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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 27, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. in the streets of queens, new york, a sea of blue. thousands of police officers from across the country honor a slain brother. >> when the name of police officer ramos is offered from now forth let us bow our heads. >> we hear from bay area officers who made the pilgrimage. >> we'll get to that somber day in new york in a moment, but first we want to bring you breaking news happening in southeast asia. a commercial flight carrying 162 people is missing tonight
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after taking off from indonesia. according to the transport ministry the air asia flight 8501 heading to singapore disappeared 42 minutes after take-off. airline officials say the pilot asked for an unusual route for weather conditions just before the plane lost contact with ground contact this afternoon. meteorologists say it appears there were thunderstorms in the area where the plane disappeared. an indonesia transport official says the plane was an airbus 2300. air asia has released a statement that "search-and- rescue operations are in progress." initial reports indicate no americans were on board. tonight's disappearance comes less than ten months after malaysia airlines flight 370 vanished after leading kuala lumpur for beijing. 239 people were on board.
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a search of 1.8 million square foot of ocean so far and floor on the indian ocean has turned up nothing. >> we'll continue to monitor developments on that miss plane. going new york and the funeral for one of two officers gunned down in the line of duty. ♪[ music ]♪ ♪ that saved a wretch like me ♪ >> officers saluting the flag- draped casket of officer rafael ramos as its carried ouv of a new york church. there was a helicopter flyover before his family was presented with that flag. ramos and his fellow officer wenjian liu were ambished last week. dignitaries described that slain officer as a brave husband and officer. dan bowens bringings us more from today's emotional service. >> reporter:
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the broken family of officer rafael ramos joined by a family of the nation assists law enforcement to say goodbye. as many as 25,000 officers and first responders from all over the country lining myrtle avenue outside of the christ tabernacle church in queens, all salute the man assassinated with partner wenjian liu captured as ramos' widow and two sons accepted the flag- draped casket. vice president joe biden eulogized officer ramos who became a cop at 36. >> when an assassin's bullet targeted two officers it targeted this city, and it touched the soul of the entire nation. >> reporter: ramos' oldest son wore his father's police jacket to the
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service ands will attended by liu as family and many members of the 84 precinct and mayor de blasio and governor cuomo and the governor speaking to recent tensions between the police and comment. >> yes we have had questions arisen from recent questions and we'll restore the trust in our justice system. >> you should be so proud of him as we all. >> reporter: police commissioner brill bratton remembering and promoting both officers posthumously. >> we'll heal as an department, we'll heal as a city, we'll heal as a country. and wouldn't that be the ultimate, the ultimate honor for officers ramos and liu? >> reporter: that was dan bowens report and
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officer ramos spent the last ten weeks studying to be a chaplain and today commission bratton promoted them an honorary chaplain and the empire state building is lit blue with a rotating red siren at top the in honor of the two slain officers. although the services were 2500 miles away, officers from around the bay area were there to pay their respects. ktvu's christien kafton live with a look the how they made the pilgrimage to today's memorial. >> reporter: oysters that we spoke with today say there is a bond that spans the country and they know what the officers there are feeling and they want to show their respect for their brothers in blue from new york. ♪[ music ]♪ today was a day to honor the memory of officer rafael ramos. and comfort his family. amid the sea of blue, patches
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from the bay area, captain teresa gracey from san francisco's police department says there is a camaraderie despite the geographic distance between new york and san francisco. >> we're eight of 20,000 officers here and it just shows that we are one very united group. >> new york city has lost a hero. >> captain gracey said today's service was the first step in a long journey for the department to heal. >> we visited the station, the borough, 84 and they can't be nicer and they are holding up. the community is taking care of them. >> reporter: also in the crowd, corporal justin graham from san rafael, who stood at attention outside of the standing-room only service. >> i would say it was a lost respect for the fallen two officers and somber at times, but we were all there together to support each other. >> reporter: with the mayor, police commissioner and governor even
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the vice president all paying their respect, graham says the most powerful moment came from officer ramos' son who spoke at the service. >> he says when you call a police officer no matter what is going on, they will always show up. we showed up today for our fallen officers, but we're also there for our community. >> reporter: officers we spoke with today said working for their community and the danger that they face every day are the ties that behind them together no matter what department. kristeen kafton, thank you. more details now, here in the bay area a rally held in part to honor new york's pallen officers, dozening gathering to express their support of police here and across the country. one woman said police are learning now that they are appreciated. >> firemen every day and firemen wave back and most folks don't wave at policemen, some of us do and i hope they are learning as i said that they love them too.
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>> it's a human issue, because human life matters. so therefore, it's very important that we look on all sides of the issue and i want my children, my grandsons to be educated as to what to do when they are stopped. >> it's wilson added it's important to have a focused digg loge on the topic of issue and raced for omake progress. arizona police are in on and arounding after an officer there was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call. investigators say that 24-year- old flagstaff officer tyler stewart was shot in the face during a shoot-out with a gunman. after the shooting police say the suspect then killed himself. stewart is the first officer killed in the line of duty in flagstaff in 13 years. to weather a spare the airport alert has been issued in the bay area as we are set for another cool, calm light and that mean it's illegal to burn wood in a fire fit or
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stove tomorrow. those caught burning can be fined. just how low the temperatures will drop tonight? >> our terms mark tamayo is tracking it all. >> once again, two mornings in a rho talking about low 30s out there, subfreezing from a few neighborhoods across parts of bayou bowl. no frost advisories, but we'll have areas of frost as we do start our sunday morning. this is not only here in the bay area, but across a good portion of the state. in fact, here is a look at current numbers, 23 degrees in truckee right now. sacramentoo, 41 and what is happening we have more of a cooler air mass moving in from the north and that air pattern remains in place. current numbers showing 41 degrees in santa rosa, napa, checking in at 40. slightly warmer than 10:00 yesterday at this time. san francisco in the upper 40s and san josi currently checking in at 42 degrees. your first look at your sunday morning lows, subfreezing in napa. 30 degrees and lots of lower
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30s for santa rosa, antioch, san francisco 43 dregrees. so starting out the day with patchy frost and i'm tracking another surge of cold air in the bay area with your updated five-day coming up in a little bit. people were like where did you get that? i paint them, can you do me on? i said okay and i started doing them. >> the chance encounter for a bay area hat-maker and painter that got one of the kind products into the hand of a bay area star? plus biking is a way of life for many in the bay area and the deadly reminder for a group of cyclists this morning. for the second time in a week, an outage north korea is blaming on the and the details about how the viewship of "the interview" keeps rolling along. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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more troubles for north korea as there are reports of serious internet and cell phone outages. as the problems began hours after statements about president obama. >> they called him reckless and words followed by a derogatory comment and this come as the isolates nation has more problems with its internet and cell phones. obviously north korea is not a tech-savvy country, but that does have an impact on the country's leadership, the second time it has happened
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this week. north korea has been quick to blame the united states after president obama pledged to respond proportionally after the cyber attack on sony. at the same time, viewers continued to take in the interview," the movie at the crux of the controversy. many authorities have been sold out since the christmas day release, bringing in over $1 million on christmas day and just 300 theaters, but it was supposed to be in $600,000 far less than what was initially expected. a week or two ago many people thought they would never get the chance to see the movie. the movies don't include on- line sales that is harder to track. a million people watched on youtube or other streaming services that is at least $6 million, so where near close to the $44 million it took to produce the movie. hollywood is keeping a close eye on the profits released on-
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line. there are reports that the movie has been illegally downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. an update on the massive cyber attack that knocked the sewnoy playstation and microsoft's xbox live networks offer line. playstation said its service were slowly being vestored and xbox live was back up yesterday. a harborview group named lizard squad claimed responsibility for that attack that began on christmas eve. it was a case of if you first don't succeed then try, try again in crimea. >> aye yai yai. >> that was the first attempt to demolish a 16-story building in sebastpoll and they tried again and this time it worked and spectators cheered as the boiling came down? a. victims of the napa county
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quake are facing a monday deadline to register for federal disaster aid. 69.0 quake hit last august and it's estimated to have caused at least $300 million in damage. the federal emergency management agency says it has helped more than 2700 people who suffered damage in the quake. fema says the aid includes disast-related needs that aren't cover by insurance, such as house and repairs. california has a host of new law always taking effect this thursday with the new year, including the nation's first consent law. that law requires colleges and public schools to adopt a policy that only an affirmative yes means consent to sexual aactivity. in response to the state's long drought, homeowners whoet their lawns go brown despite home association rules and another would require police to check
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gun data bases during welfare calls. >> . now a alt 10:00 the story of chance meetings and the creative spirit. >> ktvu's katie utehs explaining how it helps an artist reach his customers and idols. >> reporter: we all have a morning routine, nearly every day -- nick sits in the shadows the mcarthur star numbers san leandro. >> i was born to paint. >> and stretching his talent beyond the canvass. >> on a trip to my own morning coffee i met nick sitting exactly where he is now and it was a chance encounter, that he was wearing his own item that inspired his business. >> they were like where did you get that? and i started to do them. >> reporter: with each splash of colors nick embodies bold movies lubbock those made by 49 vernon davis
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-- . >> these guys are really truly the best in the world. and if i can just duplicate something where that can stop that moment and put it right there. >> reporter: in a stroke of marketing genius two years ago. >> i was inspired and he had man, i have to paint that painting. >> he approached the all protight end. >> i met vernon and i said i did this hat for you. so i gave it to vernon and vernon he put it in his showcase as a piece of art, and somebody came by and bought it. >> over the ramps -- an artist himself on-and-off-the-field, vernon respects the work. >> and meanwhile at nick's coffee shop gallery. >> if there is any hat that i have to have, it's this guy. >> reporter: a plan only planning to order a latte falls in love with a customer rendition of his favorite player. >> had is one-of-a-kind. >> reporter: in his world series mvp madison
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baumgarner is none fore staying true to his humble roots that nick won't forget either and donates a portion of proceeds to youth arts and sports charities. >> giving back, too, because i was an inner-city kid that hi to use a pencil that was that big sometimes. >> this man not only does great work, but has his heart and head in the right place. >> reporter: anyway few hours. >> time just flies by when i am completing this. another hat complete and another example that talent can be spotlighted anywhere. pretty cool story. >> very cool. christmas is over and now the hassle of getting rid of your christmas tree. an easy way to get rid of that tree that could create a summer of fun and adventure for east bay boys. >> it was a lack of holiday spirit in sacramento and the reason that extra security was needd when this big mall opened its doors. in weather we'll be talking about cool earth over the next
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few days and another cold blast of air moving into the bay area and if we have any rain crowds in the five-day forecast?
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volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd. back now to the breaking news in indonesia, a commercial flight carrying at least 162 people is missing. according to the indonesia transport ministry, the air asia flight 8501 heading to singapore disappeared 4minutes after take-off. according to air asia the pilot requested a route change because of weather. initial reports say that no americans were on board. we're continuing to monitor the situation and we'll bring you updates via facebook and twitter and on-air. the mall in sacramento re- opened with extra security after fights shut it down early last night. police responded to a call of shots fired, but fund no
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shooting, but instead found multiple fights had broken out at the food court. one of them involved about 20 people. >> i was eat and all of a sudden a owhole bunch of people were returning and everybody was fighting and security officers were tackling people. then we walked by and a whole bunch of people were lined up in handcuffs. it was crazy. >> an 18-year-old man was arrested and a juvenile was taken into custody. a group of east bay boy scouts is raising money by recycling trees. they created a resign cycle center at the marina and will be cruising the streets looking for trees, left cushside by homers as part of their annual fundraiser that pays for activities. >> they will do a lot of merit badge work this summer and this helps to pay the expenses to gets them there, especially the families that have a little more of a challenge economically. >> suggested donations are $10-
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20 with checks made payable to the boy scouts of america. san francisco is urging registers to put discarded trees next to their recycling wins on their regular pickup days starting next weekend. the city's recycling companies will chip the trees and take the chips to tracy to be burned to generate electricity. san francisco is aiming for disappear waste by the-year 2020. a landslide of returned gifts is expected to hit stores in next few days. the international retailer federation reports that 40% of consumer will take back gifts. people we spoke with in walnut creek had their own reasons for hitting the stores. >> gifts from grandma and faa didn't fit right. >> we got money for christmas and we wanted to shop. >> it was 23% of all returns will take between now and the
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new year and an estimated $60 billion of goods will go back to the stores. delayy interrupted. hundreds of pieces of mail did not reach their destination. >> unusual arrest that may explain that missing mail. a morning bike rise turns deadly when a group of cyclists crashed in front of them and the warning for everyone else.
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. the north bay seeming some of the lowest temperatures around the bay area this first week of winter why ktvu debora villalon is with with the extra steps that people are taking to keep people from suffering outside. >> reporter: we're in santa rosa at what is normally a daytime drop-in center for the homes, but with temperatures overnight getting into the lower 30s,people are allowed to bed-down inside and
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next to the outdoor heaters. after dark the tents went up. hot chocolate and coffee arrive. propane heaters and patience, persistence are things that these folks know as they piece together a fragile life on the streets. when 58-year-old doug became homeless last summer it was a lot warmer thans it now. >> i have tree jackets on and two pairs of pants. i'm fine. >> hat is the most pomp thing for people outside. >> reporter: donations of hats, gloves, coats and shreing bags have been cropping in since the cold snap started. the area has about 1,000 sheltered bed, but four times that many homeless people. in sonoma county there are about 30 deaths every single year of people experiencing homelessness and living outside. >> reporter: at the rescue mission around
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the corner, the evening service offered comfort and heat. here, too, the homeless clients will be feld fed and allowed to sleep in the chapel, dining room and any free space. a room full of people will be shuttled to a local church, opening its doors for the nights. the 80-bed dorms are full, half of the beds reserved for those in long-term recovery, poor health, substance-abuse make the cold even more dangerous. >> we're hoping that people who really need to be inside are taking advantage of shelters and getting inside where it's safe. >> reporter: when this 27-year-old became homeless it was at the turning point for his getting off crystal meth. >> the loneliness and the cold and every day i think about it, it really humbles you seeing all the people out here who lay on cement every single day. >> reporter: on nights like this, a floor, if not a bed is much better than pavement. and a hot drink warms the heart
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as well as the stomach. >> one guy we handed out coffee to and said i haven't had a cup of coffee in two months and he was so excited. >> reporter: tonight shuttles are taking the overflow here to the county's largest shelter in west santa rosa, around the bay area, many of the people coming in from the cold are the homeless who rarely show up at shelters. so for the agencies that serve them, it's an opportunity to connect, try and establish trust, and give them the help that they need. reporting live in santa rosa tonight, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. the cycling community in contra costa county is dealing with a tragic loss as ktvu's cristina rendon tells us a bicyclist was hid on a rural road when he tried to avoid a collision between two cyclists. >> reporter: an early morning road in the morgan territory hills took a tragic turn for a group of cyclists. other riders and drivers were turned away from the site of
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this deadly accident around 9:45 a.m. >> it's sad to say, because he one is of my fellows. >> reporter: chairperson chairperson sayschp say two-cyclists at front of this group crashed with each other. >> all the other riders trying to avoid that collision, one of the riders near the back of the pack for unknown reasons crossed over the double yellows and collided with the water truck. >> reporter: that rider died shortly after colliding with the water truck, a tragic experience for not on the other fellow riders, but the driver too, and this biker understands why the cyclist switched lanes. >> he as we probably more concerned about hitting the psychist and didn't see what was in the other lane. >> reporter: jesus decided to cut his trip short. >> i usually ride with a group of people, but


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