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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 19, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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. hello, everybody. we have the best videos right here "right " >> he is having a bad day. >> his baby mama, allegedly. >> how he went from fraid to tased in the back of a cop car. >> a 20-ton truck plowing over a woman has to leave her in bad shape, right? >> nope. >> see theyclist that is one
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tough mudder. >> when firefighters rescue a kit fren a sewage pipe. >> they discovered there was another kitten. >> the ingenius solution to bring it to the surface. >> a guy decides to throw his mom in the car. >> and scare the pants off her. >> see when this joy reside hits the point of no return. andre leshawn evan thought he was having a bad day. >> she broke up with him because it was allegedly abusive. that's when allegedly andre leshawn evans threw a brick had the her. that's when she, the baby mama, allegedly, pepper sprayed him. >> she was really thorough.
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>> he rolled the window down and maybe give you fresh air. this is going to hurt for a while. there's not much you can do right now. >> listen to me. that's all i'm saying. >> we're going to taiz you on top of it. >> do you want the pepper spray or now? they gave him fair warning. >> i never did nothing wrong, man. please, please. >> he is breaking my window. i'm going to tase you. >> oh. >> get back in the car and let me talk. all right. all right. all right. you shake my window again, i've warned you already. >> did you hear me? >> i kind of feel bad for the guy, a little tiny, tiny bit. you can't just sit there comfortably with a face full of pepper spray. it's not like you are going to sit there quietly. maybe give the guy five minutes to rip his head off and then go. regardless, treat him at the
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hospital, facing jail, and now he is dealing with charges. rough day for old andre. >> man, i got some water. i got a pair of jaw droppers. dash cam, russia wra. you know the drill here. keep your eyes on that flat bed truck. it starts to move over to the left here to try and avoid something. it doesn't avoid this young girl on a bicycle. >> oh, shoot. >> she gets run over, crushed by a 20-ton truck. listen to her scream. [ screaming ] >> she gets so her feet. she sits back down. witnesses thought for sure it was just adrenaline that was keeping her together. they thought for sure she had broken bones, internal injuries.
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nope. she had bruises. they took her to the hospital. she was released later to go home and recover from her bruising. >> how is that possible? >> it's got to be like clark kent's sister clara kent. let's if to thailand. here comes a scooter down the street. then suddenly, boom, the entire storefront explodes narrowly missing that little motorcycle that cruised on by. remarkably, no one was killed. 17 people, though, were injured. several seriously injured. what happened? fireworks exploded inside this shop, and they were fireworks meant to scare away pigeons. >> they randomly ignited all at once? >> yep, they blew up. when it comes to dog training, there are all kinds of approaching. use the treat, kind, love, cuddle, and then there's the tough love, straight forward, no nonsense approach.
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that's exactly what you get from dog trainer peter kane. you might recognize him. >> several dog food companies are making vegan diets for dogs. disgusting. if you are giving your dog a vegan diet, what the hell is the matter with you, idiot? >> he is the same guy that had a video a couple of months ago don't pet my dog. i'll refresh your memory. >> are you kidding? it's not your [ bleep ] dog. don't get your own [ bleep ] dog. don't interact with other people's dogs. >> i feel bad. i've done that. >> well, now you know. he has trained you now too. sdmree has a whole list of reasons ideal you shouldn't. >> it's unhealthy for your dog. >> he is going straight out honest about dog food, about what people are feeding their dogs, and what really works for dogs.
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>> look at its teeth. that's for eating meat. ripping and chewing. you don't change evolution. >> the dog was designed to be a carnivore. the dog is going to choose a steak over a rice cake every single day. >> anyone giving your dog a vegan diet, you're probably not very smart. >> do you think he loses credibility, though, by using cuss words and calling you stupid. do you think that appeals to people? >> i think it can be offensive, but i think it appeals to people. there's something charming about it. >> wake up. the dog eats meat. >> i don't think you can be more bad ass out on the waves than this. see what's happening there? >> no, he is not skiing. he is eating. he is most definitely surfing these waves because, why not? >> how do you do that? how does that happen? has this ever happened before? is he the first guy to ever do this? >> this is relatively new. it's been around for a few years. those are surf skis.
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that's a former pro skier, also pro surfer. this is a clip from the billy bogner film "vision" shot by mike wallace. ♪ >> how do you get going? >> how do you get going? >> you can't use the poles on the water to get himself out there. we see the big wave surfer guys get towed out. they can't paddle out there. they get towed out by jetski. same thing could happen here. maybe is he getting towed in. >> like the helmet and the jumpsuit. >> i could do this. >> hmm. that lookstough.iv with somethi on the track, what do you do? >> you drop it on the track, we'll get it for you. plus, the subway he road hard at work. next. see how the dog days of summer are looking restless for this guy.
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>> the dog keeps jumping in, and completely won't let him sleep. trubiotics is a daily probiotic ththatat h helelpsps i in ? it supports digestive anand d ie health, by working in your gut whwherere e 7070% % ofof y youm lives. nonow w inin c chehewaw.
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firefighters mainly known for putting out fires, executing rescues, and number three on that list, rescuing cats. that's what happens in athens, ohio. this is the athens, ohio, fire department. this video was shot by firefighter. they got a call about a kitten that had fallen down in a sewage pipe, and here they are pulling it out. oh. >> oh. >> they said that the kitten was born very close to the sewage pipe and fell in, but it wasn't the only one because while they were down there, they discovered there was another kitten, and they worked a while and worked a while, and they couldn't get it out of the sewage pipe, so they ran some water through the pipe in order to flush another kitten out. these poor kittens are like being born twice. >> these said this was extra training for them. they don't get to do a stage five training. they don't get to do it a lot.
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when you see him grab the second kitt kitten, you wet from the water. >> poor little thing. >> this one is all completely wet. watch what the firefighter does next. he has to start chest compressions with his fingers because he said the cat was lethargic and wasn't breathing well, and they wanted to make sure it was okay. >> this is the sweetest, kindest thing. the little thumbs doing the chest compressions on the wet kitten. >> i can gladly tell you that the kitten was okay. the firefighters say, you know, it's a really good feeling when they get to do something like this. ♪ i don't know about you ladies, but as a kid i tended to tease my mom a little bit. love you mom. especially when i got my license. i liked to try to take her in the car and scare the pants off her. this guy does the same thing to
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his mother. take me home. >> take me home. what are you doing? >> it looks like this kid put a lot of work into his car. he has a toyota supra, and it's turbo charged. [ screaming ] >> stop! stop right now! >> how many times have you heard her say stop right now, but this time it's not working anymore. >> he is in control, and mom is along for the ride. how is dad reacting? >> stop! stop! >> he almost grabbed his hand, like, trying to fwet it off of the stick shift. >> i thought he was going to grab the stick shift and put it in neutral. >> no! >> it's fun, but they also worry like parents. you know? they want their kids to be okay. they want themselves to be okay. they want to live. >> that is so scary. >>dy that to my mom a couple of times. >> you're evil. >> i didn't have a turbo charged
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supra. >> stop reason! >> no! >> take me home! we set up this scenario for you guys. you're waiting on the train platform or the subway platform. you're talking to your friends e friend, and he drops something on to the track. you take them down to the train, and the third rail. >> say good-bye to your phone. who do you call? >> we are here to get your stuff. you dropped it on the tracks? we'll get it for you. >> really? >> calling mike, your mta workers, and they're here to get your stuff. they have a whole department for this? >> they work for the mta, and you can call -- they go to the booth. here they're looking for somebody's white iphone. >> supposed to be in the middle of the station. we'll start looking for it. >> hi, mike. >> that is so funny to me. i would just imagine that people in new york would be, like, oh, you dropped your phone on the track. tough cook wriz, yeah? foet about it. >> sheos him three times.
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i have been offered money quite a few times, but that's it. my partner said he got offered a mango. >> i would give him a kiss too because if i dropped my phone and they got it back for me because honestly i didn't know that was an option. >> what is it? >> he got his phone. it's stuff adults dropped down. what about kids? >> i went to pick up a little gray bunny that somebody dropped. >> oh, they're so sweet. they went to pick up a bunny. >> a little gray bunny. it's obviously something that this child or kid had for a long time. maybe a family heirloom. you never know with this kind of stuff. it's ratty, but it means something to somebody. >> they're heroes. i like them. >> that's it for this call. now we got to go back and wait for the next one.
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high drama wihen a driver's engine cuts out. >> this is not good. >> a rescue chopper. plus, sometimes you really can't control that and end up with that crushing marshmallow. >> the secret to a perfect smore next. totodaday y hihis s dodoctctoron a bayer aspirin regimen toto h helelp p rereduducek of another one. ifif y youou'v've e hahad d a e sure to talk to your doctor before youou b begeginin a n aspirin regimen.
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>> closed captioning provided by -- freshen breath, and controled ds plaque and tartar. fofor r a a frfracactitionon o f greenies. nonow w ththatat's's v vetetiqi! i got to think it's a pretty peaceful thing to do to fly a power glider over water like this. what a great way to relax, have a good time out there. probably the most stressful part of flying a paraglider is when this happens. now what do you do? the engine quits. this is ryan irwin. he is fine now. you immediate will he see him
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start to unhook his harnesses because -- >> he has to prepare for -- >> an emergency water landing. this is not good. >> oh. >> boy, he wasn't far from the water when this happened. >> one of the good things is you see immediately people pop out and they are automatically designed to inflate when they do hit water. he is able to have some sort of boy answer where i. he reaches in his pocket for his cell phone. remarkably, that's still working. thankfully he crash-landed into folsom lake. it's not like is he in the middle of the ocean there. he is in a lake. another stroke of luck. ryan's rescue crew, not far away. he was out there watching the sheriff's department search and rescue helicopter on a training mission. >> oh, my gosh. the rescuers was training not far from when he crash-landed. it's perfect for them and perfect for him. >> the helicopter takes off, and now ryan is -- they don't even bother bringing ryan to the helicopter.
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they just quickly fly him over to the shore of the lake. set him down. judging by what ryan just went through, he is in pretty good spirits. not injured. high fives all around. >> a free helicopter ride too. it's summertime. there's nothing more delicious than the smore. it's in the name itself. you eat one, and you want more. >> the one problem is if you are doing it in a campfire, stimsz you can't control that flame, and you end up with that really crunchy marshmallow. with the help from mike's hard lemonade, the king of random has come up with a way more complicated way to make a smore. we're going to use a can of mike's to make a smore roaster. cut the top off the can. make sure the edges are smooth. then you figure out how to make a can a square. good way to do that is take two sticks, and then you make the
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smore. >> it's like a smore oven. >> you slide the smore in, and you sit it close to the flames and set it down close to the flames, and thn you get the perfectly toaed marshmal cgoo. >> this is good. i'll tell you why. sometimes in certain countries, you can't have an open fire. you just throw it on the grill or stove stop. >> all have you to do is set this thing up and point a hair dryer at it. some people might say why not just do it on the fire? >> what else do you have to do while you're camping. you're sitting around. make a smore oven. ♪ one, two, three to the four he is putting a tiny twist on -- >> the classic, awesome rap song. nothing but a g thing. except this is nothing but a we thing. >> hear the rap from her perspective. ♪ ain't nothing but a we thing,
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below. now, that is a gorgeous way to fly. this fellow posted this video on the youtube channel. gets on the sofa and performs for a nap in his comfy sweat shirt, and the dog keeps jumping in and went lotto him sleep. tries to snuggle with him. nuzzles him. won't let him take a nap. >> his grandfather says -- >> you know what i love about this dog? he does this multiple times. not just once. it happens over and over again. it's so fun to watch.
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the dog licks his ear. the dog kicks him with his paw. the dog moves him out of the wauway. >> you put the dog outside, it will just bark the whole time. he knows you're inside sleeping. now, the next video, this dog loves to nap, but not with his owner. with its blanky. this is otis and his blanky. otis is an adopted golden retriever in colorado. every day he grabs his favorite blanky so that he can take it outside and snuggle with it when he goes out. >> they should call him linus. >> because he likes his blanky. >> he even figured outs how to walk and carry hi blanky without stepping on it. >> he even takes it down the stairs. >> he is jeblgts with this blanky. >> the owners thought maybe if we wash it, he won't want it. otis still goes for his blanky. >> it's going to stink it up. they roll in it. >> they actually saved money on a dog bed because he just uses that. in the rap world in rap culture a lot of times guys
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refer to girls as shorty. that's my shorty. you know what i mean? this is a rap video about being a shorty, but literally being a shorty. ♪ one, two, three to the four 11 and three-quarters and not an inch more ♪ ♪ ready to make an entrance, and i am coming in ♪ ♪ get in and call first to get in the middle because shotgun doesn't apply to people when you're this little ♪ ♪ ain't nothing but a wee thing, baby ♪ ♪ i'm 100 pounds of crazy >> this is katie howler, rap name teaspoon, and she's doing a version of the classic, awesome rap song, nothing but a g thing." ♪ can reach that and can reach this, can reach that, can this ♪ ♪ you know what ♪ i don't even like paprika ♪ >> she did a job of changing the lyrics ofsong.
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♪ if you big to talk [ bleep ] i'll have to go ♪ ♪ yeah, that's not true >> she wrote this? that's some serious skills. >> she's a smart, funny lady with a great sense of humor, and the best gift you can have in life is the ability to make fun of yourself. >> she's got it. if you want to hear this video from teaspoon, go to our website. >> that's it for "right this minute." >> that's it for "right this minute." see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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zoirchlgts great videos from the web are coming your way "right this minute." ♪ what happens when you mix an amusement park with wild animals? >> well, watch. >> see the lion who doesn't give kitty rides. >> whoa. a crazed suspect goes after cops with a crowbar, a meat tenderizer and an ax. >> what happens when police start shooting and he keeps coming. a


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