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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 2, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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>> a race car driver loses it around the curve. he's completely out of control. but he's also out of the race. divers spot what looks look a giant slinky. >> crazy. >> find out what's behind the eerie underwater sight. all planned out. >> she was sent a card and told to -- >> open it via skype. >> what it said that brought her to tears. and it's the internet challenge where you shove marshmallows in your mouth and have to say chubby bunny.
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>> see why using jumbo marshmallows is a very bad idea. >> can't do it. every time we see a video of somebody driving irresponsibly we say take it to the track. doesn't mean take it to the track you're necessarily going to be safe. in germany. >> no! >> spectacular crash around this corner. begins to get a little bit out of shape before he starts to cut across the grasp once he's in the grass he's completely out of control. when he gets back on to the pavement the tire goes flat. he hits the grass again, catches and flips over. what kind of condition is this guy? >> there's a passenger in there as well. >> there is a passenger. the passenger gets out through the window of this car. this a right hand ive reekvehicle.
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he bh scramble jump the driver a little bit slower crashes down because he just realized there goes my car. no else got swept up in the crash. can't say the same for the next video from juken. this is at the mt. barker tour a cycle tour in australia. watch what happens. 1,000 feet of the race sprint to the finish. >> oh, no! >> i hate those. >> every time you see that my knees and elbows go numb because you know the guy's stacking it on the concrete and, look wearing lycra. >> you mentioned some of the metal probably hitting parts. >> coming from the bike of jeremy roy, a frenchman. two teammates got caught up in the crash. they weren't able to go on to the next stage of the race. john was out paddling one
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morning and got quite a show from a humpback whale. he says he was a half mile out when the humpback starts to slap. >> serious. >> the waves that are rocking him are the waves created by the whale as it's flapping. >> no are you serious? that's amazing. >> it gets a little closer. john's like maybe. >> better stop filming. ♪ >> that's cool. you didn't have to go out on i whale watching tour boat. nature happening right in front of you. >> how about this video found in the philippines? this -- >> what the -- >> a tornado. >> somebody pull the plug on the ocean floor? >> like a tub draining. >> not a rubber ducky, not a water tornado. that's pirace stone.
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tiny invertebrates millimeters wide but form tunnels and get up to ready for this 40-feet long. you can see them. >> seen from the "abyss." >> don't you think it's different, discovery channel, nat geoprograms, you see this? no "right this minute" is bringing you this video. >> yes, we are. one end is open they suck water through that and filter the food in. >> what. >> all feed on it. the other end is closed. >> crazy. >> some people do this. he decides to sit in the engine compartment and just hang out. >> you realize he opened the door. >> yeah. >> to get in there there looks dangerous. >> the fare he was avoiding was 18 cents, u.s. >> maybe he didn't have 18
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cents. >> maybe he was fixing the engine and they're just being efficient. you never know. >> we have another video, another dash cam, along the same lines. people that don't quite want to pay for public transport. a skateboarder watching his back watch, he grabs on to the back of the bus. he's like yes, i'm in "back to the future," it's amazing. >> he's like just getting on board. the dash cam. >> just pay for the bus, it's not that much. >> two videos you're doing it wrong. >> i felt immediately bad. >> oh! >> invented a new move.
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>> he got this girl. >> she's wearing a gopro. please post the photos. >> love that sound. than sound is the sound of failure. >> immediately of course feels like a dummy because she knows how to do this. it's like snow borgd 101 stuff for her. >> i feel really bad. >> this one, you are going to feel a little bit bad about. that's little jamima. her dad is swinging her. >> don't step away. >> oh! >> you sigh. no problem. >> she fell back on her head. they're going to find a way. >> there ises a flashback to the '80s. you know when people weren't so concerned. >> it's nice to see a little kid playing outside on a swing. >> i love the dog, too. it's trying to get in on the fun. >> dog running back and forth, i
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somebody set up a camera in the garage pointed at the dryer. that's because the man right there, his name is christopher, 28 years old, he's been coming into their garage for months taking the panties of two women who live in the house.
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not only their panties, their bras. >> that is such a weird setting. so weird. er. >> once they turn the video over to police they went to mr. mccard's house and found 100 pairs of bras and pannies. >> crazy. >> maybe he has some sort of cross dressing thing that he likes to do that he doesn't want to come out about, he doesn't want to go to the store and buy them. >> with stalking breaking and entering. it's just so weird. >> he says he doesn't know why he even did it but he's now a registered sex offender for two years. he has to perform 200 hours of unpaid work and has to pay a fine. when the people who lived in the house looked at video they said they have known him for years. >> did he get to keep the panties? >> he didn't. who would want them back? who would want them back? >> seriously. >> the second video you see a guy with what appears to be a handgun, his face in a mask and holding up a shop keeper at a
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little store. watch what the shop keeper does. grabs his bat, the guy with a gun, is scared off. that scares the guy with the gun to run away. >> the other patrons don't seem to get scared away. >> they're like whatever. >> laughing at the guy with a gun. >> how demoralizing is that if you're a criminal with a gun and somebody laughs at you? >> pay attention all of you getting married in 2015 or some time soon. >> this guy. >> yeah. video put together by the wedding paper divas. this is mindy, a huge wedding planner, has planned wedding of many celebrities and this is her take on 2015 wedding trends. >> asian inspired. >> i know what i don't want. continue. >> maybe not your shil but pretty. >> i like that word. i want to put something in my house to use it. >> it's hard not to like that. you can come up with any color
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combinations that you like. >> i'll allow that. >> classic is king. romance and lots of lace which i think is very pretty. >> it's okay. country for my taste. >> one trend i'm really loving water color ombre. >> soft pastels. >> she'll like that one, that's the one. >> water colors. >> honey, i hope you're watching because i'm not taking notes. >> more and more couples are inspired by nature and the outdoors. >> i like this particular idea because it's a green living wall which basically features live plants. >> there you go. >> i hope this has helped you in your wedding planning process. but remember whatever trend or theme you go with please make it true to the two of you. call me. ♪ >> turner's being lazy.
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♪ >> he's so lazy. >> a snowmobile video here for you but this one doesn't involve any snow. we have here truck, snowmobile and what they have is a ramp to get this up on to the truck. what i think is going to happen, nick? >> they're going to -- >> he just landed flat on top. >> but their idea worked. >> yes. >> they got it on top of the truck. >> with sound. >> the execution, though not quite what they were looking for. that's not exactly going to buff out but they're okay. >> this next video, mick has had a great idea. there's a camera there are people. he's going to slide along the snow and when this video hits youtube all of the ladies' underwear will fall off, at least that's the plan. i don't think that's going to
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happen that way, mick. what i like about the video, we get the i have really hurt my bum and going to try to walk it off and look cool. >> creeping up his spine. looks like your panties are still on. >> nope didn't work. >> come on man, you've got to nail these things. >> mine are on the floor, though. >> chest bumps with total strangers. >> oh nice! that was a good one. >> see it next "right this minute." still to come -- or a b.a.s.e. jump. >> but what you can see what he's jumping into. >> crazy. >> see what's beyond the fog, next. plus a couple gets creative to announce -- >> their second. >> see the elaborate ways they're letting everyone know.
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>> what if there's a bird that happens to fly in your path and your line at that exact moment? >> even if you've done it a million times this is going to be terrifying. >> can't see, can't see, can't see. >> man. >> wow. >> that's got to be more fun and scary. >> that is the definition of faith right there. >> tremendously. piper pulls pixel. ♪ when you're a couple and you have a photography and creative services company, when you reveal the gender of your baby or the fact that you're having a baby it's priceless.
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check out how they told grandma. that's the card that they made. they sent this to grandma, grandma hasn't opened it but told her open it via skype. >> all continues well. oh my god. i can't believe it! >> this one, they did a wall mural and the mural has a message. first, you see the couple they're putting it together. look it's the finished product. you see two people holding hands. >> beautiful. >> they realize, you know what? there's something missing. they start putting up a swing. and there's a little person in the swing. meaning they're expecting. >> that's awesome. >> check out how they told grand pap at a restaurant sipping out of a cup. when he gets to the bottom he sees something written at the bottom of the cup. that lets him know you're going to be a grand dad. >> creative ways of announcing there's a baby on the way.
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>> and you know gender reveal parties are the big thing now. this couple decided how about we do a rube goldberg device to reveal what it will be? i like how to starts in the house and does all of these wonderful things with cards and blocks. ♪ and then it moves outside. >> good gracious. >> a black curtain is revealed. behind the black curtain pink balloons. >> voila, they're having a girl. college kids take on the chubby bunny challenge. winner gets 20 bucks. but see what happens when we get to stuffing. >> whoa. hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry y wiwinknkler. and i know there are many myths out there ababouout t a a rereveversrse e momortgage soso i i w wanant t yoyou u toto k know the facts. ththerere e arare e cucurrrrently no credit score oror i incncomome e rereququirements to qualify. yoyou u cacan n geget
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this out. if you're the owner of 560-horsepower all-wheel drive
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200,000, 2014 you want to take it out. those things can set fire to the road. however, coming out of costco and find your car looking like this. you can see right here the most expensive-looking barbecue i have seen that is completely burning down. as the flames die down it was going to be rescuable. but fire department turns up puts out the fire they have to yank off all of the sheet metal and make sure everything was safe. this car, a total loss. the guy had just got done getting all of his shopping from costco, came out and found this. >> hope you're insurance is up to date right. >> you would think on a pricey little thing. >> 200 grand. >> such a beautiful car and now it's just a hot mess.
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it's a popular and easy youtube challenge to try. the chubby bunny. you know this one. you take turns stuffing marshmallow in your mouth and you to have say chubby bunny. this is being done by the youb tube channel. >> stick it in my mouth. >> went to a college campus. folks who could stuff the most marshmallows in your mouth. winner gets 20 bucks. >> chew the marshmallows? >> not supposed to chew the marshmallows. shove them in your mouth, leave them in the condition that they were in when you stuck them in say chubby bunny, and the next person's turn. hard to not start laughing. >> chubby bunny. >> no we're going to try it. we have some marshmallows. we're going to do it. >> jumbo? >> crazy. >> why do they have to be jumbo? >> stuff.
3:27 pm
keep track. all right. put one in. say chubby bunny. >> chubby bunny. >> go ahead. vera. >> chubby bunny. >> chubby bunny. >> some problem. >> chubby bunny. >> chubby bunny. >> all right. let's hear it. >> chubby bunny. >> whoa. >> all right. we lost vera. >> can't do it. you can choke doing this please be careful. >> oh my gosh. >> chubby bunny. >> can he do it? >> you're going to choke yourself. >> chubby bunny.
3:28 pm
>> is that four? three? >> oli, i'm impressed, man. >> this is the most embarrassing thing we've had to do on the show. >> chubby bunny. >> a nightmare. >> oli, you're the winner with three. 3.5. >> send us your chubby bunny videos. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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it's an extreme police chase. >> brazil on motorcycles. >> what happen when the chase ens and the gun comes out? skydivers get ready to jump by soaking their canopyies. >> a scaffolding. >> see why it's part of one crazy plan. >> oh! >> boom! >> trying to conceive for six months now. >> youtube, this blogger -- >> has been sharing a very personal journey. >> how her months of struggle finally lead to a celebration. >> what? >> it's not what you think. >> a special part of the team finally gets


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