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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 25, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PST

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doing doughnuts in a church parking lot are confronted. >> get out of your car. >> that's the parish priest. >> why he's not preaching to the choir. >> now! you stop here right now! >> a little girl manages to get her -- >> head stuck. >> why this rescue's going to require some demolition. >> you've got to look closely but -- >> it's going to freak you out. >> why this video may be the work of ghosts. plus bonus giveaway day.
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your chance to win a new ipad mini or a flat screen tv. and dude's reeling one in. >> [ bleep ]. >> quickly tables turn. >> see who's going to need a little ice after fishing. the popularity of dash cams sweeping the world. now getting more popular here in america. this video from pickerington ohio. drifting around a church parking lot having a bit of fun. but watch what happens. kind of slides around here and then you h down. that's the parish priest. apparently two teens inside 17-year-old and 15-year-old. the man says -- >> get out of your car now. i'll call your parents. >> watch what the teens do next. >> i'm sorry -- >> no no no. you stop here right now! >> sorry but -- >> no. i'm the priest here at this parish. >> i'm sorry.
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>> are you okay? >> you hear the man scream in pain. the teenager in the passenger seat identified as elizabeth st stamm tells him go go go drive away. >> go go. >> the dash cam installed in the vehicle by the driver's father the school resource officer saw this car two days later in the parking lot and alerted police. police asked the father can we see the video. >> the video turned over immediately to police. now the kids are facing juvenile felony charges of vehicular assault. the priest separated his shoulder in that incident. >> credit the dad for turning that over. >> what exactly happened? did the priest fall over chasing him. >> the pastor describes that his elbow got caught in the window jamb and that's knocked him to the ground and separated his shoulder. >> i can't believe the girl said he's faking it.
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>> reports also say that she told police that she has amnesia and doesn't quite remember the incident. her mother says no she doesn't have amnesia. >> both parents are like you're busted. happy the priest did not lose his life. no matter where you tack a kid, they can always get themselves into some trouble if it's in an apartment complex in a house, on a bridge. >> take them to china, most likely going to get stuck. >> that's where we start, nick. we are in china. there is a little child's head stuck in a bridge. >> oh my goodness. it is a giant concrete structure. >> they do have to get some special heavy equipment to get this little girl out of there, because it's not like they can turn her head and ease her head back through. they had to call officials back in because they needed heavy equipment to get her out. >> my gosh got to cut apart the
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whole bridge. >> first of all, you see this piece of equipment right there. they put a support there because they are going to start cutting. when they start cutting, it looks look a big construction project is going on. >> this guy's cutting through concrete dust going everywhere. i know the sounds and all of the people have probably got this little girl thinking uh-oh, i'm in trouble. finally you can see that big cut they made in the concrete and the girl slides right out. >> please tell me this wasn't a 600-year-old bridge. >> it's a rather ornate looking bridge. >> the good thing is is the little girl escaped with scrapes on the back of her head. talk about getting away just by the skin of your teeth or maybe the skin of your scalp. we are traveling on a motor bike in bangkok thailand. a lot of track, busy road. >> these are the days you're glad you've got a bike. traffic's heavy.
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you can zip through. >> i don't think this guy is glad he has a bike on this day. >> oh! >> luckiest human being in the world. >> the motor bike we see survives this by the skin of his head. hit the guy that we're riding with lost control, and then just grazed both of those 18-wheelers with his head. you'll see his helmet is rolling off on the ground. but look at this. gets up and he's kind of smiling, only minor scratches. some bumps and bruises. >> i think they were both wrong to flip that lane. i don't think you should do it when trucks are ahead. >> the safest times when both vehicles are next to each other. they see each other. you know they're not going to collapse. but scary. >> crazy on the road. >> another survival story also the skin of the scalp, saving
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this dog and pedestrian. everybody stopped because this is a pedestrian crosswalk. look there at that black car barreling down the icy roadway. >> stupid! >> the dog and the pedestrian fine. the car skimmed past the dog's head but did not hit the dog. >> hey, everybody, we are about to give away another ipad mini. today is bonus giveaway day. we'll also give away a flat screen tv. >> you need the buzzword be at least 18 years of age and older or a legal u.s. resident. >> wednesday's buzzword coming up. keep watching for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. it's winter. but because it's winter doesn't mean we want have fun especially with gigantic icicles that could form outside your home. >> whoa! >> or could kill you outside your home. >> wow! >> that could kill you.
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that could hurt you. that could also be fun. >> could damage your house. damage your roof. >> getting it down. >> very successfully did. >> some more fun. fishing. this guy with the navy blue beanie here he just caught himself a fish. >> [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! >> very quickly tables turn. >> a shark? >> the fish catches his finger. >> ow! [ bleep ]! >> really he's got a big old winter glove on. >> you'd think he's able to get his finger out of the glove but the fish has such a good hold on the glove it stays behind. >> like razor-sharp teeth. >> that fish got him. >> look at this. >> holy cow. >> wow! >> not a bright idea. this next video, though you may think is a really bright idea. this guy found a solution to fishing in the winter.
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that is ladies and gentlemen, a stove. >> smoke your fish in there. >> just goes -- >> like he has a frying pan on top. he's got a pan on the food. >> i think that was his plan, as soon as he hooked a fish he'd be able to do that. but he never got a g jthere, smoky. >> a new way to hit the waves. >> that was narly. >> see how the surfers pull it off. and this cockatoo jamming out to a old school hit. >> "wild thing." he knows he's a wild thing. he's a bird. ananyoyonene h havave e ococcacasisiononalal constipation diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeyes!s! onone e phphilillilipsps' ' cocololon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these ococcacasisiononalal d digigesestitive issues... wiwithth 3 3 t typypeses o of f gogood bacteria. liliveve t thehe r regegulularar l life. phphilillilipsps'' ththisis l litittltle e pipiecece e ofof hershey's chocolate... isis c calalleled d a a pipip!p! itit''s s ththe e waway y wewe a allll s start
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the xxl awards have been accepting entries for the better part of last year for the best waves. really great surfers have caught. entered for the ride of the year
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award. >> oh. >> and it's not one surfer it's seven pro server surfers on the gigantic surfboard shaped raft. >> that was gnarly. >> it was gnarly. >> look at the size of that wave as well. >> gigantic. on this raft are jamie, scotty shawn, brad brian, also known as team grom. >> who is steering? somebody going left and everybody leans left? how does it work? >> i have no idea. you have to communicate with everybody, right? they all have paddles. at the end they felt that it was successful. so they all cheered yeah. >> new category. >> i think you have to stand up though. they stay on their knees. i think you have stand up. >> do the team stuff. >> like skiers do. >> you realize how hard it was to pull this off? >> i want to see them wrap it up. give them a chance.
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this is vinyl raft. >> a blowup raft. >> yeah. it's known as the susquach. measures 16 feet long by 6 1/2 feet wide. >> nothing went wrong, though because that's the crown jewel of surfers there if something went wrong, there wouldn't be a surf competition. >> surfers continue to submit videos through march 20th. wishes will be announced may 1st with a prize of $15,000. >> wow. >> they have to split it seven ways. >> yeah. >> everybody has got they're jam. this cockatoo named got ya he's old school. he likes tone loc's "wild thing." >> he's a wild thing. he's a bird ♪ wild thing♪ >> looks like you can put any song to this. this cockatoo might enjoy '80s hair metal. >> in the middle stops and like who came into the club? >> he's like a -- this is your
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jam, you've got to move. >> this red tail hawk decides to give a ballet with a kite. a dad and his daughter out in the park and flying a kite. this red tail hawks like that kite is beautiful. it's got some nice moves. maybe we'll just fly together. >> he's flying with it. >> trying to hundred the kite. >> there is no contact. they want do a nice dance the kite does hit the ground several times. >> try again. >> come on kite. >> the hawk doesn't attack it. it wants to play. it's a new friend. >> here comes his buddy again. >> that's fun. maybe learn new flying techniques. doesn't understand how the kite -- >> moving in a way it doesn't understand. at same time having fun with your daughter flying a kite and interact with a bird of prey. it's a win/win. >> i'm sorry.
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>> oh you're scared aren't you? >> yes. >> i'm going to freak you out. >> you already are. >> this is surveillance video right out by a home in australia. legend has it that this home was built on older property and the home next door is still the original older home. fact, this new driveway used to be a pool. >> okay. >> that's terrifying. >> it's a reasonainy misty night and you're going to see scariness right there. it's a ghost. >> i know what it is. it's a raindrop work its way down the lens of the camera. >> i thought the same thing but then watch because it goes back. >> ohhhh. the story behind this. video about six years old. anonymously giving to the ghost
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chasers. they had seen the spirit with their own two eyes. they invited the ghost chasers to come over and professionals have looked at this and they can't explain it. they don't know what it is. they don't say it's rain. ohhhhh. >> okay. well then i think the only conclusion it's clearly a spirit ghost. >> pedro's a little horse with a big problem. he can see out of his stall. >> like a little box to stand on or something. >> see how these kids fix pedro's problem, next. and we're giving away an ipad mini plus it's point us in day in the great "rtm" giveaway. also giving away a flat screen tv on "right this minute." ler. and i know there are many myths out there ababouout t a a rereveversrse e momortgage soso i i w wanant t yoyou u toto k know the facts. ththerere e arare e cucurrrrently no credit
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9:50 am
get out of the car and grab some. >> the notes though kuwait city notes are united arab emirate notes worth $130 apiece in u.s. dollars. >> that's a lot of money. >> you can see flittering around all over the place. little by little people realize, it's actual money. you can see up in the middle of the street traffic stopped, people running all over reaching down grabbing crash. >> a helicopter i don't know explode? >> where is it coming from? >> i wish i had a good answer but i read a bunch of different reports, none gave a great answer where the money came from. trying to figure out who this money belongs to. >> finders, keepers. losers weepers. >> what i'm excited about, there's a burger there. >> micropig. >> let's go. ♪
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let's go. >> a little problem solved by some big ideas at the horse club in the uk. you can see the horses riding by. then you see the newest addition to the ebony horse club. >> my gosh. that is the cutest thing. are you kidding? >> that's pedro. pedro is a shetland pony. >> did they vote to get limb into the horse club? did they vote for pedro? >> ah. >> when pedro gets into his little stall, he can't see over the door. he can't see the surroundings. can't see what's going on in the world. >> so unfair the poor little guy. >> right, right. >> give him like a little box to stand on or something. >> of the ebony horse club they got together and started brainstorming. they are coming up with an idea to help pedro. watch this. adorable. >> my idea is to use hot air balloons.
9:52 am
>> walkie-talkies. >> they put it to a vote. here's the winner. the pedro scope. it's like a giant periscope and it's got mirrors so that little pedro can stick his head in. you can see out. >> it's like ones you used to use in world war i so they couldn't get shot by snipers. hilarious. >> can we cut the doorknob? >> count we -- i thought that. >> put a platform in the actual stall. when he's in there, he's taller. >> you don't want limb to fall off and injure himself, hurt a leg. >> is he like i'm cool with it. >> some solution. we've got it going on for him. hoping in the long run to make him comfortable and get a miniature stable so he'll be just as happy as the rest of them. >> the horse club is raising money to purchase a miniature stable for pedro. >> there you go. >> time for us give away an ipad mini. >> to enter, you need the buzzword be at least 18 or older and a legal u.s. resident.
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dog knows how to beg.
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>> are you sure? i'm not quite sure what you want here. what are you trying to tell me? >> info merges do a really good job at selling your product if you're a good infomercial salesperson. >> hi i'm gigi. >> a great infomercial salesperson. >> i'd like to talk to you about girl scout cookies! >> oh. >> yeah one of each please. >> i've got all of your favorites. samoa. >> tag alongs. >> sure we do. >> how much are they? >> $4. >> oh well done. you do it in the one easy payment. so simple. >> i have a five. here you go. >> but wait there's change. >> fantastic. >> they're her dad, by the way.
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he was a sport port patingeinge participating. >> sales go to troop 1644 local delivery included. ask about shipping. >> hoping to sell 200 boxes. she's sold quite a few. better get it while supplies last. >> but wait there's more. ask me about our new free options. >> available for 5.5. >> watch her sell way more than 0 boxes. she's reaching out to internet. >> order yours today. >> that's our show. we'll see you for the next "rtm."
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. live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show". today she interviews today of the biggest stars. we're talking hot topics with
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piers morgan. and our girl with the goods nicole lapin brings us money saving tips. plus all 's hottest topics. now here's wendy! >> wendy: yeah!


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