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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 7, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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crazy video of a guy catching a 2-year-old. >> the story behind this is nuts. >> especially when you see who crashes down next. a sea lion catches up to a boat. >> welcome aboard, friend. >> see the magic moment he goet what he claim for. >> you can feel the woosh. >> thrill-seeker's taking you along for the ride. >> the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad mini. >> a woman wants her cockatoo to sit on the pumpkin.
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why this training session is a train wreck. >> ow! two videos that will make you say, i did not see that coming. first from italy. a 61-year-old man crawls up on to the hood of the hatchback and watch what happens. >> did he catch somebody? >> yes, he caught a 2-year-old girl in his arms. according to reports, that little girl was dropped from more than 16 1/2 feet up. the mom also escaped by jumping down. the story behind this is nuts. apparently, this young girl was taken away from her mother because her mother had drug problems. this was a foster care home. this little girl was staying in. the mother scheduled an appointment with the psychologist for evaluation. she and the daughter were talking to the psychologist. drops the little girl out of the
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window to her boyfriend and they got away. >> oh, my gosh, that is so horrifying for the poor girl. can you imagine being dropped out a window? >> oddly creepy thing? this 61-year-old man is the uncle of the little girl's father. >> psychiatric evaluation over. the girl is going to be taken away permanently. >> it did not endear her to the court. these two escaped to germany. officials did finally find this 2-year-old girl and took her back to italy where she is now again in foster care. >> this next video, dash cam footage from russia from a police car. that's a police officer who runs in front of the car. he is headed toward a vehicle he saw speeding. this is not a smart driver. >> you total muppet. >> how would you think this would end? >> literally, there is no way we are going to figure this out. >> it's going to end badly.
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>> i got to tell you, this is what you really will not see coming. this officer is awesome. he's like the hulk of police officers. he got this car under control by smashing in the windshield and grabbing ahold of the steering wheel and steering the car into a curb. after this all happened, they took the driver into custody. 22 years old, reportedly under the influence of alcohol. that driver now faces ten years in prison because of this. the driver did say he was sorry and that he doesn't remember the incident. something is in the water. that something would happen to be a sea lion. the sea lion is keeping up with this boat. this boat isn't going slow. look how these people welcome him aboard. they open the board for the sea lion. no way, no way, no way. what the? >> wow, if fishing were that
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easy. >> they were happy he's onboard. they're like, welcome aboard, friend. here, have a fish. >> jump onboard the boat, get a fish. >> i'm glad it was just for a snack. this happens quite a bit in cabo san lucas because they are like that's an easy way to get a free meal without working for it. >> then these two polar bears. they are looking for a curious good time. these are 2-year-old cubs. the photographer happened to be in alaska. he saw these cubs playing with their families. they decided they are speeding up to get away from us. let's get closer. the photographer had a gopro on a stick. i love this image right here when you see him with the gopro. they just come right up to it.
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>> the photographer says the up side of being there this year was that there is no snow. he got a clear view of all the cubs and family playing. this is footage from a police pursuit in brazil. they are chasing after a man who stole a truck. the truck apparently worth about $300,000. police are not letting this guy get away. noticing a ton of police chases on this show. what do you notice about this video? >> all recorded on traffic cams. the person managing these cameras caught on and started recording everything, even adjusting the camera. >> he is certainly moving in that truck, isn't he? >> so dangerous. he ends up hitng other
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vehicles in the pulls over. ends up running out, abandoning this truck. does have a shootout with police officers. fortunately, nobody was injured. he was eventually arrested. >> if they had this many cameras and were able to follow the truck, why not call off the police chase. i feel like at this point they are putting so much other people at risk pushing him to the limits in that big truck. >> good point. you've got to give credit to the guy handling the camera. he probably has literally the most boring job in the world. he's like, this is awesome! here is an unfortunate accident on the road. keep an eye on this vehicle here. believe it or not, the impact made both vehicles lose their front tires. >> you can see. he is immediately grinding it. >> the guy coming the other way didn't see the median, just drifted over? >> no word on what caused the accident.
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the black car that hit that white truck ended up sliding and almost rammed the car with the dash cam we are seeing. >> it's just about time to give away another ipad mini. >> you need friday's buzz word, 18 years of age or older. >> buzz word is coming up in just a little bit. >> the name of this next video is called "play with the ground" which sounds boring. >> i can assure you though, every frame of this video is thrilling. valentine and his buddy up there. >> though are deey are definite
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with the ground. >> getting air but not getting high in spots. that's the whole point of this video. staying really low. watch this. right off the cliff. flourish. woosh. >> they are so maneuverable those things. it's amazing. >> so fun to watch, isn't it? >> invigorating. >> i absolutely adore this. >> in the end, some of the cool landings, they come down to this pond, go skimming across this nice glassy lake. >> they actually are skimming across. >> they are. a perfect landing. look at this. woosh. >> wow.
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>> a guy leads his lady to a beautiful setting but fakes her out. >> so the romantic moment she literally didn't see coming. greg heads to chat up some players. >> what are you dressed at here? >> the simple prank that gets them every time. inintrtrododucuciningg a a pm pain reliever ththatat d darareses t to ok alall l ththe e waway y unul ththe e amam.. nenew w alaleveve e pm ththe e ononlyly o onene w witp aid. plplusus t thehe 1 12 2 hohouf aleve.
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ts video. this guy has done well though. i'll giveim credit. this is eric and mica. they have a long history together. eric knows she is the one for him. he decided he wanted to do it
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somewhere special and in a special way. >> they went to the grand tetons national park. he tells her, stay totally still. i'm going to do a long, exposed shot. >> she is stuck. she doesn't want to ruin the photograph. >> exactly. he totally thought this through. he's got her facing away. his moment is smooth. >> hold real still. >> i like it. the private moment between the two of them, means something to them. >> hey, everybody, we just got engaged.
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>> they look so hammy, too. >> did he ever get that long exposure photograph? >> no. >> dog tries to make a tray. kamakaze 2014 happened recently. our friend started to interview the players. >> this is the same thing that
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comic-con is. >> you look amazing. what are you dressed as here? >> as he is interviewing them, his mike gets in their face. >> what are you dressed as today? so you are a fashion attic. what are you dressed as? >> hey there. >> everybody thinks, okay, it was an accident. they stick around. >> i'm x-23. >> that's different from wolverine. >> yes. you smacked me in the head. >> what? >> what are you doing here at comic-kazee? >> my son is here. >> what is he dressed up as? >> he is not exactly lightly tapping them. >> nobody steps back. nobody tries to create more
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distance between them so they would avoid the second, third, fourth smack in the face. >> they finally call him out on it. >> you're hitting me with the microphone. >> i am? i am so sorry. i won't do it again. >> i love the noise. >> it's killing me every time, boink. still to come, they're the things nobody but your mom can tell you. >> have you gained a little weight? >> send a thank you note. >> you can hear your mom's own voice. >> stuff so spot-on, it's scary. >> don't make me turn this car around. >> don't miss friday's buzz word to win an ipad mini.
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florence, italy. the cradle of the renaissance known for its art, known for its tourism. and did you know also the birth place of soccer? >> what is this? >> if this looks like some ancient gladiator contest, you
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would be right. >> what happened when romans were in italy, they invented a game to keep their legionieres in shape. this is their version of soccer. this blows my mind. all you have to do is get a ball into the net. you can pick it up and throw it with your hands. >> and punch the living daylights out of your opponent. >> every single guy playing, volunteers. they are all volunteers. they want to take part in the history. violence is an inherent part of the game. all strikes are allowed. >> this is the best parts of hockey and soccer. >> mixed martial arts and football, rugby, soccer. guys play with broken hands,
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broken wrists. it's brutal and bloody and everyone is loving it. >> raise your hand when you know who this reminds you of. >> you have something on your face, let me get it. >> can you help me put songs on my iphone? >> when is the last time you shourd? >> i have so many coupons. >> have you gained a little weight? >> mom. >> exactly. things nobody but your mom can tell you. video from buzzfeed. >> make sure you send a thank you. >> it's not you i don't trust, it's them. >> i can't hear myself think. >> some are so spot-on, it's scary. you can hear your mom's own voice. >> everyone smile. >> what about that boy from church? >> julia, you're not smiling. >> don't make me turn this car around. >> going to count to three. one -- >> what does it mean when you get an eggplant? >> let's stop in the barnes &
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noble. i like that arianna graham song. >> how cool all these things combined on an online video show you maybe mom's got something behind those words if we all remember these things. we all heard it. >> maybe mom has something -- mom knows. >> be careful. >> no texting at dinner. >> call your grandmother. >> all right, pay attention. it's time for us to give away an ipad mini. >> you need the buzz word, need to be at least 18 years of age or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter on facebook, twitter or both. enter on each every day. >> it's time for us to reveal friday's buzz word. it is gasoline. >> get over to click on the win ipad mini button and enter buzz word gasoline. >> one day next week we have a
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bonus give away day. we'll have two winners. one will get an ipad mini, the other a flat screen tv. you have to watch every single day. >> good luck. dog's got his eye on the ball. now he is just going to try to get too close.
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play it backwards. puppy wants milk, too. sneak attack caught on video. a sneaky cockatoo.
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in this video, you see a woman with two adorable cockatoos. one on each arm. she is trying to train the cockatoo to sit on the pumpkin. >> this is a pumpkin. this is a pumpkin. >> that's not the cockatoo we are worried about. [ bleep ]. >> this got a whole lot bet ir. >> i was just about to say this woman has tremendous patience. >> he is so sweet and innocent. then launches into a nasty tirade. >> maybe he was sick and tired of the fact she said pumpkin 100 times. you say pumpkin one more time -- >> this next video another sneak attack. you have two dogs and a ball
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right there. >> now he is going to try to just creep toward it. maybe my buddy over there won't notice. ain't happening. >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." - "dear scan, "i've been a scan member for almost two years and have been very satisfied with the plan." - "i would like to thank you and your organization from top to bottom." - "i recently called into scan regarding a claims problem."
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after a rare lion falls into a deep well, what happens when brave guys finally get him to the surface. >> two harley riders decide to go ripping down the street. see where they are hogging the road day and night. >> a 4-month-old who's been in the hospital since birth gets an ironman makeover. >> a costume would make collier field brave. >> dad created a show of strength from wishful thinking. >> if he can have an ironman


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