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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 20, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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. hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. if you like to watch great videos, keep it here, "right this minute." dude unleashes anger in the back of a cop car, but things get worse inside the police station. >> no respect at all. >> who police say is in the right this time. this lioness has a go pro, and she's ready to capture something good. >> she's determined. >> watch what happens when she goes in for a kill. plus, a joyride in a ferrari
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takes a wrong turn. >> what? how does that happen? and asking people on the streets who -- >> it gets ugly. >> this gets good. >> see why putting on your ugly face makes for a good time. >> oh, look at that. that's really good. >> that was good. you're looking at video of a an arrest in ohio by sergeant christopher. the guy he's putting in the back of the car is matthew mitchell. >> nobody scared of the county jail. yeah, okay, shut the [ bleep ] up, nobody wants to talk to you. >> he was arrested on public intox charges. when they get mitchell to the police station, he gets even angrie angrier. >> don't grab a hold of me, dude. >> pay attention to what happens
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once they get mitchell inside the police station. >> no respect at all. [ bleep ]. >> this video is the center of an internal investigation. i have the results of that investigation no the sergeant was recently promoted and found not to have used excessive force because mitchell was being belligerent and caused the situation by being lligerent. hefered a fracturede oncussion as a result, but when he was taken to the hospital for treatment, he was belligerent with doctors and nurses in the hospital as well. >> the guy didn't want to do himself favors from the beginning. he's in custody. he's at the police station, but do you have to slam somebody on the ground like that? i don't know what he was supposed to do. >> he had a blood alcohol level
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of .345, four times the legal limit. for car lovers, this is a dream come true, a complete and total joyride, exotic car tour. pay a bunch of money, and you can have a turn in a number of exotic cars, tour the country side in a ferrari 430, lamborghini or porsche. it's fun. you don't crank it up, you drive, the experience, expensive cars. >> you're right. >> you don't want to mess it up, you're having a good time experiencing what it feels like in the cars. you know, a lot of people just can't afford to buy a car like this, but what happens when something like this goes down? >> oh, no! >> what? >> guess you're not driving the ferrari. >> how does that even happen? >> made a left into the guardrail.
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>> yeah, i don't know how that happened because it does appear they were going relatively slow. my only guess, pure speculation, the ferrari f 430 has traction control, maybe it was off. it loops around quick. powering out of the corner, but the car should not fly off the road like that, and if the traction control was on, he lost control. >> look at that bumper just on the road. >> on their website, it looks like you put down a $2500 refundable deposit. wrecking a rental car is cheaper than wrecking your own ferrari. >> that's not good. that guy has to pay for that now. nearly 3 million people saw this video. that's -- >> oh, i love this video! >> the lion hug.
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>> that is kevin richardson, lay lion whisperer. because he's used to being up close and perm with the cats, he thought the lions should be outfitted with a go pro camera. check it out. it's mounted to the back of the big cat. what's amazing is she captures something for the first time, her first kill. >> oh. >> there you see the go pro strapped to her back, and she's like, i smell something out there in the grass lap. with the angle of the camera, her sister is up ahead. look at her shoulders creeping through that brush. she's determined. she has something on the scent. he says he uses love and nurture to establish relationships with these lions, but then she spots something. a lioness hunts easier because she doesn't have the main
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getting in the way. this is when nature overcomes nurture. be careful. watch closely. this goes fast. you see that? it was a small animal right in front of her, but you do get to see that she does capture it. this is part of the circle of life, and there you see the hoof of that animal. >> so fascinating to see how she uses the grass, how completely she blends in. >> this is when i would back off. >> my gracious. >> kevin was mesmerized, he thinks it's the first time it was captured on film seeing it from the lion's perspective. think about the time, the day to freak out, closter phobic, feels like you're buried alive. that's what happened to this guy in china. they were pipeline workers. look at this man here in the stripes. it was a landslide. he got stuck at the bottom of this ditch, and you can see he
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is buried up to his waste, his torso. the workers coming to the guy's aid, something like 14. people just at the site, and also fire and emergency workers, and then right here, notice they are using pieces of wood to prop up the walls so more people didn't get trapped down there. that's one of the reasons why this took so long to rescue this guy. as the video goes on, notice the light changes, right. this took hours, something like two hours and change. they had to dig around him, just so they could get rescue workers in to stabilize the guy. it's not just digging him out, but room to get other people in. sounds like they are working in unison to pull him from the final last little bit. >> can you imagine? he's buried up to his torso. the pressure on your rib cage, lungs, torso. you wouldn't be able to breathe. you can't move.
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people were here. >> sure. at one point, they had an iv or fluids or something because when they get him out eventually, you see a guy holding a fluid bag. people were surprised he was alive. security footage captures a crook stealing popular toys. >> oh, stealing from the children. >> find out what he took and how much money it's worth. and a little boy gets a surprise when he visits his father's grave. so this letter is from dad. hear the moving message from up above. >> you see the smile on his face get bigger and bigger.
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i have two videos here. of course, the people are up to no good. check out this woman walking down the street. she's minding her own business. watch this guy right here who spots her walking by herself decides, you know what? i'm going to take her purse. he runs up to her, basically blind sides her, grabs the bag, tries to take it, and the woman is like no, you're not taking my bag. she starts punching her, she does not let go. people see what's going on, go over to help, and force the guy to get away without the purse. >> i want to see one or two or six of them go after him and
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thump him like he was beating her or chase him down. >> the suspect is believed to be 14 or 15 years old. he got away. the reason we see the video because police hope someone recognizes this and calls with some tips. now this happened in austral australia. watch what this man is doing. he's loading up a box with smaller boxes. he happens to be at a toy kingdom. what he's loaded up are a ton of lego collections, lego boxes. stealing from the children. >> and legos are not cheap nowadays, man. >> they are not cheap. looks like he was just loading up one box, right? he walks away, and it's an entire car full. he did that, apparently, for four hours, and that's how he was able to get away with $20,000 worth of legos. >> that plastic is worth 20 grand? >> they are plastic, but they are cool. >> like any, unique, rare sets,
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only so many of them, and for 20 grand, he probably got one or two of those. >> police are still looking for this guy as well. a sad fact of life is that on father's day, that means a visit to the graveyard for some people, but i have to tell you that this vimeo of a boy visiting his father's grave will have you smiling at the end. that's gino valentine, placing a card at his father's grave. his dad died at the age of 24 in 2010. gino notices there's something there. he reads it, it says gino valentine. it's a letter for him. he opens it up. >> it's from heaven. i thank you for coming to see me on father's day. >> the dad says, you know, i know you don't remember me because i left and went to heaven when you were three and a
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half, and i'm not allowed to come back, but i decided to sneak a letter to you. this letter is from dad. >> i see you are doing very well in school, and yet i hear you saying bad words sometimes when you are angry. it's okay to be angry, but please don't use the language. >> you have to laugh because he's been caught. >> i love you always, but it's good to tell me it doesn't hurt anymore, and i don't get older like mommy does. >> oh! >> mommy is actually gayle valentine. she's the one that actually wrote the letter. >> i hope you know how much i love you, gino. i am always listening and watching you. lots of love, daddy. >> what a beautiful thing for
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this mother to have done on father's day for her little son because you know he feels the absence of his father in his life, and to have this moment, beautiful, and no matter how old he gets, he'll remember this moment. >> i'm going to take this home. it's a feel good story of helping the homeless with new shoes and more. the tags are on, brand new, never been worn. >> next, "right this minute." and still to come, this adorable dog has a serious condition. >> abby has a case of the consumed golf ball. >> how dr. matt goes to great lengths to save her life. and -- >> quick, and fast. >> why benson henderson is also known as a "right this minute" trainer.
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all right. brake, throttle. >> this is so fun. we've seen at least one amazing success story come from the vet ranch. do you remember jacks? he was the dog that dr. matt rescued and operated on. he had a condition, remember that? >> starving to death.
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>> yep. he managed to save the dog from that condition, and he's after it again with abby who has a case of the consumed golf ball. >> oh, no. the whole way down? >> oh, yeah, it's in her belly. you can see it here in the x-raies. dr. matt shows us why it's at. >> somewhere there's golfers looking for their ball and can't find it. >> she's getting ready for surgery, and dr. matt is a pro. he's very caring with the dogs, but i do warn the images you are about to see could be a little graphic. here we go. he makes the incision in her belly. >> oh, i can't watch this. >> gets through the layer of the skin, and, finally, look at this, brings out the stomach. you can see the shape of the ball. >> i don't feel like we should be watching this. >> no. >> i don't think this should be on youtube. >> this is medical. it's educational. he finally grabs the ball, and it's time to cut into the belly.
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look. >> oh, get it out. >> there we go. >> once he has the problem under control, sutures her up, does the belly, then the skin outside, and look. >> couple hours of surgery, seems to be doing well. here's the golf ball. hopefully she -- look at her, she wants it. hopefully she won't eat anymore golf balls and makes a complete recove recovery. >> dr. matt is a hero. one of the baddest men in the ufc, quick, fast, known as smooth, benson henderson, former lightweight champion of the world. he looks like a brutal guy, and i can tell you, benson is a heck of a nice guy. how do we know he's a nice guy? he trained us for a day. >> what? >> yep. he was kind enough to invite us to his gym in arizona called the
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lab, and he gave us pointers. >> keep your leg limp. don't flex your leg. don't have it be flexed and swing with your hips. good. point your belly button all the way to that direction. >> okay. >> that's good. >> taught us how to kick, punch, the elbow. he taught me the guillotine. >> wrap his head by itself. you're going to grab your own hand like this. i want this part of your wrist on his trachea. lift upwards. >> trying to show you what to do if someone takes you down. >> down and then up. i want you to go down -- >> oh, down and then up. i got it. >> she got me. she got it right, and i tapped out quick. it got tougher because i tried to grapple with benson.
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that did not go well for me. about to get him. barely trying that guy. >> not even. >> i think one of the most impressive parts of the whole day is feeling benson's power.k fight. i n't know how they do it. taking a kick like that to your head, to your legs, thighs, abdomen. impressive. benson has never been to a bar, never had a drink, super clean living, christian guy, if you want a role model, this guy, works hard to be a champ. we have a request for all of you. >> let me see your ugly face.
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>> this is not how you're supposed to clean and jerk it. dog breaks down boxes. ♪ >> come on. get into it. >> lockjaw, what's happening? >> warm up. stretch out. stretch out. buzzfeed went to the streets for no particular reason to ask people let me see your ugly face. >> oh, this guy's good. >> yep. >> oh, that lady is scarey. >> a lot of willing people out there to stare into the camera and get ugly. >> some looked like they were practicing in front of a mirror for a while. >> oh, that was good. >> looked like he had a tiny head. >> remember the cute girl who
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made ugly faces into her computer camera? >> we made our ugly faces back then in that video. >> again now? >> no, i want uglier. i want super weird. >> give us your best shot. >> oh. oh, that's good. >> looks like you when you're mad. there's plenty of you looking at the tv making funny faces, send them into us, that's all for "right this minute" thank you for joining us. minute" thank you for joining us. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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. p hi, everybody, i'm be troutman, and >> he cut the rope that was tieing that bull, and that bull went into the crowd. why it was a deliberate decision to release the beast. a car slams into two people pinning them against a garage, but this is no accident because the man in the car jumps out with iron bars. hear how this was a hit on the


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