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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 10, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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villagers spot a deer frozen in place and -- there she's not happy about this. >> how they saved her from being deep six in deep snow. cops in beijing corner a rogue driver. it looks like he has nowhere to go. why looks can be deceiving. a skier manages to limbo under a tree but -- >> what he didn't see coming was this there how that powder packs a punch. >> plus what happens when you combine break dancing and super
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human strength. >> that is really impressive. >> and see what's in the box that has this dude flipping out. >> no way! this mass expanses of snow in every direction of the eye new york wonder that the deer in new brunswick, canada are looking for food looking near the coast. coming out of the forest. villagers had seen this deer walking around near the coastline. they thought she had drowned but realized she had fallen through into the deep snow. so they set out to rescue her. you can see, she's not happy about this. they have no shovel. they're going at the snow with a big piece of wood trying to get the rope underneath her and pull her out. >> i'm worried about them falling into one of those crevasses. >> and they're working near the shoreline, right.
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they get her out of here. they get her on to the sled. >> they put her on a sled? this is sweet. they really worked hard for her. >> she's wiped out and fridged. pull her closer away from the shore, throw some blanket and hey, try to bring her core temperature up. she's actually shivering. >> she was about to be frozen alive. i want to imagine that they took her home gave her a warm bath gave her a cup of hot chocolate, marshmallows. >> maybe corn on the cob there sweet thoughts. the department of natural resources did show up took the deer in warmed it up tried to re-release it in a habitat more suited to her than here. >> some pure craziness happening on the roadways. first in beijing, china, not what you'd expectn the you've got a group of unarmed
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police officers trying to get the man inside this red car to get out of the car. according to reports, he was driving this car illegally. the driver claims he just bought the used car and had it properly filled out, the documents. >> trying to get him the of the car using force? because that's all they're doing. >> this is a created traffic jam for this man. the officers tried to beat in the windshield beat in the glass. he almost runs over them on multiple occasions. it looks like he has nowhere to go. >> he got away. he got away. >> reports say that then this led to a one-hour police chase. he abandoned the car and is now in custody. >> i think the chinese traffic police need something more than a little stick. >> the next video from vancouver, british columbia this a case of road rage. holy moly does it end in a way you will not expect. see this? as the guy drive the dash cam
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pulls up the fellow in the white car gets out and he starts yelling at the car in front of him. the person's window is down. watch what this guy does. punches the person according to the driver with the dash cam, and goes back and gets if his car. the guy in the van has witnessed everything that's going on and now is not moving. and if you look really closely, notice there's a police officer just across the street. so those folks decide maybe go over there and get that officer. the guy in the white car gets out, starts having words with the other people who have him trapped in. that's the police officer. he comes in and takes care of the situation. now according to reports, he was later released and assault charges are pending. they were going to unbox this. >> this is not a week old but it's garnered more than 500,000 hits. we've got this from juken, the
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unboxing of herman herman his tortoise. herman's been in the refrigerator four months hibernating but it's time to unbox him. time to let him out, wake up enjoy life on the outside. >> herman. >> did not know you hibernated turtles in a refrigerator. >> i feel like they're too air-tight. >> the reason being in the fridge it keeps them at a stable temperature. >> i feel like the turtle's not getting enough air. >> the tortoise trust recommends you put them in a fridge because heart rates get so slow you voenl tov. to open the fridge a couple times a week so it would have enough air but the fridge is perfectly safe. but he opens the fridge every day for herman. >> arugula, i want to eat with the turtle. >> those are dandy lion greens and herman's favorite. >> easy pet to take care of. throw it in for four months out of the year.
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>> watch him eat the dandelion greens so fun. look at him chomping away. i have a perfect trifecta of snow fails for you guys. this first one, a snowboarder has mounted a camera to the back of the snowboard but he catches an edge and right about here when we go into slow mo -- >> wow, he's flying upside down. >> launched and took a barrel roll. >> i think he made it okay just maybe a ding on the ego. the other fail back country skiing. perfect day to be out on the soft snow. >> what? >> whoa. >> i thought it was going to be a bad video. >> he didn't see coming was this. >> oh! >> after such victory, after such prowess. >> looks like he went over a water fall. >> i think it was. >> yeah. >> this guy in the third video,
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skiing in switzerland. beautiful snow. >> first ones to go down the run, the first people. perfectly groomed. you can tell he's carving his skis into the snow doing a really fantastic job, until he's not. >> he went too low. >> somebody tripped him. >> watch him. his skis stay on and he keeps sliding down. >> now he's like a cartoon character. >> that adds insult to injury. >> ear buds are hanging down. he's listening to some rockin' music and all he can hear is -- >> the dangerous chase of cops and robbers. >> see the ending that gets them in handcuffs. >> through track into, oncoming lanes. >> and sam smith takes a unique angle for his "vogue" interview. >> new year's interview? >> gain self-control.
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police officers in south africa are looking for a carjacking suspect. when they spot him, they turn on their sirens but then the chase is on. [ sirens ] the jett ta takes auchoff.
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listen. >> shots. >> two shots. car continues down the street weaving into traffic, into oncoming lanes. car up on the curve here. hands immediately come out, officers' guns drawn. drag three suspects out of the car and detain them. >> my gosh next to a pedestrian. did you see where that person was standing? inches away from being hit. >> no reports of any injuries in this in incident. but you can't say the same for the next dash cam video from russia. the reason why there are so many russian dash cams, insurance scammers. that's what this guy's doing here. the man with the dash cam is wise to it. he slows down stops, but the scammer in the blue pants takes a second opportunity. >> oh he actually got hit. >> jumped out in front of a car moving at street speeds. the guy gets punted lands right in the middle of the intersection.
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reports say that despite the look of this impact he had a broken nose and bruises. other than that, he was okay. nice hand stand by this man, he calls himself the fun monster. watch what he can do. >> come on! >> what? that's not human! >> simon is a break dancer so of course he really works on his strength training. >> that is really impress in. the strength of balance. he's working every last fiber on his musculature. >> you've seen nothing yet. >> what? no. >> watch till you see what else he can do. >> what? >> the coolest thing is that he's demonstrating to the top level what the human body is capable of. what it really can do when pushed to the limits of fitness.
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>> i don't think i want to go to the limit of fitness. you know how much he had to work out to get to this point. >> but also inspiring, right, for people into their own fitness. >> has he ever had a doughnut in his entire life? ever experienced the pure joy of a doughnut? >> he eats five a day because he works it out. >> i was about to say, this guy can probably eat anything that he wants. >> he did a hand stand with one arm. >> he's so balanced so in control. amazing strength. >> this is the ultimate dancer's body. he said i can pick you up i wouldn't doubt him. >> this is what a feat of strength looks like. >> yep. >> i'm going to admit before i play this video, it's super cheesy but worth the watch the folks at "vogue" sat down with sam smith, one of the most popular names in music now. see if the interview sounds familiar. >> you're sam smith. >> i guess it's true.
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>> i hear you're in town for a few nights. >> i'm not good at one-night stands. >> everyone calling you an artist. >> i'm just a man. >> recognize what's goingen here? >> yeah. >> clever. >> are you getting any time for yourself? >> as you can tell his answers are the lyrics to his hit song "stay with me." >> hello, do you need a minute? >> don't we need to leave. >> will you hold my hand? >> they don't think we don't know what they've done. >> how are you coping with the insane schedule? >> why am i so emotional? >> some of it kind of fits some of it kind of doesn't but it's worth the watch. >> what was your new year's resolution? >> gain some self-control. >> i'm sure i'm not the only one that thinks this is awesome. >> thank you. it's the good kind of cheese right? >> yes. >> you've got the looks got the sound, the package? >> the hammer head shark is not considered -- >> the warmest, cuddliest
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creature. >> see how these divers prove they're no amateurs. fill them up so they don't eat you. >> new tlc show. >> overcoming family obstacles. >> the stars of our little family tell us about their big debut. >> what you can expect to see is just us functioning in an average size world and we have to adapt.
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the hammer head shark, not the warmest, cuddliest creature in the sea. considered to be one of the more aggressive species of sharks. these divers down there, dangling bits of bait to draw them in get pictures and have a cool shark experience. this is in the bahamas. here the ba meanie the diver's got a piece of bait in his left hand and kind of holding it behind his back right? keeping the treat away from the dog. >> why? just give it to him. >> the hammer head's kind of like yeah give it to me, jerk face. starts to go after the diver. now, the video's titled hammer head attacks diver, i don't think he's attacking the diver, in my opinion. it looks like he's simply trying to get to the delicious piece of fish he's got and the diver just dangling there. >> hammer heads not known or their sense of humor. >> don't like being teased.
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>> don't tease a shark. >> i feel like this is like big brother/little brother. big brother held the little brother at bay by the head. starts to go after the diver. still done give up the fish. >> you want the hammer head to be full. when swimming with sharks fill them up so they don't eat you. >> give them a whole tuna. give it to him. >> these guys are experienced divers and apparently know what they're doing. i wouldn't do it but i guess that's the experience you're going in the water for, you've got it. up close and personal. >> dog. bear. ♪ ♪ >> here's new faces on tlc, the hamills.
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>> girls, who should we invite? >> you. >> me? >> thank you. yes, it's your birthday too. >> mom and dad, dan and michelle and kid, jack 3-year-old twins, c.c. and kate a family of five it's all about overcoming family obstacles, family trips, family vacations, going to the white house. obama. >> "right this minute" via skype mom michelle and children 6-year-old jack and 3-year-old c.c. and kate. welcome to the show. >> jack ran away. >> i think jack ran away didn't he? >> jack come back for one second. >> hi, gorgeous. >> so bored. >> don't get it. >> jack thank you so much for joining us. michelle tell us what we can expect as viewers. >> what you can expect to see is just us functioning as an average size world and we have
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to adapt and making sure that my kids don't feel like they're any different than any other children out there. >> is this show more valuable to help your kids understand growing up or more valuable for viewers to understand your lives better. >> more valuable for the viewers out there i think that my kids are going to get it pretty quick, both dan and i are both little but it's important for the viewers out there to see how we function and how we want our kids to be independent, self-sufficient all of that kind of stuff. >> was it hard to make the decision to put your whole family on national tv? >> yeah it was a big deal. not so much concerning the girl because they're still young, they have no clue what's going on. jack is the one i was concerned been he's 6 and he catches on to everything that you say, that you do and so now that it's airing it's the biggest -- >> what's most challenging as trying to adapt to an average size world. >> teaching the public we're like everybody else and don't
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want to be treated any differently. i think there's great shows out there and they've done some great jobs but also more educating we need to do with the public. >> thank you for joining us. we'll be tuning in. >> thank you for watching. >> bye c.c. bye kate. >> jack we see your hand. >> bye, jack. if you want to the hamills do it on tuesday 10:00 p.m. tlc. >> that guy's counting snowmen and solving i family puzzle. >> i can't believe h figured it out. >> see what he's so excited abt on "right this mine." h iecioiousus.. one of many ways to support its health isis n newew t truruhehearart,t, f frorom m onone a day. itit's's t thehe o onlnly y hehearart t health supplement wiwithth i ingngreredidienentsts t to o both help lower bad chchololesesteterorol l anand d susupppporort healthy blood pressure anand d alalsoso i incncluludedes s coco q 10 trtry y nenew w trtruhuheaeartrt i'i'veve j jusust t fofounund d mymy nenew beauty bff. hihi t theherere!! nenew colgatate e opoptitic c whwhititee express white. wawaitit, , dodon'n't t yoyou u memeanan m me?e? nenew w cocolglgatate e opoptitic c whwhititee express white toothpaste hahas s ththe e prprofofesessisiononalallyly
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gym. i look nothing like that. >> i've never looked like that in the gym. >> doggy snow angels. ♪ ♪
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nothing better than surprising a family member. i have three different family surprises. this first one, a girl coming home from australia to surprise her family in ireland. >> how it's going? >> the girl sarah, has been in australia on an exchange program but her sister just had a baby. she wanted to come home and meet the baby and hug sister and surprise her family. after she surprises dad, it's off to see mom and sister. >> hello, everybody. >> hi. >> aw. >> and after sister and mom, new daddy has to be surprised too. it's brother-in-law's turn. >> not going to say hello to me? >> that's so sweet. >> the whole family thrilled to see her. now in this family surprise this is brother to mom-to-be and they're surprising him in front of her parents who also don't know that she's pregnant.
9:57 am
>> you have to read it. >> that's a very scary mug. >> what? what? >> and the mug says "world's greatest uncle." you're pregnant? what? >> i don't think i've seen a brother react that way to a sister's pregnancy. >> no way! >> double surprise. i love it. >> seriously. what? what? you're pregnant! >> next video a surprise to a future big brother. and this is a creative way for this family to go about it. >> hold on. >> how about that one? >> there's an extra snowman built. >> figures it out. looks at mom and says -- >> you're pregnant huh. >> watch. he is adorable. >> you're going to be a big brother.
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>> oh yes! yes! >> that's going to do it for us at "right this minute." things for joining us. we'll see you next time. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore.
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