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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 7, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PST

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after a rare lion falls into a deep well, what happens when brave guys finally get him to the surface. >> two harley riders decide to go ripping down the street. see where they are hogging the road day and night. >> a 4-month-old who's been in the hospital since birth gets an ironman makeover. >> a costume would make collier field brave. >> dad created a show of strength from wishful thinking. >> if he can have an ironman
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suit, he can come home with us. >> the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad mini. how to take photos at the beach. the video lesson with hot tips. >> when you feel like you are sitting next to a lit fuse or dynamite? we have seen numerous videos on the show of small children falling in a well. all banning together to rescue that child. what would you do if what was trapped in the well was a rather large, angry lion? >> help it. this changes the game a lot. >> it's a pretty big well. this is a lion balancing on that small ledge there. we don't see how they managed to get this rope around.
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honestly, he is in a bad mood. he slips into the water. you see how deep it is. >> tire him out. get him exhausted, then pull him up. >> he is obviously getting angry. this is where they lift him out. they seal up the cage. the whole village gets together and push it on the back of the truck and the truck takes off the lion to go be checked out by vets. the asiatic lion is one of the most endangered lions. >> a couple of surveillance videos for you.
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the first will make you fume, second will make you cheer. this is a story that l a weapons store in norway. this guy is after what looks like swords, long knives here. he picks one up, slides it out of the cage and slides it right into his coat. you think that's what this story is about, don't you? this video has a story behind it. these shop owners have been in this location 15 years. he was angry. he posted this video on his facebook page. not long after he posted this video, he got a letter from the norwegian data inspector saying it was illegal for him to publish this footage. now he faces a fine of more than $4,000. >> why? it's his surveillance cameras, it's his property. how is it illegal? >> apparently, in norway rules
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are strict. once it was published, you are dealing with privacy issues. you are dealing with other things. >> at this point they should be considering the people in the video and trying to track them down. >> you reckon it's got something to do because it's a crime it could be seen as swaying the jury? >> are you fuming? >> now you want to cheer. in this next video, this guy up to no good comes running in around that corner. goes to the guy behind the cash register. he tackles this guy. drags him away from the clerk. they drag him out of the store. police take this guy into custody. he's off the streets. >> that's how it should go down. what a dope. >> holy [ bleep ].
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>> the people said they heard a rumbling after it was raining all day, then saw this. >> it is the very front of the wall of the flash flood. >> this is in the pine creek canyon area. it's important to pay attention to the weather and weather reports. if somebody was hiking down there, they wouldn't have time to get away from that. >> that does rush right through. >> when they say get out, a flash flood's coming, they mean it. >> this was so worth it. >> here, a different look at the power of nature. look at the strong winds this woman is enduring. that woman is in norway.
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she had to use all her strength so she wouldn't be swept over the edge. i don't think i'd get up there myself. >> she is close enough for my comfort. i wouldn't have gone anywhere near that. >> it's just about time for us to give away another ipad mini. >> you need friday's buzz word. need to be 18 years of age or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> the buzz word is coming up in just a little bit. >> american harley making an appearance here in egypt. this guy has a buddy with a bunch of harleys. they decided to race down the street, the public street.
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>> i don't want this to end badly. these are two awesome hogs. >> it's nine minutes of these guys making lots of noise. they appear to be going up and down the same street. if i lived in one of those condos, as much as i love motorcycles, i would not be happy. more racing down to baja, mexico. guys preparing and qualifying for the baja 1000 dangerous offroad race. here comes juan lopez jr in his race truck. whoa, dude! >> what did he do? >> runs into that right hander quite hot, rolls it over in a ball of dust. is it over? no. >> lands right back on his
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wheels. you can see, doesn't look like the truck suffers any damage at all. neither did juan lopez jr. >> it's not that you fell, it's that you get back up. he got back up. >> a little boy breaks down to his mom. >> i don't want to be 7. >> why being 7 has him in tears. it's called the quadrafoil. how the future is looking slick. inintrtrododucuciningg a a pm pain reliever ththatat d darareses t to ok alall l ththe e waway y unul ththe e amam.. nenew w alaleveve e pm ththe e ononlyly o onene w witp aid. plplusus t thehe 1 12 2 hohouf aleve.
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in the age of social media and instagram, the selfie, the perfect picture is so difficult if you're still hanging out i have a how to take this perfect photo. >> try not to shoot directly into the sun. look for bright colors and nice
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lighting. definitely make sure the horizon is level. >> this is anastasia ashley and puts those videos together to help people. >> do something fun or silly. have fun with it. >> is she telling people stuff they didn't know? this is very common sense stuff. >> there is more than the pointers how to take a video. >> obviously, there are common sense pointers. >> we see this all the time. lighting matters whether taking a photo or here on our set. if you light something horribly, you are going to look bad. >> true. >> this video is pretty cool because it shows people how lighting really affects an image. >> for a before photo, you flatly light it. a flat light is not going to show anything. there are no shadows.
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if you want to intensify it, you add more drama to the light with darker shadows. it changes the perception of your muscle tone and structure. you make them look happier. >> it creates a false idea of what is and what isn't attainable. >> the problem is that it creates negative self-esteem. we all start feeling badly about ourselves. that's the biggest problem. this is trickery. >> goat out your pen and paper and add this to your christmas list. >> what? >> that looks like a spaceship. >> it does. it is called the quadrafoil. this is the future. check it out.
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it's silent. it's all electric. >> that's cool. >> 62 mile range, 25 mile-an-hour speed limit. charges in less than two hours. >> you are going to have a super smooth ride. >> you can see, right, it's riding up on those electric hydrofoils. silent, zero emissions, it's not cheap. >> $200,000. >> actually then maybe you guys want to buy one. starting at about $28,000. >> oh. we can't afford it, but if we went in together, we could get a loan. >> getting colder comes with a lot of stress, a lot of responsibility. kids are on to it. >> i don't want to be 7.
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>> why don't you want to be 7? >> this was sent by one of our "right this minute" viewers. that is her son jaden. she is capturing the moment this fellow says, i don't want to be 7. >> you don't want to go for second grade? >> no. >> he thinks second grade is working hard. >> you want to stay 6? >> second grade is not hard. >> the older sibling in the back, second grade is not hard. >> we'll work on you staying 6 again. i don't know how i'll do that. you'll stay 6. >> how? even if he has his birthday, he'll grow up. >> i love the sibling. >> i feel his pain. it's not that bad. growing up is kind of awesome. >> in this next video, this little fellow is ready to grow up. >> fire ball.
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>> he found the new song "fire ball" by put bull. >> i want to move, too. i like that. >> robert the australian shepard. >> if you want a chance to win an ipad mini, don't miss friday's buzz word coming up.
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let's go to this video from pet centric. they want to know if robert the australian shepard can herd these ducks. it's the olympics for robert and the ducks are doing what he says. i love that they put a camera on the dog. not only do they have a camera on his back, he is herding these ducks. >> these ducks are sticking together. >> they are sticking together. he successfully completes this. now the second one. this group of ducks, they are about to go up the slide. will they go? can he get them herded? piece of cake for old robert.
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>> i think he is a gold medalist today. >> this is a beautiful video that shows just how much love a father has for his newborn son. this is little 4-month-old collier. collier has been in the hospital since the day of his birth. he was born premature with underdeveloped lungs. little collier was in the hospital over halloween. dad eric thought he needed to find the perfect costume for little collier. a costume that would make collier feel brave and feel strong. dad found a pattern online and made it to scale to fit his little son. you'll watch hill figure out all the little ways to make this
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costume work. >> dad takes the costume to the hospital. here is baby collier putting this on for the very first time. he only kept it on for about a minute. that was enough. >> he really is a little fighter. >> it's such a wonderful act of love. to tell us about this, we have dad via skype right this minute. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. >> this is such a beautiful video. we want to ask, how is collier doing? >> he is getting stronger every day. >> how many superheroes before you settled on ironman? >> it's because he is hooked up to the machines. ironman needed a machine to keep himself alive. i thought if he could have a little ironman suit, co-come home with us. >> do you build things like this for hollywood? >> not hollywood. i work for a theater as their props master, making everything
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for all the shows. >> how much of a chin up for you was seeing this? >> putting this costume on and watching him move around like that was great. >> what made you do the costume in the first place? >> going to the hospital every day, it gets real monotonous and exhausting. it's hard to leave him at the hospital. to feel that connection so when he is older we can show him these pictures. we were there, we celebrated halloween. next year we could be a father and son ironman team. all right, everybody. pay attention. it's time to give away an ipad mini. >> you need the buzz word, be at least 18 years of age or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to "right this minute" and click on the win ipad button. >> enter on facebook, twitter or
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both. you can enter each and every day. >> time to reveal friday's buzz word. it is gasoline. >> get over to enter friday's buzz word gasoline. >> one day next week we have a bonus give away day. we'll have two winners. one will get an ipad mini. the other a flat screen tv. you have to wah ery single y. >> good luck. >> this kid is showing us how to make -- >> sparking wine. >> this is the very first time. >> and also the very last.
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>> that would make golf more fun to watch. >> that moment when you feel like you've invented something amazing. >> i just got this brilliant idea to make sparkling wine.
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>> he has a bottle of wine. >> don't worry. it's not for me. it's for my dad. i just got the idea. >> dad, i think, is recording this video. super excited to see what the results will be. >> i didn't pour all this into the wine. i didn't want to waste the bottle. make sure it doesn't pass this line. wine does stain your clothes. >> i feel like this is going to go horribly wrong. >> i don't know why, i feel like something bad is about to happen. >> massive explosion of red wine all over the room. >> now the part you've all been waiting for. >> there he goes. >> you can see the bubbles, it's filling up. >> that is what is supposed to happen.
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>> ah! >> yay! >> red wine will stain your clothes and everything else it comes in contact with. >> watch as dad starts panning the camera. >> it looks like a murder scene. >> at that point you know we are going to be in a lot of trouble when mom gets home. >> that's our show. we'll see you next time, everybody.
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today, valerie bertinelli, wendi malick and jane leaves they're here talking "hot in cleveland" but winning cold hard cash for our watchers in dough-vember. are we feeling their celebrity look or not? you decide a new edition of celebrity look-a-likes. today's juiciest hot topics to start your weekend. now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: wow.


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