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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 10, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon, ray mcdonald will not face domestic violence charges. why prosecutors say they are not able to press charges. we're learning more about the 20-year-old man found dead at a fra tern tip house in berkeley as police continue to investigate how he died. plus, new visitors are remembering the baby gorilla killed in an accident at the san francisco zoo as animal advocates demand stricter safety measures.
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good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. the 49ers' defensive line backer, ray mcdonald, will not be charged following his domestic violence arrest back in august. ktvu's janine de la vega was there as the district attorney explained the reason behind the decision and janine joins us live. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. we just spoke fought d.a. charge and her supervisor. they both said that even though ray mcdonald apregnant fiance had injuries, there was insufficient evidence to prove a crime occurred. ray mcdonald was arrested at his home in august after his fiance called 911 911 during a birthday party for him. the d.a. said the investigation revealed that ray mcdonald and his fiancee that during an argument she hit him first. each of them blamed each other. mcdonald maintained he was trying to restrain her and get her out his house. he said he never punched her.
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>> both parties agree that jane doe truck ray mcdonald first and her injuries are consistent with restraint rather than attack. because of conflicting accounts, the lack of verifiable eyewitnesses, and the lack of cooperation by jane doe, we cannot prove that a crime occurred. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office says even though responding officers arrested mcdonald because he appeared to be the dominant aggressor and there were injuries, prosecutors had questions about how much force was used. the d.a.'s says says it doesn't want the decision to complete vent victims from reporting a crime. >> both parties state that jane doe struck first and her minor injuries are consistent with restraint and a struggle. how much force was used during that struggle, that's something that we're not gonna know because we didn't have the photos from 48 hours later or her cooperation beyond that. i want to be careful that we're
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not blaming the victim here. she's entitled to make her decision. >> reporter: the 49ers released a statement saying, "the issue of domestic violence is important to us as it is throughout society. we have taken this allegation seriously just as we've taken the principles of due process seriously. based on the information we have available to us and the district attorney's office decision not to charges, there will be no change to ray's status with the team." we did have a sports producer at levi stadium who actually ran into ray mcdonald as he was getting into his car this morning. he asked him if he would be making a comment on how he felt about this news and ray would not comment and said that he didn't think that he would in the future. we're gonna have much more upon this story from my colleague coming up at 5:00 and 6:00 this evening. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. today, on the eve of
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veterans day, a major announcement was made which could lead to the biggest reorganization in the history of the veterans affairs department. it comes less than a year after the agency's embarrassing scandal that highlighted poor treatment of veterans. tens of thousands of vets waited for months, sometimes over a year for medical care and some v.a. staff are accused of falsifying records to cover up the delays. the v.a.'sny secretary said disciplinary action including firings will take place with up to 5600 workers. he said they need to hire 28,000 medical workers to provide timely, quality care to veterans. some military veterans and workers picketed and held a demonstration near the one market construction project. they are upset construction companies are not using local
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workers. they claim developers are making money as property prices increase but are cutting costs by bringing in workers from the central valley. new details now about the death. a 20-year-old man found inside a fraternity at berkeley over the weekend. brian flores just learned the man's identity and joins us live from that frat house. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: hi, tori. good afternoon. there have been a few students that walked out of the zi house here, the 2700 block of bancroft in berkeley. no members are speaking with us. they have identified the person found dead inside this house. police say the victim is 20- year-old viabev lumba. they say investigators notified his family last night. the family is distraught over his death. police say attended a party over the weekend at the zeta psi house near the campus of uc berkeley but police were not called here until noontime on
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sunday. it remains unclear how he died but they are saying it's suspicious. he was not a student here at berkeley but we're told he went to uc davis. police say they are waiting on a final court from the coroner's office on a official cause of death but are looking at the role drugs and alcohol may have played. >> those are things that will try to be answered during the course of the investigation. as for when we received our call for insurance, we received a call at noon. but the question how long he was there prior to that, we're not sure. >> reporter: police also say they responded to the house recently for a noise disturbance. that was around halloween time for a party. according to uc berkeley, zeta psi is not recognized by university and is not subject to oversight by university as well. in a statement, zimmerman says in part here, until the investigation is complete, zeta psi will not comment on the details of this incident.
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our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this young man. we're live here in berkeley, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. thousands of kaiser nurses are expected to walk off the job tomorrow for a two-day strike. about 18,000 kaiser nurses are set to strike at 21 kaiser hospitals and about 35 clinics. kaiser is in negotiations with the rns. union officials say it's part of ongoing concerns concerning patient kash stan dampd. kaiser said it will remain open during the strike. some elective surgeries and point minutes -- appointments may be rescheduled. the zoo officials said they retested the door that crushed a gorilla to death and it was working properly. tara moriarty joins us from the zoo where it's really hit zoo staffers hard. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. we've noticed beefed up security here at the zoo.
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we're being told that no news cameras are allowed inside the zoo. we were able to take our cell phones and get video for you as far as information today, they've said no comment. we know the gorilla exhibit is open. when we were in, we didn't see any come out. we understand some have come out to eat and have gone back inside the den. spectators were lining up inside select viewing areas. many spots were blocked of. friday, the goriry law was killed by -- gorilla was killed by a door. it's unknown if the door has automatic pressure stops or electronic sensors. they say this is rare. animal rights advocates and a veterinarian says stricter measures need to be in place. >> they bring in managers that don't have contact with the animals in the first place.
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and their job is to see that costs are kept down and they are bureaucrats most of the time. we've had calls in the past and there's been team from the inside who unfortunately, they likely lose their job when they complain. >> reporter: we met one woman who frequents the gorilla exhibit and she brought them flowers today. >> it's very emotional. i've been coming here my whole life. i'm very krnt because i'm able to -- i'm very fortunate because i'm able to sit at the glass. the gorillas come up to the glass and play. i have a very close attachment with them. i'm really feeling it. >> reporter: to workers had grown particularly found of this gorilla because any helped raise her, bottle feeding her. she was then reintroduced into the troop when she was six months. in defense of animals, they
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will push the zoological society to make changes so that this kind of accident never happens again. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you. san francisco saint anthony is celebrating veterans day, a day before the official holiday with a suits for service giveaway. the charity is giving away suits donated by men's warehouse to 50 low-income and home less veterans to help them find work. each veteran is being given a brand-new suit, belt, shoes and tips how to look and feel their best for an interview. steven bradley is one of the people picking up a suit today. he served in the navy and will be looking for a job after he gettings a college degree in human services this spring. >> it's programs like this and services like this that keep my belief in humanity going. >> gonna get a brand-new suit. they are gonna look great and from there, all of these folks will be working with employment specsists and job trainers with the goal of getting them back
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into the working world. >> ain't anthony selected the -- saint anthony selected the veterans. the bay area job market is near record highs and a new report finds it's only expected to get stronger. why some people are concerned about that news. there could be some rain on the way. rosemary will be here with a look at your workweek forecast and when you may need your umbrella. and president obama makes a major announcement about the united states's relationship with china. the move he hopes will help lure more chinese areas to the states.
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president obama today made a major announcement regarding the united states relationship with china. the president is attending the asia-pacific economic cooperation summit in beijing. he announced the u.s. and china will start granting ten-year business and short-term tourist visas to each other's citizens. student and cultural exchange visas will be made valid for five years rather than one year. >> america is a thoroughly pacific nation. we've always had a history with
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asia. and our future, our security sand prosperity is in, ininextrekibly intertwined with asia. the ntsb is now investigating a small plane crash that killed two people. the small cessna took off yesterday afternoon from a private airfield in hollister. it crashed in a rural area east of gilroy. the crash site is up in the hills and is only accessible by foot or all-terrain vehicle. when first responders efreached it, they found that both people on board, a man and a woman were dead. the plane is registered to a 69- year-old man from gilroy. an early-morning accident along a foggy union city thoroughfare left a man with life-threatening injuries. police say the driver of a chevy malibu was critically
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injured in a crash with a box truck at the intersection of whipple road and central avenue. it happened around 3:30 this morning as the malibu drove east on whipple road. the driver of the box truck was making a left turn onto westbound whipple. >> the driver of the box truck was treated at the scene. did not sustain any injuries which would cause him to be transported. driver of the chevy was,trycated by the fire department and take on a local trauma center with possible life-threatening injuries. >> police are looking at fog as a possible factor in the crash and are also investigating whether the driver of the chevy ran a red light. happening today, san francisco police chief greg suhr will hold a town hall meeting to discuss a police shooting in the potrero hill neighborhood. it hatched on thursday night on connecticut -- it happened on thursday night on connecticut. police spotted five men acting
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suspiciously. when the officers approached, four ran away. and the other man opened fire. the man was shot once and is expected to survive. the meeting will be held at 6:30 at the proper dro hill potrero hill house. police have made arrests because they caught up with the suspects at a marriott hotel after the call of a use of a stolen credit card. they say they recovered two stolen vehicles at the hotel along with other stole enproperty, illegal drugs and hundreds of pieces of stolen mail from the central valley and the east and south bay regions. the lower water level at lexington reservoir is revealing some of the south bay's foregotten history. waters cover where the james
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lennyhan dam was built. what's left of homes and roads can be seen through the mud. treasure hunters are finding pottery they say and silver coins that have been buried for more than 60 years. >> i find as the water gets lower the period seems to get older and i'm finding old coins and it's just a lot of fun. you never know what you are gonna found out here. >> most of the treasure hunters are enjoying this opportunity and know we need rain and know the reservoir will be filled soon. 15 hikers from a church group who meant misses over the weekend in southern california have been found. the group disappeared yesterday while hirking in eaton canyon, about 15 miles northeast of downtown los angeles. a helicopter located the group this morning and hoisted them out of the wilderness. they were then driven to a nature center and reunited with family and friends. a relative of two hikers says one hiker suffered a minor injuries and night was falling.
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so the group made a shelter and decided to stay overnight. a cooler pattern is shaping up around the bay area and for some it's the fog that has been a notable sign of changes already underway. let's take a look at san jose this morning. 66. calm conditions. a nice afternoon in store for you. but some of us still socked in under some fog. take a look at the satellite view. you can see up and down the coast. banked there. still inside portions of the bay. air quality for today, moderate but getting across our bay area bridges could be a little tricky still. we still have a little bit of fog out there and it's patchy in fay chur. as we get into the second half of the day, i think away from the coast, we'll be mostly sunny and our temperatures are going to be coming down. i want to give you a look at the system here that eventually will bring us some rain. it's still several hundred miles off our coastline. about 600 miles or so. as we get into wednesday and thursday, this will be our next
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opportunity at seeing some of that rain. let me show you here. i will take you through the next few days. pick ing it up this afternoon, we'll be cloudy at the coast all day long. tomorrow morning we wake up with low clouds, patchy fog. maybe patch yip drizzle for tomorrow morning. we get into the afternoon and we're looking pretty good. wednesday morning more of the same, the low clouds, fog. we're still dry. as we get into wednesday night, things start to become a little bit more interesting. taking a look here over the north bay by wednesday at 7:00, the models want to bring in a few light scattered showers. as we get into wednesday night into early thursday morning, sort of an overnight event, we have the rain sliding through. the next possibility of some rain coming our way, looks to be wednesday night into thursday morning. we'll be dry between now and then. but we have a cooling trend that will lead us into the rain. 59 degrees in oakland. 72 in novato. 74 in walnut creek. if you have the fog lingering longer this morning, chances
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are you've got the cooler numbers. meanwhile for the afternoon today, widespread low to mid- to upper 70s for our north bay. upper 60s to mid-70s into the east bay. 74 for walnut creek today. into the south bay, 72, san jose and for the peninsula this afternoon, we've got some nice mild temperatures. 71 in redwood city. 66 for san francisco. it will be cool. mostly cloudy along the coastline as we get into the weekend ahead, temperatures will fall tuesday into wednesday. wednesday and then thursday perhaps much-needed rain and then at this point it looks like we dry out for the weekend. >> a little bit of rain but very mild temperatures. >> yeah. >> i'm sure folks in other parts of the country will be very jealous about that as well. >> we can't get rid of this good weather. >> right. some school districts in minnesota and south dakota are actually canceling classes today as residents in parts of the upper midwest brace for heavy snow and plunging temperatures. a powerful storm is moving into the region from alaska. it's threatening to droen a
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foot or more of snow in the areas and temperatures will go down into the single digits. forecasters are even warning the wintry weather could bring flight delays over the next few days. the bay area job market is doing well and expected to get even better. after the break, we'll tell you which cities are posting near record highs.
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cable companies slumped after president obama said regulators should reclassify the internet as a public utility. the fbi is investigating a cyber attack on the u.s. postal service that's put nearly half a million people's information at risk. a postal service spokesman says the personal information of its 500,000 employees including social security numbers, addresses and emergency contacts were compromised. so far, customers who shopped in store or online are not affected but people who use the call center may have had telephone numbers and e-mail addresses compromised. the number of people working in the bay area is growing and a new report shows that trend will continue for the foreseeable future. according to state day da, the bay area had 3.5 million -- data, the bay area had 3.5
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payroll jobs. that's over 1% below the record of 3.6 million reached in january 2001. >> you see the cranes, you see all of the stuff every morning all of the construction workers down here. everybody commuting, you see the freeways are busy and you know, it's good for us. >> according to the san jose mercury news, the data shows san francisco has posted record highs in recent months and the east bay is close to its best ever employment numbers. apple is making it easier to switch between the operating system and other smartphones. this after many former iphone users complained that a technical glitch prevented them from receiving text messages from friends who still use iphones. the problem is apple continues to route texts through its i- message even after users have switched phones. but apple has released a tool that lets them opt out in order to receive messages as a text.
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we're working to learn more about the young man found dead inside of a fra tern timp house in berkeley over the weekend. police released his identify tie this weekend. but there are still many unanswered questions about how he died. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you at and you can follow us on twitter and facebook.
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