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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 2, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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it's an extreme police chase. >> brazil on motorcycles. >> what happen when the chase ens and the gun comes out? skydivers get ready to jump by soaking their canopyies. >> a scaffolding. >> see why it's part of one crazy plan. >> oh! >> boom! >> trying to conceive for six months now. >> youtube, this blogger -- >> has been sharing a very personal journey. >> how her months of struggle finally lead to a celebration. >> what? >> it's not what you think. >> a special part of the team finally gets in the game.
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>> he's absolutely thrilled. >> see the moment charlie took his opportunity and nailed it. >> nothing but net! >> nothing like a police chase. this one in brazil on motorcycles. this video getting a lot of attention. recently posted to the facebook page of a police support group. the guy we're riding with is ace police officer on the road right in front of him another police officer that's tailing behind two suspects who are getting away on their motorcycle. for a very long time they chase them. they're not giving up easily. when you think they're closing in and they make it these guys find a way to speed away. and this goes on for a while longer. >> wonder what are they running from? we see videos from brazil they're stealing bikes, it happens all the time. >> it's our understanding the cops are part of a drug unit. and watch this. right about here you finally
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get to see the police officers get them to slow down. one of the guys on the motorcycles falls off. he takes off running and trying to get into a residence. on the other side of the street this police officer draws his gun, points it at the rider left on the motorcycle. he is then arrested on the spot. and you see another police officer. >> like an entire bike cop team. >> awesome. >> yeah. >> takedown. good work. that's dangerous for those police officers on bikes. they've got no protection trying to take guys down they're on motorcycles themselves. it's tough. >> it was dangerous. the other suspect that ran away and tried to hide in a home took out a gun of his own but ended up getting shot in the leg. eventually they were both arrested and sounds like this may have been a mission because they were carrying one kilo of marijuana, over two pounds. >> you'll never outrun bike cops when there's two people on a motorcycle. >> you'll never outrun bike cops, period.
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you guys like explosions and canopies on fire? and stupidity? this is the place to go. >> sounds like our kind of place, nick. >> how can you not say yes to all of that especially a viral video show. this is living the dream episode two, youtube web series. sent this to us. this is not water they're pouring on the canopies. soaking canopies in a bin of gasoline. >> when they say stupidity i didn't realize they meant stupidity. it's like being silly. >> up into a plane. they jump out. there goes the canopy full of gasoline two guys jump out over arizona. now, a flare gun and then -- >> oh! >> boom! there goes your canopy like a piece of tissue paper up in smoke.
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they go ahead, pull their reserve chute. >> what were you doing? where were you? how many drinks deep do you have to be to go you know what would be hilarious? if we set fire to it with a flare gun. >> just then adding a little bit more flare to their jump. >> every neighborhood has that old guy who says get off my lawn! and i guess every forest has an elephant that says get out of my for forest. he got some guys in a truck. they spot an elephant. the elephant keeps pursuing them as they're backing up. but watch what happens next.
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the elephant rams the truck, and then it turns around and walks away. look at the damage the elephant left behind. >> well it's a big animal. >> i hope they had elephant insurance. what happens if an elephant sat on me? >> part of a safari vehicle now. >> a lot friendlier animal encounter in tampa, florida. jim webb went to the golden arches supper club. after he came back out from inside he had a friend on the hood. he took pictures but he started the engine and thought the eagleette would fly away. it doesn't immediately get off the car. pulls out of the parking lot, on to the street. it doesn't go anhere. >> i think he's confused but he's like you know what? i'his goes. >> jim has stopped in traffic. the bird does not leave until after traffic starts moving. and the bird's like he's not going where i'm going so it just takes off.
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people wearing wet suits on the show but we never think about how they get the wet suit off. how to get off a wet suit. i'm going to rename it how not to. it's a nightmare. 1:45 of this guy trying get out of his wet suit. taken off the boots. it gets stuck and you have to do the hop around the boat and the boat's moving around bouncing all over the place, can't get up there we go. pop go his shoes off. >> sit down first. >> that would be way too simple nick. the way he's going to grab a hold of that and then have his buddy trying to pull it off. >> everybody knew that was going to happen. >> but now he's caught up and he looks like a mermaid that can't really get out of whatever situation he's in. the guy pulls harder and harder before someone has the genius idea of like a sock. takes a minute and a half to get the wet suit off.
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he's on the floor like a total muppet before there we go. no way 0 you can look cool taking off a wet suit. >> i wondered if he had that wet suit since he was 12. this car blows right through the red light past a dad carrying his child. >> see what happens when crosswalk rage meets road rage into a pig squealing competition with a twist. >> oh it's not a pig. >> you don't want to miss what this mind-blowing contest entails. >> this is bizarre! i i hahaveve t thehe w wororstst c colold d wiwith this runny nose. i better take something. dadayqyquiuillll c colold d anand d flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alalkaka-s-seleltztzerer p plulus s cocold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. ohoh, , whwhatat a a r relelieief f it is. i'i'veve j jusust t fofounund d mymy new beauty bff. hihi t theherere!! new colgatate e opoptitic c whwhititee express white. wawaitit, , dodon'n't t yoyou u memeanan m me?e? nenew w cocolglgatate e opoptitic c whwhititee express white toothpaste hahas s ththe e prprofofesessisiononalallyly rerecommended whitening ingredient
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i already feel like we're the most connected but i think this solo date will seal the deal. sure! i offer multi-car, safe driver, and so many other discounts that people think i'm a big deal. and boy, are they right. ladies, i can share hundreds in savings with all of you! just visit today. but right now, it's choosing time. ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us. this is a joke, right? that was the whole point of us being here. dash cam from southampton, united kingdom. the guy with the dash cam rounds the corner notices something going on up ahead. little bit of road rage. >> what the -- >> what's going on? >> some driver's got another guy down on the ground. the guy on the ground is wearing all orange maybe some sort of construction worker.
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somebody else runs in tries to break these guys up and that seems to work thankfully this road rage doesn't continue. guy with the orange suit seems to cool off and walk away. not stir up any more trouble. >> goes over and breaks it up puts it down come on come on. >> fresh eggs and milk here. i've got to get home. traffic cameras caught this incident in russia. watch what happens has the family steps into the crosswalk which they have the right of way. the small nissan blows through the red light, past the dad carrying his child. dad doesn't like that one bit. starts giving that guy an earful passes the kid off to mom, and then the guy gets out of his car. >> oh no. >> and starts throwing hay makers. >> what? >> darn. that's not the example you want to give your kids though. >> that guy in the car got the best of him. >> dad gets knocked down on his
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tokus other people pour out. mom comes running back with the kid. looks like the kid starts to take a few swings. >> get off my dad. >> yeah. >> i can see that parent/teacher conference. >> this video features the merger of art and music in a very beautiful way. ♪ that is a painting and that musics ♪ >> talk about interacting with your art. >> no kidding. >> i want to try it. >> so cool. >> i want to play. i want to play. ♪ >> especially because it was wired in a way where you could actually get different tones, melodies from the different sensors throughout the painting. it's cool.
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basically a wooden canvas. the pant is just acrylic, used color pencils. and it's conductive paint that helps music and melody. >> i mean if i was in an art gallery drinking free wine i'd be playing on that thing all the time. >> it's pretty cool. this video is older but it's now trending. they wired the back of this painting using a board and hook that to a mack mini and speakers. there is a tutorial how you could make this if you wanted to make it. >> i want one. >> that's pretty cool. >> isn't it? >> sounds wonderful in french but what i'm saying is pig squealing. the world pig squealing championship. i'm going to show you why.
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no-no has won for a sixth year in a row. >> oh, it's not even a pig. >> humans pretend they are pigs and squeal like them. here comes the birth of a pig, breast-feeding then death. i give you first the birth. >> what is he doing? >> he's giving birth to piglets right here. this is bizarre. >> here comes the part where a pig is breast-feeding. notice bottle nipples as little teats. >> i'm troubled. french are weird but come on! >> the final piece dela resistance after all, it's paris, i give you the death of a
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pig. >> it's like a french film. the birth. the breast-feeding. the death. >> the end. >> these crossfit athletes carrying people up those escalators. crazy, right? >> i want to say if a good-looking gentleman with muscles wants to carry me up the stairs who am i to say no? >> that's true. i changed my mind. >> see why they've got their carry-on next. who wins? the orange or the balloon. >> wow. that's weird. >> yeah. see how to ends on "right this minute."
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- - yoyourur w warart t wiwillll g go o awaway. yoyourur w warart t wiwillll g go o awawayay.. female annnnououncncerer:: you could try home remedies toto r rememovove e yoyourur w warartsts bubut t wawartrtststicick k woworkrks.s. bubuy y atat d drurugsgstotoreress or ususe e ononlyly a as s didirerectcteded.. faced with a choice of escalators or stairs i'll take the stairs healthy life. people in sweden they're over it. 39 escalators have stopped working and they have to walk up. >> everybody's complain? >> some of the places look at the size some are like 180 steps long. you can see this woman right there, almost fainted. she's panting. the guys at reebok decided we like our healthy living we're going to go out and help people as well. they got together crossfiters who help you know literally
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carry people up. >> no! are you serious. >> really? >> yes. a bunch of crossfiters, they get together carrying kids dogs luggage, carrying everybody. even a pregnant woman there up the stairs so they can get about their day. at the same time encouraging more humans get out. >> all i can think of is the legality of somebody drops somebody else and go tumbling down a huge lawsuit. >> and caught up in the i don't want anybody touching me just get away i'll walk up. they're all up in your business. >> i want to say if a good-looking gentleman with muscles want to carry me up the stairs who am i to say no? >> that's true. i changed my mind. >> that's perspective, baby. ♪ >> not a fan of the snowman.
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>> lexi i made a little snowman. >> my name is jasmine. >> this blogger goes by the name of j.b. beyond beautiful on youtube has been sharing a very personal journey. >> we have been trying to conceive for six months now. this is our sixth cycle. god willing, this is the last time that we're going to be doing this. >> she says that she and her husband have been trying to conceive for months and for a very long time has been unable to get pregnant. she's gone through treatments. they want to have a family. >> and of course, i'm not pregnant there there's another video that she posted where you can just see that she's not
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feeling well. >> this journey can really mess you up mentally. >> there's a new video that was posted just a couple days ago and the message is a little bit different. >> what are you doing? >> nothing. i just want to say how much i love you. >> you can see her attitude is way different. >> got to work tomorrow? >> no. >> oh that's so good. >> why is that so good. >> we can celebrate. >> what? >> what you think. >> are you pregnant? >> uh-huh. >> no. >> i swear. >> he doesn't want to get excited, right, they've had so many disappoints but she says she is pregnant. shows him the test. >> we've got to go to the doctor. >> are you lappy? >> i'm happy. >> the crazy thing, you see the difference almosts looks look a
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playing a box that the tea set came in. >> boys pay close attention. a quiz at the end of the video because this is like going to biology clasp i give you, popping a balloon with an orange. >> how does it happen? do you throw the orange at the balloon and it pops? no get orange skin squeeze it over the balloon and look at that. >> just the acid of the skin? enough to pop the balloon. >> the skin contains a hydrocarbon which is flammable but once on the rubber of the balloon it dissolves or just yee eating
3:56 pm
oranges go around and ruining kids' day. >> how did some professor in my school days never shown me that. >> not showing it's simple experiments like this. fascinating to us. as a kid, if i'd seen this we'd try it. >> i want to see the slow motion to prove it's not a guy with a -- >> in the first part of the video it does get very close. you can see when the guy squeezes the skin of the original you can see droplets of it right there, it either weakens or dissolves rubber of the balloon and pop. >> about a minute left on the clock of the final home game for the meadow brooks. 57-51. when the coach calls for charlie hall to take to the floor. fill you in charlie has been the team manager for the last four years. he's a senior. he's graduating. charlie has learning difficulties. he has speech difficulties.
3:57 pm
but the team loves him. they got together come on final game you've got to send him in. coach does it. and hand him the ball. and then -- >> oh. >> nothing but net! a three-pointer! absolutely nails it. >> charlie's not done yet, guys get the ball again, takes another shot. off the rim. quickly recycle it to charlie and -- another three-pointer. >> at that point you drop the mike right, walk out? >> you want to make sure the game's over. you can't celebrate too soon. >> the buzzer goes. and place goes wild. whole team comes out, everybody
3:58 pm
gathers around. grandma nancy says there wasn't a dry eye in the house. a great story. i love things like this. >> that's our show. we'll see you for the next "rtm."
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>> welcome to "tmz live." charles here. >> and dax. >> so bruce jenner. this is probably the dumbest thing i can imagine bruce jenner doing at this point. you know, of course, bruce jenner involved in that fatal accident on p.c.h. we told you it is very unlikely he will be charged with vehicular manslaughter in this case. because he was doing something that most people do. which is driving sort of distracted. wasn't paying attention. >> wasn't paying attention. i think you can see in the


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