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tv   KTVU News at 8pm  FOX  November 15, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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therefore charging those batteries. scientists at the european space agency did manage to lift and rotate the lander by about 35 degrees before it shut down, and they hope that may be enough to get those solar panels into sunlight. but right now they simply don't know the precise location. >> we have no news providing context so the location of the lander on ground, so as much as we would have wished. sew we're still awaiting the
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images from the science sequence coming down. >> but the scientists say the lander has performed some 56 hours of experiments and data collection and returned that data to the esa. so officials say it has been a quote exciting and successful week. the material beneath the surface of the comet is around 4.5 billion years old. scientists hope if the lander can get samples, it may give insight into whether comets brought the basic building blocks of life to earth they deployed a drill to drill a hole into the comet. they know it began that task, but they do not know at this point where it completed it or whether the drill touched the ground. as the batteries ran low, it tweeted, i'm feeling a bit tired. debt you get all my data. i might take a nap. apparently that nap could last days, weeks, or forever.
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in new york, jonathan hunt, fox news. a nebraska hospital is now treating its third ebola patient. the u.s. state department asked the nebraska center to care for a man who contracted the virus while working in sierra leon. his exact condition will not be available until after doctors in omaha have had a chance to fully evaluate him. >> happening now, thousands of people across the bay area are enrolling in round two of the affordable care act, also known as obama care. after last year's glitches playinged the process, california is going to extra lengths to make sure people have an easier time to sign up. reaching out to different cultures in an effort to get more people enrolled. >> we may speak different languages, but this is the same. >> can i fill out your forms in. >> to get health insurance for
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as many californians as possible. >> rewarding. we with see them coming in. they kicked off the open enrollment. this event catered to asian and pacific island culture business providing help in over 17 different languages. >> he speaks loo and said he's never been to the doctor or taken medication. >> a story many families share. >> i'm like so far nothing really happened, you know, we're both healthy. >> the state says health is increasing too. there's more than 12,000 certified insurance agents this year. >> and i don't want any of our community people to get left out. that's the main reason why i decided to sign up. >> but different backgrounds can bring a different set of challenges. for some workers, it's helping people understand what
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insurance is. >> korea has universal health care. pacific islanders, they don't have insurance. so when they're sick, they go to a hospital. >> most say getting covered was simple. >> very happy. we can go see doctor any time now. >> and they left with a smile. >> an expression that needs no translation no matter what language you speak. >> reporting in richmond, ktvu channel 2 news. the enrollment period runs through february 15th. if you're reevesly enrolled, the deadline to renew or change your current plan is december is 15th. we're less than two weeks away from black friday. some shoppers are already lang up. one woman is petitioning the madness in honor of her mom. the message she's sending to one retailer. first, a pair of shoes or a nice sweater could be just the thing for a person in need.
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the driving force behind this huge event might surprise you. >> and in weather, high clouds already moving into the bay area. coming up, i will let you know if you have to worry about any raindrops and if they go up in the 5-day forecast. female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours.
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here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
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the official start of winter is just over a month away. that, of course, means the nights are getting colder. it's also a time when homeless people struggle to stay warm. today was the day some young people decided to do something big to help out. >> an expensive place to live. >> good morning. how are you guys. >> but some residents don't have roofs over their head. >> tired and everything. >> at davidson middle school,
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they got a much needed leg up. >> i wasn't looking for anything, but i found exactly what i need. >> it's called a street store. >> i don't have any money to get anything. >> it started in africa but sparked here by a high school english teacher. >> i think there's a lot of shame and stigma around being homeless, and we wanted to try to reach out to that population in a positive way. >> to do it, this is the men's section. >> there were homeless advocates to meet with. donating clothing and toiletry and a space to hold the free event to be found. >> the donations came from the people of the county but this would not have happened without the volunteers, most of who are seniors at the high school. >> i got to see people wearing things i donated and it made me feel really happy inside. >> the gratitude was palpable. >> i love the shoes. i was walking around
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practically barefoot. thank you for the shoes. >> have you grabbed some food yet? >> kids offered her more. she couldn't believe that all of it was free. >> how do you normally wear your hair. >> she said she worked for 25 years for the county department of community development. >> but she fell on hard times. >> look straight ahead. >> thank you. >> ktvu channel 2 news. >> what do you say after that? good job. boy scouts all over the bay
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area collected food for the hungry today. 35,000 pounds of nonperishable goods came to the bank in oakland. scouts in fremont went door to door to pick up these donations. truck drivers hauled the food from the neighborhoods to the food bank. it takes place across the nation before thanksgiving. if you want to get those great black friday deals, you better get some camping gear first. >> we need this adrenaline rush, come out here, being the first inline. >> a florida man is already camping out at his local best buy. derrick dearman is opening to score a 50-inch television for $199. despite some snide comment he is' getting from shoppers, the black friday hopeful is getting a lot of support in his quest. strangers have bought him food and friends wait in line for him when he goes to work. >> a daughter is petitioning k-
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mart so her mom can get the day off. they're protesting plans for k- mart to stay open 42 hours straight from 6:00 a.m. thanksgiving day all the way through black friday. julian fisher of delaware says he's tired of retailers going longer hours and hours to compete for black friday shoppers and that her mom deserves some family time. k-mart says it's been open for thanksgiving day for years and that shoppers like it. today is america recycles day. i focuses atension on the benefits of recycle and they're using the occasion to highlight a rebate program. they offer a $50 rebate to remove a refrigerator. pg&e also offers a $75 incentive to replace an old fridge with a new energy saving refrigerator and that could lower monthly electric bills. the customers could save as much as hundred dollars a year if they buy a new -- fridge.
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president obama announced the u.s. is giving $3 billion to the green climate fund, an international group dedicated to fighting climate change. >> this gives us the opportunity to help vulnerable communities with an early warning system. stronger defenses against storm surge, climate resilient infrastructure. it allows us to help farmers plant more durable crops. >> the president has said government intervention is not enough and called on the youth of the world to be more active, saying they deserve to be in a world that's healthier, sustainable. >> university of california president janet napolitano says uv has no choice but to propose tuition hikes. the tuition increases, which could be as much as 5% per year for the next five years are opposed by governor jerry brown who says it runs count to rea budget deal made with the university system.
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the student last week from the nonpartisan public policy institute found that the state is shifting the cost of a uc education from the state on the students and their families. >> lottery officials today reveal the name of the man who bought a winning lottery ticket on halloween. chris nor cot bought the ticket last month. the quick pick did not win the $284 million jackpot, but it did match five of six numbers during the october 31st drawing. the prize is worth more than $600,000. norcot says he's grateful for the win and didn't talk about how he plans to spend all the money. >> a kitten getting a second chance another life after nearly freezing the death. we'll tell you about the amazing story with the pretty clever name.
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well, we start off the day with mostly sunny skies. throughout the afternoon hour, you notice the high clouds across the region. the high clouds are offshore. it will continue to be a factor overnight. also, a little bit of green showing up here on the radar.
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most of it not reaching the ground there. 's a slight chance we could have a sprinkle late tonight and into tomorrow morning. the sweep is not picking up much in the way of rainfall. that will continue to be on the increase over the next four to eight hours. current numbers is cooling off. vest, 54 degrees, hayward 57. coolest location tomorrow morning. especially up in the north bay back down into the upper 30s to the lower 40s. get ready for the chill there. also watching fire danger, actually surprised to see this issue by the national weather service. it's a reality for southern california. red flag warning kicks in tomorrow morning. those offshore winds are really picking up and the dry winds are boosting the fire danger for that part of the state. we've had some rainfall to talk about, but still fire danger is elevated with this pattern setting up. winds coming in out of the northeast around 20-30 miles per hour. highs up in the north bay hill out toward the delta region
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right around fairfield. here's the camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. not much in the way of dense fog. sun cloud mix for your sunday, and we're tracking shower chances for next week. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning. here's what we're talking about. 37 deagrees in napa. red wind city in the upper 40s and san jose 46 degrees. high clouds pushing into the region tomorrow morning. once again the slight chance of a sprinkle and then pretty aggressive with the overcast tomorrow. i think we'll have breaks in the clouds. we'll call it mostly cloudy. it will be a mild one out there with a lot of upper 60s and the warmest locations around 70 degrees. we're going to track our next rainfall. tuesday night into wednesday. especially for the wednesday morning commute. that's what our forecast mod system showing and maybe another round of rain showers approach the region. it's a ways out there, but by thursday night into friday -- forecast times tomorrow, a lot
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of 60s out there. for your sunday afternoon, once again some filtered sunshine, partly to mostly cloudy conditions. 71 in santa cruz. 60s for san francisco and a half moon bay. look ahead at the forecast. temperatures warming up a little bit with partly sunny skies. slight chance of a shower later in the day on tuesday. especially after 4:00 or 5:00. showers likely into wednesday and maybe more shower chances into thursday, but it is a reality. still fire danger, mid-november we're talking about red flag warnings in southern california. we've have to keep an eye on that. the rain headed our way is not that big of a deal. >> it's more than a few sprinkles, but not the inches we're waiting for but then possibly it could be opening the door for a changing weather pattern. a week from today we could be talk about a system. a kitten is getting a second chance at life after almost freezing to death in the cold there. a woman found the cat covered covered in snow, suffering from
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hypothermia. the woman's friend put the kitten on a heating pad and brought her to a shelter. they administered warm iv fluids to get her temperature up and over an hour later the kitten perked up and she stabilized. they're trying to figure out where she came from. >> not sure if she was a stray or a feral cat. we'll look to see if at least a owner out there. >> they named the kitten el is a based on the character from frozen: i'm sure it will find a nice, warm toasty home soon. >> perfect name for that little kitten. >> the sharks take on columbus. >> and stanford and utah battle into double overtime with another thrilling finish. you won't want to miss it. sports is next.
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lucky enough to have our sports director with us on this saturday night talking about the sharks. >> what better way to spend a saturday night. >> i can't think of a better one. >> the sharks should file a grievance or something. 16 out of the first 21 games on the road just call them the out- of-towners. it was not a good experience back in columbus, ohio earlier today. take a look at their bench. they have to be tired of living out of suitcases. scoreless 1st period. sharks get caught sleeping here at a wrap around. check out david sevard from the point. he fires and scores 1-0 blue
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jackets. columbus on a power play. jack johnson sets up cam at kinson. the goal, 2-0 lead. that was going to be enough. just a minute left in the 2nd period. check out joe pavelski. he does not give up on the play. finally, he'll get his block. stays with it. knocks it home. a quick replay right there. that might be his shot of the year. 2-1 after 2. 3rd period, late in the game, sharks power play, opportunity. 36 saves in the net for him, the sharks fall shy. 2-1 and looking forward to coming home eventually. stanford beginning at the -- they may not plake a bowl game, what kind of odds can you get on that. it's looking break right now. they're just five and five and lost a tough one today in a game that they absolutely should have won and did not. senior day on the farm, final
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home game of the year, stanford comes out. gambling. 37 yards down the sidelines and knocked out, looking pretty good, though. that will result in a score. i'm thinking, yeah, good afternoon. three-yard touchdown. 7-0 stanford. things get dicey from here on out. stanford almost in field goal range when kevin hogan connects to hooper. hooper fumbles the football. it's nate orchard who winds up recovering and they come off the field disgruntled. nine plays, 66 yards later, travis wilson, keep you are up the middle. two yards, we've got 7-7 and it goes to overtime. utah striking first. wilson hits clay. 25-yard touchdown. utah goes up 14-7. stanford, however, will answer back. hogan didn't have a great day.
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he hits wide open austin hooper here. he hangs on. in for a 14-yard touchdown. we're 14-0. stanford, the ball first, jordan william son with a 51-yard field goal, and they go up 17-14. utah can win it with a touchdown and they do. kenneth scott in the end zone. three-yard score. 20-17 final. as i mentioned, the cardinal a disappointing 5-5. they do need one more win in their last two games to get into a bowl game. both of those contests will be on the road. hawaii and san jose state going at it. san jose spartan coach ron -- 3- 6 spartans taking on hawaii. up 3-0. under 30 seconds left in the half. a wildcat taking the snap and diving in. 10-0 lead for the warriors. spartans miss. three field goals on the day,
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use their second string kicker there. 23 yards and it's blocked. hawaii comes away with it. they will end their skid of losing 17 consecutive. as you see, he's just a little bit upset. 17 in a row hawaii had lost on the road. not today. it's pack 1 action. washington, arizona, arizona's casey scour winds up, he catches the snap. wins the race to the end zone. 18-yard touchdown and cuts washington's lead to three. last chance for the wildcats. they line up. game-winning field goal. that man is having himself a game. 47-yard game ender. arizona wins it 27-26. mississippi state and alabama. crimson tide taking the field against the number one mississippi state. 4th quarter, alabama up. alabama easeledden up the middle, bouncing right.
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seven-yard touchdown. bama a winner, 25-20. tickets for tcu and kansas. 3rd quarter, kansas leading 20- 17. their quarterback hits nigel king and king, amazing trip to himself. down the right sideline 78 yards. the touchdown kansas leading number 4 tcu, 27-17. 3rd quarter tcu. trevor punting it for the jayhawks and watch cameron looper return it 69 yards for the touchdown. tcu gets a scare, but they wind up winning 34-30. tcu, number 4 in the land and a winner. warriors play tonight. . see you tonight at 10:00.
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