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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 3, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PST

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an angry pregnant laid c. is about to be hit with a pot of boiling hot water. what set off one nasty neighbor dispute. hey, hey. >> guess who is back in the air? >> wow. >> the amazing sights and sounds behind his triumphant return. >> good play. video surfaces of an ice bucket challenge that -- >> nearly cost grandma her life. >> what happens when the fun
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stops and the veshsvicious attack begins. >> plus a porker in the road. >> a stand-off here. and a dude's video resume to work at snapchat. >> because he has a lot to offer. >> riding the bike on a beach. >> see why eli's got more than enough skills for the job. >> my personally i'd never seen that in all of my life. >> excellent presentation. it is said you should love thy neighbor. that sentiment lost on these two neighbors in argentina. you can tell when the video starts an argue happening between neighbors. one, a 19-year-old pregnant girl cynthia lira and her 63-year-old neighbor selma prada gustos. selma is inside this doorway. they're arguing, it sounds like over property. but watch what happens. >> what is that? throw something at her?
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>> a pot of boiling, hot water that this woman throws at the 19-year-old pregnant girl. listen to the screams. >> [ bleep ]! >> she goes running away she falls, and you see her tearing her clothes off because her skin is burning. you can hear she's screaming and crying obviously in pain. the video shot by a third neighbor who heard the commotion going on and got the camera out to record everything. you can see how red her skin is. now the 19-year-old was taken to the hospital. she was treated for burns. and now, because of the video, police in argentina have been made aware of the situation and investigating. although the 63-year-old woman told police she felt threatened and felt she needed to protect herself. she lived there alone and this is how she chose to protect herself in this situation. >> you can't blame somebody for trying to protect themselves and
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defend themselves but that's harsh. >> to a pregnant woman. >> yeah. >> [ bleep ]! >> who could forget the a.l.s. ice bucket challenge? last summer all the range, videos popping up like this. grandma, got her grandkids. but this ice bucket challenge nearly cost grandma her life. >> what? >> watch and see why. >> oh! >> oh my gosh! >> dog. >> how did that -- what? a family dog? >> here's what the uploader of this video claims. the dog does belong to their family but it originally belonged to the grandmother's daughter. grand pla and grandpa didn't
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like the dog but afraid of what would happen if they gave the dog up. the video was just posted they only released it now because she felt ready and wants people to be aware of the dangers of dogs that just aren't trained. >> it pull her down really hard. i mean what happened to grandma? >> grandma, you okay? >> no. owe get me a towel, please. >> hurry! he's bleeding. >> that dog is going to [ bleep ] pound. >> you can see the dog in the video at the end. >> oh! holly cow! >> the dog was quarantined for the mandatory ten days to figure out if it had any diseases or rabies but grandpa did go down to the pound after that and signed the papers to have the dog put down. >> grandma, you okay? >> one of our favorite dare devils is back in the air after months of a hiatus.
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dev coreless. >> wow. >> months ago he ended up injuring his acl, had to have an acl reconstruction surgery. during rehab he injured his calf which prolongd the amount of time he needed to recuperate. he's finally back. this is his first jump. >> hey, hey. >> in this particular flight he's with another dare devil, jonathan. >> i'm behind you. >> it blow me away he's getting back up and going at it again. like it's just his thing. well it's funny that you say that because after everything that he happened he didn't know whether he'd be able to fly again. so this flight is actually a huge deal for him. >> wow. the cool thing about this particular video, the fact that we can hear what is going on. >> going faster. >> the communication also must improve the safety quotient to
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know where your other guy is in the air. it's a dangerous sport made safer by that bit of communication. >> three, two, one. all right. and deploy! >> this is a first-person perspective. his canopy starts twisting. >> great. >> but he's a pro. what does he do? he takes control of the situation and is able to untwist his loins. >> are you okay? >> yeah i'm good. that's a pretty good twist but i'm all good. >> landed fine on his newly operated on knee? >> land just fine. coasting down to the drop zone. >> johnny cash of skydivers, the man in black. >> sometimes karma gets you quicker than you expect. this woman issic walkingown alleyway the man passes her on a bike gets off and runs towards her and snatches her bag.
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he's got something he's holding at her. she realizes wait a minute he left his bike behind. >> the bike's more expensive than what she had in her purse. >> she's like all right, fair trade, jerk. >> thank you very much. >> go go go! >> i love it. >> he goes chasing after it. is it real or fake? >> didn't feel real. everyone's reactions are active. the way she's like she does the check back to the bike and the way the guy chases after her with his hands flailing like a 1920 slapstick silent movie. >> why would they run that direction if he knew his bike was there? >> why get off the bike. that's how they do. ride past them grab them ride off. >> the voracity is doubtful but i love the duty. it's real i love the fact she the got the dude's bike. >> we wycheish it's true. help a motorcycle who -- >> trapped on a 70-degree slope. >> see the high risk operation
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that saved the day. a jokester decides to poke fun at his pregnant wife. >> keep up. keep up. >> she seems to be quite annoyed. >> how are you feeling. >> >> oh shut up! >> see how she proves she's a good sport all the way till pushing time.
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company 98 unknown injuries. >> video starts with the county
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fire department. we hear 911 call coming in. >> a motorcycle down on the road to the seven oaks span. >> a motorcycle down on the road to the seven oaks span. we see where on the map. los angeles oaks in california. this is when the sheriff's department whipped out their -- >> 133, go ahead. >> rescue 25. >> action. we have helmet cam from one of the guys. in the back of the vehicle. they have to do a pick-off. >> pick-off. is that rider able to shed any gear he's wearing? >> what happened a motorcyclist government control and fell 30 feet off the edge of a roadway. >> he's notw trapped on 70-degree slope. he's uninjured but cannot climb out because of the loose dirt loose rock. they vo to. to pull a dangerous maneuv. >> go back left. go back right. >> we switch to another angle.
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someone down on the ground. you can hear has a direct the helicopter pilot in. >> go a little bit left. take a little bit right for me. on his way down. >> as they start lowering the rescuer down we see the rescuer disappear. you can see how steep this is where he was trapped. >> rescuer's still down there. you can hear radio communication between the pilot and rescuer as well. >> lift your load. how does that feel? continue and hoist. >> lift away. there we go. >> good ride ride your motorcycle and get a helicopter ride, too? thumbs up. >> this is in the lamar valley in the yellowstone national park in wyoming, and look what's coming at this car. >> da da da, da. stop, dude! >> oh my god! >> do they cover that?
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>> i think the buffalo might have run this one. >> don't run into our holey crap. >> another animal on the road. a pig. >> a [ bleep ] stand-off. >> pick him up put him in your car, take him home. >> what's that, big guy? who do you belong to? >> that's a big pig that you probably don't want to put in your car. but he does give it a treat. he throws hem ss him a cookie. >> you want a cookie? you want a cookie. hold on. >> needs 25,000 more and he'll be fine. now, is that a good cookie? >> this is at the san diego zoo 15 safari park than is a newborn walking around. >> looks like a. y. >> all baby animals are amazingly adorable all of them. >> it's amazing they're cute. those are not good looking animals. they have that odd looking kind of look like -- >> aw. >> what's it like to be
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pregnant. >> a lot of videos people documenting pregnancies on the internet none quite like this. >> oh my god. >> how are you feeling? >> shut up! >> hit me in the lip. >> that's getting me horny. >> this is mike wilson from the mike wilson 3 run youtube channel and decided he should irritate his pregnant wife. but he does say his wife took it in good humor. keep watching. >> a cup of tea? >> shut up. >> worst pain ever. nothing compared to it. keep up. keep up. >> oh my gosh. this is hysterical. it's really funny but i feel really bad for her. >> she fell in love with him for his humor, i'm sure. >> twist up. >> oh shut up. >> breathe it. breathe it.
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sorry. >> look in labor. look at her face. >> she is in labor. >> coming on. >> i don't think there's another video out there like this of the birth of a child. >> kelin jay wilson. >> there he is. >> you might recognize this dad. this dad, michael wilson start the fund hope for jaden. mike surprised jaden on his birthday dressed as his favorite superhero, spider-man. mike and his wife are still keeping good humor and laughter in their household even though jaden passed away on christmas eve of 2014. this new page is all about mike and his brothers going to hike kilimanjaro in honor of jaden. trying to raise money to do that as a family to get closer to jaden who they say, is living in the stars and raise money for the naomi house children's
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hospice. >> this took a whole different turn. you appreciate his humor and comedy and sense of joy in life. i know we can't be mad at him. >> yep. >> climbing the highest mountain in north africa. >> wow! it's so cool. >> look this is why you get up and go. >> next "right this minute estimatestill to come -- >> things are moving smoothly on the road until one guy on a bike. >> seems to lose attention enough there how a bump becomes a scary pile-up. plus arianna's enjoying the tune. >> that she's about to really like the music when her man actually gets up and starts jamming with the band. >> why his rendition of a sam smith hit has her wanting to stay. ♪ won't you marry me♪
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that's because he's on a test drive. >> you see debris flying all over the place. if he wasn't sure whether to buy the bike or not, i'm pretty sure he just bought it. >> reports say he did not buy that bike. he did, however, buy a different bike later in the day. >> not sure who's responsible for the damage to that one. >> he does not need a motorcycle. >> this group of motorcyclists are in vietnam. guys are patting on the left into oncoming traffic. >> what are the traffic laws here? no one seems to follow them. >> roads in vietnam among the most dangerous on earth especially on a motor bike. >> you see a couple of other bikes go flying by but it's not those guy whose have the problem. it's this guy who seems to lose tension just enough and piles into the bike behind him. watch out. >> oh, oh! >> it sucks it's one of their own that got them that created this mess. it's one of their own. >> yeah, wow, that's rough.
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>> to the phoenix, a jazz club a cool jazz club in kansas city. very good music. they often set up these cool jam sessions in the crowd. arianna and john, two very special people that love each other and they've been dating for two years. this is arianna right here clapping because she likes the music but to really like the music when her man actually gets up and starts jam'ing with the band. he grabs the microphone and then he starts singing. ♪ >> he starts singing "stay with me" by sam smith. ♪ >> oh yeah of course. that's a hit. ♪ >> what he wants to do with the song is make sure that his lady never leaves him.
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♪ oh won't you stay with me ♪ ♪ >> he's got some chops. he's not some karaoke bloke. he can sing. >> gets his lady to come over. family and friends are present at the club. here's another little surprise for arianna. ♪ oh won't you marry me♪ >> finally stops singing, gets down on one knee. >> don't cry. come on. >> he proposes. they kiss. and i think they're both pretty excited about this. >> he's trying to snag a job at snapchat. >> they need a multitasking rock star. >> what does eli do? >> multitasks. >> see the resume that proves he's got a whole lot more to
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off guard. >> hey, what's going on snapchat? my name's eli. i saw you're hiring in venice. >> this is the new way to go about getting a job. >> i hate paper resumes. i don't think a paper can encapsulate anybody. i decided to make you my story. >> eli moved to venice california trying to get a job at snapchat. >> broken down line by line what you're looking for in a n a multitasking rock star what happen does eli do? multitasks. >> snapchat you're picky, how about spinning a ball around a bike on a beach taking a selfie? is that rock star level? >> not running into anybody. that's pretty good. >> he has a lot to offer. how about an experienced researcher?
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>> we've all researched this. this is quite possibly the best moment. snapchat looking for phenomenal presentation skills. >> scant speak for you because i don't know what you've seen or where you've been but i know me personally i've never seen laffey taffy look that phenomenal in all of my life. >> excellent presentation of the laffey taffy. >> they need someone who is a strong rider. >> this is an exercise i like do. >> proving he's strong. >> he is. he's a strong strong rider help does have great judgment. >> eli, what do you think? >> 25.4. >> grae. >> he guessed the weight of the onion. >> i hope this guy gets the job. i really do. he's creative. >> fantastic. >> we've talked to eli. so far he has not heard from snapchat but we think it's because folks at snapchat hasn't seen it. >> to be part of the team behind
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snapchat would be a dream come true. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time. skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ ♪ yippee!! ♪ i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪
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dude is riding the dunes.
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>> one of those side by side utvs. >> see why it's the head-to-head part that's a problem. after a fast food worker enduring racial insults -- >> one of the customers said dude time for you to go. >> the moment he can't have his burger his way. >> [ bleep ]. >> together. >> a little girl gets a gift with a hidden message. >> we sees


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