do it here in the next little bit if they're going to make something happen. >> ryan newman over 200 entering the corner. and look who is up there in the top 10, regan smith, j.j. yaly, michael mcdowell, drivers with small teams challenging the power houses of this sport with a lap and a half to go. >> you know what, they are praying for that it finishes just like this. let me finish right where i am. up front, different story. >> what a great payday for those teams. >> here they come boys and
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girls. >> go now or finish second. >> when we cross this, it's a race. >> and oh, by the way, it's not over. it's just now on. >> darrell, keep an eye on -- >> oh, car in the wall hard! turn one. and it's the 93 of travis -- >> no caution. nascar, if the track is clear, they'll let them finish. we are still green and here comes the leader. >> mark martin is really pushing dale earnhardt jr. in the 88. >> junior to the inside of greg biffle. the green flag still flies. martin's number 55, keselowski in the 2. biffle backing up. patrick behind him for the second time the daytona 500 goes to jimmie johnson, five-time champion from california and his rick hendricks chevrolet. >> he can thank dale jr. for
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that. >> yeah! >> danica patrick, the pole sitter, becomes the highest finishing woman in the daytona 500, eighth. >> they were coming from every side of him, front, back, left, right. that group is a happy group and he's a happy man. not only because they won this race, he won it in 2006, his average finish in the 500 outside the top 30. >> man, that's awesome. >> we got you one, buddy. you're here for it. >> we call him mr. lonely because all they did in testing and practice is just ride by themselves. >> jimmie johnson's crew chief, chad knaus will make his first trip to daytona 500 victory lane. johnson's last win came with knaus on suspension.
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today, is jimmie johnson's 400th career sprint cup start and there's car owner, rick hendrick. i didn't want to use this fact earlier, might jinx him. look at who won in their 400th career start? lee petty, richard petty, david pearson, dave bargans, dale earnhardt and now jimmie johnson. [ burning tires ] >> 61st career sprint cup series
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win for jimmie johnson. he becomes the 10th multiple winner of the daytona 500 and kicks off his 12th consecutive season with at least one victory. top ten for danica patrick. best-ever finish in the 500 by a woman. >> top ten finish dan any karks you led laps and you were sitting third. we got ready to make the run for the finish. at that point, what was your game plan? >> you know, i kept thinking about that the whole time. there was plenty of time. i spent most of the race running half throttle in the line. so, spend a lot of time thinking about what you're going to do when that opportunity comes and, you know, i think it's just tough to tell. you know, i kept asking up above what it looked like was working? you needed a hole. you needed people to help you
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out. i feel like -- i feel like -- you know, i had a little bit of help today here and there but i felt like if i were to dive low i had a feeling i was going to get freight trained. so it was tough to tell. dale did a good job of backing it up because it did look like we were getting away and felt like it too, because we were flat. like we were not lifting those laps. and when you're second and third and so on you do so we weren't. i thought we were pulling away a little bit. at the end of the day, it was, you know, it was a solid day for the go daddy car and the go daddy crew. they did a nice job in the pits. we stayed basically in the top ten all day long. can't complain about that. it was a nice -- it was nice. it was calm most of the time, but it was fun when it got exciting. >> mission accomplished. eighth in daytona. >> jimmie johnson has become the 10th driver to win multiple
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welcoming you back to daytona and the sprint post race show. as jimmie johnson, winning for the second time, he led the last ten laps, led a total of 17 laps and was steady all day. his fastest lap coming late in the race. steve byrnes is with jimmie in
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victory lane. >> jimmie johnson's second time you won the daytona 500 but it's been a bit of a drought since 2006. >> it has. you know, plate racing has been awfully tough form of racing and there's a lot of luck involved. pack racing is different. you can't ride and wait for things to happen. you have to race all day long and fight for track position. in this race car, this chevrolet was so good. they had me a fast car and i could stay up front all day long and had a lot of confidence the final two laps leading the train. i knew just how fast this car was. so, big credit to everybody at hendrick motorsports. >> jimmie, seems like you had a very specific game plan from the moment you unpacked here in daytona. >> we did. we wanted to get this car to the 500. we knew it was the best car for us and very happy to have it in the 500 and certainly did its job for us. i want to give a big shotout to all the fans and also want to send my thoughts and prayers out to everybody that was injured in the grand stands. go to lowes, buy stuff.
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spring is coming. buy a chevrolet. happy to win in the gen 6 car for chevrolet. awesome day. >> thanks so much, jimmie. congratulations. ♪ at one time i made things and i took pride in the things i made and my belts whirred and my engines cranked i opened my doors to all and together we filled pallets and trucks i was mighty and then one day the gears stopped turning but i am still here and i believe i will rise again we will build things and build families and build dreams it's time to get back to what america does best
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♪ we welcome you live to daytona, time lapse earlier, 38 laps into the daytona 500, rain, severe weather warning at the track. and 3:40 in this rain interruption, they are currently drying the track, doing the best they can. the rain has been intermittent, making it difficult to dry the track. still hoping to go racing. and the racing we had earlier,
2:54 pm
when they waived the green flag, it was the rookie back to the 3 car, richard childress racing and austin dillon who led one lap. kyle larson, another rookie, they were seven rookies in the daytona 500. the kid from california, twice went into the wall damaging his car. matt kenseth two-time daytona 500 winner. >> he almost misses his pit stall. spun it around and wound up in the pit stall. >> that's fancy pitting. >> martin truex already in a backup car. >> that's one of the richard childress power under the hood. there's nine other cars that have that same engine. lot of people worried. >> earlier, kyle busch taking the lead in the toyota. we've had five leaders, five lead changes in the a couple cautions. the raines came and the red flag came. kurt busch, his brother, has led the most laps so far. denny hamlin, also in his joe gibbs toyota. here comes the rain. that's our fish eye lens, you can see how columbus might have
2:55 pm
been confused if you arrived at that time with michael waltrip, she in his fire suit because he was racing in the 66 cash. the gang all still here hoping -- we're getting updates every 30 minutes that we can get back to racing. you're a driver. you've been out there racing. you're waiting. your thought process at this moment? >> i've seen several differing agendas from the race car drivers. kyle busch started 37th. he is leading the race. jimmie johnson started near the back and stayed there. he hasn't gone anywhere. the pack separated but when that backpack got away from the lead group, we ran them right down. lot of speed because of that big hole that the big pack punches in the air and we were able to drive right through it. saw some really fast cars. i like keselowski's car. knew he would be strong. hamlin is doing a great jb keeping his stuff up front. you can really move. five of the top ten started outside the top 30 and raced their way to the front. >> anything you've seen over the first 38 laps going into the race that have affected how you think the outcome will be? >> i think what you have to keep up with right now is the track
2:56 pm
conditions overall. track was real warm. dropped the green flag early on. it's going to be cooler. we'll be able to go back and look at your notes, chris, from sprint unlimited as well as the duel on thursday to be able to use information from there and get our cars tuned in more, be more aggressive. right now we'll be worried more about speed than we will be about how the cars handle. that's one of the things the engineers of the teams who have to focus in on. and the crew chiefs have to keep their guys pumped up. it's easy to get lackadaisical. you have to think about, we have 400 miles to go racing. we have to get ready to go. >> let's bring in darrell waltrip, larry mcreynolds and mike joy. optimistic we clear the track and get the racing in. >> smile is my umbrella. hearing from the historic trance am group, why have i been calling kyle larson montoya. you've been watching a replay of last year's race. what have you been doing during the delay here? >> lot of people think the
2:57 pm
drivers went back to their motor coaches and took a nap. that's far from the truth. their drivers and the crew chiefs are like manning or drew brees or tom brady. they're looking at notes. they've been formulating a lot of plans. this is a totally different animal now. they have to make some adjustments. so they've been spending time working on notes and working with their crew chief, looking ahead. >> larry, you can't touch that car under the red flag. but what can you do with the changing conditions? >> they'll let them adjust air pressure probably before we go back racing for as long as we've been sitting out. i couldn't agree with jeff hamlin more. 18 of these drivers, they have two races under their belt. so they can go to that notebook and all the other drivers, they're able to look at their notebook from the budweiser duel. but i think the guys that are the most nervous, michael waltrip talked about all of the people running the ecr engines, with that long delay and all the moisture in the air, i think
2:58 pm
every engine builder will be nervous until we get back racing. >> yeah. i want to ask our resident race car driver down there, michael, buddy, i was a little bit concerned about these cars being slipping and sliding with the hot, sunny afternoon, versus some of the night condition we've been racing under. what was it like out there? >> the weather will help a tremendous amount, darrell, because of the fact that these guys can charge now. everybody was tentative at first. we did all of our racing under the dark skies and the track had ultimate grip. we've seen cars moving around a lot. with the sun on the track that gets worse. now that the track has been cleaned off by the rain and it's cool, these boys will get aggressive with their side drafting. >> we had four short races in history. we're in our longest daytona 500 rain interruption in the same day, same night, 3:45.
2:59 pm
difficult, maybe especially on rookies to win a rain shortened race if that's where we're headed with this? >> if you have the fastest car, it's hard to win a rain-shortened race. if you have a slow car, you're a rookie and want to take a chance, it's easier to win a rain shortened race. but i tell you this, chris, when i won that rain shortened race, i got the whole check, the whole thing. >> still matters. you're probably to tell the rookies to hang in there. >> hang in there. keep up with the changes and keep an open mind about what you're getting into. forget about the game plan. >> some really helpful crew members. we have the jet driers out. we're hoping to dry the track. the rain has led up little. you're watching live coverage daytona 500. some local news. others will be back.
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nearing the 100th mile mark in the rain delay, 38 laps with kyle busch leading kasey kahne. michael waltrip, jeff hammond, denny hamlin who led some laps. michael, you thought brad keselowski had a quick ford? >> he does. so does logano, his teammate. ricky stenhouse, they both driven inside the top ten. dillon there fell back to tenth. >> i've been impressed about hats off to dillon doing a great job. how about kurt busch. he showed his muscle early on. still hanging around. >> alex bowman, the


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