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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 23, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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live from daytona beach, florida. sunday night, nascar on fox. the drivers have started something they need to finish. it's time for the continuation of the 56th running of the daytona 500. ♪ >> the biggest race in motor sports. >> it's been memorable. >> it's always unpredictable. >> are you kidding me, boys? >> it's historic. >> and there's a fight.
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>> if you win this fight. >> if you win this race, it stays with you forever. >> that i can promise you, it's the great american race. >> all of a sudden it's a beautiful night for racing in daytona beach, florida. the cars are uncovered, the drivers in their fire suits and ready to roll after 38 laps in, just under 100 miles complete. the 56th running of the greatest motor sport race. prime time under the lights. the kick off for the 2014 season. the gang is all here and we're glad you're there watching along with michael waltrip who is going to get back in the car and continue racing. jeff hammin. and a five hour 45-minute rain delay. they were on the track through
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anything possible. we put our heat track on it to show you a cool effect how hot and how warm the temperature got. the gauge on the right, you see the color all of the way up to 150 to 200 degrees. given where we are and the possibility of rain later on the radar, we need 62 laps to get to halfway. so is it safe to say it's getting even more urgent? >> yeah, we thought we could sort things out, and now we're down to 150 miles. you see the 150 mile budweiser dual. i'm sitting back in 38th or 39th with jimmie johnson, and we have to march through the field. >> when you talk about that, michael, the teams have to get ready because there needs to be a pit spot, there is no way of
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getting 62 laps without another pit stop. every is going to pick it up, and passing those guys will not be as easy as earlier. i think you will see people getting cut off and pushing and shoving. >> we only had a couple cautions in the early going. we we had a couple leaders, austin dillon was the pole sitter. bringing back the daytona 500 since the first time dale earnhardt did it seven years ago. kyle larson in the 42 car having trouble getting into the wall. not one, but twice early, and matt kenseth with pit problems. >> yeah, he spun the car around, they were able to service it and turn it around. >> a very stout car.
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he had to go to the back up car and things went back to worse. they left an oil pump belt bolt. >> the red flag came out through the rain delay. they drove the track patiently. fans and crew ready to finish this up. here is our daytona 500 summary. you see cars on the lead lap, and that rain delay making everybody anxious. let's see how kyle busch feels. >> we were just talking about how you drove from the back to the front, are you pretty confident in your race car even with different track conditions? >> yeah, we screwed some things up for the dual race that night, which would be our only test session essentially. but we got that fixed and we have a great camry this weekend.
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the handling comes into play in the run, and a fuel run, and guys trying to take two tires. but a totally different scenario now. everybody will have anything they need. so it will be no holds bar on to the end. so we'll see how it goes. but looking forward to trying to keep our camry up front and try to lead to lap 200. >> kyle, any concerns about the handling? or the way your race car is going to react to the racetrack with all of the rain and washed off of the surface? >> i mean it was a heavy enough rain where it watched the rubber off. and this was a pretty heavy rain. so i don't think there will be that big of a deal, tires have been fine this whole time. the way the rubber will go back down is just smoother, i feel
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like, and slower because it's not as hot. it won't be as black. but throughout a lot of agree flag laps you will get similar conditions. but with it being so cool out i don't think it will make much difference. overall, our m&m camry has been driving nice. she has been doing good out there. i'm greedy so i'm wishing it was lap 101 or 102 and we were done already, but i'm appreciative of the fans that stuck it out with us, and the ones that could stay here versus the ones that had to go home and go to work tomorrow. >> thank you, kyle. let's go back to chris meyers. >> yeah, he was talking about that halfway point, if you're him, and your teammate is toward the front, is the front the place to be? >> that's where you have to be now. you don't know how long this race will go.
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there are showers off to the west. kyle would be in the lead and get the win for the race. now there is a bunch of people in the back saying we were riding early and we're coming to join you. we're going to fight for the lead, too. >> are you one of them? >> i go where jimmie johnson goes. i have been following him all day long. i will follow him to the front. >> we will hear from him in just a minute. joe gibbs racing is standing by with matt yokem. >> trying to steal the headlines one more night, has this turned into more like the july event, 400 miles, and will the sense of urgency pick up? >> everyone will know within about five laps of where the urgency is. i think a lot of it will be with the crew chiefs and what they tell the drivers for how big of a window we have here to get some laps in. we're going to try to continue
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to do everything we were, stay in front. >> they say never mess with a streak. when you won the unlimited, you had wings for ding ner, you kep that going, what did you have tonight? >> we had wings? it's tough to get the place to open at 10:00 and make us some, but we made it happen. we had take out, and hopefully it all works like it should. >> and you didn't take any chances, you brought it in for the crew as well. earlier in the rain delay you were playing hoops, and i think you should have bet money with your manager austin. you were swishing them and his were not quite so good. >> everything is going in right now, that's all i can say. everything is going in, it's going well. for me, you get cooped up in these motorhomes and everything, and i like getting your
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competitive juices flowing again. it gets you warmed up. >> on fire, on the racetrack or the hoops court. >> yeah, it certainly looks that way. daytona always unpredictable. that unpredictable just went out the roof. what are you expecting out there now, danica? what do you expect the race is going to do? >> we're going to be starting the coke zero 400 pretty soon, but it's still a really long race. there is still a lot of time left. there should be more grip out there because of the cooler temperatures. there might be some thinking about that with the crew chiefs and if they need to make any changes or if they can make any changes. i think that -- i don't know, maybe it might get exciting. everyone has been cooped up for many, many hours. we're appreciative for the fans that hung around, and the people that were maybe busy earlier will catch it now. >> you mentioned your crew
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chief, tony gibson said that what makes you such a different drive and better drive is that you're asking the right questions. do you feel like a more confident driver? >> i feel like i know more and i know more of what to ask, so yes. and what's funny is i was right there with tony before the race started, and i said so at the beginning, and he said stop it, stop thinking about it. it's difficult to plan these races. so i feel like i'm in a good spot in the back. there is a lot of really, really good company back there there with kevin, tony, jimmy, carl, clint, mcmurray, there is a lot of good guys back there. >> let the thinking go and have fun. >> exactly. >> danica mentioned everyone at the back but michael wakchael w.
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this is a guy in a hot zone, he is feeling this, he has won in every other month except the month of february. >> yeah, and that win in 2013 inspired him. he has been in the gym working out to make sure his abs and core are strong enough to support his back as he heals. he is enjoying driving the race car, and he is the man now. he is using that as motivation. i like who he is right now, and i think that he is going to be really tough to beat tonight. >> i like what he has done, he brought back that swagger that denny hamlin had early in his career. but i think his back, and for the rest of the competitors, they better be a little concerned about it. >> the movie "noah" with russell crowe presents the weather for
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the daytona 500, appropriately most of the rain delay and look now, the track and air temperature different, but that will be part of the racing as we pick things up here. >> the air temperature has gone down, more horsepower, more grip, they will be flying around the track tonight. we will see speeds well every 200 miles per hour. the draft will be very responsive because of the air quality. >> they're so ready to get this thing going. they have had five hours to think about it. they have 100 miles under their belt, they know what it feels like. they know what to do and the folks you're racing feel the same way. so those tuning in for the nascar daytona 500, it's getting ready to tune back up. >> i have my helmet, my ladies brought it over for me. my daughter. >> you have some riding with you
5:13 pm
you might say? >> i had three growing up. i got to race with my brother's helmet, i got to use richard t petty's last year, and this is dale earnhardt. they were very inspirational to me and i'm glad he is riding along with me. >> we'll check in with you after the race for intel. >> i'll get in the middle of them. >> tell danica to watch out. >> she will have to pay attention to you whether she wants to or not. >> coming up in the next 20 or 30 minutes we will start the daytona 500. ly plan, friends are like family, so who's gonna be in yours? how about a few facebook friends. but the more people you add, the lower the rate. then add my work group. add up to 10 people and everyone gets unlimited talk, text and one gig of data for as low as $25 a month each. great! who else you got? >>hi mom! hi honey! i brought rubina!
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. a prime time daytona 500. nascar just called the drivers back to their cars, and these are not just any drivers, these are the best at what they do going for the title of nascar's
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most important race. it's the 56th running of the daytona 500. michael waltrip has gone to his car. we have darrell waltrip, and mike joy, mike? >> thanks, chris. the parameters for nascar, they want to get the whole 200 laps in and get it in tonight. if we fall short of 100 laps due to rain later we would have to come back tomorrow. if we pass 100 laps, we do not come back tomorrow. it could be calling official at any point. so we have a big enough window to get most of or all of this race in. >> these cars have mainly been on the racetracks at night. most racing and practice we have done has been at night, this
5:18 pm
falls into the wheel house of what they have been doing. if you think, folks at home, for one minute that this delay da dampened anyone's spirits, no way. look at that guy. that's the way these drivers are. they anticipate this race all winter long. delay will not take the enthusiasm away for anyone. >> the 38 laps they have run are in the record books. as danica pointed out, we essentially now have a 400 mile race from here on, does that make things different? >> i don't think it does. i don't think they look at it different from a 400 mile race to a 600 mile race. i based this on what we saw earlier this week. today in the heat of the day when the cars are sliding around, we saw a lot of speed at
5:19 pm
197 and 198. several drivers ran laps over 199 miles per hour. i promise you you heard michael waltrip talking about it. going to the front, the track has cooled down, we'll make more horsepower, we'll see a lot of laps over 200 miles per hour. >> i think you're right. darrell, we saw a lot of single file running near the wall. there is still a little dampness up there near the barrier, do you move down the racetrack and if this gets single file, how do you know when to go and pull out to pass? >> first of all, this cooler weather and these nice conditions fixes your race car. it will take a good car and make it great, take a car that maybe wasn't so good and make it better. the weather plays into everybody's favorite because you pick up grip. with grip comes confidence. when you know the car goes left,
5:20 pm
i slide into a hole, that's confidence. that's what the conditions will give you. it is a better handling car, faster, and it gives you confidence that you can go anywhere you want to and we'll see really, really great and exciting moves when this race gets going. >> i think so, chris, 405 miles to go. >> it's anybody's race including dale earnhardt jr. it's been ten years since his only daytona 500 victory. he is standing by. >> it is very second in three of the four last daytona 500s, your car has been so strong, is this more of an advantage for you? >> no, i think our car is strong any time of day, and we just have to make the right moves on the racetrack, kind of like we learned a little on the start of the race. we were on the ground a little, we're going to work on that some and get more speed in the car.
5:21 pm
everybody was tight that first part of the race. and the balance is gone at night so everyone will be hammered down. >> how much more grip will the track have now? >> it will have all you need, no issues from here on out. >> jeff hammond, and interesting point, talking about the driver having to make the right decision at the right time accentuated by the weather. >> that's what will make it so interesting. all of these teams and drivers realize this is a two-part race. you have to get to halfway to make it official. you can't afford to be out of position if something changes with the weather. it may be a shorter race, but it is a situation where you have to be at the front and be in the right position like dale junior said. >> a six hour interruption and we showed you last year's daytona 500, and people are
5:22 pm
graduating the winner thinking it was this year's race. but also, going for his seventh championship which would equal the best of all time in nascar. the number six in terms of championships won is a feet seldom seen. case in point, jimmie johnson. consider the company that shares the summit that is six. kareem abdul jabbar. the pittsburgh steelers and michael jordan to name a few. the great ones have four, jeter five, montana, four. andretti, four indy titles. only four nascar driving can claim more than jimmie johnson. that is, for now. >> like most parents on the east
5:23 pm
coast, you just put your kids to bed before we go back racing. >> yeah, i did. bath, shower, and i won the daytona 500 today if you didn't hear. we had text messages coming in because of the replay of the rain delay of the 2013 race. i got text messages all afternoon, congratulations for winning the daytona 500. that was 2013, i'm excited to go out and do it again. >> jimmie, to recap, this week has not been that fun for you down here, but you said this car has more speed than the previous one you raced. >> yeah, it is a new generation car. we lost both of our old cars, brought the new style out and it's been very fast. we have been able to protect it here and get it to the halfway
5:24 pm
point before we go racing. i look forward to showing what it can do. >> jimmie johnson, unprecedented the level of greatness in any sport. brad keselowski putting his signature on the night. there is a rough speed week, a couple wrecks. how does he look tonight? >> this guy, being the champion he is, he shows the heart and desire that he has. and that attitude about being a champion and wanting to continue this championship way, he rises to the occasion and we'll see what he is made of tonight because of all of the problems earlier. >> jimmie johnson has to make up ground from the back of the pack. that's where people like edwards and patrick are. we'll continue, the daytona 500 the ist mode on this bluetooth speaker. oh, we scored.
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we are about to hear the engines fire up. thanks for hanging with us. watching through what is now history. part of the longest red flag rain delay, same day, same night, in daytona 500 history. six hours plus, and we can compare that to the longest nfl game since the early '90s, and the longest regulation baseball
5:28 pm
game. and if you're flying coast to coast. >> five hours, that is long. i would rather be making history than being his tire. >> we have three great hours ahead of us, unpredictable wild racing, the best at what they do behind the wheel. >> thanks, chris. stewart haas says that two of every animal were seen leaving the track drying trucks. three drives seem to be the best in the field so far, who has an edge? >> here is the thing, mike, is going to change starting now. we're basically going to run three races. the 38 laps we finished earlier today. then we're going to race to 100 laps. then we get to that, and we'll say maybe this thing is going
5:29 pm
all of the way. so strategy will change over the next short period of time. who has the best car? the conditions that we're going to race under, the weather change? i have no idea. there may be somebody back in there that was not very good that is charging to the front. >> that is a great bill elliott type of answer, the new nominee will just have to wait and see. larry, is there an edge? >> i think darrell is spot on. kevin harvick has been laying in the weeds, he has been so good here all week long. i just think there is so many drivers in the back of the pack, especially jimmie johnson, tony stewart, michael waltrip, i think they have not even remotely shown what they can do, but i think possibly when we go back racing here, we will see more of the strength of these drivers. >> yeah, and michael, i think he better try to run with jimmie
5:30 pm
johnson now because he is getting ready to go somewhere. >> all right, let's catch you up on the 38 laps run so far and where the field stands. kyle busch's toyota out front, kasey kahne, vickers. brad keselowski, jeff gor ton has been to victory lane before. and then joey logan know, ricky stenhouse, and austin dillon. they're the top ten of 41 cars on the lead lap. aj allmendinger is in 15. >> one thing that jumbled this up is when the caution came out at lap 31, that was for the engine failier. we had two drivers that stayed out. that jumbled things up there,
5:31 pm
and then the rains moved in. >> yeah, look, there is still a lot of good guys. danica, tony, clint, jimmiy johnson, ryan newman. i think there is a mess of cars that were just messing around. now, the season resumes next week in phoenix. mart martin truex is out of the race. they are already in nashville where they test tomorrow. >> it never stops for these teams. >> just waiting for the command to refire engines and put cars back on track, you hear the jet driers in in the background, and hats off to all of the safety and track drying crews. the jet driers, and getting ready to go. clash of the titans now made the
5:32 pm
left turn off of the speed way. sop once the equipment is away we will crank the engines. and a hats off to the crew members that work only on race day. most of them were on chartered flights in charlotte at 5:00 a.m. this morning to get the equipment ready to service these cars. going to be a long day and evening for these athletes as well. >> remember, we have to be in phoenix next week. they have to get their short track cars ready to go to phoenix. so haulers, meeting haulers, a lot of transportation issues. they have to get on down the road. >> we keep mentioning drivers names, i didn't hear anyone mention dale earnhardt jr. he has been running near the
5:33 pm
front, and he is the first driver off of the road of those that pitted on this caution, back here in the 18th spot. >> if you're joining us this evening for daytona 500 coverage, let's catch you up with what's happened so far with this radio remix. >> all right, heavy out there. >> that's what you work so hard far. >> good luck today, have a good race. ♪ >> we just -- >> it's raining decent up here, man. >> the drivers looking out. >> about four different rain cells and thousands of lightning strikes. but now the thunder, provided by these 42 race cars. >> that's the thunder i like to hear there.
5:34 pm
this reminds me of 1979. when we started in 1979 the track was pretty wet. we didn't have jet driers. so we had tire tracks and we tried to stay in the dry tire tracks. i don't know how many people remember in 1979, but if you get off in this grass tonight, you will spend the rest of the evening trying to get out. >> drivers at the read i didn't do as our fox camera makes it's way down the outside edge of pit road to cross jimmy johnson's chevrolet and back to safety at pit wall. denny hamlin won the qualifying race here thursday night. he won the annual nascar golf tournament. he has not lost at anything. >> did you notice that piece we
5:35 pm
showed when he was playing basketball. he sunk a nice little left handed hook, too. >> yes, he did. >> it's like he said, everything is going in right now. so the guy -- he se that kind of guy. he is a momentum racer. when it goes good, it's really good. >> and his streak is even longer. he won the last race of last season in november. >> you know what i see when i look at him? i look at his interviews, i say pa -- saw pain in his eyes last year. he was not comfortable, he was not denny. he is denny now. >> this is another problem that i think some of these drivers may face. look over there at kyle busch's number 18. look at the area window. there is so much humidity and condensation, they look in the rearview mirror as the
5:36 pm
windshield. >> i'm sure once the heat in the car comes up, it will be like a defroster and it will clear those windows out. >> i hope so, they run full down the right side window. they have the window net on the left side. you will get some air circulation in that car, but they like to keep things closed off. >> 140 degrees will be enough. i don't care the temperatures outside, it is 140 in the car all the time. >> i'm with you. >> the track sweeping and drying equipment making a run down pit road where these cars have been parked for six hours and 22 minutes. 38 laps are complete. each lap now counts as we're back under the yellow flak with the red flag being lifted. >> we looked at a number of cameras, and you see the dash
5:37 pm
board of this particular car. some of the drivers, jimmy jauns particul -- jimmie johnson. he has the gauges on the dash board so he doesn't have to look down. there they are there. they're in his line of sight. he gets paper on the grill, or if the temperatures start to fluxuate. he will know it right away. let's talk about the lights through the window. that is aimed out at the racetrack so when they're out there at speed, the direction they're looking, those lights do not come into play. our camera sees them on the right side of the car, but for the drivers it is not an issue. >> no, i raced at night with these lights and they don't
5:38 pm
bother you at all. the racetrack is much clearer. it has a much clearer view at night. it's like turning the contrast up on your tv. the lights brighten everything up and they bring the surface, wall, and the conditions so much clearer to the driver. >> 40 laps complete this time by, and that is 100 of 500 miles. glad to have you with us on fox. kyle busch leading, kurt busch has been leading most of them. denny hamlin was out front for ten, menard for eight, and austin dillon, the pole sitter, led the first lap.
5:39 pm
the driers continue to work pit road. they're going to need a couple minutes to get pit road dry enough that nascar is confident these cars can come in at pit road speed, 55 miles per hour, and on these slick tires, stop safely in their pit box. so it's like a brand new race. that means it's a great time for tonight's subway fresh take on things. >> well, mike, matt kenseth skidded a little farther down pit road. earlier today he spun on pit road. he was concerned coming in, worried about congestion and they came to fruition. they will give him more count downs, but the guy with the best time, the driver you see illuminated is that of the five.
5:40 pm
all light up in blue. >> kevin harvick now drives the number 4 car for stewart haas racing. they took tape up of the grill because he was running hot. the other issue he has been running is he is a little loose. that could be a concern. he talked to the crew chief a few minutes ago and said keep an eye on it, we may need to come in for tires. >> first i thought jeff gordon as he walked to his 24 race car, he was all business, trying to win his fourth daytona 500. he told the team the only concern was that race car when we were running this afternoon is that it was a little tight through three and four. so it will be interesting to see how they ak -- acclamate to the
5:41 pm
new track. >> we'll be racing again shortly. this one, night after night. track. >> we'll be racing again shortly. acclamate to the new track. >> we'll be racing again shortly. shouldn't we enjoy this high-definition jam... on a screen that's actually high-definition? 5.7-inches of hd boo-yah. or... 4.0-inches of non hd, lebron's literally running away from this phone. and would you look at that, the galaxy note 3 comes with a handy little s-pen. no s-pen hidin' in this other phone. believe me, i've checked. with the note 3, a dunk like this can be immortalized... customized. cut him out. make him huge. put him in the clouds. he's never coming down from this dunk! and then text it to your buddy to remind him how great lebron is. ♪ yeah, that's a serious mismatch right there. the full hd, 5.7-inch samsung galaxy note 3 with s-pen.
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>> a six plus hour red flag. you're riding along with dale earnhardt jr. kyle busch having a little fun with the chevy ss pace car. wanting to get things going. he is not drafting, but he is very, very close. >> more than anything he is just having fun. >> the track looks very good, but pit road still dry. it holds a lot of standing water. >> if you get in the grass, man, i hope they have a snorkel. >> i know where he can get one. back in the day, a race here with scuba gear because he was affrayed to end up in lake lloyd
5:45 pm
and he can't swim. >> austin dillon asked if anyone wanted to make a slip and slide out there. this is lake lloyd along the back straight away. the water table is very hide in th -- high in this part of florida, everywhere in florida, and when they built it, they made a lake. >> a lot of fish in it. a few good years too, i think. >> we asked you how you got ready for race day, so let's take a look. how do you kfc? in honor of the 3 car coming back, a viewer let his son play with a diecast collectible. there is the picture he sent as
5:46 pm
they were watching. >> i have seen kids with bags of them, and they know all the kids and sponsors and it's cool. >> we talked about the concern, even with the jet driers that have done a terrific job, once thing i have been noticing that the pace car driver has been doing with the field is bringing them up against the wall because the kaus comes out and you get a -- the exhaust comes out and heats it up and that will try it too. >> there is brett bodine. a week ago saturday night there was an electrical fire in the pace car, not anything to do with the chevy ss. there was a crimped wire in an
5:47 pm
axillary battery pack in the trunk set there to run the caution lights, that was the cause of the fire, nothing to do with that chevy. >> the jet driers keep drying pit road. that's why it's closed. i would anticipate that once they feel good, they will open it, and we will probably see several drivers, especially towards the back, stop to top to stop off the sunoco fuel. >> defending 500 champ jimmie johnson had this to say about pit road. >> pit road, about a lane outside, is it reasonable? >> beyond that lane, it will be
5:48 pm
slick, so just prepare for that. >> track drying equipment working toward the pit boxes themselves, and you see still a little shiny. >> even with 150 laps to go, jimmie johnson and the 48 car, you see him shutting the engine off trying to save fuel. >> two laps to go. >> it's a good habit to get into. you don't want to just decide to do something like that. you want to cut it off, try it, get your timing downright. i know it looks like you just turn it off and on, but it's really not that simple. >> danica patrick, last year's pole setter. there has been a lot of questions on social media, usually if there is a lot of rain the night before, nascar will have a competition caution. will that happen tonight? and the answer is no.
5:49 pm
we're going racing, here comes the pole sitter and more. >> a lot of the drivers about mid way back. >> austin dillon, kurt busch, bayne, kevin harvick. david reagan gets tires. >> it was still, they were all over the place down there, drivers come in, drivers trying to get out of their box. >> you had time with your crew chief here before you go back to green, it may be a great time to make a few minor adjustments. >> four tires. >> service pretty much complete, these cars will pick up the tail end of the field. and jamie mcmurray looking at damage on the right front fender of his car. very important aerodynamically
5:50 pm
at 195 miles per hour. now during this lengthy caution and red flag, kyle larson who hit the wall earlier, and lost two laps, got the free pass. greg biffle got it on the first driver. that goes to the first driver not on the lead lap when a caution flab waves. that puts everyone on track on the lead lap. the only car out of the race, martin truex with engine fail e failure. >> about 22 drivers stayed out, so about half the field. >> nascar fans are a hardy lot. and they have endured a soaking rain this afternoon. many went for cover when the stands were cleared with the threat of lightning and severe
5:51 pm
weather. they went to cars and nearby restaurants, sought shelter, and they're back. >> they say why do people -- look, the grandstands are full. that's why they didn't call it. that's nascar's commitment to these race fans. we'll get the race in when we're supposed to if it's at all possible. >> michael waltrip topping off the tank. >> we are under caution, and he will catch up the tail end of the field, and we're anticipating green the next time by. >> not a lot of urgency. he is in the back, he has a game plan, no urgency at this time.
5:52 pm
>> kyle larson's car still under repair in the pit lane. they will need to get going to keep him with the field on this restart. kyle busch, toyota. kasey kahne, chevrolet. >> he has been fast, but he has been under the radar the entire week here. he wants a good run, good finish. he didn't get a top 30 finish last year in any of the four restricter plate races. >> everybody in the garage, all week, has been talking about the gibbs toyotas. they were the cars to beat. and right now they're living up to their reputation. the best sight in daytona right now is not a blipginking yellow light in sight. that means we're going green.
5:53 pm
under green. kasey kahne is on it, green flag. >> hamlin pulls alongside his teammate, kyle busch, in the yellow car. >> they will take it easy for awhile, what do you think, larry? >> i don't think so. >> this will get real. let's get it done. >> that 26 car, marcus ambrose
5:54 pm
making it three wide. and on a clean track, scrubbed clean by the rain, their finding out now at 195 miles per hour how these cars handle differently than they did this afternoon. >> this is exactly what i expected. you can run anywhere you want to right now. the track is cold, it has a lot of grip, and you feel very confident, you will see racing. you will see them get it on right now. >> it cooled off, and as you said the engines will make more power, the cars will handle better. >> i'm already seeing that. >> brad keselowski, the 2012 series champion, roger penske celebrated this week. looking for a trophy that second time. >> man, one of the hardest things, and it makes me so nervous is when they come
5:55 pm
through three wide, that bank, with it colder out here, that's a handful. >> kasey kahne getting a little help from paul menard, seems like he is making that bottom grove work. >> no one is going anywhere for awhile. we have a wad. >> two toyotas in the top, two chevrolets on the bottom. fighting for the lead in the daytona 500, back to green. >> casey mears and brian vickers shut the door. >> the margin of error when you're three wide like this is so small. and the degree of difficulty is as high as it will get right
5:56 pm
now. >> looking to keselowski in the middle. and that is where kyle busch is right now because kasey kahne at the bottom with the 27 of paul menard is gunning for the lead. >> here comes keselowski in the two behind kyle busch. they're going to try to make it work with the teammate. that is three wide six rows deep at 195 miles per hour. folks, i hope you stay up and you're ready for some exciting action here in daytona. because we have got it. there is 25 miles running in less than a second of each other. >> you could not do this earlier today. the track didn't have the grip. it was slick and they were sliding around. they had to be careful. now they have all of the gip they need and they can do anything they want. >> some have chosen to hang out
5:57 pm
in the back, and the tension in the front shows you why. >> the spotters, the drivers are busy, but the spotters are busier. they have to be on their games. they have to have eyes and ears on what's going on. >> what i love about my driver buddies, they make it look so easy. >> nothing to it. we're at 200 miles per hour, nothing to it. folks, these guys right now are as tight as they will be all night long. two by two, two toyotas on the outside, two chevys on the bottom. it's just like noah's ark. >> noah would have gotten there quicker on one of these arks, i
5:58 pm
must say. >> it's like the first time all week long that we are really not seeing, and denny hamlin goes from the top to the bottom of the racetrack. >> what a move, all the way to the bottom. he picks up kyle busch again. >> he is trying to brake out of the publ. that big bubble of air, he is trying to push out of there. he might be able to get out of there and get out in front. but you said it before, this racetrack is giving these drivers confidence. that's what allowed him to make that move right here. >> they're happy with their cars right now. talking about where am i, who am i running with? >> how about that silver car, a two-time spring cup champion saying this will be his final daytona 500.
5:59 pm
he is tied with richard petty for second on the list for 32 starts. >> he just motored by a former teammate, jeff gordon. and he is giving that old 32 car a good ride tonight. >> seventh place. >> that's the unpredictability. we have said it. if your car will go when you start your engine, you can be in position to win this race. >> seems like a long time ago we said kevin it, kevin harvick has laid down the fastest lap. 43 drivers woke up this morning with the same thought, i can win the daytona 500. you are riding with kevin harvick.
6:00 pm
>> i think your chis are doing pretty good at prognosticating who is pretty good. michael kept talking about the keselowski in the 2 car. michael thought he had a fast car, and here they are all running at the front along with vickers in that 55 car. >> i think all three of them are in the bottom line, they had fast cars all week long. you talk about keselowski, jeff gordon, logano. denny hamlin this week as overshadowed these other drivers. >> bobby labonte has something going on or he is trying to get out of there. >> kyle busch, kasey kahne, brian vickers,


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