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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 17, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon, developing news in san jose. firefighters still on the scene of a garage fire where a body was just discovered. how investigators believe the deadly scene unfolded. plus, the investigation into a death now underway in napa after a woman was found in the middle of a heavily traveled road in wine country. and there are now plans for the old home of the san francisco 49ers. the development in the works that could include shopping and housing. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we're following developing news out of san jose where an active
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investigation is underway after police and firefighters found a body inside a burning car. ktvu's reporter joins us live from the scene to let us know what investigators believe happened. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, the body was found inside this parking garage on the second floor. police have part of that floor sectioned off. the coroner has arrived. and in determining how this person died, initial reports suggest the driver may have had a medical episode. just before 9:30, san jose fire got calls about a car accident and smoke coming from the second floor. when they arrived, they discovered the car hit a pillar and was on fire. after putting out the fire, they found a badly bushed person deseized inside the car -- deceased inside the car. another car caught fire. other cars may have been damaged due to the heat of the blaze. here's what one witness told us after he pulled into the
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garage. >> the car was engulfed. wheels are still spinning. tread was flying off. it was a pretty bad scene. >> it appears something was going on before that. maybe the individual had an event that caused him to lose control of the vehicle. all of those things will be investigated. >> reporter: i'm told it looks like the victim victim may had had a medical episode since the driver is elderly. the car wheels were spinning after the car caught fire and the driver may have been unconscious. the cause of the victim's death is still under investigation. authorities are not releasing that person's name. now, san jose fire don't believe this is arson but have investigators on the scene as a precaution. san jose police are still on scene. for now, tori, people will have to wait who park near the burning car before they can get let back inside to get their car. back to you. >> all right. live for us in san jose. thank you. arson investigators say a church fire in san jose was
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accidental. it started in a choir loft. now the nearly 100-year-old building is in danger of collapsing. flames destroyed the holy cross church on east jackson street yesterday afternoon. more than 100 firefighters responded. but by the time they arrived, the fire had already raced through the attic. it took two and a half hours for crews to contain it. the pastor said he believes the fire ignited due to an electrical problem with a pipe organ. firefighters presented the pastor with a relic from the fire last night. >> when the fire department prout me the statue of st. joseph -- brought me the statue of st. joseph, i put it here in place of the statue in front of the rectory. police take care of our church. >> luckily, no one was inside the church when the fire broke out. this morning's services were canceled. future services will be held in the hall. investigators in napa
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county are searching for clues about the mysterious death of a woman found in calistoga in the middle of the highway with major head injuries. investigators shut down the road for several hours after the discovery. er iy reports called it a deadly hit and run but now another possible crime is being considered. >> she was walking, hit and run. the other possibilities, she could have been bumped in the roadway -- dumped in the roadway. we're looking at any possibility. >> according to reports, the woman was only wearing underwear and a jacket when she was found. the napa county sheriff's department is asking anyone who may have information about the case to contact them. oakland police are investigating the stabbing death of a woman in the city's west oakland neighborhood. it happened just before 7:00 this morning. officers found the woman's body inside a home on the 1900 block of linden street. that's not far from west grand avenue. the officers were responding to
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a call of an argument at the call. we've not yet been told the victim's name or age. police reportedly detained people at the house for questioning but no arrests have been made. we're learning about big plans once candlestick is demolished. mayor ed lee along with developers gave us a sneak preview about what we can expect. brian flores is live as the mayor is holding a press conference as we speak. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're live here at candlestick park. behind me, mayor lee is speaking in front of several people here this morning, several dignitaries as well here. also getting underway is the demolition and rebirth of candlestick point. want to show you what the area is expected to look like come 2016. developersers from lenar are teaming up on the candlestick redevelopment. developers say once it's demolished, they will build what's described as a 5,000-
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square foot urban outlet project which will consist of 6,000 rental and for hef sale homes, several domestic and international retailers and even a grocery store. when it comes to inspiration and design, developers looked toward an east bay city for that. >> we were thinking through the con september, we looked at -- concept. we looked at some of the environments executed and certainly the walnut creek environment, it's walkable, high end, has a number of fairly and smaller-sized eateries and other dining establishments. we thought that would be wonderful to be able to have that as an anchor as we built the housing and the park around it. >> reporter: work has begun north of here for the san francisco shipyard project. combined both projects will generate housing but job growth, 3,000 jobs. more than 200 acres of open space and parks.
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moments ago we did speak with mayor lee on his take about the project. take a listen. >> it's been a decade in the making. voters voted on it. the board of supervisors passed it along with our great support from supervisor maxwell and cullen and all of the residents here. it's time that we identified and visualized spot to break down ground here get this structure demolished, get it out of danger and onto supporting and developing this entire community. >> reporter: there are also plans to add space for possibly a fire and police station. as we take it back out here live here at candlestick park which will be demolished, this press conference underway as well. as for the demolishment of candlestick park, that's expected to take place winder of 2015 -- winter of 2015. the project is expected to be completed in 2017. back to you. the san francisco 49ers were among three nfl teams
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inspected by federal drug agents yesterday into an investigation into alleged prescription drug abuse. the unannounced inspection by agents by the dea stems from a civil south filed by more than 1300 former league players. they claim the league intentionally recklessly and negligently created culture of drug misuse. the lawsuit alleges the nfl, team physician and trainers acted without regard a handing out addictive narcotics to mask pain so the players would not miss time on the field. a spokesman for the 49ers was asked about the inspection shortly after it happened. >> i have no idea. you would have to ask them. >> there were random checks as they traveled, to see if anyone was transporting substances across stateline. that's all of the information we have. >> during the inspections, agents conducted bag searches
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and questioned team doctors. there were no arrests. the nfl said it's not responsible r for the decision of teams. the u.s. state department is stepping up security of its e-mail systems after a suspected hacking. a senior official said the department recently detected activity of concern but added that only unclassified e-mail systems were affected. over the weekend, they shut down the e-mail system and public websites to upgrade security. so far, officials have not said who is behind the activity but they do say it's be -- it's related to the hacking of white house computers last month. a doctor being treated at a nebraska hospital for the ebola virus has died. 44-year-old dr. martin salia was working as a surgeon in sierra leone when he contracted ebola. he's the second person to die from the virus in the u.s. he was treated at the hospital
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where two other ebola paints were successfully -- patients were treated. when he arrived saturdayers was sicker than -- saturday, he was sicker than the other patients and his condition quickly deteriorated. >> he was extremely critically ill when he arrived. he had no kidney function. he was working extremely hard to breathe. and he was unresponsive. >> doctor salia was a citizen of sierra leone and lived in maryland with his family. the ebola outbreak has killed more than 5,000 people in sierra leone, guinea and liberia. several students at uc berkeley are displaced as finals approach after an early- morning fire badly damaged their home. the investigation underway and why fire crews say the fire was so tough to fight. the sun is out around the bay area, but there is a chance of rain on the way. ktvu's rosemary orozco will be here with your workweek forecast and pinpoint when you may need your umbrella.
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plus, one little girl from east oakland who is now partially paralyzed after being struck by a stray bullet gets a big surprise and the donation includes more than just money.
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federal appeals court in san francisco over a sunnyvale ban on guns that hold a lot of ammunition. a group of sunnyvale gun owners with report from the nra and other gun groups is pushing to overturn the voter approved law. arguments just ended at a federal appeals court hearing in san francisco. it is a closely watched case as other cities are poised to adopt similar rules. the law makes it illegal to own a gun that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. oakland police are looking for two suspects in the shooting of a man and a woman during a robbery. the victims say they were approached by two men on telegraph avenue yesterday morning. one asked to borrow a cell phone. and when the male victim complied, he was shot in the upper body. the woman was shot in the head trying to help him. the suspects fled in a car with the cell phone. both victims are in stable condition. there is a $10,000 reward in the case. an east oakland family is receiving help from strangers after their 9-year-old daughter
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was hit by a stray bullet and paralyzed from the neck down. last may, jackie fuenzez was playing outside her home when she was shot. she spent months in the hospital and was told by doctors she would never walk again. yesterday, janice and peggy visited the family to bring support and a few surprises. tuby said her brother was paralyzed when he was 15. when he died three years ago, she started a foundation in his honor to help children with spinal cord injuries and jaingky is their first -- jackie is their first recipient. >> she needs help. that was our first impression, this is a person that my brother put in front of us to say, hey, this is who you need to help right now tuby gave jackie's mom a $5,000 check. they plan to donate an ipad, wheel accessible van and build a better ramp outside of the home. jackie's mom said she was shocked by the gift and the
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kindness of strangers. as north america's oil production increase, so too does the number of trains carrying volatile crude oil to bay area refineriesed and the potential for -- refineries and the potential for fiery accidents. in canada last july, a 74-car train carrying crude oil derailed, killing 42 people. this crude oil is known to be more volatile and is increasingly being transported by rail. 2 investigates investigated where two 100-car trains arrive every month. the state receives very information information about the schedules and when the crude oil trains are going through bay area neighborhoods. >> just like you would know where an amtrak train is and whether it's late to a station. we should be able to know that about volatile crude oil coming through. >> tonight, we investigate
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serious safety concerns about this. investigators are trying to figure out if a heater is to blame for a large house fire in berkeley this morning. as alex savidge explains, everyone got out safely thanks to smoke detectors and a good samaritan. >> reporter: flames poured from the top floor of this three- story victorian in berkeley early this morning. the fire started after 5:00 at this multi-unit building on bonita avenue. the seven people who were sleeping inside at the time managed to make it out. >> i woke up to loud banging. >> reporter: fernando roz regez, a grad student, threw on a bath towel before runth outside and he credit -- running outsite and he credits a neighbor. >> i'm very thankful to be fine. it's all good. >> reporter: he told us that extra crews will to be called
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in. the older construction allowed the fire to spread quickly. it was hard to control. >> the fires get in the walls, they get a mind of their own. we're playing a cat-and-mouse game. >> reporter: this fire started on the second floor. investigators are looking at the possibility that it began near a wall heater. because of all of the fire and smoke damage to this house, no one will be able to live here for the time being. the red cross is helping everyone find other places to stay and a a tal yun chief said the -- battalion chief said the smoke detectors in the house were working and they likely saved lives. in berkeley, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. a new parking fee is in effect at the oakland coliseum b.a.r.t. station. starting today, it costs $1 to park at the lot. up until now, parking was free. parking fees were recently implemented at the concord and north concord b.a.r.t. stations and beginning december 8th, parking fees will be implemented at the hayward
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station. b.a.r.t. says the extra revenue will go to a shuttle service and other improvements. it's a good-looking day over the bay area. under mostly sunny skies. our temperatures are beginning to turn mild. we'll take a look at those numbers in a moment. first, a beautiful view over the bay. mostly clear skies around the region. we have an offshore breeze, even a little gusty in the hills for today. but that offshore breeze blowing out those clouds and giving us the mostly clear skies with plenty of blue. fairfield, 16 miles an hour. concord reporting 8 miles an hour. oakland 9. napa reporting 12. a little bit gustier off the higher elevations. it's that northerly and northeasterly breeze that has the clouds well off the coastline for today. we'll be in and out of a few high clouds. that will be about it. a snapshot here of a wider view of the satellite. you can see all of the clouds off the coastline. but continuing with the possibility of some to work
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around this ridge of high pressure that will be in place for today. bringing us mild weather, dry conditions, and mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. as we get into tomorrow night, i'm tracking the next system. it looks like late tuesday night into wednesday morning. most of us won't see any of the wet stuff until wednesday. it looks like anywhere from .10 to .25 with this next system. picking it up for you this afternoon, again, the mostly clear skies for today. tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds. we'll be dry most of tuesday and you will see here it takes all the way into the overnight hours before the rain begins to pop up over the north bay. 2:00 a.m. on wednesday, we start to see the roadways wet. most of us are still asleep. but by wednesday morning, scattered showers in the forecast for the wednesday morning drive. i think it will be a slick one. it takes until the early afternoon before this pulls out. not going to see a whole lot of rain but we have another shot to come later in the week. i will show you that in the extended forecast. outside the doors, a lot of
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60s. 64 in san francisco. 634 for napa. for the afternoon, upper 60s in areas like sonoma as well as novato. to the east bay, temperatures remain in the mid- to upper 60s for your afternoon. 59 for oakland. 66 in pleasonton. for the south bay, 71, san jose. 71 for cupertino. for the peninsula this afternoon, 68 for you, san mateo. san francisco also checking, 68 degrees. the extended forecast here, turning cloudy tomorrow night. likely to wake up with rain wednesday morning. we do dry out wednesday afternoon but by thursday night into friday, round 2 and it looks like we may get round 3 friday night into saturday. >> kind of what we need, back- to-back storms. >> we sure do. in southern california, fire officials say the conditions are ripe for wildfires due to the combination of gusty santa ana winds, dry conditions and warm temperatures. residents are being urged to be cautious over the next few days. the national weather service is predicting wind gusts of more than 55 miles per hour and has
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issued warning, to the mountains and valleys. firefighters say even though fire season is technically over, there's still a risk that a major fire could occur. facebook is getting ready to venture into the professional world. how the social media giant now plans to tailor a new website just for work.
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stocks are mixed in afternoon trading as investors sift through a mix of corporate news deals. there's also japan's unexpected slide in the recession in the third quarter. many blame a new sales tax in japan for the return to recession. and energy stocks are among the biggest decliner as crude oil prices reduce their slide. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 17. the nasdaq is down 17. and the s&p is up 1. facebook is reportedly looking to become more than a social media giant. according to the financial times, facebook is developing a new website designed to combine the best of linked-in and microsoft office. users will be able to make professional contacts as well as collaborate on documents online with coworkers. the paper says it's called facebook at work and would let users keep their personal profiles separate from their work profiles. facebook is not commenting on the report. a bay area group is making sure thousands of military members have something special
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this holiday season. today the group "operation care and comfort" is shipping hundreds of boxes to troops stationed overseas. yesterday, they gathered at the san jose giants' stadium is pack hundreds of boxes with food, magazines, games and hygiene kits. michael parks is with the u.s. army. he's home now but received six packages in the last 18 years. i was in iraq and to receive the packages, it just brightens your day. >> julymy demaria founded the foundation 11 years ago in her garage. her father served in three cars and missed many holidays at home. she says everyone has something they can contribute to make the holiday season brighter for military members all around the world. a playground vandalized with paint and profanities, and now san francisco police say they are fed up that people
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continue to vandalize an area that the city is trying to improve. tonight at 5:00, the extra steps they are taking now to keep one playground clean and safe. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you on you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day. @@@
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