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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 4, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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today. and in a bag of halloween candy that was passed out here, we will tell you how police are trying to figure out who gave out a small bag of methamphetamine to a little girl. and a sensitive national issue, the change they want for people suffering from terminal diseases, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, this is a live look where voters will be picking a new mayor and we will have more, it is tuesday election day, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, i thought i heard steve talking about pockets of fog. >> did you hit any?
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>> i didn't see it. >> there is a little bit of low clouds around and just be advised, there was not any yesterday but there is some today. mostly sunny with a few upper 30s up towards lake county, up towards santa cruz and we have that low cloud deck which is not a big fog bank but some of it has gotten down there, high pressure continues to nose in and so does the high clouds but everything continues to topple and we are out of here. 41 novato, close for some. and foster city just dipped to 47 degrees there and there are some cool readings offshore hayward, northeast hayward and san jose and it is only 6-mile-
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per-hour. lots of sunshine and some thick a.m. fog and a lot of 70s from coast, bay from north bay to the south bay, a little bit of fog oop i trust things will move on and we all know things will stay good when it comes to major crashes and let's see what we have here with the bay bridge toll plaza and there are no major problems if you are driving on 101 and we have a nice drive in san francisco and at 502 approaching the split is fine and we have a little bit of roadwork but for the most part on the major roads we are doing well. now let's go back to the to the desk. it is a hotly contested race in the bay area for the mayor of san jose. the two candidates will be getting up earlier to get
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people out to the poll joining now with the boost to leave the city. >>reporter: this is a very important race o- will lead the bay area's biggest city. now they have opposing views on a variety of topics and each has a long history of public service. now last night we caught up with dave and his campaign headquarters and they were working the phones there and he is a county supervisor and former councilman who is supported by the firefighters' union. that may be a key thing for public safety. law enforcement views him as somebody who wants to compromise and leave the agency for better options and pay. he has a slight lead and here
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is what he told us. we are cautiously optimistic because it has been been a very good race. >> reporter: his campaign is vying for votes and he has the support of current city council members and he is the candidate who will follow the path of current mayor chuck reid whose fiscal growth pension reform has made his unpopular with law enforcement but maintains public safety is a huge priority. >> i feel good, we came from 20 points down in the polls and we are at a point now where we are virtually deadlocked and i am confident we will put this over the goal line. >> polls open at 7:00 an and each of those candidates, plan on voting within the first hour
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sometime between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. and we plan on catching up with potential of them later this morning. reporting live, ktvu news. with so many choices, all of them tried to highlight what makes them different. >> we partnered for the first time to put meet presence on the streets. >> understand to raise minimum wage to $15 and we want to make it more affective. >> we want to go beyond adding police, we have to make sure we are add being education -- >> and they are using ranked choice voting and that means
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they have ranking first second and third choices and votes will be reprocessed considering second choices and third until somebody gets more than 50%. coming up, we will hear for three more candidates and other sweets and drinks a majority vote is needed to pass it and if it passes the money will go to the general fund. measure e.would impose a 2% tax and it needs approval and the money will pay for education program and diet drinks will not being taxed on either proposal. they are vote being on raising minimum wage of $10.784
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per gallon hour making it the highest over, 478 years. and they would rates minimum wage to 12.25 per hour and workers will pen fit from the pay hike and critics say it will hurt small businesses. they will end up shifting and a total of 36 are up for grabs and of those, accident democrats are expect under to savely win 11 and those are the ones shown in blue. that while republicans are expected to pull up green up for grab and they are urging them to recapture the senate
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majority since 2006. campaign am modules. many political observeers. just pie which party has more voters going to the polls. corey says the odds are stacked against the democrats. >> the incumbents generally loses seats at the second midterm elections and with the numbers of key votes, all of them are up for france and they will be able to take control away from the republicans. stay with us on air and line.
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am and we will city of you the fine -- we will given you the final news right here on ktvu channel 2 morning news tomorrow morning. a warning for parents in hercules after more than candy was found in a child's trick or treat bag. alex savage is joining us in hercules to tell us what to look out for, good morning, alex. >> reporter: we are talking about meth which was handed out and it's unclear if it was handed out accidentally origin tension naturally and this little girl handed it out on halloween and found a small ziplocked bag and testing shows that substance was methamphetamine about a 10th of a gram and the area gash gram and the area where they were they are looking for he can
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ably -- exactly where the drugs came from. this should serve as. >> reminder, you should always check your kids' bags and if they know where this small bag is placed and if you have any information call hercules police. a san mateo woman is now pushing for the right for people in california to legally end their own lives. take a look at jennifer glass after being diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer, she asked her husband to take a photo every day for a year during her treatment. she was told she would be dead in five years. she is now working with a non- profit organization compassion and choices to organize dr. assisted suicides for
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terminally ill patients. and controversy is brewing, they are upset about the partnership with planned parenthood and they want another one to take over and they are up set they didn't tell them, become testimony f, california voters may make history this election day but it is not something to brag about and some stay governor jerry brown is the first to blame. the owner of the boating accident, how he survived and what he called the hardest part of living through this ordeal. and traffic is still off to a decent start, golden gate
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bridge is looking good heading to the toll plaza. santa rosa reporting some fog at a mild 55 degrees.
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. welcome back, it is now 5:14 governor jerry brown has done very little campaigning and instead he focussed on two
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state prop circumstances. he -- prop circumstances. he is propositions to the state's water quality supply and infrastructure. they are needed to improve the water system and improve long- term planning for drought years. prop 1 is too expensive and they argue it does little to relieve droughts an affects rivers and streams. and reduce rainy day funds, requiring debt payment and they did not friend acquire them to register money and family will mean less money for schools. we are hearing about a boating accident. the boat capsized after being hit by a large wave. phillip sanchez swam 25 minutes
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to sure but severally cut his arm an injured his back but he said he was determined to stay alive. >> i got shifted sideways and i just seen bubbles. and i thought the guilt, why me -- guilty, why me. >> he is also coping with the loss of his friends. three men and a woman, they drowned and nobody was wearing life jackets and this is still under investigation by the coast guard. the short-term rental company said the the law is under review. the law says only people who live in san francisco can offer rentals and it is for second homes much people who done live in the city all-year round.
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they hope the lawsuit will stop the law from taking affect next february. let's check in with sal getting everybody out the door. >> it doesn't look bad, weather is cooperating for the most part and for the most part we can see, 880 all the way up to the mcmcarthur maze. i do want to mention we can see roadwork icons and we are not seeing slow traffic just yet but we will pass it over to steve with an, a plus. -- a plus. we hit a wall of fog and it will clear pretty fast, 40s on the lows, a couple of 50s and
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after everything shows up am we have a few high clouds. the photograph of these, they are up around 18,000 and a little bit of fog down here. 54-70, and above on both counts, record low second day in a row, 1935 and record high 1983. some cloudy to mostly high once we get cranked up. low 40s and also napa airport was thrown in there with the 3. gilroy lows seem to be 2
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degrees warmer and north wind at fairfield, north at napa, it is generally showing a comb penn and in -- component. and 26 up in tahoe, and 44 for ukiah and sacramento even monterey, 46 in fresno out there in the valley and looking at the valley we have rainier the oregon -- rain near the oregon border, and oh takes naturally high cloud and than does pop up this time of year. >> it will be warm foreand there is a system approaching here. the model am is approaching the
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system. maybe rain on the verizon, i think so. some thick am following and they are on their way for tomorrow. upper 70s, we can end up with an 80 or so and cooler into friday and the weekend looks good and next change will be tuesday, so not much going on. >> any rain if. >> maybe tuesday but around the 1st -- 14th. >> all right, steve, thank you. love was in the air t- literally whom wanted a you next way. >> you kidding me at 32,000
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feet in the air, she is passing out peanuts and here to comes testimony and they had a big kiss, read their vows sealed their deal with a kiss and how did they come up with this idea? the bride said it was totally random. >> we were sitting at a gate waiting for an idea. and we were sitting there and said that about get being married on a plane and we said, why not. they used their rapid reward points to get tickets for families and friends and then headed to port reek for their honey -- puerto rico, and they
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took family and friends. the traffic is worth it. and he spoke out after one of his space ships disintegrated, and the latest on the investigation into what went wrong. ñsxóxgñ
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. welcome back, it is 5:24 they are now looking for answers in a frighten being accident. -- frightening accident. the accident did not cause a fire or fuel leak but they had to come to the rescue of a driver who was inside his crumbelled -- crumpled truck. still no word on what caused the crash. wrap being up the on going problems and they are being moved what caused it to break up and then crash the pilot was killed and theco pilot survived and he is still being treated
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for very serious injuries richard said he is not giving up on space tourism but he is focused now on safety. >> we havep am spent pain years until we finish a whole mess of test flights. >> that was virgin tours and they have already sold more than 700 flight reservations at $250,000 each. on disa is now under -- honda is now under investigation and they are looking into whether they failed to report cases of
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defective airbags and the honda, the company that makes the airbags used in nearly 8 million cars recalled for cars and suvs. joke being around on light night television... >> we are in kansas city and as soon as he did that, they went crazy, booing on me and hating mere and i really wanted to start crying and turn back. a special guest, a historic pay and this election such supposed to start. >> traffic looks good getting into treatment from sunole grade. and nice weather today ,it will be a little warmer and we
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have some nice weather and we'll see what is in store for the rest of the week. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
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. welcome to a brand-new day, i am dave clark. >> and it is going to be a beautiful day, no excuse get to the polls. we do have it a chill in the morning air and not as cold as yesterday and there are a few areas of fog dancing around and sal and i would not say we
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are the fog brothers yet. it does look a little bit warmer getting slightly above average on these temperatures and a few clouds above 18,000 and mostly sunny, marching fog around the caldecott and the jetstream goes up and over and we will be sending these clouds further to the north. napa is dancing between 40, 43 and 41. santa rosa half-moon bay a cool 44. san jose 46, can't find any 30s, probably a few up in lake county. calls towing 45, heelsberg 44 not much of a breeze but if it is, a component, we have a slight offshore and we will send it back over and it will
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be mostly sunny. , tomorrow is more of a jump and tomorrow coming in from your sources. >> my sources? >> yes. >> i do have some accidents to mention in areas that are not foggy. we have a report of a hit-and- run crash on the east shore freeway at university or in the area of university and i am looking it would be right here and it is kind of hard to see but we are looking for it here and chp is looking for the area and we will let you know what is going on. it is east 80 but it could affect westbound testimony and it is get going crowded no
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trouble and 580 to the pass to the the month area. they are expected to have the lowest voter turnout, tara moriarty joins us with the latest from daily city. >> reporter: less than half of all registered voters will show up at the voting booth and that would be an all time low for the state of california, am and polls inn kate virtually no time or money on his campaign message and that translates to most to vote from those californians. >> i think they are disenchanted who do we have to vote for and we have to vote
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for those who should not be on the ballot and a lot of this is common-sense. >> what you are seeing is spot voting and they will turn out where there are tight races and it has gotten a lot of registration and as far as many who turnout, habitual who are white conservative and republican. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> thank you, tara, we will continue to watch that and today we will get people to get out and vote. hopefully, they have the most complicated, icing the ranked choice testimony is am. >> we need to prevent crime... >> i am the only candidate
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committed to a plan i have already published which does not involve taxes or any new taxes on residents. >> many were out greeting many in oakland and that includes mayor jean quan for the reelection. >> if i am blamed i boon thety to be going in the right direction. >> the ranked choice in oakland means people mark their first and the pal lots, are rechoiced until somebody gets more than 50%. coming up we will hear more than 37 candidates for mayor of
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oakland and the sam and they are replacing chuck reid and it's too close to call at this point, janine de la vega is going to be talking live with both candidates and we'll see her at 6:00. others will be deciding races at the top of the ballot and governor jerry brown and republicans challenger neil cash carry. and statewide propositions and a full slate of state offices and democrat recovery they will be with the district and stay with us for complete election coverage and we will bring you live results as the polls close this evening and we will have a look at the final results tomorrow morning right here on
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the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> a busy day, a shocking discovery in a trick or treat bag in the little girl's balance, they are warning them to take look. >> reporter: an 8-year-old girl wound up with meth in her candy bag and she was trick or treating in the promenade neighborhood of this city. it is unclear if it was given out accidentally origin tension naturally but -- or intentionally and her father was looking through her candy when he found a small ziplocked bag and he called police and found testing substance was about a 10th of a gram of methamphetamine am. right now am police are trying
5:38 am
to pinpoint oop it should serve as. >> reminder. if you have any information on who passed out this meth put out a call to the hercules police. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. concord is seeking an arrest warrant for a landlord who is accused of ignoring a bedbug growing problem. they have refused to exterminate despite reason vials notices and fines. they spent 6 million or maybe even both around so natural is no response. and hazardous material
5:39 am
crews after 6 employees complain am am and they have not been able to determine what made the workers sick. workers were treated at the scene and nobody else reported feeling sick. they are also learning more about what made people sick at a hotel and it happened at first where 12 people were sick and now the health department said at least 40 people have come down with at least 40 people. no violations were found. the chp officer am facing felony public appearances . is
5:40 am
he accused of stealing two photos and sending those photos to other officers. harrington did not answer it and let his lawyers take that and i want to make this clear his apologies extend to all members of law enforcement whose reputations are potentially tarnished. >> if convicted, he faces a three year prison term. san francisco is facing a program to stop parking and they are already testing a don't block the box program and city's transportation agency said gridlock and when he saw
5:41 am
others, it will be next am month. coming up what a man was doing when he was hit by an amtrak train right by the hayward steaks. critics are stacking the odds against them in milpitas and they believe voters should take the gamble. good morning, we are still looking at a decent commute and there is time and they will see if there is any rain on the extended out of look. guys shoy place, cuz right now, i have two breakfast croissants for just four bucks. they're both made with a freshly cracked egg and melting cheese on a buttery, flaky croissant. try the supreme with bacon and ham, or the sausage. they'll fill you up for -
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. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is
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5:43 saying good by to a sheriff's deputy doing what he loved. funeral services will be held for michael davis junior. thousands are expected to attend the church in roseville. he was one of two accident tis killed during -- deputies killed during a crime spree. sheriff's deputy was laid to rest yesterday. and two high tech companies want to buy it on broadway. the company says they plan to bring more and that could bring up to 2000 jobs to the oakland area. sears moved to the area in 1996 after more than 60 years on telegraph avenue but it struggled at its new location and finally closed the stores this year. san francisco voters will
5:45 am
decide the fate. it calls for 30 housing units over the next few years and they are reserved for low to moderate income families. they are bought and re0 sold and they kick eye the tenants and sell it at a profit. they should be allowed to move into their city from san jose to mill of -- milpitas.
5:46 am
they pay 15% in taxes for san jose and that would drop to 10- point 5% in milpitas. and they set records in the world series and he spoke to him about his success. >> it has been unbelievable and hopefully there is more to come. >> could you cut an all gum? >> i have been -- album? >> i have been thinking about it. >> what do you do next when it you have world series rings and that's what he had created by jockey and fallon put them on and danced around on stage. very funny, they were limited addition. >> what you wanted. >> our directer, what were they selling for onee on ebay.
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>> did you get get any? >> traffic so far not bad and traffic moving wellel and west pound they moved it off the freeway and some things are doing okay. let's go to the plaza, traffic is a little to bit slow on am best down on a concord and 680 looks good to walnut creek, now let's go to steve. brief lee were not good. we still have clear weather and you may hit a wall of it
5:48 am
and it will clear. very late in the season for low clouds and occasionally some high clouds filtering through and it will be mostly sunny as far as any rain goes it is well to the north for climatology on november 4th, it is close but above on both counts, regular low 42, record high, northern sacramento, red being up to the bates -- basin. and walnut creek is in there as well. san jose, walnut creek on the if coast. so them they are running cooler and these are the coolest
5:49 am
temperatures right before sunrise. any breeze, yes but it is an ease ofly breams and it is a northerly breeze and a cool day and monterey is on the cool side 46 and you can see where the rain is portland and seattle and maybe up in extreme northern call northern why and cooler days warmer days tomorrow we will bump it up more and warmer on wednesday and it looks like we back off slightly late thursday into friday thursday the the weekend looks good and we'll see if the fort collins am come models hold on and we are up top 4 on
5:50 am
a 73 forklift, 73 more began hill to gilroy and capitoa half- moon bay and woodside, redwood city as well except for orer few high clouds and it looks good for the weekend next tuesday. >> your beach house? >> i had one in delmar. >> yes. time now 5:50 still theres a controversy and it deals with sex education, what one high school is doing is irresponsible says one parent. up next, the bay area city where it is happening and what police are told it is happening
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. welcome back, building contractors stealing tools at unoccupied job sites and it happened when they were under observation and they come in and break through unsecure areas next to the job site and other expensive items have been stolen so far.
5:54 am
>> the money part i am resolved but the emotional part, the violation thing is lingering -- lingering. >> not not only took hundreds of thousands and they are asking people to report any suspicious activity around construction sites. some of the most closely watched cases, it would give the commissioner the final say over any increase in health insurance rates. supporters argue it will lower health insurance rates but critics say it gives too much power to one. >> treatment decisions should be made by doctors and patients, not somebody with a political a general disa. >> this is one.
5:55 am
bickest decisions, and they are funding the other side because they don't want any over tight on how much they are charging. no campaign says it will interfere withp prop circumstances it is requiring drug charges and they would prescribe certain med case,s and increase the cap on pain and suffering on medical negligence lawsuits from 250,000 to $1.1 million. it could save lives but the campaign is arguing, this is an attempt by trial lawyers tonight take medical
5:56 am
malpractice suits that is after they first went in its reason report and it should affect yahoo's stock price also since they still hold a substantial steak in ollie bobber -- alley bobber. it will open may be a little bit higher and decrease is more than 7-point 5% during september and the u.s. exports to september and stuff took in saddam chat clay close and jumped, it made up a large portion of the import. taylor swift, and they will force the pop star's fans to download her songs or buy her
5:57 am
cds. she said artists have a right to be paid for their work and be predicts -- protected from pier as i. it is called -- pier as i. and -- piratecy. today's voting could be a record breakinger when it comes to no shows at the poles. and today is one of the areas biggest city. >> good morning we are still looking at a commute and we will tell you about getting into the city from the east bay and and for those of you at home, there you go.
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6:00 am
. who is going to lead the bay area's largest city, catching up with the candidates who has a slight lead and a last minute pitch. >> and they will also be losing a -- choosing a mayor and they are dealing with 15 candidates. up for grabs nationwide, it could cause a shift in the balance of power ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us, tuesday, november 4th election day, i am pam cook. >> let's talk about weather and traffic, teach is right there. a jacket to start? >> yes, i look to see wh


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