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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 3, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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[ bleep ] dude! you serious, man? [ bleep ]! >> a driver is steamed in san francisco. >> he has a slight issue with the cyclist. >> [ bleep ]. >> see who should probably just shut his pothole. i want to punch those jerk right in the neck. a fireworks celebration until somebody burns his eyebrows off. one close call for one little kid. at first you're not sure what you're looking at. only that it's fascinating. how a random idea led to an amazing art project.
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and it's a bar mitzvah invitation with blurred lines. ♪ going all night♪ >> meet the big talent behind the big party production. when is your bar mitzvah? >> may 2nd. >> what's the address? san francisco, notorious for being a great city. super chilled out city hippies there, peace, love san francisco in the bay, man. this juken video, going through this intersection here. keep an eye on the car on the left. pulls right -- it's close. watch this. >> [ bleep ]. dude! >> a bit of a tap with his hand dude what are you doing? i'm sure this in san francisco the guy's going to be chill. >> what's [ bleep ]. >> you saw me the whole way, bro. >> huh? the signal right there. >> you were right next to me
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it's all on camera buddy. >> [ bleep ]. >> you ran into me. >> i didn't run into you. i passed you up. [ bleep ]. >> calm down sir. >> i don't know what's going on in this guy's day but he's ready to throw down and he's not done yet. >> you're way back there [ bleep ]. >> on video, dude. >> call the cops. >> on camera. >> [ bleep ]. >> step away sir. >> he's completely wrong. there's clearly a bike lane. imagine it as a car. would you cut directly in front of a car and hit the brakes because you want to make a turn? no. >> turns out, he's not really bent out of shape about who's fault it is it's more the vicious attack on his car. >> the tab on the window? >> he wants to escalate things. >> [ bleep ]. >> call the police. >> [ bleep ]. >> call the police. >> how do you like this? >> i hate this guy. >> call the police. >> call the police. >> the video ends as our cyclist is saying call the police call the police.
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>> we did reach out to police but we haven't heard whether he did or anything was charged. >> [ bleep ]. >> call the police. >> you [ bleep ]. >> call the police. >> how do you like this? do you like that in. >> chinese new year recently celebrated and of course you've got to have fireworks. i don't know if this is considered a controlled fireworks display. >> the boxes, you light one fuse all of it starts going off. light it just leave it. >> cool buy the whole box, it's like a fireworks show in a box? >> right. they all go off. >> i want that man. >> it's an awesome show. it's just explosion after explosion of fireworks. you see them shooting up into the sky. he can get his to work. he lights it. runs away. then comes back. tries to light it again. >> never return to a previously
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lit fire. >> no never put your face over it either. >> eventually it does look as though he gets it to work. but something we don't see in this video is the moment he actually burns his eyebrows off. >> what? >> because apparently he got so close and here he is showing us his little hairless face. everyone else around him laughing at him. >> horrible. >> better his eyebrows than his whole face. >> he keeps trying to hide it with his arm and you can tell he's really embarrassed. >> poor little monkey. >> we have all learned that it is really dangerous to get in a car or be a pedestrian in russia. but one day in particular, there were 300 accidents reported to the traffic police because of a winter cyclone. watch what happens here in this accident. he slips and falls. trying to avoid the carp the car
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hits him, pushes him into another car. >> miraculously this man survived. he did suffer multiple injuries but survived. >> look at that. four or five people gather around like they knew this would happen. >> the other cars piled up. those are the people tha probably have gotten outf the cars they're trying to wave t to stop. >> lots of pile-ups. this woman would have been hit by the car if it wasn't for her son. she's fallen her son grabs her, gets her out of the way. >> just in time. >> and the car barely misses her. >> look at all of the different crashes. one of those days where you stay at home. >> it must have been a complete freak store because the russians are used to their snow and ice. this is an extreme ice. >> every other accident reported to the traffic police was entered as lost control because of all of the ice and the sleet. elsewhere in russia we have a grandma taking a walk across the
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street. a marked crosswalk. this car with the dash cam comes to a stop. watch the big rig right there. >> no! oh! >> it veers to the opposite side of the road and misses that woman. >> looked like it had brake issues like it could not slow down. >> notice the guy with the dash cam, he drifted over to the left to try to block both lines so somebody wouldn't come around him. they know this happens all the time. i'm about to tantalize your eyes maybe raise a brow or two, and start a discussion about this art project called preservation. check out these images, all different ages races, creeds genders. images portraits, incredible. no fakery no photo shop here. what is it? >> oh my goodness. >> gayle, you nailed it honey, gallons of honey, being poured over the subject. the photographer, blake little
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an l.a.-based photographer who worked with hollywood a-listers all over the place chose to do this as his next project. part of a book called "preservation." absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. >> looks like amber. like jurassic park. >> exactly what blake thought, too. >> i was photographing this guy one day who looks very fairish. i thought i'm going to shoot him stereotypically shoot him like a bear eating honey. i thought this is the silliest cliche thing i've done in a long time. when i looked at pictures there was something of the honey dripping after of his hands that was intriguing and it looked like he was preserved in amber. >> that's what makes it look like a hard shell. >> also makes it look like a sculpture. >> i want to see more. >> i want to do it. >> think how sticky honey is. >> here what happens some of the models say it felt like. >> it's very cold. but then once it's on you you feel warmth coming up like
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you're protected in a way. >> wow. >> used five-pound jugs of honey. he used about 900 of them during the course of the project. the baby was a year and a half old, oldest subject 85 years old. if it doesn't spark a debate maybe it's not quite art, right? blake has an upcoming gallery show in l.a. in march. >> blake, call us for the next one. >> seriously. >> a camera's planted 85 feet up in a tree to keep an eye on the eagles. >> they've got a couple of little eggs there as well. >> see why this nesting family's become an internet sensation. when curiosity gets you slapped. >> it's so sad. amamerericicanans.s..... 8383% try to eat healthy. yet up to 9090% % fafallll s short in getting key nutrients from f fooood d alalonone.e. lelet't's s dodo m morore.e..... adadd d onone e a a daday y wowomemen's gummies. cocompmpleletete w witith h kekey y nunutrients we may need... plus it t susupppporortsts b bonone e health with calcium and vitamin d. onone e a a daday y vivitatacrcravaves gummies.
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pennsylvania game commission is encouraging people to help out with eagle watch.
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they have got a live streaming camera 85oot of pennsylvania two bald eagles are on live stream right now. they've got a couple of little eggs there as well. they saw this beautiful, beautiful nest up in the tree. what they did, they used straps plywood to attach the camera they didn't want to use screws that would damage the tree and et this up. now you can do it too. you can watch this live cam. people are constantly watching the stream. even people have been sharing the images on the blog and facebook. you can see some of the pictures people have been posting, some really great shots. all kinds of people people around the world monitoring these eggs monitoring he's eagles to see where it goes. 35 days we could be seeing some hatchlings. >> i want to see the moment the eggs start to crack and the beak starts to come out. >> interesting to see mom and
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dad switch off. you see how the animal kingdom works where the parents split the duties for sitting on the eggs keeping them warm. who has been to the halloween store? when you go they've got animatronic everything rats and ghosts funky things. you get curious and get too close. yeah that sound appeared to come from the guy getting slapped by that animatronic scarecrow. >> i believe the term pimp slapped. >> i would post up there and wait for that to happen. >> collect yourself fool! >> it's so sad. i feel bad for him but it's pretty funny. >> and you may relate to this if
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you've ever tried to fix anything lechelectrical in your home. >> the fan. >> this husband and wife team decided to wire their own light fixture in their bathroom. >> i thought i wired everything exactly the way it was but it's not functioning the way it did. >> he's starting to explain what actually happened. >> this light still operates. this light -- however, this light over here this switch rather here it used to operate this light. now it's on this light. >> somehow all of their switches now just light the one light fixture. >> oh it gets better because not own can they operate the light with different switches. >> i can plug this into the plug. turn the light on. the hair dryer. >> not just that. >> turn the hair dryer on.
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>> it will turn the hair dryer on. >> great opening shot. >> isn't that cool? in the desert countryman is a member of the team red bull racing team. these people looks like a media event, people invited out to be nasser's co-driver for a spin. ♪ ♪ this would be a ton of fun. to put it in perspective, like getting a ride in nascar with a famous nascar driver. pick one. >> man, i love they're doing this in the sand dunes. cool. >> it's like doing it at nascar sort of like intensity and speed but you're not on a track,
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you're in the desert. mental. >> he's driving like he's driving a suburban to the store for groceries. he's got one hand saying something. >> dude is so chill. in moments almost like a mother trying to put his hand on the child, it's okay you okay you'll be fine got the seat belt on you'll be fine. >> i think everybody was happy except me. i need to drive more. >> john and arianna's night out. it's about love. see what happens next "right this min" still to come -- dude hits the streeted to do some chest bumping. >> yeah! >> predictively exactly how you'd expect. >> see what happens when the unsuspecting strangers start feeling it. >> old school chest bump. >> boom. >> plus -- the winter wing suit flight you wish you were on. >> look at this smile on her face. >> love that. hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry y wiwinknkler. and i know there are many myths out there ababouout t a a rereveversrse
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streets and see if random strangers will give him a chest bump. >> yeah. >> predictively starts off exactly how you'd expect. >> old school chest bump. >> nice. that was a good one. that was commitment. >> and it keeps going. >> whoo! that's what i'm talking about. >> these girls, not so much. sailing past. maybe just the guyed. >> chest bump style. >> equal opportunity. >> girls need to protect themselves. >> right. >> couldn't go in like this but last second -- >> yeah you have to. >> goes back for round two with her. look what happens to him. >> oh my god. >> that girl works out. i have a feeling she's strong. >> it's everybody. it done matter the age. this older fellow we'll give you a chest bump. >> glad he went gently. >> not everybody's on board. >> chest bump. >> you know what?
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he doesn't lose enthusiasm. >> oh! >> it's crazy. how many people are into it. high fives coming up. invents a new one on a bike. >> it's cool. it's funny. they got a laugh out of it. they're in venice. everybody's chilling. >> this guy wants it. >> you want to meet the woman that is being called the world's fastest flying woman. >> three, two, one! >> nice shot. nice shot. >> this is ellen brennan. look at the smile on her face. >> love that. love to see her just completely enjoying this. doesn't seem to be an ounce of fear on her face. just complete joy. >> makes it look easy but also so pleasant. >> and i love that she adds that touch of pink right. >> i love to see this because we get to see the snow on the mountains. it's very appropriate for the
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season. she is from utah. started skydiving when she was a teen. as mentioned, has technical prowess to get in a wing suit. she started doing it. she's amazing. she's kicking booty. >> the flight's so amazing. >> brody's happy to invite a crowd to his bar mitzvah. ♪ because i'm jewish clap along♪ >> i want to go. >> i feel like we have been invited. >> see how he's putting his own twist on billboard hits to get the party started.
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ou know what? might as well. >> right? if you can reach, why not? ♪ >> that's brody. he is covering pharrell williams' "happy" and he's got his own twist because he's not just happy ♪ because i'm jewish
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clap along if you feel ♪ ♪ like old testament is the troou♪ >> this is brody's bar mitzvah video invitation. hilarious. gets into john legend. ♪ ♪ my mama cry♪ >> i want an invite now. >> i want to go. >> i feel like we have been invited. >> hold on the hits keep coming. this is lord "royals" ♪ my parents are kind of stressed they'll all do what i say♪ >> cover list wouldn't be complete without "let it go". ♪ let it go, let it go♪ >> i always wanted to try that. >> rockenbin thicke blurred line.
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♪ >> brody's got an awesome sense of humor. he's joining us right this minute from deerfield, illinois. brody, congratulations! brodying talk to us about this video and how much fun was it to make. >> turned out great. i was trying to use my sense of humor in a lot of ways. my mom actually helped. i wasn't the one who put it together. it was cool. a good experience. >> let's talk about that "blurred lines" segment. did you have to convince mom to let you include that or do that in. >> she has a great sense of humor, so do i. it goes together perfectly. >> is mom there? >> hi. >> so tell us about this process and what it was like to make a top five billboard hit music video for a bar mitzvah celebration. >> so much fun. brody is just a hilarious kid, usually inappropriately hilarious. >> the whole world will see this
3:28 pm
and turn up for the party. >> oh my god, yes. >> tell us about the reaction that you guys have gotten from the video so far from friends and family that have been invited. >> i went to school it was a madhouse. everybody's coming up to me oh my god, i love your video, most awesomest thing in the world! i can get more to be honest. >> what do you want to do when you grow up? comedy writer movie director? >> i want to be like a jim carrey. >> i think you're well on your way for sure. ♪ it's all about me everybody get up♪ >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next
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a 9-year-old elephant struggles to get around because -- >> she lost her leg to a land mine. >> the amazing story of how mosha got her groove back. >> basically just blocks. >> dude's giving a school lecture and then you hear a tremendous crash. see what was in the bag that did not survive. >> oh! >> dude! >> a clueless driver is sparking down the road. why no tire is really no problem. [ bleep ]. >> plus a 6-year-old star


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