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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 27, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> all right everybody it is time for the best videos from the web, right this minute. >> a mountain biker suddenly hears a warning. dude he is coming after you. what happens when a massive beast charges him on the trail and just keeps coming? >> famous food challenger surprises a fan who is in the hospital going through chemotherapy treatment. how he is making himself sick to make her feel better. close call for mama duck on a
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busy highway. unharmed. >> see why this story has more than one miracle. and he is kicking off an awesome summer. >> the five things to make the season no sweat. >> that is the stickiest time. >> needless to say we've got lucky. that is one of the opening titles of this next video. and the guys weren't kidding. watch this. four people out there mountain biking down the trail. they are moving along. but here is why they say they got lucky because what is about to happen you could not expect. watch this. coming after you. all of a sudden he hears dude he is coming after you. and look to the left of that trail. huge. looks like a mountain coming
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after you. apparently the moose was there and trying to protect her family. look at this. you have no clue that that moose is in the woods right there. that is a close call to another. watch this. a guy with this dog in the canoe. he chilllaxes. and as they go over. the dog gets wet and says i'm out of here. the dog was wearing a petcodog life vest. the dog didn't want to get wet. >> so he jumps in the water. >> as soon as they do it that is a cool life vest too. it has the handle there to grab
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onto. i wear one every day. >> i'm wearing one now. yeah. >> the dog jumped out. >> county deputies have their hands full right now. the suspect decided to take off after they pulled him over when they pulled the guy over one passenger got out but the driver and the passenger took off and that is where we are now. 50 miles in the driver's seat. these roads wide open not so much traffic. they felt it was time to try to fit the maneuver you see the deputy's cruiser moving to the on coming traffic lanes. there it goes. and you are the deputy. the camera looks around with a good look now of that car that
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was trying to run upside down in the ditch. oh. well, that little one didn't get very far did it. he ran and they were taken to the hospital. no reports on the extent of their injuries. it is sort of an expected result. like you are not going to get away. at one point they say the driver called 911 and asked the police to back off. he said somebody was going to get hurt. officers said they found drug para paraphernalia in the car. and after the chase. >> the lab is popular on youtube for his eating challenges and he has a heart of gold and he will
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prove that in his latest eating challenge. i have a case of carolina pepper flakes and peppers which are the hottest peppers in the world. >> but he is sharing this experience with one very special fan of his. >> how are you? >> that gorgeous girl is michelle. michelle has acute my anemia. he puts on a shock collar like one of those dog shock collars. if he reaches for the jug of milk, she has the controller gets the shock. >> you know what that means. >> boom. >> but the big question does he finish the calolina reaper cake?
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sdplfrnlgts. >> oh. gross. she's like yes. >> even though he did blow some chunks, it made her chemotherapy treatment so much better and you have to give him props for going in there and making her smile and making himself miserable. there have been a number of times that you don't see people in the streets so it is a wonder that anybody saw this on the road. this driver stops suddenly right in front of something on the road. you won't believe what it is. it is a russian cat.
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a little kitty on the road. also amazing that this guy's car didn't get hit. we are using this as amazing. wait until you watch this. suddenly you see this vehicle in front of us swerve a little bit. that car ended up hitting mama. the driver next to the vehicle with the dash cam stops. they got all the way over what looks like four lanes and manages to get them all the way
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across. >> that is really awesome. he put his life at risk for the duck family. kicking off the summer with kid president and five things that make summer awesome. >> did you get my popsicle. there is something wrong with your brain. >> see what takes oneg fall down off a bridge or something.
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welcome back to the show,ge. check out right this >> enjoy. >> looks like a point of view video. off a bridge or something. t did they drop the camera or something? >> it was an iphone that was recording video that they drops on purpose where they tried to test tough cases or something. the guy told us the phone was cracked already. so he wanted to do something for the last hoorah for this old phone. the phone still recorded after that big drop it hit the ground. the guy was able to get the video off of the phone. he told us that the phone still
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works but it work s more severely. >> yeah. the unofficial start to the summer. who better to get excited about the summer than kid president. >> summer. i tell you, five things that make summer awesome. >> number five the sounds of flip-flops. that is the sound they make man. >> isn't that when a word sounds like itself? >> that is what it is. >> number four popsicles. if you don't like them there is something wrong with your brain. >> number three, sweating.
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>> i do that all the time. >> he can lick his own armpit at the stinkiest time. >> la, la, la, la. >> number one thing i love about summer, no school. >> it is the greatest time ever. >> it is exciting for a lot of kids but this isn't just about how exciting about how summer is. what? i don't want this paper. no school means no lunch which mean means are you guys okay with this? i'm freaking out. >> 21 million kids get free or reduced lunches during the school year and when the summer hits that could mean no lunches.
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kid president teamed up with conagra foods and every time somebody watches, shares or likes this video they will donate one meal to feeding america. >> this is so easy people you are doing it right now. >> that is an easy way to help folks right now. that is a meal. slow down you can't possibly be in that much of a rush to risk your own life. another one of these risky dangerous pedestrian crossings. everybody is doing what they are supposed to do. the light turning green and she starts running across the street. who has the green light and fell on her hip. >> looks like she may have bumped her head on the road too.
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probably a solid bruise right there. he seems like a nice fellow. up ahead we have a wide load. the car we are riding with is the pilot vehicle to try and keep people safe. you see it merge to the right? this guy tries to get around on the right. ends up running off the road with his car. that was a ditch. for a while there, there were two lanes. i imagine they saw it up ahead. he miss calculated it horribly. >> we are looking at three videos. >> time to get real or get the fake out. >> i think real, i don't know how it is happening. a fool of deers from down below
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and a dude combines the cinnamon challenge with this. no, real or fake is next. >> so fake i w s s hahairir i is. soso's's h hisis s ser, anand d hihis s mamandnn [speaking mandndararinin]] xieúxieú, hou chiú but like up to 90% of amamereri, jim falls short in gegettttining g imimpoportrtanam food alone. mamakikingng j jimim m moro. adadd d onone e a a daday y m, rich in key nutrtrieientnts sy need.
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time for the real or fake videos. welcome back. >>im r or get the fake out. video number one. >> have you ever wondered what would happen if you took milk, food coloring and put p it all together? >> you get a reaction that can be described as high speed low drive. >> the science behind this is they are arrainged as a matrix.
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when you multiply a matrix by the solution -- >> oh. i don't remember that from fissism. he he's taking tie die. >> i think real. >> i think fake. >> i call fake. >> it is girls against guys. >> >> that is real. >> and then when it is warm out, trip out their dog. >> do we say real? >> that is cool.
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>> you got it. this is real. >> here is the last video. >> this is the cinnamon dumbbell. >> no. fake. fake. there is a cut in the video. there is no way that is a real 40 point dumbbell. watch how it bounces off of his junk. i feel like he might have been more debilitated. >> i think he might land on the park. >> they haven't been able to keep it in their mouth. >> he could lift a 40 pound d b
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dumbbe dumbbell. >> fake. >> mat? >> this guy deserves it. get the fake out of here with this one. >> in the quest to present our kids to become the zombies, it is on the way. but it helps. and it is an ipad game for kids. and it involves the real and the virtual world. you have puzzle pieces that you are playing with and they go back into the ipad. and you are playing with real pieces that you are interacting with. you have the technology to have the reward in this case. she gets positive feedback. >> this is facial recognition. if this works your mind. in a game that is good for your
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mind. it is a game that is good for you're mind. there were board games for now. now it is incorporating technology. you get to play with a group of kids not just one. and this one they have to spell out the image on the ipad. >> like you. >> the third one is fun you draw shapes that will then move the balls to wipe out the red dots on the screen. >> all of this is cool. i hope my nephew is not watching. right now you ckacan preorder o. the game is set to release in 2014. >> a waiter gets served up a prank. this is more of a prank it forward. >> see how these high school grads up the oh, there he is.
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bulldogs got a bad case of the mondays. oh. oh you don't like mondays? >> nobody likes mondays. you don't even have a job. >> well cue the pomp and circumstance. high school seniors moving onto the next chapter of life. last chance to do a lot of things for them. including the senior prank. i look forward to the senior n prank. wait until you see this prank. they are at the olive garden. it is hard to make out what the girls are saying. but this is more of a prank it forward. they are tipping this guy $510
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that they collected among the senior class at the high school in arizona for ten days and they knew this waiter was struggling with medical bills. so this was their senior prank. [ applause ] >> that is a good prank. that is what you want on camera and guaranteed not to get in trouble for it either. >> that's our show everybody. we'll see you for the next edition. for right this minute. paralyzed veterans of america.
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for over sixty years, paralyzed veterans of america has worked to ensure that our injured veterans get all the benefits they've earned. join me. visit p-v-a dot org.
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>> younger and younger people have strokes. >> today on dr. oz, why younger women are suffering strokes. >> that's called a brain attack. >> the signs doctors are missing. >> they sent me home from the e.r. they said it was too poisoning. >> the surprising things that set them off. >> i was getting my hair done. dr. oz: literally shreds the blood vessel. >> what you do when a stroke strikes. dr. oz: what i want to do is make sure it never happens again. >> coming up next on dr. oz. dr. oz: if you hear the word stroke and think it only happens to the old and to the sick, you need you to stop what you're doing and listen. if you're a woman in your 20s, 30s or 40s, an alarming new report is


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