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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 28, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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the dash cam shows a father rushing a child to a police car. >> he's trying desperately to save his son's life. >> see the high speed drama to get to a hospital in time. a driver spots something scary in the side mirror and -- >> it's getting a little close. >> what it's like to be trapped between two elephants. a teacher is about to get a surprise in the high school gym. why this is no ordinary pep rally.
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and pranks that prove -- >> if you can't figure out who the dumb one is -- >> how some jokers on the job are taking it up a notch. a dramatic scene in lithuania captured from a few different angles. check this out. the first shot from a police car dash cam. you see a car pulling up into view. listen to this. you hear a woman scream. the woman and a man jump out of the car. you can see that the man is holding a small child. the police spring into action. this 10 month old child reportedly is choking on some bacon that he had chewed. this moment that we're seeing here the child has lost consciousness and is turning blue. you can see the father holding the child in his arms hitting the child on the back shaking the child. >> he is trying to do that.
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>> oh, yeah he's trying desperately to save his son's life. the officers begin driving down the road you can hear the sirens you can see them weaving in and out of traffic. they are going at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. they know that there's a hospital close by and they are trying to get there as quickly as possible. in this moment right here you are seeing them pull into the parking lot of this local hospital. they rush the child inside. immediately the staff, they spring into action. they resuscitate this child, saved his life. the child is expected to be okay. >> this video is so scary to watch because we know they are only one mishap away from a terrible crash. >> credit to them. situation like that if you're a father i would drive at light speed. get me there as fast as possible. as you can see, there's an elephant right there on the road because of the kruger national
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park you can drive through and see elephants and lions and hyenas walking across the road. >> oh, my. >> you guys oldest trick in the book. >> they are stuck between two elephants. these people get worried for good reason because the elephants, you know he's getting a little close. >> you got to sort of play off you're feeling really lucky and really really unlucky at the same time. this is great but we might die. >> that's why you go there. that's why you go for this experience. you go there hoping to see something and if you get a windshield full of elephant, that's a great >> whoa! did that elephant rear back? like stay away from my turf. >> wow.
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got a bit of a scuffle here. >> oh, what did he just do? he just threw her down on the ground? >> he did. and he's kind of justified. this is a security guard at the willow grove mall in pennsylvania. that is a suspected shoplifter that he's after. >> the clue to me was he had a walkie-talkie. he's trying to recover some products. he grabs her bag. watch what the security guard shows the person with the camera. you clearly see the security tags on the clothes. >> and the price tags. >> but she's driving off and he's got her bag. >> you're right. they just take off in the car, off they go. now, this guy has already been pulled over by australian police and he's a little mad at them because he said you need to follow your own rules. the officer claims that he intimidated her and he's like the only reason why is because you were on your phone while
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driving and that's against the law. what gives you the right to break the law, not me. >> why are you allowed to be on your phone? >> he gets angry. >> what if he causes an accident? >> good point. he asks what happens if you cause an accident while you're on the phone. >> that's all i can say. >> which really does just stay as a verbal argument. thankfully the guy in the car does seem to calm himself down because he realizes if this goes on he's going to get even more angry. it's cold outside, there's nothing better than just sort of like hiding inside maybe making some hot chocolate or running a really hot bath a jacuzzi, and hiding from the crazy frigid weather. that would be the thinking of most people. not the canadians. this is a canadian post. he took his two buddies out into
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the wilderness of canada. they found a beautiful river. it's a frigid minus four degrees fahrenheit here today. they start doing this. take all the clothes off and have a bath. straight into the water. it's okay. he's wearing his hat to keep warm. he'll be fine. at the same time they did only spend about three seconds in. he jumps right out, wraps himself in a towel. that's why they lit the fire but he's not the only one doing it. >> they are walking through the wet icy slush to get down to it. it's cold enough trying to get that hole. >> if it's that cold out, after you get out, it starts to feel nicer. >> or you just may do this. this is a children's zoo north of tokyo. they've got sort of a hot spring run of water. what they do they just kind of chill out. you see these guys here as well they just stand under it let the water just run over them on a frigid day.
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talk about getting away just by the skin of your teeth. or maybe the skin of your scalp.
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we are scrabbling on a motorbike in bangkok, thailand. >> lot of traffic. busy road. >> traffic is heavy and you can zip right on through. >> i don't think this guy is glad he has a bike on this day. oh! >> you are the luckiest human being in the world! >> this motorcyclist survived this by the skin of his head. hit the guys they were riding with lost control and just grazed both of those 18 wheelers with his head. you will see his helmet is rolling off on the ground. but look at this. gets up and he's kind of smiling. only minor scratches. some bumps and bruises. >> i think they were both wrong to split that lane. i don't think you should do it when there are two trucks up ahead. if you are going to split lanes the safest time to do it is when both vehicles are next to each
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other. you see them you know they're not going to collapse. >> they're crazy there on the road. >> i have another survival story, also the skin of the scalp, saving this dog and pedestrian. everybody stopped. that's because this is a pedestrian crosswalk. look there at that black car just barreling down the icy roadway. >> stupid. >> the dog and pedestrian are fine. the car skimmed past the dog's head but d not hithe dog. two pranks one is actually kind of funny. the other one, you are going to be a little freaked out by. both of these from viral video uk. two liter soda bottle there is full of water. two of these guys are looking into the bottle right? like oh, look what's in the bottle. this guy here is what's going on let me look in the bottle. >> that's a great one.
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>> squeezes the water all up on his face. >> up his nose. >> up his nose. probably up his mouth. >> whenever you're around your buddies, if you can't figure out who the fool is, it's you. you have to have your radar turned on around the guys. >> this one is kind of crazy. this guy is working on the roof of this house wearing a beanie and then someone else with a blow torch gets close, lights the beanie on fire. >> like joe pesci in "home alone." >> exactly. right here as he's getting up he reaches up for his hat, realizes it's on fire, puts it out. >> that could have been a severe burn. >> those are the best pranks. the ones that could have almost killed you but didn't. in this age of the internet we have come to know a lot of felines. felines rule the web.
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there is one gold standard. grumpy cat. remember we were the first to interview grumpy cat on national tv. but guess what? the gold standard has a challenger. ladies and gentlemen, i introduce you to sauerkraut. >> what an awesome name for a cat. >> i know sauerkraut has got a sourpuses sourpuss. she is a rescue. there she is with one of her owners. >> furrowed brow. >> there is a reason for her furrowed brow. she has a permanent frown because she has a neurological condition but as you can see here she is happy and enjoying life. look at that face. >> beautiful blue eyes. >> she's gorgeous. >> she is also only 5 1/2 pounds but apparently she is harness trained, likes to ride in her stroller and is pretty cool about riding in a car. >> she doesn't look grumpy. she's not really grumpy. >> what i like about sauerkraut this is the first cat that can give you side-eye. to tell us about side-eye and
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everything sauerkraut we have patrick bender "right this minute" with sauerkraut. welcome to the show. >> thank you very much. glad to be here. thank you. >> tell me when you rescued this cat, did you know that maybe you might have internet gold with this one, a challenger to grumpy? >> we really had no idea. when we got her, we realized pretty quickly she had some challenges. she had a heart murmur and feline hyperesthessia. >> she's happy and healthy now? >> she is. she still has her neurological disorders but we figured out how to deal with them. >> how do you feel about this internet craze? >> it's been surreal. people ask if we see ourselves as challengers to grumpy cat. sauerkraut sees grumpy cat more as a mentor. i don't know how to do this gosh, i'm training manager at an insurance company. i don't know anything about this fame thing or about internet stuff. it's all very different for us. >> she's got a bit of a grumpy
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look but how is her demeanor when she's at home relaxing? >> she is very sweet. she really is very sweet. she loves to sit with me forum so reason. interesting, because cats you almost don't choose a cat but a cat chooses you. even though i was not necessarily the one that may have first chosen to adopt her permanently, she certainly has chosen me as her lap of choice. dudes make the most of winter weather by towing their wake boards with snowmobiles through this tiny little river channel here. see why you don't need all the sun to have some fun. and it's a song all about being sick. ♪ prepare for the sickness ♪ >> this might actually make you feel all right if you are under the weather. >> how this tune proves laughter really is the best medicine.
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tiny little river channel here. even got a beach babe out there busting a brew. >> and freezing her booty off. >> listen i think it's been so cold and so snowy for so long, they don't even notice it anymore. that guy goes jumping over his buddy that's coming through on the snowmobile down the water. >> these guys are really good at what they do. >> this guy's awesome. he might be a little confused going stir crazy from the snow and the cold. he took his skateboard took the wheels off and replaced his wheels with a bunch of little skis. >> that's pretty brilliant. if it works. >> he may actually be a genius. >> or he could just eat it. >> yes, yes, yes! no, no, no! >> his brilliance just blew up in his face. >> but for that shining glorious moment his crazy idea worked.
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>> this is a snowboard that's up off the ground a little bit. >> but this one's smaller. you don't have to be clipped on to it and maybe it's more fun. sammy lost his toy. >> where's your toy? you can't find it, can you? where is it? it's there. it's behind you. you found it. you found it. you got it. you got it. well done. cold and flu season is still upon us. about time somebody wrote a song about it. ♪ come on come on trouble trouble infection comes now ♪ ♪ prepare for the sickness you're not going to like that ♪ ♪ cold and flu make you feel like whew ♪
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♪ don't let that ugly muck make your life go ♪ ♪ ha-ha, hee-hee ♪ >> this might make you feel all right if you are under the weather. he is a professional photographer and videographer from kansas city and i think he felt like this was necessary. >> this needs to be a commercial for some cold remedy. like at the end it needs to be knock your cold out with cold go away. >> he actually titled the song yucky muck. >> make sure you achooose us. >> he also can help you get rid of the cold and flu or at least avoid it because he gives tips. ♪ wash your hands before you eat ♪ ♪ wash your hands after you eat ♪ >> see? >> this is all fifth great class. it works. still love this stuff. >> so do college kids at 2:00 in
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puppy play time. ♪ there's something in that high school gym. smells like love. love at a pep rally at st.
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mary's high school in stockton, california. >> got some teachers there. here she is kissing you on the cheek. you see the math teacher there, laura wilkinson, she is blindfolded. >> this is at a high school? >> there's the fellow kissing her. kiss right on the cheek. laura thinks this is hilarious. so now it's time to take off the blindfold. she knows this man. that is her boyfriend, ted. ted actually set this entire thing up. ted was hiding in the band room along with members of laura's family and members of ted's family. why on earth would they all be at the high exactly right. i think miss wilkinson knows what's up. >> look at the girl on the left. >> you know high school girls. they love a little bit of romance.
4:58 pm
you see ted pull the ring out of his pocket. he drops down to one knee. the girls go wild. this is the best moment, when she says yes. the students start coming in taking selfies. you know this is on facebook pages everywhere. >> there's a bunch of teenaged boys in that gym right about now going oh, not her. >> a crush on her. >> miss wilkinson is off the market. that's it for us here at "right this minute," everybody. thanks for joining us. see you next time.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> it looks like bruce jenner is not going to get prosecuted for that terrible car accident. the conventional wisdom is that he was driving h.u.a. >> that's what they call head up ass. >> i have heard his dad said that 100 times, 925. >> what is 925? >> that is dolly parton. >> taylor swift took her friendship with kanye to the max. >> why are you so excited? >> this is insane. kanye west performed at the brit awards. he had an incredible stage show, 60 people all dressed the


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