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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 11, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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disturbing video as a nanny steals a 2-year-old's food and then hits him when he complained he was hungry. >> how a suspicious mom finally busted a big bully. oh! >> a rally car takes a rough tumble. >> watch this though from the interior. >> why it's so much worth from the driver's seat. a guy's got to take off his bumper because -- >> look what's inside the grill. >> see what it is that wants out real bad. plus -- what sends an annoyed dad right over the edge.
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and grandma's got her paddle. >> she loves apparently playing ping-pong. >> why ping-pong doesn't love her. >> oh! video of a nanny in argentina that authorities say is going to be used as evidence against her. this nanny walks over to a 2-year-old boy, sitting in a high chair, and you see her slap him. then you see her sit down at the table, she pulls a plate of food in front of her and begins to eat. now, according to reports, the food that she's eating belonged to the 2-year-old. she had taken the food from the boy and hit him when he complained that he was hungry. the mother actually set the video camera up, after she became suspicious when she saw bruises on her toddler. she hooked it to her smartphone and saw this entire thing go
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down. >> how angry are you when you see what actually happens. >> it's so heartbreaking for the mother because she said that in the times that she was around the nanny and her children the nanny would hug the children would be very affect nate toward the childrening. as you can see, the things changed once the mother was out of the home. the nanny was not only the nanny to the 2-year-old the 2-year-old had a 10-year-old sibling. neighbors said to the mother they often heard children crying when left alone with the nanny. now this video will be used as evidence against her because the 25-year-old nanny faces criminal assault and child abuse charges. the racing series is one of the biggest nail-biters out there, a world rally championship. they travel the world, racing all over the race from mexico. first guy, he and his co-driver. sideways there, bumped into the berm has a flat still change it get on their way.
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that's how a lot of the accidents in the championship happen they wreck and they can continue going, right? that wasn't the only wreck from this rally mexico. watch this racer. come around this corner up ahead. uh-oh. >> oh no! >> oh. >> straight into the water. >> the car lands right-side up which was a huge deal. you see the driver and co-driver, immediately doors pop up they jump out but the driver's cable is still attached to the car and it's pulling him down. >> pull with all your heart and snap it. >> and he does. pulls himself back up on to the back of the car and both drive somewhere co-driver swim safely to the edge of the water. watch this though from the interior. >> there's an interior camera? >> yep. boom car crashes overhead. here comes the water. the ducky on the dashboard is not a rubber ducky. he goes down, too. they were able to recover the
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vehicle. here are pictures after they were pulled out of the lake. >> did they rescue the duck? >> he's a duck they're fine. >> they're going to race on the roadway? maybe guardrails so people don't go into it. right off the top, this video looks suspicious. you've got guys with back lacavas on a beautiful blue ka ma'am re. look what's inside the grill. >> that is a beaver? >> a raccoon. the person thought they hit a raccoon tuesday, and on thursday went to the garage and thought they smelled dead animal. that animal was alive and well and in the grill. >> how did it not damage the car but still get stuck. >> i'm trying to figure out. it got in there in such a way they had to take the bumper off to remove. look after they got the bumper off, buster what they call it crawls out from under the car, goes under the utility vehicle and ends up in the tree. you remember robert arrington,
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we've chatted with him on the show before because he rescued a blue haren. here he is rescuing a pelican, tangled up in some fishing line and it's got a hook in its mouth. so robert right here he's got a fish head because he's trying to lure the one tangled up. >> got him. >> and it's amazing because he doesn't have any help. he's got to hold it with one hand and between his thighs and get everything off of the pelican with his other free hand. if only the pelican knew he was trying to help which is so two seconds. >> once it he gots it wrapped from around one of its wings, robert checks either wing. he opens his bill because he wants to get the hook out. >> look at him, he's like -- >> but he's not able to get the fishing hook out. and he's hoping that eventually the fishing hook will work its way out of the bird. >> i'll let him go now. there you go. >> and h gav it another fish here. here. get that.
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get that. oh yeah! >> if you can and are able to you should help out fellow when when in need. the driver in this subaru impreza notices a stuck u.s. postal service vehicle. you see the postman using a shovel to try to get the snow out from around the wheels. >> need any help? >> they're able to take a line hook it to the u.s. postal service vehicle, and to the front of the impreza. >> keep in mind too, the impreza's all-wheel drive, so is this kia. that's all he needed. >> he's going to have good karma coming their way. >> you know who else has good karma coming their way? watch this video from russia. the woman here about to cross the street with the stroller starts backing up maybe i don't want to do this. the driver in the vehicle in front of us moves his car and parks it, blocking both lanes than drive gets out of his car and goes over to help the woman with the stroller cross the
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street. >> aw. >> look at this jerk still trying to go around. >> but he doesn't because the other guy's telling him to stop. >> she gets to the other side of the road he gets back into his vehicle and keeps driving. no accidents, everybody played it out of this video okay. >> what a gentleman. he really saw that this woman had a need to get across the street and he literally helped this woman across the street. a skydive takes a dramatic turn when things get twisted. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> everybody at the jump site is thinking this is going to be a fatal landing. but watch what happens. >> see the lucky escape from one tangled up mess. and pranksters drop a water gun in front of people at the beach and say -- >> you've good five seconds, use it or suffer consequences. >> what happens when the prankees takthe first shot. dodoining g ththisis a allll d dayay, , my feet and legs got really tired. so i got dr. scholl's massaging gel work insoles.
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dad's not happy, let's pick him on and antagonize him. >> [ bleep ]. >> this is from the angry dad youtube channel. that's the angry dad, taking place in melbourne, australia. dad's having trouble with the sprinkler system. >> turn it on. >> best way to antagonize him, too, irritated and involved in the project. >> turn it off, it's going everywhere. >> here he goes. starting to get really angry. >> what the [ bleep ]? >> what's that? >> this is one by one, start messing with him. >> turn it off! >> no this is not what i'm talking about. >> turn off now. >> have you pressed the off butten? >> shut up. >> oh no. makes you even more mad. >> push the off button. [ bleep ]. i'm telling you now, you're pissing me off. >> dad looks like he's going on the attack but catches himself.
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>> no, honey. >> they're imitating mom now. >> come in with a bucket. >> now? >> sprinklers are turned off. >> [ bleep ] sprinkle your in a minute. always [ bleep ]. >> then they start getting a weird sense of humor because one dresses up as darth vader. >> [ bleep ]. >> behind the camera he's like tell hem your ther. >> they're full-on wrestling. >> last wish man. >> [ bleep ]. >> and then at the very end of the video you think they're trying to apologize, here we'll give you a drink, make you feel better sorry we're antagonizeing
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you. >> you put salt in it! >> the moral of the wing suiting video, know your gear. guy with camera suffered a double malfunction in the jump but he survives. everything seems to be going right way. the guy's had 340 jumps under his belt but then things turn bad. he says the bridal connecting his chute to the canopy wrapped around the pilot's chute, so he has to cutaway the main canopy. that means the reserve parachute will launch. the main canopy was still attached to the reserve line. he's all twisted up. >> the canopy almost collapsed the reserve chute. it's wrapped around so tight, it's making it so it can't fill up and slow him down. >> what do you do in this situation? >> [ bleep ]! >> the container that he was using had an rsl dine unfamiliar with the manufacturer procedures and the procedure is different from others and that kind of caused all of the stuff
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to mess up. >> he starts marking how far down he's plunged. here at 660 feet trying to get out of the mess. >> look how fast the ground is coming up to him. >> the ground is coming up to him fast. everybody at the jump site is thinking this is going to be a fatal landing. here he is at 300 feet and then, boom. >> he said vertical speed at impact 18.6 miles per hour. he was taken to the hospital. he said he suffered minor injuries a mild concussion and bruising but he was able to walk out of the hospital that night. >> holy moly. >> so lucky. >> you've got five seconds to make a decision. go. >> right now. four three. >> guys from the youtube channel dropped the super soaker on
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random strangers' blankets on the beach. use it or suffer consequences. >> one decision to make. five seconds. five four. >> there's only one choice you can make. you've got to go. pick up that gun and shoot. >> three. you go -- you all coming? >> not really. >> come on. >> most people do take the opportunity to fire first. >> i said two. i didn't say one yet. >> but they get pranked. >> this is going -- >> make a decision. five. >> oh man! >> you have to give five seconds. >> now you messed up. >> it's totally fair in war, right? they've got support. fun to see one of the other guys sneak up behind the prankee. here comes the big gun. >> i've got my big gun. >> yeah.
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>> the fight is now unfair but totally fun. >> like how people are rolling with it. >> bringing out the inner child. we do. it's like do it throw down. >> start running around with a stranger and play a game of war. >> five seconds to make a decision. you're about to get wet. five. i said five. now you've got -- now you don't -- >> no. >> this is fun. what a great day at the beach. >> yeah. a tasty meal of revenge. >> like he was enjoying it. >> see what he ate next "right this minute." and still to come -- she's picking up her boyfriend at the airport but this pickup is extra special. >> see why love is definitely in the air when he touches down. plus -- impressively precise way to refuel a plane. >> like dangling a li into a blender.
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picking up always way better than dropping off. they actually have not seen each other since the beginning of the year. so it's been a couple of months. this pickup is extra special. she's holding up a sign and the sign says "will you marry me?" . it's simple it's sweet. it's to the point. >> she just throws her arms around him. they kiss. he gets down on one knee pulls that ring out of his pocket. you know he was thrilled to see her. and this is extra special romantic this was the day before valentine's day. >> i love that he was so excited to propose that he had to do it on the spot right there, couldn't wait any longer. >> funny thing, you're going, really come on outside an airport? look at her reaction. reaction's monster. >> it's such a surprise. she was excited to see him. when she posted the video she said i went up to the airport to pick up my boyfriend, i went
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home with a fiancee. >> cute. >> it was cute. >> awesome pictures. if you want to see the ring he did a good job, it's beautiful. >> pretty. >> getting married saturday may 30th. >> cool to be aboard one of the huge marine planes. but it's cooler when you can drop the back gate and see the view over the ocean, off the coast of spain. >> i can't imagine being the dude who opens that door. >> the feeling, right, the air just gushing in. >> that's the refueling line isn't it. >> yeah. you see the refueling line tether out there. it's almost like fishing but fishing for birds of prey. ospreys, to be exact, two ospreys are inbound. you can see them out there, dots at first. but then there they are. the off sprays do many different things. but they aren't the longest ranged plane, you need to refuel and this is how it's done. >> you have to be so precise,
3:22 pm
right. propellers are pretty big and there's two the line's thin. >> like dangling a line into a blender. shot bit sergeant paul peterson of the u.s. marine corps forces europe and africa. but these guys train. that's why they do this stuff. look it's so precise, right there, they connect, fuel starts flowing. make it look easy. thankfully they do hey, you kind of need it. >> that's cool. >> makes you nervous to watch it right? >> yes. >> dude's got a glass table and bright idea. >> trying to break it? >> intentionally trying to break it. >> see if his run and jump gets the job doneb done. yoyourur h heaeartrt i is s prprececioiousus.. one of many ways to support its health isis n newew t truruhehearart,t, f frorom m onone a day. itit's's t thehe o onlnly y hehearart t health supplement wiwithth i ingngreredidienentsts t to o both help lower bad chchololesesteterorol l anand d susupppporort healthy blood pressure anand d alalsoso i incncluludedes s coco q 10 trtry y nenew w trtruhuheaeartrt i'i'veve j jusust t fofounund d mymy nenew beauty bff. hihi t theherere!!
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and got it right, pretty effective experiment. ah japan, one of my favorite countries. one of my favorite things commercials like this one. we've done one of the videos before they made shrimp tempura in three seconds flat.
3:26 pm
now the good. >> if we're hanging out with these guys we could have it in three seconds. they're not going to make it traditionally. they're going the crazy route. blink and you'll miss it. the meat shoots out. drum hits. goes through the seasoning. the rest of the seasoning pumps up as well. straight through then. fire! ♪ ♪ >> the actual thing to make it perfect. 2 x 2. >> fantastically and wonderfully crazy. >> i know. my favorite part the sound effect when he presses the button. i love it so much. awesome. brilliant. >> what they're advertising, 4g
3:27 pm
speed of the service. there you go. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i have two fails for you here. the first one, get ready, because you're going to feel really really bad for grandma. watch this. she loves apparently playing ping-pong. watch her go after ball. >> oh how can you not feel bad? the impact actually broke her ribs. >> i would imagine. she hit really hard on the edge of the china cabinet, and then fell to the floor and had that chair she fell on because she pulled the chair down too. this breaks my heart. i hate to see people fall. >> it totally breaks my heart, too. >> you are evil. >> i am evil. that is funny. clear the chairs away from the table. >> this one, feel free to laugh at all you want because it's just guys being guys.
3:28 pm
you see what that guy just tried to do? he's got one of glass top patio tables. >> trying to break it. >> intentionally trying to break it. >> pull it down. >> manages to break it. >> you don't laugh at this? >> no. no. you know all i can think of get grandma out to try to break it. >> that's it for "right this minute," everybody. we'll see you next time.
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villagers spot a deer frozen in place and -- there she's not happy about this. >> how they saved her from being deep six in deep snow. cops in beijing corner a rogue driver. it looks like he has nowhere to go. why looks can be deceiving. a skier manages to limbo under a tree but -- >> what he didn't see coming was this there how that powder packs a punch. >> plus what happens when you combine break dancing and super human strength. >> that is really impressive.


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