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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 9, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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a flyer realizes -- >> he is about to be wiped out by an avalanche. >> see the james bond move that saves his life. put them up put them up. >> race against the flames at an accident scene where -- >> elderly man trapped inside the car. >> find out how help arrived so fast. >> going to miss the plane. >> he's an australian -- >> who loves the nba. >> why he's hoping to dunk his way to america. and -- >> ready for this babe? >> yeah i can't wait.
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>> a leaked sex tape featuring two stars. >> of the real housewives of orange county. >> here to explain, if they can keep their clothes on long enough. >> at 23 years old, an expert. he right now is in the french alps. this happened a little while back. the video posted a few weeks ago. >> this is exhilarating. it looks terrifying and exhilarating all at once. it's so cool to see him land and then fly off. doesn't seem like it should be possible. >> like low gravity almost. if you're running down a mountain on mars, like, whoo hoo, a big jump. >> but watch his move right about here. >> do you see that? >> james bond escape.
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>> yes, he business to be wiped out by an avalanche and he expertly picks up the wing the canopy takes him up into the sky, and he saves his life. >> he flies over the avalanche. the avalanche just -- >> yeah. >> watch this angle from behind him. >> that's a perfect da da da james bond escape. >> after that too, you get a bird's-eye view of the rest of the avalanche going down the mountain. you can just sit there and be like, whoo hoo! >> general thuggery around at world caught on cctv. start in hong kong having a disagreement with money changer. he started banging on the glass but didn't realize the hong kong police are right behind him. the police officer put his hand on his shoulder but this is
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where he then punches this officer nine times in the face before that member of the public and that other police officer can come up and break this fight up. eventually he is subdued and he's been arrested for assaulting a police officer and criminal damage. shocking right? >> this guy's got some anger issues. >> needs to change his attitude. >> he does. >> never mind his money. from hong kong we move to the country of my citizenship, the uk this is in manchester. this gentleman right there, the bald gentleman, having his ticket checked. first he's positively a member of al qaeda. he's being a nasty individual. as he walks away see him there, walking along the side of the railway when he decides he's going to run across. this meant a train had to jam its brakes on and stop. you can see he's running away spotted by a female pc who gives chase. he she manages to get the upper
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hand. everybody calms down when suddenly shoves her in the face she falls down, she's knocked out now. she has a broken finger a gash to her head. a struggle ensues. runs off down the railway lines then had to stop trains for 11 minutes because le was on the tracks as well. >> whats this guy running from? what's he trying to avoid. >> he has spent the night drinking. around manchester. he also was recently released after ten years in prison for armed robbery. but you know what? because he pushed that police officer, she fell, she hurt herself, he's now going down for another 2 1/2 years to think about that. >> what a dummy. >> right. >> you've got your freedom back. cherish it. >> the early part of the 2000s the pkt cruiser considered innovative. people loved. but over time the look hasn't reached classic status. >> kind of dated. >> internet blog somewhere
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writer decided do a review of the pt cruise somewhere do some of the things to the old pt some of us would like to. like modify the interior. >> i like the entireinterior but i don't like the color. i'm going to change it. >> doug feels maybe the bright colors will make it more appealing. >> hipsters will dig it. >> other modifications. >> i realized you how to make the car look better? add more wood. >> plywood make everything look better. >> interior comfortable place to be and durable as well. >> this is one of throws cars you can clean up by hosing it down. >> instead of a new car smell, nothing quite like a moldy car smell. >> at the time they had seat warmers. he's going to warm it more. oh the driving experience. back then innovative. parking centers. >> it doesn't have parking.
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>> the best part the old pt cruiser's durability. >> wow. wow. i feel bad because the saturn guy's rope flood this too. >> in the end it's not such a bad car because guess what? >> it still runs. >> you're darn right it does. >> doug thinks he made some improvements here to the old pt. >> farewell pt cruiser, you won't be missed. you are looking inside of a showroom in ripley and these guys want to steal something very spengsexpensive with four wheels. they're stealing a 1972 ford escort mexico mk. they have rammed the window out of the place with a land rover defender and tying something to that car because they're going to pull that car out of the dealership. >> come on don't wreck that car! >> they didn't seem to take much
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care for a car than price zblls police found a burned-out land rover defender matching the description not far away. trying to figure out if it's tied to this case. this escort worth $182,000. >> cha-ching. >> we go from a well-organized crime to one that just really didn't have a lot of thought. this is in the netherlands. you can see this man right here has what looks look a t-shirt wrapped around his face to kind of cover up his identity because he wants to break into this argos gas station. a rock in his pocket throws it at the window multiple times, not successful. >> terrible. like oh. >> his ineptitude is on full display during the commission of this attempted crime. he tries to kick the window out. this goes on the for better part of three minutes. climbs up again, this time he's got a broom. >> not only does he fail but his
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overall plas cuemasculine tin being questioned on television. >> his mental stability. >> he climbs down. whatever he was after, he didn't get. this 20-year-old caught not far way by police. when they arrested him, they said he scolded them and threatened them with death. >> no way he would kill them because he wouldn't hit the right place. >> this fox is in the mdle of a tricky is made of glass. >> see the intense rescue that set it free. >> aw, yeah. >> and dude decides to pay the pipe a visit. >> watch what he pulls off after a few little test run-ups. >> see how this pro nails the loop. >> that was amazing! ththatat d darareses t to o woworkrk alall l ththe e waway y ununtitil.l... ththe e amam.. nenew w alaleveve e pmpm ththe e ononlyly o onene toto c comombibinene a a s safafe e sleep aid plus the 12 2 hohourur s strtrength
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i've got a couple of videos
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that will make you incredibly grateful for first responders. first video from guam. that's a car fully on fire. an elderly man trapped inside the car, unresponsive. you see police officers pulling that man from the burning car. according to police in this area an officer actually saw this man run off the road and straight into a concrete pillar. that's when the car burst into flames. the officer called for help. you see all of the police officers pulling this man from the car. and an blansambulance got on the scene quickly, took this man to hospital treated for a collapsed lung and fractured ribs. >> they saved his life because of their quick actions. >> this next video gives you a first-person look at what's like to be a first responder. a firefighter, this video uploaded by the fire department in sacramento california. a helmet cam on a firefighter as he climbs up a ladder. but this firefighter has a very specific job.
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it's a chain saw. it's his responsibility to vent the roof of the home. >> talk about a nerve-racking job. >> this thing's on fire, go stand on top of it where flame and heat go and then cut holes so a fire can get out. >> try not to fall in. >> right. >> but it highlights how technical their work is. they know exactly how to get up there, what part of the building they can ven,t, where to stand. >> all in a day's work. >> it is time to rescue a fox. we are with the wildlife aid foundation in the uk. notice something particular about this roof? >> that's not as thick as i thought it was. >> that roof is made of glass. >> oh wow. that's a tricky rescue. >> it is going to be a tricky rescue. the concrete part narrows in a triangular shape. they have a narrow area. you could see it from multiple directs there from the ground you can see it walking across the roof. >> probably slid down the glass. you know out creeping around
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doing his fox thing, hit the glass, slid down and can't get up the glass because it's too slippery. >> coming your way. >> creeping up against the wall staying on the concrete staying on the beam so they can trap this thing and get it in a net. >> you got him? >> aw look at that face. >> i know. adoreable adorable. >> do the honors rescuers. >> this guy, chad osborne, with the b team he saw a challenge he couldn't pass up. >> no! that was amazing! >> watch it again. his buddies go nuts. >> feel stupid. >> the amount of confidence in your ability to do that.
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watch what happens in slow mo. notice the bike comes off. he's in -- he's in midair for that little spotthere. manages to pull it out, not land on his head. being a sport, they have fans rabid fans like this kidnapped jim lewis, an australian who loves the nba. this is a submission video for espn contest. >> ouch. he watches it doesn't play much of it. now he goes to show how really into the nba he is. blasting through all of his colors showing off his jerseys. i've got to give it to him, jim. good job. i think i the kid should win. >> me too. >> if he does win, a couple of round trip tickets to l.a. to watch the lakers and clippers and entrance to the pregame shootaround. >> let's hope he doesn't do any damage. >> nba. >> he's giving the hit tune
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you can always count on your pets to save the day. in this first video, this guy was playing cricket, ended up losing his ball in his neighbor's yard. what do you do? send in fido. oh do you. he ropes her up on a harness, ties that to a rope drops her into the neighbor's yard. fido finds it, still attached to the rope retrieves the ball, and then comes right back. they pull her up. she kept the ball in her mouth the whole time even while he was pulling her up over the fence. >> brilliant. >> this second video, not hard to figure out this pug really really hates something. tell me what it is. >> the sliding glass door? >> absolutely despises this sliding door. bizarre. >> like they're mortal enemies. it's amazing. makes like a really high-pitched
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thing that we can't hear as they're closing it that drives her crazy. i'm theorizing here. >> now this third video, you've heard of a game of cat and mouse? >> yes. >> a game of cat and turtle. that's what's happening here look. >> is it me or is the turtle winning? >> they're really playing around this pillar the turtle chases the cat, the cat turns around steps on it rides the other way. >> cat and turtle tag. got ya. going to get you. >> gosh darn i've got to go back the other way. >> going to take forever! >> the "uptown funk" aren't go anything where. we've got another one. this is mikey, he decided to do "uptown funk" with some very famous cartoon voices. ♪ >> stewie. >> we start up with family guy. we've got stewie and peter griffin. ♪ living it up in the city♪
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>> also goes with mike judge, "king of the hill." crazy how he's able to change from voice to voice to quickly and sna rhythm with the song and on key. >> not done yet. "american dad" to go. ♪ >> oh. so good. ♪ wait a minute. ♪ >> it is brilliant. he goes through the whole gambit, the whole thing through, does the entire cover in cartoon voices. if you want to check it out, try to yourself, click on today's show or use or mobile app. ♪ ♪ uptown funk♪e >> the real housewives of orange
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lights. >> i thought i've got to do this. >> a helicone. >> a helicone. >> painting pig. it seems these days a lot of celebrities get attention when a sex tape is leaked. i have a leaked sex tape of tamera and eddie judge of "the real housewives of orange county" fame. >> ready for this, babe. >> ooh yeah i can't wait. >> it's going to be rough, not a quickie. >> the longer the better. >> eddie's setting up the cameras. looks gorgeous.
3:56 pm
>> start pushing. >> here it comes. >> oh my god. >> cover your eyes if you're easily offended. >> i'm going to go harder. that's it baby. get into it. >> oh god. >> you're so tight. >> oh! what are we watching? >> what are you guys doing? >> we're making a workout video. >> what did you think we're doing. >> priceless. >> this is actually a brilliant promotional theme for a new youtube channel called cut fitness. healthy lifestyle videos what happen better way to get the word out than create a sex tape viral video. >> everybody kept their clothes on that was a disappoint. want to see all of the goods. >> gayle bass ladies and gentlemen. >> i'm a healthy american woman. >> to tell us all about the video, we have tamera and eddie judge via "right this minute."
3:57 pm
>> i'm sorry. >> now we have our very own sex tape. thank you for that. this is a really fun idea. how in the heck did you get through it with straight faces? >> oh we didn't. it took us all day pretty much to do it because we were hysterically laughing. this ones a goofball. >> it does have a cheese factor be honest. >> where did the idea come from? >> my idea. i like to shake it up. >> since it was your idea did you have to convince him to do it? >> no i really didn't. he actually really liked taking his clothes off. you've seen the show before, right? >> i'm not against him taking his clothes off. >> don't tell him that. >> this whole virtual thing is going to be hard because i'm helping a camera work out, you know cameras don't do bicep curls or squats. but i'll get used to it.
3:58 pm
>> i think you should engage for the viewers in ways that you don't even know. >> you certainly engaged gayle. >> we've got a lot of people here fans of "the real housewives of orange county." behind the scenes info of what we can expect when the next season comes up. >> this is our epic tenth season been on the show ten years. we have two new cast members. all of the same cast did come back. it's going to be a good season. i can't say too much. i won't get fired because i'm part othe show. >> thanks for joining iur show. we'll see you for the next "rtm."
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