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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 13, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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got today. >> reporter: in san francisco record was broken. 87 was the old one. the new one 90 degrees. that happened downtown san francisco. sfo broke the record as well at the airport. richmond had a record as well. 2degrees above the old record it's 90 degrees. it's hot look at this oakland they tied a record or oakland broke a record at the airport 90. the old record 88. mountain view got a record and in santa cruz got a record as well. we had lots of records around the bay area. it's going to be hot again tomorrow. it's going to be hotter again tomorrow. that's why the national weather service has issue add heat advisory as we move into your bay area wednesday. tomorrow is going to be the warmest day of the week. tomorrow will be warmer than today by, by a few degrees. i think we'll see temperatures close to 100 degrees. on top of that we have a spare the air day. second day in a row. that happens when you get that much heat and a cap on the atmosphere. some of the areas with the highest levels of ozone, ground level ozone. and in the santa clara valley. i'm going to be tracking that. we're going to be tracking the
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heat tomorrow because that's the next story. how hot is it going to get tomorrow. where are those 100s going to be. and the fog is working it's way back in. and the bicyclists of the amgen put up with the heat today. firefighters were worried about the dry brush and grass. but were also working crowd control. >> we're worried about people that have sun exposure. maybe not drinking enough water. maybe have a medical condition earlier this afternoon. >> reporter: the mercury rose and that drew thousands of people to the beaches. we go to david stevenson who
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says there's safety concerns over the next hour. >> reporter: the crowds will continue to grow at san francisco's stinson beach. a life guard told me earlier there's -- there was no need for rescues today. hundreds came out to hit the surf or just lay in the sand. >> we got in the waves and cooled off a bit. >> reporter: others had ice cream. or a few laps in the local pool. parents said they were taking extra steps to protect their kids. >> lather and sunscreen. we're only out for about an hour, hour and a half usually. lots of water. >> reporter: he loves water. >> reporter: this manmade sure to douse his 2-year-old dog. he and his soccer buddy says it's hard to stay out in the hot. pg & e is declaring a respoápbs
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day asking business owners to cut the hours. >> that will help us restore what we need. >> reporter: pg & e is asking everyone to keep their thermostats at 70 while at home, at 80 degrees while they're away. they're concerned about the peak hours and they believe the grid should be fine tomorrow and the rest of the week. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. and our coverage continues on just click on web links for more information about heat illness and how to stay safe in this hot weather. we're following developing news in san diego. 20,000 homes are being evacuated because of a growing wildfire. firefighters are asking people to evacuate from the rancho bernardo and fairmont and areas north of the city. the fire began just before 11:00 this morning and has now grown to 700 acres. fueled by canyons full of dry
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brush and those hot dry santa ana winds. and at this point calfire says the flames are only 5% contained. there's new information tonight about the deadly crash during an air show at travis air force base and how long it took crews to get to stunt pilot eddy andrini after his plane came down and caught fire. john sasaki is live where a lot of people are demanding answers about that response after his plane crash, john. >> reporter: this is the half- moon base airport which was home base for the stunt pilot and this is the ntsb's preliminary report released this week about andrini's accident which gives little insight into his death. >> reporter: these vintage planes were in half-moon bay to look for andrini in the missing man formation. a huge crowd had gathered to
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say goodbye to a man who was a legend in the air show community and a huge part of the half-moon bay community. >> reporter: eddy was an extremely giving person not only to me and my family and the community. >> reporter: while do you think anker verdicted ribbing cutting maneuver. >> eddy was one of the top stunt pilots in the world. >> reporter: but as many in the community, silverman has questions about what happened. >> fire rescue on the way. >> reporter: the ntsb released its preliminary report in the crash that says within 50 seconds the plane was engulfed in flames and that fire fighting vehicles and personnel arrived at the airport three or four minutes after the accident, end quote. >> this is the case, there were no fire trucks they were minutes away.
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minutes away is a lifetime. >> if the trucks would have been there within seconds, they would have put out the fire. >> i don't know what happened but god bless eddy. we're going to miss you so much. >> reporter: i talked to officials at travis air force bay this afternoon but they had no comments on the ntsb report. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. new at 6:00 the parcel tax has failed but county leaders say they will not give up hope that doctors hospital in san pablo may somehow keep its doors open. a meeting this morning also looks at options for residents who will be left with a huge gap if the hospital the not be saved from closure. take a look at this map. you can see doctors medical center is in san pablo the next nearest hospital is in richmond. ktvu's claudine wong just
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talked to the county's supervisor about the options left on the table. >> reporter: there's not a lot. we are in front of doctors medical center right now and the doors are open but the big question right now is will they stay open. it is fair to say that supporters are holding on to hope with both hands. because it is slipping away. at this point, there aren't many options to consider. there was a meeting this morning at this hospital and its future at the center of the discussion. i spoke to the director who says he is still fighting to keep this hospital open but the county cannot do it on its own. >> two plans, we continue to search for a multi party solution to save doctors hospital. it would involve other hospitals as well as the county. we also talked about meeting health care needs in west county if the hospital were to close such as building an urgent care center.
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now the hospital serves about 80,000 uninsured and uninsured people. the nearest hospital is in richmond. and it only has 80 beds. and going forward there must be a redesigned sustainable health care delivery system in west contra costa. for example urgent and primary care services could be expanded so residents don't have to rely on emergency rooms for their care. so, that's where we stand now. either this hospital stays open or you have to turn to urgent care for it to stay open you need to find a group that will get together to come up with the millions of the dollars needed to keep this hospital afloat. time is running out. if they do not find a solution by june, the doors to this hospital will close in july. live in san pablo, claudine
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wong, ktvu news. posters are going up at sfo and 21 other international airports with the health warning for travelers. there's been a sharp increase in cases of middle east respiratory virus better known as mers in audi arabia and the united arab emirates. they say there are no increased risks at the airport and are not recommending a change in travel plans but they say that two people in the u.s. have become sick after traveling to saudi arabia and that people should be cautious and protect themselvess from the spread of germs. a campaign to stop bullying came to a local school today. >> who has instagram? who has facebook. >> reporter: the program is called hash tag i can help.
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a spokesperson asked students to report bullying to hash tag i can help. >> everyone adults are posting stuff and not thinking about it. >> reporter: the majority of colleges and perspective employers are checking applicant associate media sites and messages and images they postcan have a lasting impact on their future. hash tag i can help began in byron and is now being adopted in 100 schools across california. a lot of people dream of having waterfront homes in sausalito but know that's an extremely costly proposition. >> reporter: these people live rent free, cost free in their boats. >> i think people are starting to figure out this is a gem in
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the country. >> reporter: the number of boats has mushroomed. some locals and visitors like the off the grid bohemian nation of the -- nature of the floating comeny. >> there's - - floating colony. >> there's a lot of people still doing things in the community, going to school. they just choose to live off the grid. >> there's no one moving them out because they're still out here for some time. >> everybody does what they're supposed to. nobody wants trouble from the authorities. >> reporter: this is a legal anchorage but it is subject to local rules and regulations. figuring them out, who enforces them is another question. >> there's marin county, the coast guard, federal water,
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local water it's just been hard to get everybody together and figure out a solution. >> reporter: though the local rule says stay for three days and move on is hardly enforced. the state laws says an extended stay on an anchor is illegal but doesn't define how long that is. while the government hashes it all out, the colony grows. >> nobody knows who the jurisdiction is. it's such a big problem, it's a huge problem. >> tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. screeching tires and cars slamming into near by yards. the plea for help from neighbors who say nothing is being done to stop these dangerous drivers. paying more for the things you throw away. the hike imposed today in a bay
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area city and what residents did to stop it. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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new at 6:00, dangerous drivers doing donuts. spin outs and impromptu side shows right in the middle of this residential neighborhood. it keeps happening and keeps damaging their property and rattling their piece of mind. cristina rendon is live in oakland where she asked police about this recurring problem, cristina. >> reporter: police acknowledged side shows are a public nuisance and often connected to criminal activity. they say they are aware of the problem and confirm that residents concerns are not falling on deaf ears. on any given night, the sound of screeching tires breaks the silence in this east oakland neighborhood. cell phone video catches those random wake up calls at all hours of the day. >> reporter: they come up from
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the avenue. >> i understand that they happen all throughout oakland but in our particular neighborhood it's residential. we have children. >> you can see the tire marks, they're faded right now but they're often a lot worse. >> reporter: this is a picture of munoz's fence damaged. >> they came and crashed into it. we had just put it up. >> reporter: oakland police say they are working the problem and they are focused on reducing violent crimes in the area. munoz hopes their neighborhoods won't be overlooked while the side shows continues. >> we feel really helpless. we don't know what to do. we don't know who to talk to, nothing. >> reporter: those residents say they do have a solution. they suggest a round about be placed at that intersection. we contacted the mayor's office to see if they could possibly make any chances to the street and will be following up with them on the issue.
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live in oakland, cristina rendon. the san jose city council has approved a rate hike and it's not going off well with residents. the council approved an increase of 3% for single families and 5% for multiple family homes. why can't we ask the garbage, recycling contractors that are employed by the city to cut their costs by reducing their profits and if necessary to reduce hours of their workers. >> the council said the trash haulers are paid more for labor and fuel and that there hasn't been a rate increase in two years. california is going to start tapping a dam near tpres fresno for the first time in decades. low water levels in the sacramento san joaquin delta
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has forced them to turn to a. the delta has had enough water to meet those obligations. breaking news now in contra costa county. a grass fire is burning on kirker pass road these are live pictures from chopper 2. we are told that a car hit a pole and that pole went down on the road. the power lines were energized and caused the fire. you can see the back up that it's creating because all lanes are blocked. kirkepass runs between pittsburg. we're working to get more information. as we go back to the fire here. it looks like firefighters are doing a pretty good job of getting that fire under control. bill let's talk a little bit more about the weather we were saying it's in the 90s out there but fortunately the wind
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are light. >> fortunate because we're dealing with records heat out there. and typically we would have howling winds. that fire looks like it's pretty much down. you see the smoke going straight up. there is almost no wind in this area. now the fire temperature or the temperature of the time of the fire we're talking about the mid-90s and the winds very light. so very, very fortunate. earlier i said a week ago these hillsides were pretty much almost all green. look how brown it is out there right now. by tomorrow when we're looking at more record warmth and temperatures per happens happen -- per -- perhaps in this area about 100 degrees. it's 94 today in santa rosa. that was the high. 92 in antioch. highs tomorrow are going to come up a few degrees. it's going to be warmer. there's the ridge of high pressure. all that means is it's going to be hot around here. that puts the high pressure to the north and high rise over us
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and makes it heat up. that's why we have poor air quality. that's why we have a heat advisory again tomorrow. san jose downtown, 83 degrees. san jose downtown tomorrow into the mid- and upper 90s. all the concrete. it's 88 degrees at lunchtime. it's going to be very hot at street level. street level in oakland an san francisco. oftentimes these kind of heat waves, these kind of heat ups are most difficult to handle in the big cities. that's why the national weather service issues the heat advisory. it's not for the folks out in the contra costa. it's hot out there but they're used to the heat. it's in these big cities like the outer richmond, outer sunset where temperatures in the 80s and 90s is tough. it's tough on folks out there with no air-conditioning. it's tough at the ballpark. what a night to play baseball and to be at the game. we have two going on. one over at at&t and one over at oracle. i wish i was going to a
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baseball game tonight. these are forecast hikes tomorrow with temperatures right almost in the upper 90s low 100s. it's going to be a hot one tomorrow. the forecast 90 in los gatos. tomorrow is going to be hotter than today. san francisco most notably. any time you get a san francisco record to fall that's a big deal and they beat it by 3 degrees. the old record was 87. today downtown san francisco got up to 90-degree. winds shift around. winds start coming on shore on shore. tomorrow in ernest the winds started dropping. it's not crazy heat but it's hot. >> it is hot. especially inland. bill, thank you. well it's affordable housing week in the east bay and one new complex celebrated with an official grand opening
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today. the embassador in emeryville held a open house. it provides 68 affordable homes that are now fully occupied. the ambassador offers housing to people. the warriors search for a new head coach is heating up. >> mark ibanze is coming up next with the top picks on the table tonight.
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it's a good night for a baseball game. the a's and giants are doing really well right now. >> it is baseball weather and the giants getting a lot of attention. obviously they're in first place. but how about the oakland a's. they won five in a row looking to take the chicago white sox again. the a's as they work out this afternoon. you can't help but think about how this is just such a typical formula for them. the usual thing the a's do. everybody contributing. remember last saturday night. the nice walk off hit off the wall by john jasso. he's your typical oakland type of player. there's a lot of different things and he knows that's what makes this team run. >> a lot of teams out there that throw a lot of money together and get all these high
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paid players and they can't really string together wins. so you know, it's not an end of a road effort. it's a team effort and it shows in us because we're a low budget team and we play as one so we stuck -- succeed out there. >> you don't fire somebody unless you have somebody lined up. you don't get rid of the quarterback unless you know who's going to back up. the warriors having a hard time finding a coach. they interviewed steve kerr but looks like he will end up with the knicks. they spoke to that man van gundy as a possible fill for mark jackson. he's going to sign on looks like with the detroit pistons not only as the coach but president of operations. there he is california chrome. a local horse arriving.
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and obviously best of luck to that whole team. >> yeah. he's going to start at gold -- he got his start at golden gate fields. his owners are from california. we're watching him. thanks mark. coming up tonight. 49er fans feeling squeezed. the new pricing strategy that will make some games more expensive that's coming up tonight at 10:00, we'll see you then. good night everyone. >> good night. lothes 3 inches last year. i don't need anything fancy. i never had much to begin with. when i look nice on the outside, i feel better on the inside. to help, sleep train is collecting new clothes for kids big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's day a little brighter. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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