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tv   KTVU News at 5PM  FOX  November 9, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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now at 5:00, a crime scene on cam pause. berkeley police are investigating after a man was found dead at a fraternity house. >> >> new information about the crash that caused a backup on the bay bridge. a woman drove in the wrong direction. when we know about that driver. >> >> ghost town exposed. people are flocking to the south bay to get a glimpse of a lost path. >> >> we are take to you the historic town. the drought is now uncovering.
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good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello again, i'm heather holmes. we begin with the investigation of a the death of a young man at uc berkeley at a african- american fraternity house. the man was discovered unresponsive inside after they were called to the home. kristina has more on this. >> reporter: it has been a somber day for members of this fraternity. an hour ago, the alameda county coroner's bureau with the victim's body who police say is not a uc berkeley student, but, based on details we are getting from police, we can tell you last night, there was a party here with over 100 people. authorities are investigating what happened at the party to determine if it's linked to the man's death. police were called here to the
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2700 block of bancroft for a welfare check and determined the man was dead. there is no speculation of what the cause of death was or whether foul play was involved. but we are told the man was fully clotted an there were no marks on his body. >> the deceased is not a uc berkeley student. >> >> reporter: coroner's office removed the body after four hours of investigation into in that house. . a note warns of possible action against the house if there are additional disturbances. all of this a shock to students. judge this doesn't happen every day. it really doesn't. so close to the center of the campus. this is where the most traffic happens. this is where it is. this is berkeley, man.
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>> authorities are trying to notify the victim's family. we are hoping to get an identify of him tomorrow from the coroner's office. live in berkeley. kristina randone, ktvu news. >> >> there were no survivors in a small plane -- a plane crash east of gillroy. the cessna 140 was flying to watsonville with two people inside. no word on woe was in the plane. no one on the ground was hurt. officials from the faa and ntsb will be investigating the cause. >> new information on the multi- car crash that we told you about on the bay bridge last night. authorities say the driver was under the influence of drugs when she drove from san francisco in the eastbound direction around 8:30 last night, ultimately, she collided with another car, side-swiped
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two others east of treasure island. two people when to the hospital, including morgan. one of them had head injuries. the accident caused a major backup on both sides. >> >> a spokes woman for the bridge district tells us workers finished early this morning. we want to show awe live picture of the golden gate bridge with life traffic. two lanes in each direction were closed for the work. we are told that caused delays on the bridge southbound, the bridge is set to close the weekend of january 10th and 11th. so crews can install that new center barrier. >> >> coming up at 5:30. we'll tell you about a new veteran's resource center. >> we will tell you about the center with the goal of helping hundreds of men and women here in the bay area. >> >> firefighters say working smoke alarms helped to save the family of of five.
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the fire broke out at buffalo way at 2:00 this morning. the fire department posted this photo. firefighters say the smoke alarms woke everyone up and they were able to safely escape the burning home while the house was badly damaged, firefighters made one boy happy and saved his pet rat. no word on what caused the fire. two americans detained in north korea are back on u.s. soil this evening. one has expressed gratitude for the long battle to get him back home. >> it has been amazing two years. i learned a lot. i grew a lot. i lost a lot of weight, in a good way. 46-year-old missionary kenneth bay walked off a plane last
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night after two years in custody. he was convicted of whose style acts because of an alleged plot to overthrow the government and he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. the release occurred after senior intelligence officials went there and delivered a letter from president obama. >> i want to thank president obama and all of the people in the state department for working tirelessly hard at getting me released. >> >> matthew miller was released after seven months in custody. the 25-year-old man from bakersfield reportedly tor up visa and demanded asylum his family has not spoken about his release. thousands gathered in berlin today to mark the powerful symbol of the end of the cold war. balloons released into the sky,
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exactly 25 years after the east german government announced citizens could visit for the first time. that announcement. november 9th. 1989 set off a chain of events that broke down the wall for good. thousands gathering for a celebration, featuring all sorts of performances. but there were poignant moments, a minute long moment of silence for those who died trying to cross the border. >> translator: the fall of the wall showed us dreams can become reality. >> pope francis weighing in urging people to build bridges by opening their hearts >> translator: let's pray for the culture of coming together and spread around and bring down all of the walls dividing
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the world. >> president obama said europe is for peaceful since the fall of the wall and russia's recent actions against ukraine reminds us there is still more work to do. >> >> rumors today that u.s. lead air strikes injured or killed the leader of the isis terrorist group in iraq. reports say that he was critically wounded by air strikes early yesterday. the pentagon has not confirmed the air strikes or any injuries. meanwhile, the violence continues in and around baghdad. a series of bomb blasts this weekend reportedly killed dozens of people. >> >> president obama today elaborated on his announcement yesterday that 1,500 more troops will be heading to iraq to help iraqi troops push back against islamic state fighters. >> we will provide them close air support once they are prepared to start going on the
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offense against isl, but what we will not be doing is having our troops do the fighting. >> the president went on to say the decision does not indicate the u.s. strategy in iraq is failing, but rather, the campaign there is entering a new phase. >> >> across the nation, people are honoring the men and women that served our nation, in preparation for veteran's day, coming up on tuesday. marching bands, horses and a hughie helicopter part of the veteran's day parade the 95th year for the event. this year, paying tribute to veterans of the vietnam war. >> this day is always so special. not so much for me. everybody else that was with me. >> i think about where we are and how far we have come and unfortunately, where we may have to go in the future. but, celebrating the past. >> more than 100 different
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groups marched in parade. this pa rid ended with a big celebration at the plaza. >> >> bay area unemployment figures are nearing levels not seen since 2001. the contra costa times report 3.6 million bay area residents had jobs before the. com bust. recent figures show 3.5 million are employed in the bay area. the report says the types of jobs have claimed since 2001. fewer jobs in manufacturing and construction. more jobs in healthnd hospitality. >> san francisco sirens shut off the americansy alert system
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went off overnight unexpectedly. >> >> mystery behind the deaths of 43 students unraveling. message the victim's families are sending to the mexican government. >> >> in weather, fog is regrouping in the coast around the bay. coming up, the temperature change in your monday forecast anded one day we could be tracking a few showers back here in the bay area.
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it's a sound people if san francisco are used to hearing every tuesday at noon, but last night, emergency system sounded off at an inopportune time, waking up the city, not once, but twice. it wasn't scheduled and it wasn't an emergency, no well walker was in the city as the office of emergency management tried to figure out why the
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alarm sounded. >> >> just after people went to sleep and after they woke up this morning. the city took the emergency alert system off line temporarily to trouble shoot the problem. >> >> a san francisco technology team warmed up the emergency siren. like an opera singer clearing her throat before she belts out the high note. not music to dog's ears or people in neighborhood across san francisco who were abruptly awakened late last night and early this morning. >> it went off two or three times, and it wendt away. thank god, we we can u can all go back to sleep. it wasn't a test, but it wasn't scheduled. >> we weren't testing the system in the middle of the night. >> crews worked to test the hardware on the sirens that unexpectedly sounded the alarm to once echoing through burnham
5:15 pm
heights. actually, we talked to several people who here who didn't hear a thing. >> i didn't, i'm a very light sleeper. >> >> 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 am. >> i didn't hear anything. but, i have -- i probably slept through it. >> they sounded just like they sound tuesdays at noon. that's when we test the system. >> >> reporter: not at 5:00 am sunday, but all day, crews tested the hardware, siren sites and software at the city's emergency management headquarters, trying to pinpoint the problem and make sure san francisco doesn't have another rude awakening. >> we hope no. >> >> so from the office of emergency management sent >> mail alerts saying there were no emergencies and no scheduled tests. it took to twitter to get the
5:16 pm
word out where many people were already tweeting about it. >> >> san francisco police plan a town hall meeting to discuss a shooting that happened last thursday. police say that two plain clotted officers were patrolling the area as part of a crime suppression program when they encountered five suspicious men, one of whom they knew knew from a previous gun case. the suspect that opened fire was wounded with nonlife- threatening injuries. >> >> milwaukee police vowing to find whoever killed a five-year- old girl as she sat on her grandfather's lap last week. the family grieved publicly with first responders that helped them through the initial heartbreaking hours. two people sprayed the grandparents home last weekend and layla peterson was struck in the head.
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>> i'm going to one thing and i'm going to do it until the guys go to jail. i'm going to have it baby right next to pocket with my grandchildren. she will stay there. she will be in our hearts. is >> the family is vowing to do whatever it can to hip find the killers. police have no clear motive for the shooting. >> >> now to new details out of mexico. outrage is growing over the fate of 43 students allegedly kill killed by bankrupt politicians and members of a drug cartel. sparking huge demonstrations sin the students disappeared in september. on friday, mexico's attorney general held a press conference describing a gruesome fate for the young men. he claims the mayor of the city where the students went to school ordered their arrests and police handed them to members of a drug cartel woe confessed to killing them at a
5:18 pm
landfill. family members are demanding proof. >> translator: we want results, but with evidence. the moment we have evidence what the attorney general said is true, we will accept the results whatever they are. >> the mayor and his wife have been arrested along with 74 you are others in this case. >> >> the bay area seeing smog for the first spare the air day of the winter season. here's a look at the hazy skies in san jose. the bay area air quality management district said cool stagnant air is expecting to cause pollution to build. >> we want to get a check on our forecast for what is on hand for the rest of the week. >> i think we will improve air quality. onshore breeze to help.
5:19 pm
ultimately, a will mix things up producing a few raindrops in the bay area. today, starting out the day with a lot of sunshine. fog coming back in full force. take a look at the highs from this afternoon. the warmest spot toward livermore. 82 degrees. widespread 70s, more of a steady onshore breeze, pushing the fog into the bay. here is our live camera, you can get an idea here. and you can see the shallow marine layer out there. we have a layer of warm air compressing the marine layer. be careful, extra heads up, first thing tomorrow morning. dense fog. that will reduce your visibility. current weather pattern out there. fog good portion of the coastline, right now, also, a few high clouds to our north as well. current numbers, san jose checking in 64 degrees. santa rosa. -- look at half moon bay.
5:20 pm
only in the mid-50s, checking in 55 degrees. for tonight, we have fair skies, fog will continue to do its thing and develop, tomorrow, cooler forecast and the extended. the cooling trend will continue, and we could be tracking a few rainshowers back here in the bay area. overnight lows, first thing tomorrow morning, starting out the day pretty chilly, alloted of 40s for santa rosa, napa, low 50s around the bay, fog toward the coast. oakland, hay ward, a few patches around san raphael and the north bay. this is weakening, but it will continue to trek or move out to the east. a key factor in the forecast, not for us, but for other parts of the country. this will send us much cooler air by wednesday morning, you see the projected numbers,
5:21 pm
minneapolis, nine degrees to start out the day mid-week. low fog. increasing a cooler monday forecast. high pressure begins to lose its grip in advance of this guy, this could take a few days to get here, but as it does approach, temperature drop off tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, the cold front could have enough energy to generate a few light rainshowers, moderate at times. thursday, not the storm -- still that could be a change, later, it could be tracking in more significant wet weather pattern. our forecast model. patchy fog near the coast. around the bay tomorrow morning and into the afternoon hours, 60s, widespread 70s around the bay and the warmest locations well inland in the upper 70s to flirting withle 0 degrees. forecast highs, santa rosa, 74, fairfield, mid-70s. oakland, 71. these numbers on average
5:22 pm
cooling off three to six degrees from today's highs and pacificka checks in. we will continue to cool off. wednesday, low rain cloud on thursday, coming up at 5:45, we'll take a closer look at the long range forecast and let you know when significant rain can return to parts of the bay area. >> >> new developments in the ongoing child abuse case involving adrian peterson's, nfl player's association is threatening to file a grievance unless the league reinstates reinstates peterson immediately. "usa today" reports the nfl said it is working on a decision on its own penalties for peterson. historic town is getting new life are, the drought is uncovering a hidden past in the
5:23 pm
south bay. we'll take you to the leching ton reservoir where people are looking for a piece of history. >> >> gas prices take another dive. >> but, first. a bite sized hero brought down a building to day. the story behind the little boy with super human strength. ♪ ♪
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the 40-year-old atlanta hotel coming down it was brought down with the help of this little guy who got to push the button that started that whole implosion. he is a former patient at children's health care of atlanta and that hospital plans to expand this site. >> it looked like he was scared, but when he star things collapsing, he started to smile. he enjoyed it a lot. >> boom, booming boom >> today, he broke out the blue cape again, and brought along super hero friends to help mark the occasion. the hospital plans to build a new administrative campus. >> >> transporttation and security administration said two loaded firearms were found inside of two carry on bags at sfo. firearms are allowed in checked baggage, but not in carry on
5:27 pm
baggage and the airline must be notified ahead of time. passengers that have firearms in their carry on could face fines as high as $7,500. nationwide, a total of 40 firearms were discovered in firearms, last week, 37 of them were loaded. >> >> lower crude oil prices continue to spur a drop in gas prices including here in the bay area. nation wide, gas is averaging $2.94 a gallon that's roughly 13-cents lower than the average price two weeks ago. a whopping 78-cents lower than the peak back in may. gas prices here in the bay area, averaging higher, -- hammers managed to get into
5:28 pm
the home depot system in september with a user name and pass word they stole from a vendor. 52 million e-mail addresses were taken. the company said hackers did not access customer payment card information, pass words or other sensitive data, but they are warning customers to keep an eye out for phony e-mails that request personal information. low water levels at a south bay reservoir are showing a hidden ghost town. what people are finding among the ruins, coming up, next.
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a ghost town finds new life in the south bay. surprise reappearance of history. remnants of old towns are emerging. live at the reservoir with how the drought is playing a role in this unique find. >> hundreds of drivers pass by there reservoir on highway 17 between loss gatos and the summit. few may realize the history that lies beneath, being revealed more and more. the thrill of the hunt, exploring the unknown and going
5:32 pm
back in time drawing visitors to the lexington reservoir. revealing the hidden remains of the old ghost town demolished when the dam was built in the 1950s in the "american idol" 1800s, lexington served as key rail stops for the thriving logging industry in the santa cruz mountains. now a visitor's treasure >> i found some beautiful potly up the shore line, silver spoons, silver coins. >> reporter: among the visitors, this avid hunter, looking for artifacts. i >> i find as the water gets lower, the period teams to get older, i'm finding relics from old homes and it's just a lot of fun, you never know what you will find. >> also on the hunt -- this man and his nine-year-old son. >> for him, it's part history
5:33 pm
lesson, part education and part exploration. >> i want to see if we can find something that some of the people that used to live here dropped and never saw again until now. >> reporter: all of them injoy the hidden history, the dry reservoir is raising concerns >> as much as i don't want the water to go away, i almost want it to because of the hunter in me, we need the water badly. >> reporter: visitors taking with them bits and pieces of south bay history and a new appreciation of what is rarely seen. it's not easy to get down there. it's a little trek, but those who do make the quarter mile hike say it's worth it. live in loss gatos, ktvu channel "2 news." contra costa times reports that a number of people have been seen taking water from fire hydrants late at night. and the county plans to install
5:34 pm
surveillance cameras to catch the thieves. street cleaning contractors have been fined for filling up their trucks at hydrants. >> 200 water customers with intermitt only services were able to use a water main today after it broke yesterday. workers got a temporary fix in place, but cording to the city, water service may be intermittent until tomorrow. in the meantime, those affected -- >> area veterans have a new resource center in the east bay. a grand opening celebration was held. now, a spokes woman said the idea is to help civilians navigate, --
5:35 pm
veteran's resource center is being announced with a $6,000 grant from a federally funded agency. >> >> later, the health care ñ.gov website will allow people to browse health care plans for next year.  according to the website, those covered under the affordable care act with renew or change their coverage during the period which ends february 15th department of health and human services saying by having it online early people have a chance to make up their minds which to use. >> >> 6,000 runnerring took part in the berkeley half marathon. a great view of the water. event is fairly new, the second
5:36 pm
year, proceeds from the race go to berkeley public school funds and the alumni student association. >> >> dozens in the east bay took pardon part in a flash mob today all to propopular vote acts of kindness. >> this is what it looked like at the lafayette reservoir. similar flash mobs took place in 30 different countries. the idea is to get people thinking about how they treat others. >> inspire, donate. make kindness a priority, care for others, include everyone. play fair, let everyone play. the list goes on and on. >> families from all over took part. >> >> hard to find someone woe doesn't want to go on vacation. if you are looking for a little inspiration, why not try a virtual trip first, as claudine
5:37 pm
long reports, it's all possible thanks to the teleporter that made its way to the bay area. >> >> reporter: it sits in the corner lobby at the san jose marriott and if you glance over, you will see some strange things. >> >> oh, my gosh, this is so crazy. >> reporter: it makes you wonder what exactly you are looking at or better yet, what they are looking at. >> a lot of people are interested in different destinations, but they have not seen enough or been inspired to actually make that move >> reporter: signs explain it, sort of, but how many of us have any idea what a teleporter is? it is technology that in 90 seconds can take you or teleport you to hawaii and london, sort of. welcome to a marketing push from the marriott hotel.
5:38 pm
4g technology experiences common in the entertaining and gaming industry, but for the first time, they are making their way in the travel industry. when i put on the high-tech glasses, it was a little surreal. the trek takes you to the baltimore marriott. >> you can actually hear the ambient sounds. >> reporter: you go in a map and then you are in hawaii. thanks to the technology, you can smell the ocean. the wind blows throw your hair and when you get to the top of the london skyscraper, a quick jump to the ground beneath your feet and you are holding on for dear life. the point is to start a conversation and this technology is making its way across the country. >> we probably had close to 10,000 in total.
5:39 pm
reaction has been very positive. >> we'll see you when you get back. >> reporter: the hope is that the virtual one will inspire you. >> i think i need a cocktail. >> pretty cool, indeed. this is the first trip to northern california. -- >> more fun to really be there. >> >> kings getting an upgrade in sacramento. they are get agnew arena, today marks a milestone in that process. when you will be able to check out their new court. >> >> the summer-like weather pattern is winding down. mark tomeo is here with on when we may see some raindrops in the bay area.
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the volcano on who wray's big island continues to erupt, but it aheres the lava has stopped flowing for now. there are still some small localized breakouts. it was threatening the village, and an evacuation advisory remains in effect for them. >> >> let's check in with mark tomeo. we have a cool down coming. we are tracking the fog. in san francisco, actually fairly warm out there, temperatures in the lower 70s, by the time lunchtime ended. it was back into the upper 00s. cool sea breeze kicking in. right now, a live "stormtracker" a few high clouds approaching northern california. also, the big fog bank
5:43 pm
developing offshore. that will continue to push back into the bay. live doppler radar, not picking up rainfall, but it could be changing in a few days, live ram camera, a few patches of fog. forecast, for tonight, we do have this, fog developing overnight. it will be a cooler monday and a chance of showers, we'll have to wait a few days, but that could be on thursday. current numbers out there, santa rosa 67 degrees. san francisco at 60, oakland checking in at 63. oakland on track tomorrow to reach the upper 60s, close to 70 degrees for the afternoon high and san jose checking in, 64 degrees reporting hazy skies. areas of fog overnight. pretty good sea breeze developing. summer time weather watt earn out there. we mentioned tomorrow will be cooler, high pressure begins to lose its grip the next few days, as it does, the cold front will be on the move, approaching northern california, the source of
5:44 pm
cooling beginning tomorrow. it kicks in for tuesday, wednesday and thursday, main dynamics, arriving wednesday, thursday, possibly scattered rainshowers for the thursday morning commute. here's our forecast model. putting this in motion. we'll have to wait a few days, bump up shower chances on thursday across northern california, including the bay area. tomorrow morning, starting out with fog near the coast and the bay, a few high clouds paying us a visit, partly cloudy for your monday and temperatures as i mentioned, cooler than today, santa rose -- lower 80s in -- san francisco, patchy dense fog in the morning. be extra careful in the coast, and high surf out there, waves four to seven feet. the look ahead. five-day forecast, cooling
5:45 pm
things off into tuesday for veteran's day. low rain cloud on thursday, could be a factor for thursday morning commute, with your weekend always in view, no major changes for saturday and sunday, but i will say still going a way out. possibly a week from wednesday, forecast models hinting at significant rainfall in the bay area. we'll keep our fingers crossed on that. age old ceremony in sacramento marked a milestone in the creation of the new kings arena. the delaying of a mace ontic cornerstone. the first time a ceremony had been held for any professional sports team in the nation. being built on the site of the
5:46 pm
state's first masonic lodge. in the 1950s. >> you add and arena, 150 to 200 event nights, great restaurants, great shops, living space, office space. new economic development. >> plans call for the new arena to be finished in the fall of 2016. >> >> coming up, we'll hear from the 49ers in their overtime thriller against the sanes. >> sports wrap is next.
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
49ers and saints, huge mid-
5:49 pm
season swing game. turns out it swung on the defensive play after almost 70 minutes of football. super dome, patrick willis, in street clothes, doing his best to fire up his mates. it worked early. shake and bake knee the end, 14- 0, san francisco and there is more. second quarter, collin -- bolden, nice catch, 21-10, miner niners at the break. here comes drew brees. escapability, graham got it. 21-17. fourth quarter, same connection, brees, graham, graham with 10 catches, 76- yards. 4th and 10, collin, running for his life, buying time and finding a wide open michael crabtree. that might wind up being a season saving play, keeping the
5:50 pm
drive alive. sets up a field goal. figure we go into overtime, but first we have to hail mary. breese, throwing it up. graham comes down with the football. are you kidding me? we lost on that. no, we didn't, fortunately for the niners -- we have bonus football. five minutes in overtime, brees, sacked by books, who has got it? chris, the kid from wisconsin. 17 tackles in the game and the huge fumble recovery sets up phil dawson, not pretty, but effective. 35-yarder for the win, niners 27-24 in overtime. >> >> half split this season still concerning. -- the end result is all that matters and this one was huge. >> they are all big.
5:51 pm
every week, it's big and i figure it might have been antwon bolden one week seasons, that's the way we approach this week and next week. >> well done. >> >> derrick carr, 0-8 to begin your nfl career. look across the field. peyton manning started his career, one and seven with the same number of touchdown passes and more than twice as many interceptions. second quarter, after a slow start, manning tried to pick things up, but justin tuck, athletic, he tip it is to himself, intercepts it, one of two oakland picks on the day and that sets up our your hero, car. 10-6, raiders upset? not so much. peyton gets it going.
5:52 pm
wrap cj anderson, 51-yards, 163 total yards out of nowhere, barely placed this year. manning to sanders, denver, 20- 10. at the break, manning to thomas, 27-10. and -- more of the same, peyton, play action, thomas once again, he it turn it up the sideline. 32-yards for the pride of lodi, california. thomas, two touchdowns and it's a blowout, broncos 41-17, manning set as new nfl record with his ninth career game of five or more touchdown passes >> talk about a rollercoaster of emotion, carson palmer began
5:53 pm
the week basking in the glow of a new contract extension and then pain and a lot of concern. cardinals, rams, there is carson, team down 14-10 in the fourth quarter, steps up and goes down awkwardly. left knee injury. they fear he tor his acl. if they confirm that, crushing blow for palmer and the cardinals, he would obviously be out the rest of this season. >> >> bring in drew stanton, he lets loose, cardinals come from behind and win 31-14. >> >> giants/seahawks, military men honoring the 12thman. fourth quarter, hawks by a touch. marshon lynch, career high four touchdown runs and the seahawks
5:54 pm
win 38-17. >> >> pittsburgh/jets. jets have a new quarterback, perhaps you have heard of him, michael vick. 67-yards to tj graham. jets win 20-13. >> >> a pga ending you will have to see to believe on the way. >> >> plus, controversy at a critical juncture in nascar. what it all means, next. bulldog: what's this? mattress discounters veterans day sale ending? but mattress discounters has the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! comforpedic... icomfort... posturepedic hybrid... and wow! four years interest free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. the veterans day sale is ending soon! ♪ mattress discounters
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it is nascar's version of the final four. instead of brackets, we get an algorrhythm. top four in the standings after today race for a championship next week. we are in phoenix. lap 213, kyle bush, running 6th. gets loose, high into the wall and spins and smacks clint boy eric kirschner r. he goes into the wall, your view from
5:57 pm
boyer's car almost clears bush, but not quite. both drivers managed to get to the pit with hoods up. kevin harvick takes the checkered flag. ryan newman needs to finish 7th or better, he finishes last spot in the chase and eliminates -- world golf championships in shanghai, bubba watson down a stroke. third shot to the par 5 from the bunker. oh, you didn't, yeah he did. takes a one stroke lead, going to a playoff with tim clark. again on 18, watson can win with a birdie and bubba does good. 11 under, two-time masters champ wins his first world golf championship. >> >> we have serg, i and bernard
5:58 pm
hopkins. he knocks down hopkins at the first round. he is dominant from start to finish. unanimous decision takes, ibf and light heavy weight belt. >> >> coming up tonight if you are taken a good look at san francisco city hall, you might have noticed something differently. >> that's why i climbed to the top to find out if the gold leaf is coming off. that story tonight on the 10:00 news. have a good nate.
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okay, now holding sides of hearth in position, lower mantelpiece assembly onto top tabs. look at that, i built a fireplace with my own two hands. you're so butch. aw, i got a little paper cut. of course you did. your hands are softer than veal. oh, before i forget, saturday i'm planning a little dungeons and dragons night with the guys. really? that's how you're gonna spend your saturday night? oh, come on, i hardly ever get a chance to play anymore. oh, you poor thing. is having a real-life girlfriend who has sex with you getting in the way of your board games? little bit, yeah. oh, great! i've always wanted to play dungeons and dragons. yeah, oh, i'm sorry. i should've mentioned this earlier.


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