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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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instead of showing us like a circus act on youtube. >> a donation fund has begun to help dejesus' family. what san francisco police chief told us about the investigation and why he doesn't believe she was targeted as a transgender woman. frank, gasia. >> david, thank you. new developments tonight involving an american aid worker held by isis. the parents of kayla mueller say their worst firms are confirmed. their daughter is dead. the 26-year-old had been held captive by isis for more than a year. her parents did not say what proof they received, but the "new york times" is reporting that it's believed to be photographs. today, her family talked about their memories of their daughter and they shared a letter that she wrote to them while she was in captivity. joel now with more on that and how the u.s. may be closer to taking military action. >> kayla mueller's family is heartbroken. her parents, carl and marsha,
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are remembering their daughter as a compassionate and devoted humanitarian. while held hostage by isis, kayla wrote a letter to her family in 2014. if you could say i've suffered it all throughout this whole experience, it is only a knowing how much suffering i have put you all through. president obama today assuring mueller's family and all americans the united states would find and bring to justice the terrorists who are responsible. now it appears the white house is a step closer to action. seeking new authorization for the use of military force in iraq and syria. >> this message is even more powerful if it has bipartisan support. so, certainly in recent days, we've stepped up our engagement. >> word of mueller's death comes four day it is after the native was killed by jordanian air strikes. intelligence officials remain skeptical. it's not known yet how or where the aide worker died. her death leading some republicans to call for tougher military action. >> there is no more serious
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matter that ever comes before the congress than an authorization for the use of military force. we are looking forward to seeing the language. >> the white house confirming there's one other american being held in the region. the administration not specifying where or even if isis is involved. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. a group claiming ties say they hacked twitter account of news wag magazine. you could see the banner posted on the news week page. it included a post that read, bloody valentine's day. michelle obama, we're watching you, your girls, and your husband. president obama announcing the white house is creating a cyber threat intelligence integration center. several agencies such as the cia and fbi already fight hackers, but president obama says the new agency will fill in the gaps.
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to discuss cyber security. tim cook will be discussing hacking during friday's summit. analysts say cook is an unexpected choice after nude photos of celebrities were stolen from their i cloud account. apple changed its software to prevent law enforcement from accessing customer's iphone data as well. the summit is close to the public, but stanford is expected to make some tickets available for students. should police be allowed to use tear gas during protests? that's the issue on the agenda at tonight's berkeley city council meeting following some violent clashes between police and protesters back in december. ktvu's ali rasmus is in berkeley where people are planning to march to city hall for this evening's meeting. >> reporter: that starts at 7:00. before that, protesters plan to march from the west end of the uc berkeley campus through downtown berkeley across the avenue, before they end up here in front of berkeley city hall, around 6:00. then they plan to have speakers
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and a rally for that event. now the goal of the protesters is to convince berkeley city council to change police department policies when it comes to use of force in dealing with protesters and large crowds. december 2014, our ktvu cameras were in the crowd. what began as a peaceful demonstration hours before, protesting the grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri, turned into a violent confrontation. tear gas, some protesters smashed windows. >> that is not the picture we should be painting for our town. we must do better. >> berkeley resident was one of the demonstrators in the crowd that night. you can see her in that video. she was trying to prevent another protester from breaking windows. >> it escalated the violence people run over to trader joe's
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and started smashing the windows. >> rubber bullets and tear gas is one of the issues berkeley city council will decide on tonight. >> san francisco banned the use of tear gas in crowd control for two decades, yet, they have been able to protect public safety. >> jesse is recommending a temporary ban on what he calls overhand baton hits until the council can enact a permanent change in policy. >> he rushed to judgment about what happened. >> berkeley police association president, sergeant chris stein. >> it's like a tool, like anything else. in emergency situations where a crowd has to be cleared quickly. >> he says the night of the protests officers were on defense, not offense. >> i think people are surprised to hear that transmission parts were thrown at officers. ice picks were thrown at officers. >> a better solution to prevent these sorts of conflicts is a long-term one. >> be sure that we're building relationships with the community before we get to a point where, you know, there's
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confrontations and violence and misunderstanding. >> law agrees with that end goal, but she and other protesters believe the only way to achieve it is to start with police reform. >> acknowledge the problem, recognize it, call it what it is, problems with policy and procedure. problems with training. >> now one of the other items councilman is proposing tonight is putting cameras on the dash boards and lapels of all their police officers. that's the least controversial of all the items they are discussing tonight. the association say they welcome the idea of cameras. the president tells me the more eyes and cameras they can have showing the officer's prospective, the better. frank, back to you. >> more coverage coming up on our 10:00 news. thank you. >> the woman known as the serial stow away for sneaking on to airplanes is in trouble again. mary hearthman was appearing on
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trespassing charges. she managed to get on board a flight from minnesota to jacksonville, florida, without a ticket. she checkedded into a luxury resort using another guest's name. hartman was arrested last year in los angeles after sneaking on to a flight from san jose. she has been arrested at airports in phoenix and san francisco as well. she is currently being held on $50,000 bail. the senate health committee panel agreed that vaccines are a public health priority. during a hearing on capitol hill today, the assistant surgeon general testified that research disproved any length between vaccines and autism. she also stressed that vaccines are a community effort. >> you want to be making sure your own children are vaccinated, but also it's important to have those around them vaccinated. some kids can't get vaccines because they have leukemia, they can't get live viral vaccines. our best protection is the community level of vaccination. >> ran paul has said in the
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past he believed vaccines could cause illness. all of this debate comes as the united states has seen more measles cases in the first few months of this year than in any full year since 2000. target stores reached a multimillion dollar settlement in a false advertising lawsuit. target agreed to pay more than $3.9 million in the case brought by merin county and several other district attorneys in california. the suit alleges that target overcharged customers at the cash register by misrepresenting the weight of products or selling a product with fewer items or lower quantity than had been advertised. >> members of congress weighed in today on the work slowdown that has shipping containers stacking up at a number of ports all up and down the west coast. the labor dispute involves union dock workers on one side and terminal operators and shipping lines on the other. the lawmakers in washington say this dispute has to come to an end. ktvu's tom vacar reports now from the port of oakland how
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the contract stalemate is attracting all of us. >> the u.s. senate commerce subcommittee heard loud and clear that @ slowdown is becoming unbearable, says food cargill, a major exporter of fruits, vegetables, and meats. >> when ports don't operate, the supply chain backs up, causing long-term problems for us, our industry, our farmer and rancher suppliers, our customers and employees. >> rail giant, bnsf services, west coast ports. >> we would be moving somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 trains off of our docks in southern california. that number has been reduced to 30 trains per week. >> in a letter to the liwu, california senators feinstein and boxer said the ramifications of the slowdown are hurting the california economy and our households, small businesses, and communities. this is unacceptable.
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the senators continues, this is a grave concern as it could potentially undermine long-term demand for american products. now while the slowdown has become a major issue for u.s. farmers who export, it's now becoming a major issue for u.s. consumers who import a lot of their parishables. >> now we are seeing some severe shortages. we are seeing quality problems. and price. prices starting to go up. >> steve, vice president of family owned bay city's produce affirm this time of year import central and south american honey doos, cantaloupes, grapes, and exotic fruits. some imports have been diverted to texas to be trucked to the bay area. >> that mango could be a month old before i get tup here. some of them are black. >> many legislatures are raising a key question, how can it be that the long shoreman or pacific maritime association can individually or jointly close down the ports on the
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entire west coast? well the answer is simple. because they can. for now. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. tom, you've been covering this a long time, do you see any end in sight here? >> i tell you, when you don't hear anything, that's probably good news because that means they are still talking. but this is getting to be very, very rough, because you know, this is one of those things where the longer it goes, the more these ships get tied up. the more these ships get tied up, this thing can fall of its own weight. it will be where there aren't enough strings of ships going back and forth to asia. they will be bunched up here. once they are all bunched up here, that's the end. it won't matter whether or not they call a shutout. it will be a shutout nonetheless. >> tom vacar, thank you. >> one major safety project from the golden gate bridge is finishedded and another one is underway. i'll tell you what it is and why it's happening. >> and a teenager gets a surprise in the lunch.
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what he did next that caught the company's attention. >> and after the break, from wintery weather to spring-like conditions. the timing on some big changes and when dependents could hit 75 degrees.
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a fire that shut down a 24 hour safeway in san rafael overnight. it appears the fire was started bay diesel motor in a trailer in the loading dock area. the trailer had a pressure washer to clean the inside of the store. the trailer was destroyed, but there was minor damage to the safeway store. the fire began about 11:30 last night and shut down that safeway for about six hours because of all the smoke. a san francisco dog rescue group is asking for help in finding a puppy that went missing over the weekend. wonder dog rescue is looking for rex who is seven weeks old.
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he's a tan and white pit bull mix with bright blue eyes. the group says his foster parent was handing him over to animal care and control after some sort of disagreement with the group. but when a wonder dog representative went to get rex from animal control, he was nowhere to be found. >> bobbi kristina brown will not be taken off life support tomorrow. on the third anniversary of her mother's death. a lawyer of bobby brown issued that report today. the family had given up hope on the 21-year-old. she was found unresponsive and has remainedded in a medically induced coma at emery university hospital. tmz says the family is trying to decide the next move. >> we know that the doctors there at emery said there's nothing more they can do. they are praying for a miracle and you hope it does happen for them. but, barring that, the decision
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will be made at some point in the near future. >> authorities say they are handling the case as a criminal investigation because bobbi kristina had injuries on her body when she was first taken to the hospital. >> there is late word out of new york that nbc news suspended brian williams for six months without pay. last week, williams said he was taking himself off the broadcast for a few days after he fabricated his story about being in a helicopter that came under enemy fire during the early days of the war in iraq. it turned out, brian williams was actually in a completely different helicopter. since then, there have been questions about other comments he made during his experiences in the field. including when he was reporting live from new orleans during hurricane katrina. nbc is conducting an investigation. so far, there's no word from brian williams himself about this six month suspension without pay. and john stewart announced an hour ago that he is leaving the dately show on comedy central later on this year.
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at the moment, there's no word on what stewart plans to do next. he delivered his version of the news and interviewed some of the most influential people in politics and entertainment since 1999. and during that time, the daily show has also won 19 emmy awards. >> it's a big week at pebble beach, where the world's top golfers and famous celebrities are preparing to play in the annual at&t proam tournament. it starts this thursday. today we were on hand for a shootout between the 49ers and the san francisco giants. >> new at 5:00, ktvu's joe fonzi is live for the charity fundraiser and joe, there were some new faces out there today. >> reporter: there were in fact, it started to get cold out here. a little windy, but it was a chamber of commerce day today at pebble beach. it's the fifth time they had the 49ers, giants shootout. it featured for the first time, buster posey, it also featured an impressive collection of championship trophies. this past year, the giants
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added to the championship hardware. five lombardi trophies and now three world series championships for san francisco since 1981. >> here in the bay area, it's all about winning. the giants are doing a fantastic job and hopefully we can get those niners going again. >> we need to get it going again. >> the competitive spirit didn't stop there. four giants played against four 49ers over five holes for $100,000 that goes to charity. this event has grown to the point where it's now a tuesday tradition at the a it, and t. >> i'm excitedded to be out here. i'm excited to share this experience with giants fans and we are in full force out here. >> we love each other, we cheer for each other, you know, no one is happier when they are winning and more supportive. that's really great for our city. >> we know matt cain can drive the ball, but the giant pitcher
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has a short game, too. his shot from the bunker won the first hole for the giants. the 49ers won holes 2 and 3 and could have clinched the shootout when steve young made this at 17. but when brent jones made par on the same hole, they were tied and the money from 17 carried over to 18. that hole had to be decided by a chipoff. one by the 49ers, dwight clark. >> fans still want this picture signed. it's unbelievable. it's been -- i've been riding this one catch for 33 years. >> and today, some good golf shots. this year, it's bragging rights to the 49ers. four holes to the giants one. that means 49er team captain, harris barton, will not have to be sporting giant colors in next year's event. they call what they did today the whisky run. holes 1, 2, 3, 17 and 18. they do that again tomorrow for
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the celebrity challenge. we'll cover that. we'll talk to you tomorrow and also see it later on in sports. but until then, reporting live from pebble beach, i'm joe fonzi, back to you in the studio. >> i know you covered this for many years. we saw dwight clark signing a lot of autographs. for the fans that do go down there, is there a lot of interaction between the two? >> yeah, what you saw today and more so the first two days than what they start playing competitive rounds on thursday. but what you saw today around the practice putting green and that's the case again tomorrow, the fans have to stay outside the ropes, but those players that are willing to come over and sign autographs, they do it and do it regularly and that's one of the things that makes this event so special. >> okay, thank you, joe. i just heard joe a second ago saying it's chilly out here. and up here in the bay area, he's an hour and a half south of where we are. no one is complaining about it being chilly up here. >> 18 feet of snow in boston downtown. 70 degrees. you have to go back to, i'm not
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a golfer. don't get the game at all. you see posey swing. oh my gosh. >> some of those players are really talented. >> the baseball guys, they have that swing. again, not a golfer, but he looked like tiger woods. so, enough of the golf, back to the weather stuff. gasia points out it was warm. it was warm. well above average for february. not what you'd expect, 64 in morgan hill. 68 in oakland. we'll be warmer tomorrow and we'll be warming the next day. numbers in the mid 70s. we had patchy fog this morning. we have an active pacific. this is not good for us, because it's missing us. it's a good -- these are good looking storms. they will not undercut this ridge. we are back to the january pattern and this week will be dry and i suspect based on long range trends and models, next week might be dry, too. we're doing great for rain fall. the pattern will shake up after this week and get something coming in next week. right now, i think you can
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count on a dry week ahead with morning fog. that's what you expect. we had some this morning. temperatures will begin warming. we'll have temperatures in the mid 70s as we head into the next 48 hours. warm through your bay area weekend. more of the same. wouldn't be hard to get a spare the air or alert or something like that. it's this weather pattern. but we're back to january. at least how the pattern looked. this pattern looks like january, but based on how it went. so, san jose tomorrow downtown, about 65 degrees at cesar chavez plaza. you'll get to 69, 70 degrees as we head into the bay area afternoon for san jose. 66 in walnut creek. 67 in livermore. santa clara valley, air quality is not as great. you'll notice a little bit, especially if you have sensitive lungs. i don't, but some people do. people say, i kind of notice this or that and many people do. especially if you live in the east bay, around the fremont
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area, livermore valley, santa clara valley. a lot of the stuff, the junk from the commutes gets trapped in that atmosphere as the high pressure is down. that's where we are. we are going to warm up. no rain in this five-day, thank goodness for last weekend's rain. because it was exactly what we needed. thank goodness it came in. >> it's sad, because now it's a distant memory. it's 70 degrees. >> they only got 8 inches of snow in the mountains. >> it's mind boggling. it's the middle of february. thanks, bill. a major retailer planning on hiring 1500 people here in the bay area. also, watch this. a dramatic end for an old vegas hotel, but it didn't all go quite as planned. gllt now to our julie haener in the newsroom with what we are working on for 6:00. >> there's a new area code coming to san francisco. coming up, why this may affect some of the numbers already programmed into your cell phone. also, license plate readers
5:24 pm
that were recently installed in one bay area city are now helping police find more than just stolen cars. these stories and much more coming up at 6:00. we'll see you then.
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an old hotel and casino in las vegas thanks to an awful lot of dynamite. the elevator shaft of the old
5:27 pm
clarion hotel survived the blast. it is leaning a bit and have to be taken down by a wrecking ball. developer bought the hotel and casino for $22.5 million and closed in september. claireon was once owned by debbie reynolds. home depot announced plans to hire 1500 people around the bay area. the home improvement chain is getting ready for spring. the busiest season at its stores. the company spokeswoman says jobs range from sales and cashiers to online jobs, both permanent, part-time, and seasonal. people can fill out applications online. >> it's been two months since someone won the powerball lottery and the jackpot climbed to $485 million. that makes tomorrow night's drawing the fifth largest prize in u.s. history. people who take the lump sum could walk home with $327 million, but obviously the odds of winning are pretty slim. only 1 in 175 million. >> the website -- go ahead,
5:28 pm
frank. >> websites posting mug shots online and charging people to take them down. >> that's where they cross the line. that's when they violate the law. >> up next, two investigates looks into an online industry that some say feels like extortion. >> and digging out. the state of emergency back east tonight as people dig out from another massive snowstorm. >> and later, a big boost for a bay area observatory and it couldn't have come at a better time.
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visit your volvo showroom. two investigates shines a light on a little known industry on the internet, some people say feels like extortion. we're talking about websites that post mug shots online and will only take them down if you pay hundreds in some cases even thousands of dollars. >> it's a practice that was made illegal here in california just this year, but ktvu's melny found out it's still happening and there's no sign some of these websites are willing to stop. >> repetitious and futile. that's how some people describe the real life frustration of websites that post their mug shots online. and only take them down for money. >> really destroy my life. >> this woman asked us not to reveal her identity.
5:32 pm
her alleged crime. >> i was arrested for shoplifting. that's the only thing i did in my life. >> even though the 2008 charges were dismissed, the case expunged, years later, she says her friends began asking her about her past. the reason, they googled her name and saw her mug shot online. on a site called, >> every single time, i see my mugshot on the internet i always remind me about my family. i don't want to hurt my family. >> there are member websites that publish mug shots. that's not illegal. the issue, if you want your picture taken down, some sites will unpublish mug shots for a fee. >> and that's where they cross the line. that's when they violate the law. >> brian is an attorney representing mug shot victims in a california class action lawsuit against one of these sites called the law he's referring to went
5:33 pm
into effect january 1, after he already filed his lawsuit. it makes it illegal for any mug shot website to accept money from californians in exchange for taking down their mug shot. regardless of what state the site or its servers are in. but 2 investigates found evidence the practice is still going on with some websites. >> they say we don't want to talk to you any farther unless you agree to make a payment. >> how much money do they want? >> $400. >> like this woman, i clicked the unpublished mug shot tab on and called the 800 number that came up. the person who answered said for $399, they would unpublish a mug shot from when i asked about that new law, the person on the phone said, it was a national website, not bound by california law. the state senator behind the law says, that's not true. senator hill says what these
5:34 pm
sites are doing can feel like extortion. >> if we can eliminate that profit part of it, they can't make any money, then they aren't going to do it. >> i wanted to ask the site's lawyers about their practices. the lawyer for the site named in the california class action lawsuit e-mailed me, we have no comment. so i looked to the site for answers. on, under lawsuit threats, it says we are not in the extortion or defamation business and to date, we have not lost a single lawsuit and we do not expect that to change any time soon. as people whose mug shots have been posted to these websites try to clean up their online reputation, one payment is usually not enough. >> they may stop. the first site may stop, but a second will pick it up and a third will pick it up. >> which is why this woman says she hasn't paid to have her mug shot taken down. >> it will come to no end. >> even though she worries it
5:35 pm
could keep her from finding a job. >> i just want to have a better future. >> while it's not always clear who is behind these sites, their motive may be more clear. >> i have absolutely no doubt that this is millions and millions of dollars that we're talking about. >> senator hill says if the sites don't stop accepting money to remove mug shots, he'll go to the state attorney general. civil charges could follow. >> in some cases, they'll charge you a few thousand dollars and say we'll take it down from every one of them, but it never works that way and pops up again. >> melanie woodrow, fox news. >> the class action lawsuit seeks to get money back for victims who paid to have their mug shots taken down, and an injunction to stop the website from collecting money in the future. has a motion in the works working to get that lawsuit thrown out of court. >> city leaders announced new education requirements for truck drivers aimed at cutting
5:36 pm
down on accidents and pedestrian fatalities. introduced a large vehicle training program at the city's public works yard. its aim is to expect expert training or contractors who drive trucks so they are more aware of pedestrians. mayor lee hopes others join in the effort. >> we want all of the private utility companies with pg&e, ups, fedex, along with truck delivery companies, all part of this training. >> the safety training includes a video tape that should be ready by the end of march and made available free of charge to anyone who would like to see it. pedestrian fatalities were the motivating force by daily city police. they were out in force looking for drivers breaking the law. police say during the past three years, there have been 57 accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists in daily city. two of those were fatal. state attorney general harris call in for a safer
5:37 pm
internet. >> and we have to figure out how in this new and exciting world, we're going to make sure they are kept safe. >> her message tonight in silicon valley and what it could mean to her run for the senate. >> plus, the new legal challenge that aims to derail california's high speed rail. >> but first, the golden gate bridge under construction again. the work being done at the toll plaza right now. for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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another safety project is underway at the golden gate bridge. this one designed to make the toll plaza safer. the work is being done on two of the toll booths. ktvu's noel walker is live at the bridge plaza to explain how drivers are going to be impacted. >> there's one lane closed all day, two lanes at night. that's so the crews can do the retrofit work here at the toll plaza that has been here as long as the bridge has. >> the golden gait golden gate bridge is one of those iconic drives. 40million vehicles cross this span every year. >> once or twice a day on average. >> over the next several months, they'll have fewer toll booth lanes to go through. >> the bridge is moving toward safety. >> the golden gate bridge district says three years ago, design plans for the latest safety project, the move of a barrier that was installed last month exposed an earthquake safety need at the toll plaza.
5:41 pm
>> and at that point, we needed to check and see if the toll plaza would need to be seismically retrofitted to bring it up to modern standards. >> thousands of bay area citizens dressed up and swarmed on to this wonder. >> the toll plaza structure has been there since the golden gate bridge opened in may of 1937. it has been altered over the years, but nothing to bring the plaza up to current earthquake building standards. the project encompasses toll booth's 3, 5, and 7. >> wait, because it will be safe. i would love for them to retrofit it. >> if you drive the golden gate, you may have noticed a change. >> as we retrofit each toll booth, we close each lane associated with it for the duration of the entire month of construction and close a second lane at night as well. >> the project is being done one toll booth at a time. each will take about a month to complete. >> we would prefer to have all the lanes open if we could. however, we didn't have major
5:42 pm
traffic tieups because of this work that needs to be done. the work is important and needs to be done, even if there is a traffic delay caused by it. >> one way to avoid any delays, take ronnie's commute. >> i'm glad that i rode a bike. it's easier. >> so i asked one of the engineers here if this earthquake safety project would have been done had the move on the barrier project uncovered the need for it. he said they would have looked at it, but probably not right now and gasia, one cosmetic note. the clock that used to be over the plaza will be back this summer when the project is complete. >> good, that's where it belongs, thank you, noelle. pg&e is hoping to create a $653 million network of electric car charging stations with the help of rate payers. pg&e filed an application to build 25,000 new charging stations over the next five years. the cost of the project would be passed on to customers who would see an extra 70 cents on
5:43 pm
their bills through 2018 to 2022 for a total of $42 per household. right now, there are more than 60,000 electric vehicles registered in pg&e's service area. >> attorney general campaigning for internet safety. her message today at facebook headquarters. >> the observatory just got a huge donation. we'll tell you who just gave it a million dollars and what it means for the observatory's future. >> are we going to get some rain? i don't think so. i'll let you know how warm it will get in our backyard tomorrow.
5:44 pm
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5:46 pm
today is safe internet day. the attorney general says that moves are being taken to improve the safety of everyone online. as she visited facebook headquarters today. >> ktvu's azna smith says attorney general didn't mention her run for the u.s. senate, but internet safety is likely to be on the agenda. >> in a world where 890 million people share on facebook every day, it's only fitting for this year's safer internet day be held at facebook headquarters in menlo park. >> work together to show the internet can be a tool for good. a tool for support. and a tool for bringing communities together. >> joining facebook chief operating officer, sharyl sandberg, california's attorney
5:47 pm
general, camala harris. harris spoke to an audience of high school students where she highlighted last week's conviction of an operator of a revenge website. >> in this exciting new world, there are also vulnerable people and voiceless people and we've got to figure out how in this new and exciting world we're going to make sure they are kept safe. >> organizers say harris was invited long before she announced plans to run for u.s. senate. yet tech analyst says, online safety is an issue that will allow harris to stand out this coming election, from cyber bullying to the recent data breeches at sony and anthem and this is where the money is from donors. >> a lot of things are happening in the valley right now, with a decline of oil and that, the internet in the internet and technology and specifically with regard to safety is high for everyone that wants disability at the front end of an election process. >> at facebook, harris' words
5:48 pm
resonated with students not quite old enough to vote. for this kimball high school sophomore, she felt compelled to stand up. >> today inspired me to protect my friends and protect people online that don't really have a voice and feel vulnerable and can't really stand up for themselves. >> harris' visit comes as president obama announces a new specialized unit to focus on internet security. the president will address cyber related issues this friday at stanford. ktvu fox 2 news. >> the u.s. is closing its embassy in yemen until conditions improve. rebels have taken control of the country putting the president and his cabinet under house arrest and seizing the capital. the u.s. has been reducing staff at the embassy since september. now u.s. marines secured the embassy would likely leave. officials say american forces conducting counterterrorism missions in other parts of the country would not be affected. yemen is home to al-qaeda and the arabian peninsula, which
5:49 pm
claimed responsibility for the the -- >> caters to members who are doubting their faith has been excommunicated. john said regional church leaders sent him a letter saying they made a decision to oust him from the mormon church for repeatedly acting in clear public opposition to the faith. the second high profile member of the church of lather day saints to be excommunicated in the last year. >> there was so much snow the governor is calling in the national guard to help people dig out. declared a state of emergency. the guardsman are bringing front end loaders, bobcats, backhoes and dump trucks to help dig out the snow. boston's logan airport has gotten 6 feet of snow in just 2 1/2 weeks. factories roof here collapsed. you can see on the bottom right hand corner of your screen, because of the weight of all that snow. >> everybody is tired as heck. they are frustrated as heck. they are mad as heck, and they
5:50 pm
want all of this snow to go away. >> i was sick last week. it's exhausting. >> we smashed seven-day record, 30 day record, february record. we smashed every record there is to have. >> just the pictures themselves are amazing. boston's snow melters, by the way, very busy melting 430-tons of snow per hour. >> we were saying yesterday, that they plowed enough snow just in boston to fill up gillette stadium 90 times over. >> can't even fathom it, you know. >> i remember when i worked in minnesota and rhode island, i hate the snow. i'm so glad to be home. >> and snow gets kind of -- you know the first snowfall is gross. day three good, and after that, it gets dirty and icy and it's just not the same deal. so yeah, i know boston likes to get that snow out of there. it's icing everything over. for us, it was not cool. it was warm. it will stay warm.
5:51 pm
temperatures around here will be in the upper 70s as we go through this period. some numbers from today, know your temperatures tomorrow will be warmer. and i'll draw in the jet stream. you know where it is, right? where does it go? this is upper level jet stream and look what it's going. right up over the top. so any weather will go by us. it looks as though that ridge of high pressure will be the defining weather feature as we head through this week. perhaps, hopefully not, but perhaps in the next week as well. this week, we can almost assure you it will be dry. next week, it says dry, but a lot can change, especially on the long range stuff. temperatures outside, forecast for tomorrow then, warm, just like today. this is the map. look at the yellows, those are 70s. so lots of upper 60s, low 70s tomorrow. that does not look like february. and the forecast for the next few days will be that continued warming with temperatures on thursday and friday getting up
5:52 pm
into the mid and low 70s. so, we're going to have a nice run of weather. air quality isn't that great. san jose tomorrow, beautiful weather down there. if you're selling real estate, this is what you want. it's perfect and people come to this area and they see temperatures like this in february and think, i found it. imagine how they felt back in the 1800s when they started showing up from the east coast. right for the gold rush. all of a sudden, you are seeing highs like this, in the 60s on the east coast, as you know, it's quite cold and icy and it's a whole different deal. 68 in cupertino. and then 65 in pacifica with 67 san mateo. the five-day forecast just like this. that's a lot of the reason, too, when i was at cal, i had some cultural geography classes and we talked a lot about weather and how weather impacts the society. how they develop. and you think about the great athletes that come from california. why is that? you can play golf year round. you can run track. you can practice, it doesn't
5:53 pm
happen like that in @ east. >> i remember, it's cold. >> you don't want to go outside. >> you want to go outside. >> big time. >> all right, thanks, bill. >> much needed donations to a bay area observatory. but tell you who is behind a $1 million boost. >> now to julie haener in the newsroom with what we are working on for 6:00. >> we are learning recently installed license plate readers in one bay area city are making a big difference. how they are helping police find more than just stolen cars and saving lives. also, a new area code is coming to the bay area. what it means for the 415 and people calling or using san francisco's area code. these stories and more are coming up at 6:00.
5:54 pm
hey. these are good. what have you been feeding us all these years? kfc popcorn nuggets. 100% white meat, extra crispy, and made from the world's best chicken. try our kfc bucket and popcorn nuggets meal. these don't even come with a toy and i don't care.
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a new legal challenge has been filed against california's high speed rail system. at issue this time is a federal agency's rule that says u.s. environmental law trumps state law. the suit is being brought by kings county, kurn county, and activists. they should have a final say. the system currently has a $68 billion price tag and scheduled to be completed in 2029. >> new at 5:00, the astronomers at the observatory on the top of mount hamilton are thanking their lucky stars for a big donation from google. the tech giant donate add million dollars to the
5:57 pm
observatory and as ktvu's claudine wong tells us, astronomers hope it signals the beginning of a brighter future. >> there's quite a lot of discovery going on. >> the observety sits on top of mount hamilton. while this allows you to sit down on so much. >> we have four telescopes that are actively doing research. >> the folks here spend most of their time looking up. >> i wish they all looked at the sky like i did. it's so amazing and so much out there. >> astronomers have been forced to look around, to figure out how to do more with less. the observatory is funded by the uc system and times have been tough. >> the budget cuts impacted maintenance and staffing the most, which means smaller telescopes are shuttered and even this main research telescope doesn't operate a few days a month because there isn't a telescope operator available to run it. >> but things are looking up thanks to a $1 million donation from google. >> if we can get kids interested, that's their future employee. we had private donations over
5:58 pm
the years, but not of the scope and magnitude of google's donation. >> for the observatory -- >> this paddle allows us to move this telescope. >> i think it's awesome. yeah, the whole story of it. >> the story of a bay area man who with this telescope back in the 1880s tried to create a legacy. >> the largest telescope of its kind in the world. >> that telescope still works, still sits at the top of this mountain. but it will be the world below that determines its future. astronomers are searching for more donations. still hoping to create an endowment. it may take time, but they are patient. >> for the astronomy do here, we wait for the sun to go down. >> always waiting for that next chance to look up. on mount hamilton, ktvu channel 2 news. apple ceo, tom cook, announced today the construction of an $850 million solar farm in monterey. the 13,000 acre site will provide enough power for all of
5:59 pm
the companies energy needs in california, including the new spaceship headquarters in quarters in cupertino. apple is partnering with first solar. apple did something no other u.s. company has ever done. the value of apple today topped $700 billion. that is twice as much as the nearest company, exxon mobile. apple stock was up more than 2% today, closing at $122.02 per share. and san francisco based yelp said today it's buying a food delivery service. e24 allows users to order takeout from nearby restaurants and makes money by keeping a percentage of the sales. yelp first partnered back in 2013. shares of yelp jumped 6 1/2% in afternoon trading. the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. >> now at 6:00, protesters beginning to gather outside berkeley city hall to try and
6:00 pm
convince the city council to temporarily ban police from using tear gas and rubber bullets. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> tonight's demonstrations stems from several nights of protest back in december when police and protesters clashed. ktvu's ali rasmus joins us now. she is live at berkeley city hall with more on the issue facing city council members tonight. ali. >> that council meeting will start an hour from now. there's about 80 to 100 protesters marching from the western end of the uc berkeley campus. i touched base with one of the people in @ crowd and he said that the protesters were just now starting to leave their starting point at center in downtown berkeley. their plan is to end up here at berk berkeley and convince the city council to make changes to police department policy, particularly when it comes to use of force and dealing with large demonstrations. police using tear gas


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