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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 8, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PST

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a woman pulls over on a highway and gets out. taking in the view. too bad she didn't see this coming. armed thugs break into a mini mart and terrorize a mom and daughter. when the teenager makes one bold move. >> a couple's on a flight when the engine fails. >> they start falling in the sky. >> how a mid air emergency becomes one romantic moment. >> and sofia grace is back with a new rap that is all about what besties do. >> the song that will make you
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cross your heart and hope to die. sometimes bad luck follows you through your day. this case in china, a woman has really bad luck. she is the passenger in this white car you see pulling off to the shoulder. looks as though this might be a spot she wants to ski. looking around taking in the view. >> that is a lane of the freeway? >> no. the shoulder. just when you think you're safe. bad luck literally hits you. >> oh! >> had no idea. that's a run away tire that reportedly had come off a moving trailer truck just off the road. comes rolling toward her. after t her, she goes flying over the railing. then flips down the embankment. >> what are the chances?
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>> according to reports, she was taken to a local hospital had three broken bones as a result of this accident. but is expected to be okay. >> how do you describe that? what happened? i got run over by a wheel, then i fell off the road then i landed in a bush. >> this next video, bad luck for this woman in israel east of tel aviv. a heavy storm hit the area with strong winds, strong rain. watch what happens. she literally gets blown away. she is blown down by the force of the wind. people come to her aid. she was okay, just shocked by the force of this storm. >> you know that moment you try to do something impressive and you have that moment where time slows down and you go uh-oh?
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>> he goes in nose first. he seems to be okay. he sits there and gets it all back. i feel like it gave him a moment of realization there. the title is my first snowmobile crash. >> what happened to the snowmobile? >> the video cuts out. everybody seems to be okay. he dusts himself off. >> there is another video, an older video from 2013. he is riding across elk lake. >> he sees his buddies there. i'm going to mug for the camera.
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>> he ran smack dab in that tree. >> everybody is having a good time. >> it only takes 30 seconds for these two teenage thugs to terrorize a mom and daughter working in a mini mart in liverpool, england. two boys believed to be 16 years old dressed in black, faces covered, raided this store that night. they were armed with a knife. right at the top of the screen is a 17-year-old, the daughter. she is trying to call the police in the midst of this attack. she and her mom make a break for
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it. they try to hide from these men. they are able to grab the cash register which contained about $374. they don't know who those kids are, but they say the store had only been opened a month. this happened at 10:00 p.m. at night. think of the terror for a mom working there with her daughter. >> all for a little more than $300 causing this terror this panic, this damage? so selfish and awful. >> we move from england to wales for this dastardly act caught on video. a bald man walks into a guy christian salon, a hair salon. he doesn't have any hair. he's looking around. it takes him 30 seconds to figure out the coast is clear. you see the receptionist has gone to the powder room. all the stylists are behind a screen working. they don't see this guy. he goes behind the counter, opens the drawer easily and takes out about $300.
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he's not done. there is something on the floor. what is it? the tip jar. >> that's low. >> it was filled with tips. this was just before christmas when it happened. the owner of the salon posted this video hoping somebody recognizes this guy. >> let's hope you can make it through life without having the angry neighbor. this lady is angry at the guys living in this house because of their tasteless lawn decorations. >> this is not a trailer park. >> it is so bizarre that get people's panties in a wad. >> i think she is upset that lebron went back to cleveland. >> the flags were just a reason to get started. she has plenty of other gripes with these guys. >> i don't care what you are.
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>> don't judge us. >> i judge you? >> that is the definition of judging someone. >> she rails on these guys. the guys seem to keep their cool and defuse the situation by going inside. she may have a grievance. it's about respecting each other's boundaries. >> that lady kept her anger to the sidewalk. this lady brought her anger into a convenience store and is letting everyone hear it. >> i don't care! >> she is screaming at somebody on the phone. another person inside the store says listen got my kid here. could you keep it down?
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>> you need to stop talking to me. >> she tries to show how awesome she is by flashing some cash. >> only person that seems to get a handle on this is reportedly the woman's own daughter. >> if you came at me better with respect with your kid, maybe it [ bleep ]. go outside. go! >> how cold is it? so cold freezes. see his shattering fall next. >> some dudes looking for more comfort while they work. hear how you can get your feet on it. hbhb yoyourur h heaeartrt i is s prprececioiousus..
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with her health being a little shaky i feel comfortable that she has a good health plan through covered california. gurjit: i go for my treatment for my health problem, and it's really helping me. i'm in. and so am i. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. like us on baby it's cold outside. cold enough to do things like this. the fellow in the front seat of this car. you can tell it's really cold outside. watch what happens when he opens that bottle of water and starts to take a sip. >> he's in the car. it's not like he's outside. >> he's in the car. this is super cool. >> the reason this happens, the water was at attempt below
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freezing. it didn't freeze because it's in the bottle. agitation starts creating nucleation sites. >> it does work. cool. >> this next video from minnesota is a video series really. it's called it's so cold in minnesota minnesota dot dot dot. >> he freezes the trampoline. >> the first layer is frozen. we'll add a second layer of ice. >> why is he outside? it's negative 2. >> he can create an awesome youtube video. this has 50,000 views already. it was just recently posted. watch this.
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>> cool. >> and in slow motion. >> he not only does cool videos he is also a principal at the hope academy student center which caters to inner city students. >> you better feel like a special girl when your man, your boyfriend takes you out because he is a pilot. kind of cool. this girl her boyfriend decided to take her on a flight in florida. looks like a pretty day. he gets cleared for take-off and there they go. >> sweet newer plane, all the fancy gear. >> gopros everywhere. getting a view out of that main window. >> sunglasses on. he's winning the day. >> watch what happens when they're up in the air right about here. >> seems like the engine fails
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and they start falling in the sky. >> their butts came up out of the seats. >> roller coaster ride. >> fortunately, he's a pro. i've got this. i'm going to call the emergency number. he starts looking through the pamphlet. instead he brings out a box with a ring in it asks her to marry him. >> psychologically this is a pretty good trick. you are going to die! you are not going to die, you want to get married? suddenly marriage is a great idea because you thought you were going to die. okay. i'll get married. >> what a roller coaster ride. i'm not sure this is very nice. >> scary but now they're engage engaged. >> at the end of the day you'll see my feet up in my cubicle. i've got all weird boxes and
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stuff to rest on. don't you wish somebody would just invent something like this? >> the average american worker spends six hours a day at their desk. the average gamer spends an additional seven hours a week at the desk. the average under desk temperature 32 degrees fahrenheit. >> nobody likes cold toes when you slip your shoes off you're doing in your work. they invented the foot hammock. >> it's heated and you put your feet in and they rest gently. >> we wanted a product that would be comfortable, machine washable and easy to take off and put back on. most importantly, to work on every desk. >> it can hold 100 pounds. this guy is hanging off the wall with it. you can alter the height and get it out of the way. >> the first version is made of mesh you can use your shoes on.
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>> if you think i want to keep my shoes off but i want to be warm let's go for the fleece one. >> we have the heated version of the fleece blanket. this keeps your feet at a 10 out of 10 on the warm scale. >> nice. they are launching it on kick starter january 6th. they are hoping to raise $100,000. send some to "right this minute." the foot hammock changing the world one foot at a time. >> moms trying to give her daughter a temporary tattoo. >> guys this woman is not very good at this. when she pulls off the paper -- >> um -- >> why it leaves her girl less than thrilled. >> sorry. >> ever seen this kind of ride? it's called a mountain horse. >> how to turn a dirt bike into a sweet snow bike. whwhenen t thehe f flulu h hitits,s, it's's a a r reaealllly y bibig g dedealal.. ththe e acachehes.s.
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>> she is probably thinking marriage means love. she is just trying to say daddy loves me the most. >> but i'm already married to him. >> i want to marry him. >> but he's my husband. >> he's my husband. >> you know right now $100 this video comes out at her wedding. >> when did you guys get married? >> eventually she doesn't want to have anything to do with mother any more and makes it clear. >> i don't want you to talk to me. >> wow! she is spunky. >> here is another precious daughter/mother moment. >> you want an anna tattoo? okay. >> daughter is getting a temporary tattoo. >> ow. >> this is not a real tattoo. >> here is mom putting on the tattoo. >> guys this woman is not very good at this because when she pulls off the paper -- she
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realizes -- >> crap i messed it up. >> only the skirt is on the arm. the rest of anna is on the sticker. the bottom line is she failed. >> i'm sorry. a tattoo artist is not in my future. >> i love this. i really love this because i've never seen this. it's called a mountain horsey it is timber sled creation conversion kits to turn your dirt bike into a mountain bike. >> like a snow bike with a ski on it. >> exactly, a snow bike. it's got a hybrid snow track at the back. you take off the front wheel and put a ski on it. it's a cross between a snowmobile and dirt bike. except you've got so much more control over this thing.
9:52 am
it's so much lighter. it's awesome. >> so clever. everyone that lives in these parts of the woods, british columbia during the summer they are on their bikes. now you need one thing. >> exactly. you don't need a snowmobile or dirt bike. it's been around a few years but it's starting to gain more attraction and appeal. >> i saw this the first time today and i fell in love with this snow bike. >> i snow. >> the conversion kit isn't exactly cheap. it will run you from $5,500 to $6,800 somewhere in there. >> less than a snowmobile. >> i'm sure you could find a used snowmobile for that amount or less. but if you have a beloved dirt bike. >> it's worth the money if you're passionate about this. >> it looks like fun. >> very cool. >> internet superstar sofia grace is out with her latest
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♪ ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪
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adn't thought about that. >> guess who's back with another internet hit? ♪ you've got a friend like that ♪ like that ♪ like that ♪ ♪ my best friend ♪ >> sofia grace of course rose to fame a few years ago and now has a huge career. ♪ i'm your number one girl ♪ i'm your best friend ♪ i'll be there till the end ♪
9:57 am
>> she is so young. you know what i like? they are keeping it very age appropriate for her which i appreciate. >> someone is conspicuously absent. where is her cousin rosy? >> they are not best friends? >> they are great friends. rosy is always just maybe off camera being supportive of her cousin. they are still the team. there is a nice little appearance once they go in the shop. here is a picture of rosy and sofia grace holding hands with their little tiaras on. >> they are shopping at k-mart. they have a clothing line at k-mart. >> it's a fun music video. if you want to see the entire thing head over to rightthisminut
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>> that's our show everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of ""
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>> live from new york city it's the wendy williams show. what is said here may shock you.
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wendy breaks it down. and from the highly anticipated new drama, the fabulous taraji henson is here. plus get fitness tips for the new year from the insanity fitness guru, shaun t. now here's wendy!


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