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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 7, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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an angry pregnant lady is about to be hit with -- >> a pot of boiling hot water. >> what set off one nasty neighbor dispute. a car is as close to a busy road. >> but it's not the silver car we're concerned with. >> see who's about to survive an insane hit. divers spot what looks like a giant slinkie. >> crazy! >> find out what's behind the eerie underwater sight. plus a girl with a secret strolls around hollywood. we'll reveal what it is and an
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rtm producer has no trouble with a challenge until she does. it is said that you should love thy neighbor. that sentiment completely lost on these two neighbors in argentina. you can tell when the video starts an argument happening between neighbors. one, a 19-year-old pregnant girl named cynthia and her 63-year-old neighbor, selma. selma is inside this doorway. now, they are arguing, sounds like over a property but watch what happens. >> what is that? she throw something at her? >> hot water? >> it is a pot of boiling hot water that this woman throws at the 19-year-old pregnant girl. listen to the screams. she goes running away. she falls and you see her start tearing her clothes off because her skin is burning.
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you can hear that she's screaming and crying obviously in pain. this entire video shot by a third neighbor who heard the commotion going on and got the camera out to record everything. you can see how red her skin is. now, this 19-year-old was taken to the hospital. she was treated for burns and now because of this video, police in argentina have been made aware of this situation and they are investigating. although the 63-year-old woman told police that she felt threatened and she felt she needed to protect herself. she lives there alone and this is how she chose to protect herself in this situation. >> you can't blame somebody for trying to protect themselves and defend themselves but that's harsh. >> a pregnant woman. >> yeah. dash cam approaching this intersection, comes up to this silver car right here but it's not the silver car we're
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concerned with. it's this man approaching on the left. >> oh, my god. >> got hit by a truck, swept out of view of the camera and pops to his feet, limped away. if you notice he didn't seem to be too comfortable on that motorcycle. that's because he's out on a test drive. >> you see debris flying all over the place. >> if he wasn't sure whether to buy the bike or not, i'm pretty sure he just bought it. >> reports say he did not buy that bike. he did, however, buy a different bike later in the day. not sure who's responsible for the damage to that one. >> he does not need a motorcycle. >> no. >> this group of motorcyclists are in vietnam. guys are passing on the left into oncoming traffic. >> no one seems to follow the traffic rules here. >> the roads in vietnam are among the most dangerous on earth, especially if you are on a motorbike. >> you see a couple other bikes go flying by but it's not those guys who have the problem. it's this guy, who seems to lose
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attention just enough and piles into the bike behind him but watch out. >> it sucks that it's one of their own it looks like that got him, that created this mess. it's one of their own. >> yeah. wow. that's rough. >> he was out paddling one morning and he got quite a show from a humpback whale. he says he was about a half mile out when all of a sudden the humpback starts slapping his fluke. he says that the waves that are rocking him are the waves created by this whale as it's slapping its fluke. >> you serious? that's amazing. >> it gets a little closer and he's like maybe i should stop filming. >> that's cool because you didn't have to go out on a whale watching tour boat. this is nature happening right
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in front of you. >> how about this video filmed in the philippines. >> what the hell -- >> a water tornado. >> somebody pull the plug on the ocean floor? looks like a tub drain. >> not a water tornado. those are little animals. that is a pryosone. they are basically tiny little invertebrates that are millimeters wide. they form these tunnels and can get up to are you ready for this 40 feet long. this one isn't but there, you can see them. >> it's like that thing from the abyss. >> discovery channel, nat-geo programs on a saturday afternoon, you see this. but no "right this minute" is bringing you this video. >> one end is open. they suck water through that and kind of filter the food in as the water's sucked in and all of them feed on it. the other end is closed. >> this is crazy!
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>> a very scary moment for everyone involved in the incident caught in this video. that is in flames. >> where is this? >> this is in jericho, a city in the middle east. a very popular tourist destination. this in fact is a cable car system that is used by tourists to get a view of the pannoramma. apparently a photographer that was in one of those cabins ended up catching the whole thing on fire. reports say there were two people inside that cabin. >> there were people in this thing? >> where are they now? there is somebody standing on top of that tower. that is the person that was in the cabin? >> very possible that's one of the people that was originally in the cabin. emergency workers immediately sprang into action. this is a photograph of them pulling someone, look at this. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my gosh. >> very intense.
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there's another video that shows firefighters working hard to put the fire out. in fact you can actually see what's left of that cabin. it's just a charred shell. >> can you imagine? what a nightmare in this enclosed space, hanging many feet above the ground. >> how lucky were they they were close enough to one of these towers to get out, to effect a sort of rescue. how quick were they to respond because you saw the guy with his harness and ropes all up there already. >> they responded incredibly fast and everybody made it out alive. >> everyone survived. she's a kitten who walks with a cart. >> her brain works but her body doesn't respond the right way. >> the search to find her her forever home. and a bodybuilder who has been eating every three hours.
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are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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on tv, online, on mobile. it's on "right this minute." >> this is rene campbell. she is 38. she is a professional bodybuilder from the uk. >> she looks redonkulous. those are some muscles. >> we found this awesome video. she picks up 22 pounds of chicken breasts, 11 pounds of rice and 150 eggs. that's for the next two weeks. >> that's two weeks? >> it's nutritious. it's exactly what you need in terms of your muscle building muscle repair. >> she eats every three hours. in fact she has been eating every three hours, the same thing, seven years. >> she's burning all of it, though.
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she is probably using it up. >> but it's the same thing. can you imagine your taste buds being so bored with the same thing? every three hours for seven years. >> her body fat is under 10%. i want to get 3% ready for show day. >> that's a lot of not body fat. >> in each one of these bags i've got 130 grams of rice and 130 grams of chicken and cabbage would be 50 grams. i will empty the bag into a blender, add water and blend it to a consistency that you can drink it. >> eww! is the chicken raw? was it raw? >> it has been cooked. >> boiled. it's like a chicken smoothie. a chicken cabbage smoothie. >> it tastes like chicken that's gone a bit wrong. >> thi is so just want to say why? what's the point? i guess if you are just that passionate about something, that's the way you have chosen to live your life then okay.
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>> exactly. that's what she said. the whole time she's doing it she's imagining the competition, she's imagining what she's going to achieve by doing this. >> you guys we need to find this cute little black cat a home. this is tumblina. she has a cart. the reason why is because she was born with cerebellar hyperplasia. her brain works but her body doesn't respond the right way. >> so cute. if you wanted a lap cat, this is your cat. >> she never really tries to walk. you have to stand her up. the front legs are crossed, so one step and she falls over. >> valley cats inc. in southern california is trying to find her a home. she will still have mobility and function issues but as you can see here she responds like any other cat when she's laying down she likes to play at things with her little paws like other cats. she's just looking for a forever home somebody to just take her
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in and with a little extra bit of love and effort she could have a forever home. >> really nice to see them actually going through this. >> they said with the harness and a leash and those wheels she could have some mobility but just look at that. how can you say no to that face? here you have -- >> there is something very special about this. >> scrunch it up. mix it into batter. >> oh, that's going to scar people forever. >> guys sighted the really funny prank on mom. >> on mom? >> on mom, yes. watch this. >> at first maybe she's thinking oh this is spicy but it's sweet so okay. this is an interesting combo. but soon it gets bad. poor thing. she immediately starts reacting
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the way almost everyone else we have ever seen eat a ghost pepper react which is basically wishing for death. >> have another video that was captured right here in our studio, where one of our producers was challenged to eat a marshmallow covered in hot sauce. she was offered 20 bucks to do this challenge and she's like how bad can it possibly be, right? >> okay. >> whatever was laying around in our kitchen, they dumped on there. >> she looks like she's doing okay after eating that one marshmallow but then she runs from marty's room into our break room. >> your face is all red. >> and they start bringing anything dairy that they find in the refrigerator. >> that's the worst part.
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who knows how long some of that stuff's been in there? >> that is hot. >> i need something. >> she survives. she did her challenge and she did also get her 20 bucks. >> not embarrassed at all. skydivers get ready to jump by soaking their canopies in -- >> gasoline. >> see why it's all part of one crazy plan. and it's the service where you send a text -- >> and ask for whatever you want. >> do i take the bucket too? >> why you definitely want to have a little magic in your li. hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry y wiwinknkler. and i know there are many myths out there ababouout t a a rereveversrse e momortgage soso i i w wanant t yoyou u toto k know the facts. ththerere e arare e cucurrrrently no credit score oror i incncomome e rereququirements to qualify. yoyou u cacan n geget t tatax-free money from the equity in your home. yoyou u cacan n ususe
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[ [ fefemamalele a annnnououncer ] helping your kids get fewer cavities can take enthusiasm. or just act kids scooby-doo rinse. it tastes grgreat and helps reduce cavities up to 40%. soso i it't's s aall good. aactct k kidids.s. tweet with us at "right this minute" and follow the show all day long. >>o you guys like explosions and and stupidity? this is the place to go. >> sounds like our kind of place. >> how can you not say yes to all that especially on a viral video. this is called living the dream episode two. this was sent to us. this is not water they're pouring on these canopies. they are soaking these canopies in a bin of gasoline. >> when they said stupidity i didn't realize they meant
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stupidity. as opposed to being silly. >> immediately they jump out, there goes the bin, the canopy full of gasoline. two guys jump out in arizona. now this flare gun, and then -- >> oh! >> boom! there goes your canopy like a piece of tissue paper up in smoke. ♪ >> they go ahead and pull their reserve chute and they both landed safely. >> what were you doing? which bar? how many drinks deep do you have to be to go you know it would be hilarious if we set fire to it with a flare gun. >> adding a little bit more flare to their jump.
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there are iconic moments in history. they happen and they just burn into your psyche. remember where you were remember who you were with, you never forget it. guys it's about to happen to you because this was the moment you heard about magic. >> today i'm being super super lazy. luckily there's a new service for people like myself. it's called magic. >> it is basically your 24/7 go-to guy for everything. >> you send out a text message. a real human will field your request and have it delivered to you. >> as long as it's legal. >> i contacted my friends at wired, asked if we could have some petty cash to blow. >> i heard about this. >> they gave me $500. let's see what we can do. i would love two meatball sandwiches. >> the order's on the way. should be there in 45 minutes. >> so far i'm not impressed here. >> see how far he pushes it. >> want some beer? a couple bottles.
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>> we can get the brew to you in about 45 minutes, total should be $17. >> wow. >> i would feel like i was inconveniencing these people. i would feel so guilty for doing this. >> they're getting paid for it. have at it. have fun. enjoy. that's the point. >> i feel this is going pretty well. >> this is amazing. this would be like having a personal assistant but you wouldn't have to pay them a salary an hourly fee. just pay them when you need them. >> every time you need them. >> i would really like a joint to smoke cannabis. yes, i have my medical marijuana prescription with me. >> okey-dokey. we'll check on the cannabis. >> so cheerful. >> it would be fun to be a magician running around picking all this stuff up and really trying to fill people's orders the way they asked for it. that would be kind of a fun job. >> there's the condolence card. there's the hoodie. there's the toothbrush. it's all turning up. >> order is confirmed.
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enjoy your cannabis. >> impressive. $500 one day. i need some magic in my life. >> we have spent all the petty cash we were allotted so there's only one thing left to do. >> if you guys are interested in being one of the 30,000 on the list it's right here. get magic all you do is text magic to that number right there. hopefully the magic will happen for you. a walk that makes him talk. see why she's drawing so much attention. i i brbrining g ththe e gigiftft o off the name your price tool toto h helelp p yoyou u fifindnd a a p priricece that fits your budget. uhuh-o-oh.h. ththe e nanameme y youour r prpricice e totoolol. shshe'e's s nonott toto b be e trusted.
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ancing cranes having a good time. turner's being lazy. >> he's lazy. >> back in november this woman decided to go without pants, get her body painted and walk around new york in november i might
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add. to see if anybody noticed. she's back at it. this time she's in los angeles. when i first heard this she's in l.a. i just wondered how many people would notice. this posted on the channel. let's just see if people noticed. ♪ >> pants are so tight that sometimes real pants look like naked pants. >> exactly. >> i don't think as many people notice as you would think. >> a lot of people don't notice. >> it's only really possible to notice from the back. everyone knows that jeans don't fit that well. >> did you notice the little boy, looked like he was 5 or 6? his head turned. >> he can figure out a good art project. >> right here some guy has noticed and he's decided to give a good follow. she drew this guy's attention right here. look. there he is. he's taking a picture. take a picture. oh, wait.
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>> wow. dude! >> that was creepy. come on. don't be creepy like that. >> look i'm fine with it because i like a booty as much as anybody but is this a social experiment what are we trying to do or is it just a question of it's a girl's booty? >> it's the artist trying to say my painting is so good it looks like clothes. that's it for us here at "right this minute," everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time.
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it's almost tournament time and we're looking at the top contenders in college hoops this week on sports stars of tomorrow. which top prospects could take their teams deep in the tournament... and can anyone stop kentucky? we'll break it all down... next. (show open) hi everyone, i'm charles davis... it's almost tournament time... and we're here to break down some of the top players that


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