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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 3, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. the best videos from the web are on the way "right this minute." >> revving it through a red light was bone head move number one, and bone head move number two did it in front of this cop. see why it's bone head move number 3 that really got this bierk in trouble. it's mass chaos on a mass transit ride. >> sadly, that's when the clothes come off. >> what made two people a target of an ugly attack. >> the viral video to save a
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little girl's life has now generated $1 million. now her parents share the joy behind one great update. >> literally, people around the world, 5, 10, 50 dollars at a time have funded the medicine for this clinical trial. >> and it's a party anthem megahit. deejay snake and little john made it famous. now see who's making it feral. >> i'm really glad there are cameras out there because bone heads get them and then they shoot stuff like this. this go-to camera, watch what you see in the distance. bone head move number one, ran the red light, bone head number two, in front of this cop.
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bone head number three, you hear that engine rev. he's trying to outrun the cop. lots of traffic on the road. another cop that he blasts right past. >> in the wrong lane of traffic. >> according to police, the 26-year-old kellit, i think he's a bone head. he posted this video on his youtube page and easily police were able to find this guy and once police identified this guy, they then seize his computer and his go-pro. he faces five different counts of reckless driving. the judge gave him $445 cash bond on each charge. >> it's a very fast motorcycle,
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but you can't outrun the internet. >> one of the videos on his youtube channel, he got stopped by police, doing a ticket. they have a record of that. >> you are right. he's a bone head. >> this is a sad display of human behavior, dees sense si and human tolerance. it's a mass transit train in atlanta. you can see the tensions growing in this group of people. there's some discussion between this transgender woman in the background here. >> trying to make her show. >> they are challenging those two transgender women show us what you got. >> she yells back, i got a life.
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the guy strike back. and it's an all-out brawl now. and sadly that's when the clothes come off. this one person identified as a transgender woman loses her top, her bottom, and now it's just a mess. >> oh, whoa. >> there were enough people who weren't involved and got in and intervened and at least separated. >> i agree. you are in a crowded train. you can shuffle people from one side to another. one woman is left -- she had nothing. no shoes, no shirt. nothing left at all. >> it's really horrible the level of intolerance demonstrated in this video. >> one of the victims claims to have tried to report the attack to the marta officer, and
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officer declined to take a report. two men have been arrested and one has been charged with disorderly conduct. >> everybody pay attention to uncle matt right here. he is a soldier in the u.s. army. he's been in south korea for a year. his niece julie yates has not seen him. according to her mom stephanie, they writes to her uncle quite frequently. shs in berkeley county, south carolina. the coach has called a time out. they can sneak her uncle out on base. watch what happens. >> it stopped her in her tracks. >> well, yeah. you don't expect to see a soldier standing on the diamond.
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>> she's focused. she's ready to go out there and play the field. it's like she saw a ghost. >> and hugs abound. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> i think we are all in agreement here that she's happy to see him. he's happy to see her. >> does that make your game better or does that distract you? >> i think you are bumped up. now you are know he's there. >> it made their game better because he they won 11-4. >> he was a good luck charm. >> they will remember the day when uncle matt showed up. >> he will be home for a month before he ships off to africa for nine months. >> were you expecting this? >> no, not at all. ♪ >> this was in france. watch this. the guy in the smart car parked his car. look where he parked, in the crosswalk, middle of the road. left his mom in the car. he went into an espresso shop.
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you can tell people are mad including this guy who was the driver of this truck. when he comes back with his purchase urk see him and this guy have words. smart car fellow says i got something for you. he goes into his car and pulls out a gun. guess who else got to the scene immediately? that's the police. the police were also notices traffic jam as well. >> his poor mother. she had to witness her son do this. >> when he pulls out a gun, he gets arrested right there on the scene, facedown on the pavement. dupest -- dumbest guy to drive a smart car. >> to the streets of russia where we have -- >> a little grade school road rage matter. >> from the bronx. >> a half gallon of milk.
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>> find out if he can jug down the brew. mamakikingng j jimim m moro. adadd d onone e a a daday y m, rich in key nutrtrieientnts sy need.
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you guys probably remember a little four and a half-year-old eliza who was diagnosed with a rare disorder. they were trying to raise money to go toward gene therapy for a
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potential cure. her father googled how to make a viral video. these people reached out and made a video that we had on our show just over a month ago. that video, i'm happy to say, did go viral, and they reached their goal of raising $1 million just since the video was released at the beginning of april. >> wow. >> that seems like such a lofty goal. that's great. just people, strangers. that's a ton of money. >> now, there's this new video it was just released today and it shows how the effort to raise money went from person to person all over the world and the hope is that this new video will help raise another million dollars, and that money is necessary to get the medical trial funded.
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they have until october to raise $1 million. $1 million more dollars and i think they can do it. >> tell us more about this new goal, we have cara and glenn and little eliza via skype right this minute. welcome back to the show. congratulations. what did it feel like to realize that you h raised $1 million?in. we could never have expected. last time we talk to you guys, it was the day the video was being released and it just obviously took off, and the update we can give today which is breaking, we haven't told anyone yet, is the money that we've raised so far is being used to produce the medicine, all the medicine for this clinical trial for this rare disorder from our foundation which is literally from around the world, $5, 10, $150 at a time have funded the medicine for this clinical trial. it's ground breaking. >> how much hope does that give
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you guys now to save your daughter? >> step one is done. step two is funding the clinical trial. we need a million dollars by october and if it can happen once, why can't it happen again? people around the world are -- not just saving eliza, they are stopping a deadly childhood disease and it's going to happen this year. incredible. >> how are you going to go about raising $1 million again? >> part of it is getting more awareness around this new video and around saving >> as you may know, the russian roads can be a treacherous place but even for like grade school drivers. watch this video. russia, nice little girl, looks like she's maybe learned how to ride a bike. see the wobbly front wheel. watch this area here. somebody comes speeding out of noey, takes her out.
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hits her. you can see another little boy. a little bit of a grade school road rage matter. somebody on roller skates pushes. we see a lot of russian road rage videos. they start at a young age. look at the little girl, puts her bike down, comes down, yeah, you know what, take that. >> this is like sidewalk rage. not road wage. the adult looks like he's loving it. >> he's laughing through this whole thing. >> the next thing is dangerous no matter what country you are in. you never wapt to fall asleep behind the wheel because this is what this young kid is doing in what looks like a john deere tractor. this is why we don't let three-year-olds drive and thank goodness there are no other drivers in the area. i'm happy to report no injuries as a result of this sleeping
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driver. >> how hard did that child play before he got to that point? >> how did it end? did they wake him up? did they let the battery die? >> they say milk and beer don't really mix well. [ burden of proof -- >> that would be chuck from the bronx and he has done yet another challenge. this time he has mixed -- >> beer. >> with a half gallon of milk. >> this time he was inspired by this guy. on this channel, he sampled beer and milk. >> oh, this is going to be [ bleep ] nasty. i don't even like milk. >> he's got a gallon total of milk and beer put together. let's just say chuck makes
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another bold attempt. >> let's get started. it looks like a vanilla shake. >> he's going to make an attempt to drink all of it. >> there's a hint of cheese in there. >> he's not quite done just yet. he does succeed. >> that came up a little bit because i had some cheese and now [ bleep ] excuse me my language. >> wow. i'm impressed. he does it. >> i have to give him props for that but i'm starting to get concerned about his diet. >> that's it. i am going to lay down. >> we've got three videos. a party planner take a spill. an attempted robbery falls flat, they definitely see that coming. >> a street show turns into a big accident.
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>> oh! >> real or fake is next.
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>> guess what guys? >> what? >> it's monday. it's time to check in with mack. real or fake videos. >> welcome back. you probably are going to love real or fake. beth do the honors. >> video number one. >> oh. >> he ruined his alcohol? >> he's so happy. he's like yea, little party. >> you can only do that when you are ten and under. i will say real. not staged. >> five reals. >> i think you guys did a good job of breaking it down. >> was there anything
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>> there's time to go through and look at every second of the footage. i think that's a good explanation. so i think this is real. >> video number two. >> keep your guy on the grainy guy in the middle of the footage. >> i think they were maybe just laughing because they knew what was about to happen, but they definitely didn't see that coming. i say real. >> it kind of back fired on them. >> yeah. he fired right out of the back -- it makes me think real. they were really trying to pull a prank and he really fell out of the car. >> i say real. >> five reals? >> i'm not going to go against you guys either. i think the way he fell out of the truck looks pretty dangerous and he could have gotten hurt. i think it's real. the next one is a real doosy. >> video number three.
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>> wait for the replay. >> oh! >> the way the guy reacted [ bleep ]. >> i think it is fake. >> you would get up in shock and try to figure out what's going on. you don't just runaway. >> i don't know if i would hang around if i got paid on. >> her hand goes behind her back. she could have been had some device in there and let go some water and it's a little set up. >> i do think it's a fake -- >> could this be her performance though and that's all part of the show? >> she faked him out. >> yeah. it can be fake. >> fakepee. >> i'm with you guys. fake pee. i'm saying fake all the way.
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>> guys next time you are at the bar, maybe you see if the bar keep has a bottle of some international liquors in this video from buzz feed yellow, you are going to see americans trying those strange international liquors. >> oh. >> like the sirnar is an artichoke liquor. >> i would drink this all day. >> she's the only one. the faces in this video are great. here's one from turkey. >> that was worse than everything. >> nice. >> this is fun. this is a turn the world, just experiencing what people like to drink. i love this. >> you guys this is going to be good. it smells like a sweet wine.
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>> oh, my god, what is that? >> horrible. >> that's rough. >> it's deejay snake and little john's big hit. we're like the only ones into this song. see how these
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>> finally the yellow bear gets to go down. >> say it with me guys. ♪ >> it's not old. it's a very popular right now. the song "turn down for what ". the kittens love turn down for what. >> no. get out of here. oh, my gosh. clearly, he's got something. >> yeah. >> it just dawned on me. they really like this song. >> you've clearly never owned a
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cat. >> the fact that they look like they are jamming on this tune, it's enough to keep you watching for hours on end. ♪ turn down for what ♪ >> that is awesome. the next evolution, you need to cut out a little cardboard car and they look like they are jamming. >> that's the next version of this video. >> the next thing that will happen, they will crash through the floor, there will be other cats doing the same thing. it will be a big cat party. somebody take this and make it. >> that's our show. we'll see you for the next edition of rtm.
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>> disease, germs, global epidemic. are you freaking out for no reason. dr. oz: i'm going to tell all you worry warts what you should really worry about. >> the every day health hazards that are harmful and harmless. dr. oz: what do you think about super bugs? >> i'm such a worry warts. >> dr. oz sets the record straight. dr. oz: this is going to change your bathroom etiquette forever. >> coming up next on "dr. oz." dr. oz: to all the worry warts out there, i get it. you can't read the news without stumbling on some alarming health crisis. but while those headlines get your attention is the reality


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