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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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family. >> reporter: he runs a program called brothers against guns. he remembers working with them. rts. some people say i can imagine what the family is going through, i know what the family is going through. >> reporter: he doesn't think they were part of a gang. rivalries in the neighborhood are a reality, whether they are part of a gang or not. what they know is their neighborhood needs help. >> welcome to the neighborhood. our children need help, jobs, education. >> the political machine really need to do something. >> reporter: this afternoon mayor ed lee visited the memorial. he touted programs designed oann6h÷to help youth but admitted it is only part of the solution. >> i think this violent tragedy demonstrates
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any information about suspects, they are not sure if it is one or multiple people but they will have extra officers on patrol in the neighborhood while this investigation continues. back to you. >> there will be a vigil tonight, thank you. today we lling the violence a senseless act. >> my son mattered. his life mattered. he will never be able to hold his daughter or his daughter will never be able tosmell her -- to smell her daddy or see his eyes. . >> she said that on the night of the shooting her son told her he was spending the night at a friend's bx t it was a mistake. a doctor in the state of california but tonight he is
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facing charges accused of possessing of child pornography. new at 5:00 p.m. ktxhc you just spoke to prosecutors about this case? >> reporter: that's right. they say os and videos of children under 12 úmjp ed at his home. we just lost cara liu. this is in martinez. 74-year-old doctor, michael russell. he was arrested at his home. at this point he is charged with possessing child pornography. we stopped by the doctor's office and the office manager said he retired and that other
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doctors were handling the cases he was handling. cara liu checked with the medical board and his license is current and he has no costa county. >> some people think these are d! victimless crimes but they are not. viewers create a !:v[wmarket place for people to abuse children and place these images on the internet. these are crimes against children that effect 0these children for a long time. so we believe this is serious. >> again investigators say they found 600 pictures and videos of children under the age of 12. when they arrested an east bay doctor, 74-year-old michael russell. ktvu's cara liu is working the story and will have more
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throughout the evening. in san jose police are reviewing the security plan for the fiesta nightclub during a performance by chris brown this weekend and two other venues in san jose turned down the singer's event. ktvu's azenith smith is live at the fiesta nightclub where you spoke to a security guard who was working that %:f >> reporter: this is known for hosting music. the security guard tells me there was not enough crowd control and they couldn't handle the crowd. he also says the place wasn't the right venue giving the parking situation, most of all, its lack of security. [ music playing ] [ bleep ] [ shots fire ] >> reporter: before gun shots erupted in fiesta nightclub, trouble was brewing outside. >> most of the fight was out
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here in the front because people that paid for tickets weren't allowed to i 'wget inside because the door crowded. people were allowing .2( security to do their pat down. >> reporter: this man has worked security 98nnóáñdetail for the past 8 years. on the night of the shooting he says 60 security guards were working. some fans had to wait 45 minutes to get inside after paying $2,500 for the vip section. >> they didn't look at all the detail. police, assistance. street control. i don't think it wasn't planned correctly. no metal detectors. just pat downs. >> reporter: he is not surprised the gun made security. >> there is one, two, three, four, five doors. neither one of the doors was secured. people could open the j
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leave. >> reporter: according to san jose police they were approached to host the event. the general manager said the promoter pitched bu private birthday party. >> we know that ple from all over. >> reporter: san jose police are reviewing how fiesta nightclub bq >> we will look and see how many people were present. we will look at lot of things that are listed out in the permit to make sure they were following the provisions and part of that will be the fact they had prior knowledge that violence was a potential here. >> the victims in the shooting are expected to be okay. i talked to the nightclub owner on the phone who didn't address the shooting or security but
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said those looking for a refund should contact the promoters. san jose police say brown will be back here in march where they have metal detectors. there the u< patrol is analyzing video of a side show on interstate 880 yesterday. we have video to share with you. several cars spinning c rson who took this video was forced to stop. officers were pelted with rocks when they arrived. a 19-year-old man was jp reopened ahead of schedule today with the new movable median barrier in place. our crew took a drive across the foggy bridge this morning to get a look.
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the movable median barrier was installed to prevent head on crashes. zipper trucks will be used to >g:j shift it barriers to manage traffic. >> one observation i would make from driving the bridge this morning in traffic is people really need it slow down. people are going too fast. you need to slow down the next few weeks till you get used to this. >> crews also modified the merge in the p2southbound lanes of highway 101 going from the town the bridge. -- from the tunnel to the bridge. the speed limit is 45 miles per hour instead of 55. now taaero-- to our coverage of the paris terrorist attacks. six members of a terror cell may still be at large. the search is urgent because the threat is still present. 18,000 soldiers and police have been ordered into the streets.
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half are guarding the 700 jewish schools in france. they are believed to have accomplices. we have new video of the widow of the terrorist who trieds to take over a market. -- tried to take over a market. passing through turkey. she is believed to be in syria. the foreign minister said she crossed in on january 8. authorities aren't reveal diagnose tails on how they are tracking her -- details on how they are tracking her down jñ the white house said they made a mistake by not sending a representative to paris yesterday. >> some asked whether or not the united states should have sent someone with a higher profile than the embassador to france. i think it is fair to say we should have. >> more than 40 other world leaders attended marching arm
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and arm. french president was qmnnnnnnyajoined by his counter parts. russia's foreign minister was also there. the u.s. ambassadorrimented america -- ambassador to america. hackers compromised the u.s. central command twitter and youtube account. they are saying a individual or group claiming to be aligned with the islamic state is responsible. >> if we are going to be 8t protected. >> reporter: at the same time president obama delivered a speech on security, u.s. central command twitter and 2jp$k? youtube accounts were hacked. peppering both pages with threatening comments. one tweet reading we are coming, watch your back.
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the white house saying it is looking into the ously. >> reporter: videos also posted on the youtube page and sensitive information leaked, including home addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of retired army generals. some appear outdated and also posted information on military details concerning china and north korea. he said he is concerned about cybervulnerabilities. >> it could disrupt and destroy. it could destroy hardware, k @&c uld disable infrastructure which could lead to 2éloss of life. i think those capabilities lc out there. >> reporter: officials came out after the hack saying they were taking measures to address the
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matter. they also confirmed no classified information was posted. in washington, fox news. two bay area police officers are now on trial. >> what we had here was a group of police officers who were lying. >> the felony charges they are facing after a drug bust. >> and a retirement community shaken after a woman stabbed a neighbor. >> was scary. >> and unhealthy air prompted a week of spare the air days. coming up, when changing conditions will help you breathe easier.
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become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ it has been five years since a earthquake leveled large areas of haiti. today they gathered to remember that day and all the lives
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lost. many met in churches, including the old cathedral. one of the hardest hit cities, replaced now by new buildings. the earthquake killed 200,000 people and injured 300,000. 1.5million were left homeless. half of the nation is still below the poverty line. aid continues to arrive and homes are being built. the recovery eff@e hampered by a the cost of fuel, we haven't seen prices as low as this in a long time. ktvu's tom vacar with how the )%( low prices are improving the economy. tom? >> reporter: indeed. these low prices some cash at the k is not the only place you are getting a benefit. >> reporter: bay city produce rarely passes on increac9
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are a chance to catch up. >> for us there is probably six, $70,000 here. sizable amount of money. >> reporter: they buy @á cost of the goods that consumer purchases. >> last year their bill was $600,000. this year it looks to save 200,000 of that. he says the charges he passed on to shippers when grprices were rising are now being returned as prices fall. >> the majority gets 'passed back to the shippers. our fuel surcharge dropped 8-9%
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in the last six weeks. >> most will get passed to the consumers. again, because of competition. >> reporter: california gas averages $2.60 a gallon. a year u5c $2.70 more than october 2012. deaseself just as dramatic -- diesel is just as dramatic. $3.16. 40 cents cheaper than a year ago. $20 cheaper than the all time high of $5.12. the drop has been slowed by the implementation of california's new air pollution tax. 2 cents a gallon for gas. much more for diesel. >> our fuel price went up cents per ::.ogallon from december 31 to january 1. >> uber drivers who must pay
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for xfaxtheir own gas love these prices because they put that in their packets. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. back to you. >> thank you. weather now, looking for rain and looking for d[y it cep ence. still over 100% of rainfall average. this system looks weak. down the road, we are looking towards 16, 17, perhaps a chance of storms. right now more of the same. a lot of spare thel&( ñ ays. that shows. there was fog around the bay. coastal fog right now. patchy fog around pacifica and ocean beach. high clouds. there is a low level cloud here. stratus or -- fog, right? coastal fog. this stuff, these are ice crystal clouds. those are an indication of something changing in the
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atmosphere. clouds blown out ahead of the next weather system. in this case there are systems out there but not a c xlot of opportunity for rain. here is something i wanted to 1d minus 12, minneapolis. look at those numbers. tomorrow, 7 in minneapolis. 22 in new york. i do this because it explains lh%( ót why your rents so high. why we live here. amazing. really is. you grees spread in temperature. here is the systems. i showed you the high clouds 8m off here in the pacific. active pacific. a shame that at this point acp
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for rain but not happening. patchy fog around pacifica. avenues. sunset. sunset district. cliff house we had fog today, this afternoon. temperatures right now in the upper 50s. over night before. more wind. less fog. better air quality. that will help out through time. more of an off shore flow. a breeze. keep us mild. it will stir up the atmosphere. the spare the air days should start to go away 3 highs tomorrow, mid-60s. it is january. right? forecast high on the east coast? 30s. 20s. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, but i have to say this, i do -- i think we all do, [ laughter ] >> great up here. we need rain. when you look that difference
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in temperatures, amazing. they are real cold tomorrow. we are real warm. >> sure are. [ laughter ] >> thank you. a dispute between two neighbors ends in a stabbing. talking about neighbors in their 70s who live at a senior housing community in sacramento, why may to the attack. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, a college campus n teachers had to turn away students when they showed up for class, why they are having to relocate and a police officer gets caught up in a accident. the crime he was responding to when the accident happened. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. the senate gave approval 5r::4to the keystone xl pipeline. republicans and some democrats advanced the bill today. the house approved the pipeline from canada through montana to nebraska. it will carry 800,000-barrels of (jcrude oil di president obama promised to veto the legislation if it gets to his desk. 70-year-old woman accused of stabbing her 75-year-old neighbor at a senior living home in sacramento. what led up to the o
5:25 pm
>> reporter: last 7 years of her life st. francis manner has been home. >> i made many friends here. most of the time it is very quiet and no problems are going on. >> reporter: till friday night when the 92-year-old was awakened by sirens and lights. >> there were a lot of police cars the night this happened. and it was a little bit scary. >> reporter: she found out her friend, 75 years old, was stabbed by her neighbor, a 70- year-old. >> done laundry with one of them. and i very likable. >> residents are shocked. considering they take many safety precautions at the a:ñ9y senior living home.
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>> we are instructed to keep our doors locked and not to let other zú nto police say a fight broke out between the two and then she pulled out a knife. she fled the scene after the attack but was arrested after. she is now in jail charged with attempted >dqhomicide. >> doesn't look good for her. i am sure she didn't plan this. wouldn't think she would. a drug bust caught on camera. now two police )(q)s are on trial. the felony charges they are facing in federal court and why the video may not tell the whole story. >> what do we want? [ indiscernible ] >> hundreds of mental health workers are walking off the job, the lack of @ ays it has been hiring.
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>> a look that evening commute. interstate 80 in berkeley. traffic is low. especially in the eastbound direction. all the red lights. westbound, those headlights are slow tonight. we will be right back.
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right now with with breaking news. >> that breaking news is that california attorney general kamala harris appears to be running for senate. sources say she will launch her campaign for barbara boxer's seat tomorrow morning. now at this point we contacted kamala harris' office and we are waiting for reaction to the planned announcement. just this saturday when she was asked if she would run for the seat kamala harris said i am just enjoying this day. thank you. now it appears california attorney general kamala ]v::v does plan to run for the senate seat to be vacated by barbara boxer. >> this is hours after lieutenant governor gavin newsom ended speculation about whether he would run !b%(
5:31 pm
unced she wouldn't seek reelection. gavin newsom responded on facebook saying it is better to be candid as opposed to coy. he says now is not the right time for his family. while i am humbled by the encouragement of so many and hold in the highest esteem those who serve i know that my head and my heart and my family's future and our work all remain in the state of california. not in washington, d.c. barbara boxer made the announcement thursday that she will not seek reelection when her term is up. she promises to continue public service. seat include 0>:é former los angeles mayor and billionaire who lives in the bay area and we spoke to tom, he is yc
5:32 pm
race. she a bay a2 an attorney. it was a drug bust caught on video. now two officers are facing federal charges for their role in the police raid. opening arguments were heard today in the trial of the san francisco police officers. charged with falsifying records and civil rights violations. >> david stevenson tells us how both sides hope to use the raid at san francisco's henry hotel. a jury heard testimony in the case .z:koagainst two san francisco police officers. seen on surveillance video arresting the room's occupy for heroin position. >> if we can't trust officers to be truthful, what hope is there for the justice system? >> reporter: six officers were indicted by the u.s. attorney after a public defender publicized tapes of several raids. officers are on trial for civil
5:33 pm
rights violations and falsifying records. prosecutors say the video contradicts the police report that officers knocked and obtained permission to enter. >> what the videotape shows is what the police said happened and what really happened were two different things. >> reporter: attorneys for the officers say this and other tapes don't tell the whole story. the u.s. attorney dropped 2-6 charges against had officers tied to -- the officers tied to a separate raid. he was indicted in this case, return said to work today after a year c8$j-- returned to work today after a year on leave. >> this tells us we have to be very cautious about jumping to es a slice of the operations. >> reporter: two other san francisco police officers were convicted last month in a trial tied to drug dealer busts. testimony will wrap up by the end of the week.
5:34 pm
david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. hundreds of mental health workers launched a strike at kaiser hospitals across california. ktvu's alex savage tells us they say kaiser has a staffing shortage that is putting patients at risk. >> reporter: they hit it picket lines this morning outside kaiser hospital in san francisco. mental health professionals staging a week long strike across california. a total of 2600 !e social workers walked off the job, calling on skieser to hire more help -- kaiser to hire more help. >> it is to the point where it is emoral. >> reporter: some -- immoral. >> reporter: for those deferring with serious conditions -- suffering with serious conditions delays in
5:35 pm
treatment could have serious consequences. >> it is worse than the va scandal because we found direct links to denial of patient care tosuicides. -- to suicides. . >> reporter: they spent four years trying to negotiate a contract and the main sticking qa point, ua%( se issue of staffing levels. but kaiser said there is workers. >> we increased workers by 25% and our membership has grown 8% during that same time. >> kaiser nñxwñcalls this a disfraction and accused the uniof unfairly attacking. -- distraction and accused the yñ union of unfairly attacking. >> they are angry because they have had to wait so long for an
5:36 pm
appointment. >> reporter: . !8there will be picket lines outside 35 kaiser hospitals across the state through friday. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. it has been 80 years since a present visited the federal communications commission and today president obama did just that. >> the right to have your information stored securitily by companies -- securely by companies. >> the three things president obama wants done and he plans to do it with bipartisan support. >> what a police report says about a fight involving a wine bottle and your facebook profile may reveal more about you than you know.
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having health insurance gives you freedom. i'm protected and i'm covered, and i love that feeling. i'm in, so i can grow my business. you too can enjoy quality health coverage. to enroll, or find free in-person help go to mese arrested a man -- indecent exposure over the weekend. he is accused of following a woman and touching himself. he may be linked to a second "nv3yfñpnnn incident near the same apartment complex and he is on obation for a previou ( #%zz incident in 2011. heme who help -- people who help victims of human 1:apñ
5:40 pm
trafficking was honored today. the u.s. attorney for northern x without people on the front lines. >> thankfully we are not alone in this. we x#bvhave all of you. we have the service providers. without you we couldn't identify the victims. we couldn't help the victims. we couldn't provide the services they need. we couldn't rescue them from their situation. >> besides recognizing the honorees, today's nnevent served to kickoff human trafficking awareness month. new information about george zimmerman's arrest after a incident involving his ex- girlfriend. george zimmerman denies throwing a bottle at her and destroying her cell phone. he said he was trying l4" prevent her from entering his
5:41 pm
home. george zimmerman @6( was quited of murder in 2013. one of the black boxes from the rcj5kair asia flight j found. it will be shipped for analysis. officials say it appears to be in good condition. efforts are underway to get the second black box. the plane crashed two weeks ago, killing 162 people on board. what you "like" on facebook may reveal more about yourself than you realize. the predictions that were more accurate than a person's real life friends. >> coastal fog rolling in over twin peaks right now. the fog rinkle or two. >> and another look that ride home tonight. highway ?ó: costa county. the headlight are heading
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deputies are looking f last seen nearby west steel lane at 7:45 p.m. this p=::(pmorning. he was kw erving for drug possession. he is 5'11", 170 pounds with
5:45 pm
short brown hair and hazel eyes and he got rid of his jail clothes. law that classifies marijuana as a dangerous drug is up v5 . like lsd, cocaine or heroin. this is the first time a judge evaluated that 45-year-old classification. the case involves marijuana growers. the judge held a hearing late last year and expected to hear arguments next month. a ruling is expected later this year. >> president obama is taking action to protect americans from cyber attacks. he played out a plan that will strengthen security and make it easier to find hackers. ktvu's ken wayne is oplive with what this means for us. >> reporter: 100 million americans have had their security compromised and even though california is at the forefront of cyber xsecurity
5:46 pm
there is more we can do. >> everybody is online. everybody understands k(v3 and vulnerabilities l9k,kvand opportunities that are presented by this new world. the attacks hit çk,( in their pocket book and personal lives. >> when they go into the account, they plant the cookie on your computer and they rob you blind. >> customers of target and home depot haveujp now there has been no plan to deal with cyber security. >> the president is going directly at that issue. that standard may move as the conversation goes on. that is a important starting point. >> reporter: they represent business interests in dealing with the government. she part of the seib -- he is part of the cyber security team. >> this level of priority and attention ei%( p
5:47 pm
resources. >> reporter: it could mean president wants to limit how companies share your personal information. >> the right to know your personal information is collected for one purpose can't be misused for a different purpose. >> keep a close eye on your data. >> i think it is important to watch your back when you are doing online shopping like that. >> have your guard >ua ve free access to their credit score to alert them if they have become victims of fraud and require companies to inform customers within 30 days if 3g+vs"mthey have ]0c been hacked. :zp ft and couldn't hold on and fell to the ground. it happened at liberty mountain resort on saturday. you can see the boy trying to
5:48 pm
hang on as they attempted to get him down but he couldn't hold on and z% into the snow. another skier recorded what happened with his cell phone. the boy it happened. >> imagine if that is your son or daughter? >> i can't think of it. 9 isn't that lk you see the little guys. bill, you see the little guys and girls. >> it happens more than you think. i was thinking about ;u:k(çhas been icy back there. the chairs get slippery. they have safety bars now and you should always put -- i have friends u :hñ-- they get on -- big time skiers, always put the bar down. outside we have cloud cover. beautiful sunset. i love it. right? look at our city. crazy. air quality not so great. you knew that.
5:49 pm
that is because of this shallow inversion. that is fog right here. this is fog. coastal fog. right? in the valleys we will see fog. two different types. tonight. they could h+crcjoin up and create a foggy morning. these are the highs today. 68 santa rosa. 62 in
5:50 pm
and misses out. fog. there is fog right here as well. just, you know, i don't know -h::8jy-- great we got rain. over 100% seeing -- the deal on the 16 and 17, it is not going to be significant. we need rain. we have gone a bunch of hrydays without it. we had a lot of rain but we had a lot of days without rain. here is our next chance. shows up -- friday, saturday, sunday. monday. what you saw there was the extent of it. something 74v3 even if we get wet, talking 10ths of an inch. quarter -- 10th of an inch. quarter of m9k%nqan inch. i hate to run through r of no rain. we need rain. highs@gb the weather is great. live in a beautiful qc
5:51 pm
we need rain and snow. chance of rain, great, but we need more than a chance. so -- i hope i didn't bring you down. [ talking at the same time ] >> okay. the 16 and 17 look solid. nice. couple events going. that will help and then it went away. >> we went for so long and now iõ but it goes so quickly -- [ talking at the same time ] >> got to -g >> thank you. if you u÷%(think p ers can judge a person's personality based on their facebook "likes" according it a study. during the study researchers trained a computer to associate "likes" to %upersonality.
5:52 pm
"liking" the daily show ss8.k indicates liberal. "liking" the apprentice indicates good organization and "liking" nicki minaj indicates something outgoing. they calculated a person's traits and it was better able to detect personality than humans. they hope this could be used for job placement and product development. >> i think i want to punch a -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i can't see that. >> absolutely. a house fire turns dangerous for k&ftsfirefighters. how they got trapped inside that home and what happened next. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, a bay sç'narea city stepping into controversy, a new debate over separation of church and state. we will have reaction as the city proposes opening meetings a5
5:53 pm
, what san francisco students need to have ch more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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ground turkey at a store near you. napa reached a settlement in a +r>ywrongful death case from a deadly police shooting. the city will pay the family $700,000. two police officers thought he
5:56 pm
was armed with a gun. the settlement requires the police department to train officers on fa incidents involving mentally ill people. it was a close call for three sacramento firefighterinizejured fighting a house -- firefighters injured fighting a house fire. two firefighters were trapped in the basement of the home. >> reporter: flames and smoke poured out of the roof of the house but the fire appeared to begun burning beneath the ground floor. >> started in the basement. it took the house. >> reporter: video from the fire department show where two firefighterinizeterred the -- firefighters entered the front door and the floor collapsed.
5:57 pm
firefighters can be heard calling for help. the fire department says crews outside the home responded almost immediately. >> v÷firefighter trapped in the basement. hv3 >> reporter: it ?jcealooks as if one of the two firefighters climbed out on his own and the other had to be pulled to safety. >> trying to get the fire off of him. he was engulfed. it was serious. >> third firefighter was also hurt when he breathed in too much smoke. >> i was pleased our crews responded as well as they did and i think they -- we got the best outcome we could have wanted. >> reporter: no one was at home gç at the time of the fire. the family that lives here is traveling out of state. they also say they suspect the fire fight have been caused by the furnace. >> only ] >> no. only thing.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: ktvu channel 2 news. two climbers made it past the most difficult part of their climbedb -- climb. they are attempting to become the first ever to . they use their hands and feet and only have ropes in case they fall. today he was trying to catch up with him after spending 3@ at one difficult spot. those two climbers started 17 days ago. now at 6:00 p.m. we are learning more about the men shot and killed over the weekend in san francisco. tonight the community is remembering the victims as police search for the gunmen. >> investigators found hundreds of images of child pornography on a doctor's computer. the criminal charges he is facing tonight. >> and jc%rcontroversy in a bay
5:59 pm
area city. >> government and religion should be separate. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> heart breaking words from qá men shot and killed in san francisco last week. this as the community comes together to remember those young men. good evening everyone. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and 8y >> detectives are searching for clues in the homicide in san cja)d5jst friday night. ktvu's allie rasmus talked with san francisco police chief about whether the killings may have been gang related. >> reporter: he says there are ''ñ a lot of unanswered questions about what happened. he said the gang task force is involved in the investigation. right :0 ih members gathering that african american art and
6:00 pm
complex about 7 blocks away from here. an hour from now they plan to walk to the crime scene behind us that is marked by memorial to come and remembering the four young men who died here. >> reporter: yalani chinyamurindi, harith atchan, manuel o'neal, and david saucier, all of the young men grew up in or had ties to the neighborhoods in san francisco. they were sitting in a car when they were shot and killed friday evening. >> i knew all four of them. i started crying. >> reporter: he runs a program called brothers against guns. he remembers walking with them while e what the family is going through. i know what it family is going through. >> reporter: the car they were in


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