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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. a very disturbing discovery inside a garbage can in richmond. >> we are live in san jose where ex49ers player ray mcdonald is fighting back against the woman who is accusing him of sexual assault. we'll tell you about the legal action being taken and what mcdonald is saying. good morning. these are live pictures from our developing story in vallejo. that is where one person died, another person is hurt after a double shooting early this morning. the investigation continues. you can see again a leave report there. a live picture. coming up in two minutes how police were able to get to the scene minutes after it happened
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without any 911 calls coming in. it's monday, march 6th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, pam. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic and steve paulson has my excited. i came in here he was talking about seeing sprinkles somewhere. >> i thought we were talking about march madness. >> there is a little bit to the north. a lot of cloud cover thank goodness. it cooled off. although i had to break out the fan saturday night it was sol warm over night. my goodness. serious. if you missed it on saturday. i don't go back two days. it was record setting. unbelievable. san jose 89 degrees. the record for that date was 81 multiple tiles. i would say they blew past that. not only was it a record but it was the warmest march temperature ever and gilroy tied. cloud cover spilled in on sunday and that cooled things down and continues today. but temperatures for many will continue to be above average. these are very warm system. they are coming up from the
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west, southwest. a little bit of light rain near clover dale and lake county. this is probably the line south of that. north of that there could be light rain. because the cloud cover 50s on the temps. they are very mild. the moisture source this was visiting the hawaiian islands. there is not much mt. way of any cooling. cloudy and mild. light rain to the north. maybe about roanoke park, calistoga north. highs 60s and 70s. cooler temps will be to the north. still some mild temps but not as hot as the weekend. mr. sal castaneda with an update on your monday morning. there was a lot of people on the road this morning. >> yeah i noticed that over the years. we have noticed more people on the road coming to work with us when it used to be just tumble weeds. >> ten years ago i would see one car doing this. [ laughter ] now it's not traffic but there
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is people. >> there are people out there. absolutely there are people out there. traffic is going to be busy and there is a crash reported now. just came in a few minutes ago. northbound 17 at alma college road. car driving too fast somehow ended up going over the edge of the road. somewhat near lexington now that traffic is going to be a little slow because chp is arriving on the scene. traffic on northbound 280 is doing okay. the reason i said hmm is if you knew anything about gti they can get going pretty fast. let's move along and take a look at the toll plaza westbound. the traffic is moving okay.
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let's go back to the desk. the police are investigating a deadly early morning shooting. it happened about 12:30 this morning. you are look at live pictures. this is kentucky street near napa street. you can see the police are right there and they are actively involved in the investigation. officers were on another call when they heard gunshots. they rushed to the scene. they found two people that had been shot inside of a car. both were rushed to nearby hospitals. one of them died. the other is in critical condition. again this investigation continues as we speak. they are pick up some of the evidence markers right there in front of us. if you have any information about this, get in contact with vallejo police. evidence from a murder almost taken away with the trash. this is the newest revelation in the week old investigation into the death of a 37-year-old
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dental student in albany. katie utehs is live in our institute owe now. there is evidence that if -- >> reporter: now the purse belonged to this woman 37-year- old randhir kaur. a week ago today kaur's cousin discovered her shot and killed in her albany apartment after kaur missed dental school classes at ucsf. we now know hours earlier on that same day a richmond woman made a horrifying discovery many her trash can. she found a coach purse belonging to kaur with a wallet and id inside. also in that can a bag of bloody kaur. >> i told the police department there were bloody clothes but
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they did not connect the dots i guess. >> reporter: four hours later as kaur's body was discovered, her items became evidence in her murder investigation. investigators now say kaur attended a prayer service the afternoon of her death and planned to study sunday evening inside her home. police are now asking the public to come forward with any additional leads as they have highway no arrests so far. kaur's colleagues says the dental school first reported her missing. the school will hold a vigil tonight at 4:00. now he has not been signed by a new nfl team because of his legal problems. ktvu fox 2 janine de la vega is joining us from san jose to
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talk about what mcdonald is claiming. janine. >> reporter: pam, this is the criminal complaint that ray mcdonald plans on filing in court today. against a man that has shamed him, and prevented him from signing with a new team. mcdonald's attorney says that his athletic career has stalled because the sexual assault accusation is hanging over his head. a woman told police she went out drinking and met up with mcdomed. analysts say that may make it difficult -- may make it a difficult case for the santa claire rap county districts attorney office to prostitute. especially since there is video evidence showing the two together around his house. as soon as the police investigation surfaced, the
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49ers released mcdonald. riders will have to find a new stop this morning. as of today that station shut down the valley transit authority plans to demolish the station to make way for a second set of tracks between the mountain view transit center and the license station. when it's finished the double track project is expected to provide better service to cal train and major events at levi's stadium. it's also expected to boost service to the milpitas bart station. vta says the evelyn station has the second lowest ridership in
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its system. more cracks have been fund on the steal rods that secure the base of the tower of the bay bridge. the cracks were found at the top and bottom. some cracks can get worse and lead to complete failure during a strong earthquake. but money is not a cost. your time is 5:09. the investigation into a deadly shooting involving four police officers in napa it goes on this morning. investigators say the 41-year- old james richard jimenez was shot on friday as police officers prepare to serve a search warrant for drugs at his home. jimenez was shot when he tried to escape from the police on his motorcycle and reportedly reached for a gun. the four officers involve vd been placed on administrative
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leave. four veteran san francisco police officers are in danger of losing their jobs because they are linked to racist and homophobic text messages. those texts were filed in a court filing. whale the text messages are investigated, the officers involved have been reassigned to jobs that don't directly deal with the project. excentric real estate billionaire was arrested for the disappearance of his wife. burr man was about to be questioned about the disappearance of durst's wife in 1982. her body was never found. durst was a subject of an hbo
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documentary called the jinx. >> i'm not surprised because i've always felt like he was responsible for these three deaths. but to hear him actually say it out loud was a shock. >> now in 2003 durst admitted to killing and dismembering a neighbor but claimed self- defense and was acquitted. >> what a story. time is 5:11. another political e-mail scandal for you. this time it's potential presidential republican jeb bush. what he used his e-mail to do when he was governor of florida. >> a dust up over a popular trail in marin county. the drastic changes being considered after major accidents between cyclists and
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hackers. >> we are looking at the san mateo bridge. traffic looks pretty gad as we head to the highway. >> a lot of cloud cover over us. temperatures are still running rather mild but there is still light rain to the north. we'll see if there is any more on the way.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 5:14 is the time. the obama administration has
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decided the to keep more soldiers in afghanistan. instead they will now plan to allow most of the nearly 10,000 troops who are currently there to remain. this is something military leaders have been pushing for. there are also reports that republicans are set to announce a congressional investigation into former secretary of state hillary clinton. she has been facing criticism over her use of personal e-mail for government work. she deleted about 30,000 messages saying they were personal. clinton told reporters last week she used her own account as matter of convenience. meantime the washington post reports that the jeb bush used his private e-mail account to discuss security and military matters while he was governor of florida. bush aids say none of the e- mails involved sensitive or classified information but bush is considering a run for president. the national park service there is is a trash and litter problem at san francisco's fort mason. take a look at this photo tweeted out from the golden
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gate recreation area. officials say this photo was taken saturday at the great meadow. look at it. park managers say they have stepped up patrols. they saturdayed larger trash and recycling cans but litter is still is a regular problem at that park. a new speed limit may be coming for a popular trail in marin county after some big accidents between bicyclists and hikers. marin county board of supervisors is due to vote tomorrow on reducing the speed limit on mill valley pathway down to ten miles an hour. right now for bicycles it's 15 miles an hour. pedestrians who use that path say they have had their fair charro of really close calls. >> the bikers come speeding by on their cyclists. so it's definitely worth it. it will prevent some injuries. >> if it's approved, the speed limit will be enforced on a half a mile stretch on mill valley middle school. there will be a public hearing
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on the speed limit scheduled for march 31st. right now it is 5:16. sal, you and i have been covering stories in marin county. hikers verses bikers verses -- even horse riders. >> i think it's spanned at least 15 years. >> at least. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound as you come up to the pay gates still light. although there are certainly people there. at 5:30 it starts to get a little bit busier. no problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge. san mateo bridge traffic looks good as you drive from hayward to the peninsula. and if you are driving in the south bay they are clearing an accident. for the most part the south bay commute is off to a good start.
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let's go to steve. cloudy skies. the allergy levels were through the roof on saturday. they will be a little better today. it's the trees that are way up there. but you know grass and weed is ready to go. they are itching to go. mulberry, sycamore, and oak. i know it was two days ago but it bares repeating just because it was 89-degrees in san jose. it was 90 down toward city lyonnais. southern california was baking. it was the lows that were way up. some of that cloud cover came in and added humidity to the mix. the cloud cover continues to stream in. a little bit of light rain near clove dale. a few sprinkles up toward month
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rio. 50s on the temps. 37 south lake tahoe. snow levels around 8,000 feet. this is a very warm system. you can seat moisture right here. i've got to go way down here. unfortunately it's dragging across us and very weak system and it's toppling over. it will drag across us giving us a lot of cloud cover. some light rain to the north. so cloudy and mild. light rain a few sprinkles. and 60s and 70s on your temps. there might be a little bit. sonoma county north. the heaviest would be up toward mendocino county and lake county. cloudy and mild. sprinkles and not much else.
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10:s and 70s. 60s and 70s. most of these temps are running above average. they were a good 25 degrees above average for some. they are still 3-5 above average for now. temperatures will continue to be rather mild here. 77 gilroy. down from that 90 on saturday but still pretty warm. san mateo 70. mostly cloudy tuesday and then warmer. back to the mid to upper 70s. wednesday and thursday and friday. >> i thought about you watching the trees just coming in. >> it's funny you say that. we had that conversation yesterday. we were in berkeley. everything is blooming. >> and we are feeling it. >> some of us. >> i am. and you talked about the heat and the l.a. marathon. i want to talk about the record breaking heat sent more than 30 people to the hospital. the start of the race was moved
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up half an however. steve talked abilities that on friday. it moved up to just before 7:00 a.m. yesterday so runners could beat the expected heat but not everyone runs that marathon in a couple of hours. by noon it was 88 degrees. 36 people were rushed to nearby hospitals. one man even suffered a heart attack. an additional 150 people were treated during that race because of heat related problems. >> there was one l.a. police officer who ran the whole race in full uniform. dedicating it to those who had fallen. but the whole marathon. >> a woman. >> a woman. full uniform. some taxpayers who don't have health insurance will not have to pay a government fine. the grace period being offered to certain people. >> a lot of things i get told based on a cultural fit. >> difficulty landing a job in silicon valley. up next the job applicant who says the phrase is not a
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cultural fit is valley speak for something else.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. aid workers scrambling to help people on the south pacific island after a devastating cyclone hit there. it happened over the weekend. it flattened homes and scattered trees across roads. you can see the damage here. the frustrated people. the with the of that country
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says six people are confirmed dead but the death toll will probably go higher because it's still not certain how wide spread the damage is. >> there is a break down of communications that we cannot reach our families and we do not know if our families are safe or not. and as a leader of the nation my whole heart is is for the people of the whole nation. >> the red cross says thousands of people need shelter, they need food, they need water. vanuatu has apoplex of 65,000 people. for more african americans today's job market remains bleak. the new york times reports the unemployment rate remains 1.3%
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higher. washington who lives in san jose once worked as an administrative assistant. but since being laid off, she has had trouble finding work. >> it's difficult to stay positive when you've been job searching for so long. i'm a working professional and i want to go to work. i just don't want to work, i want a career. >> entel will spend $300 million -- intel will spend $300 million to provide diversity. time is 5:26. guess what dairy queen is giving away small soft serve ice cream cones today. they are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year and marking the occasion today because today is the 75th day of the year. now the giveaway is happening all day with a limit of one vanilla flavored serving per
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person. most are participating in the celebration. tesla's ceo says he will have exciting news. he's excited to end range anxiety. he is referring to model s owners about how far you can drive the all electric car on a single charge. many test lap drivers worry -- many tesla drivers worry about finding a recharging station. time is 5:27. an arrest made in the shooting of those woman police officers in ferguson, missouri. up next the evidence that investigators say they found at the suspects home and how he is defending himself against those charges. >> plus vallejo police are piecing together a deadly shooting that happened just a few hours ago. one young man was killed, a
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second was wounded. >> good morning. we are checking out the east bay commute for you. we're looking at highway 4. it's a little bit slow. coming up we'll take a look at 580 through the livermore valley. >> cloudy skies. temperatures have been coming down. they are still above average and look at this. even radar which we had to dust off showing returns to the north. we'll see if there is any rain going to make it this far south.
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good morning to you. welcome back. these are live pictures on your screen. a developing news story from vallejo. police activity out there. two people were found shot inside of a car and one of them has already died. the other is in critical condition. ktvu alex savidge just talked with the police coming up in two minutes. alex will tell you more on what they are saying about this still developing case. so stay tuned. good morning. it is monday, march 16th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. 5:30. 5:31 is the time actually. i want to check in with steve paulson. maybe a tiny bit of sprinkles. >> light rain to the north. cloudy skies. it will be a little cooler here. but temperatures even with the cloud cover are still above average for many. but some light rain beginning to pick upright off of the marin coast and also to the north. a lot of this not reaching the
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ground but some of it will. we've had a couple reports of sprinkles and light rain to mendocino county. the temperatures on saturday were through the roof. 82 in gilroy. 81 until livermore. today 73. and san jose on saturday 89. sunday 80. normal is 68. so cloudy for most. the lows are way up. 50s because of the cloud cover. a little bit of rain to the north. you can see the moisture source coming up from the west, southwest. this is a very warm system but it will give a lot of cloud cover and very light rain favoring areas in the north. cloudy and mild. temperatures 60s still some 70s. if it wasn't for that cloud cover we would be really warm. as it is 60s and 70s cooler temps to the north. sal, anything to talk about at this early hour? >> coming in from the request line on twitter, we have 580
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westbound. that is what we will start with. 580 westbound. i'm taking requests right now. 580 westbound will be slow, slow, slow. there are no major problems. i'm serious i got that from young person on twitter who said can i get a little bit of 580 please? absolutely. now are probably not liking what you are seeing if you're coming in from 205. 680 is not that great. 880 looks okay and so does 580 in oakland. out to the live pictures we go and this is a look at 880 north and southbound. the traffic is moving along nicely in both directions. bay bridge toll plaza we're giving more of a crowd -- we're getting more of a crowd. westbound traffic is moderate on the bridge into san francisco. at 5:33 let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. we're following developing news out of vallejo where police are investigating a deadly over night shooting. it happened just before 12:30
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on kentucky street. ktvu fox 2 reporter alex savidge is at the scene this morning where police were on a different call nearby when they heard the gunshots. alex. >> reporter: pam, good morning to you. one of the investigators involved here told me this was clearly a targeted shooting early this morning. someone came up to the silver pontiac that is parked across the street and fired at least a dozen shots into that car. it was surrounded by evidence markers a short time ago. hay have picked the markers up here. crime scene investigators wrapping up their work. officers found two young men inside of that car. both with gunshot wounds. both of them were taken to the hospital. one of the men died there. the second victim remains in critical condition this morning. the shooting happened just about 12:30. this is right at the intersection of napa and kentucky streets. police officers were involved in an unrelated accident. they heard the gun pyre.
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officer immediately started searching the area for potential victims. and that is when they found the car with the two wounded men inside of it. police came out and talked with neighbors and gathered physical evidence in the area. investigators really say they don't have a whole lot to go on. they are not sure what led up to the shooting. there was some kind of -- but they do say again this was not a random shooting. pam, they are working hear ever what was ray lay hoe's fourth homicide of the year. two los angeles police officers are recovering after being hit by gunfire last night. they were driving in south central los angeles when someone started shooting. the officers shot back and a swat team was called in. the two police officers only
5:36 am
had minor injuries and they were treated at the scene. police detained several people. they are still looking for at least two others. a missouri man is defending himself against charges that he shot two police officers in ferguson last week. 20-year-old jeffrey williams is charged with first degree assault. the two officers were shot and wounded last thursday during a protest following the announcement that ferguson's police chief would resign. police say they have recovered a handgun from williams' home that matches shell casings at the scene but williams says he was not aiming for police. >> he wasn't trying to create disruption in the community. that was not his aim. that was not his purpose, that was not his focus. he said that a protest tour was trying to rob him. >> police say they have told the two wounded officers about the arrest. to both are recovering at home. time is 5:36. former 49ers defensive end ray
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mcdonald plans to file a lawsuit against aen woman that claims sexual assault. ktvu fox 2 janine de la vega is joining us live now from san jose. what does ray mcdonald want? >> mcdonald basically wants his name cleared. so his attorney is going to file a lawsuit today against a woman who mcdonald says is lying and tarn herbing his reputation. mcdonalds attorney a woman toldless she win out drinking and met up with mcdonald. she claims mcdonald raped her at his home but she doesn't remember consenting because she hit her head before the alleged assault happened. in the lawsuit mcdonald is claiming the sex was consensual. in a text message to the woman he wrote quote just happened. we were just enjoying the moment and later on wrote i don't understand why you are
5:38 am
bothered. you chose to stay with me for another day. i didn't do anything wrong. i felt like we had a real connection and we actually liked each other. the victim admitted hanging out with mcdonald and there is a video evidence showing the two together. but because mcdonald was arrested for domestic violence against his fiance earlier in the season and the new allegations surfaced, the 49ers released him. his attorney says mcdonald can no longer wait. he is concerned about his career and clearing his name so that is why they are filing this lawsuit today. dave. >> thank you. time is 5:38. san jose police have also released a photo of a missing man they are hoping you will be able to help find him. take a look. this is 69-year-old train too. police say he was last seen
5:39 am
yesterday morning at the capitol flee market. family members say he wondered away and they have not seen him since. he has short-term memory loss but he is able to talk and communicate and say his name. if you have information on where he is, call san jose police. a new round of nuclear negotiations are under way between the u.s. and iran. secretary of state john kerry is in switzerland to meet with iran's prime minister this morning. representatives are also there. there is a march 31st deadline for the outline of a deal top stop iran from producing a nuclear weapon. the federal government has issued a grace period for those that are timing their -- that are filing their taxes. they must confirm there was not a tax penalty until after last months enrollment deadline. the penalty is $95 per person or 1% of household income,
5:40 am
which ever is greater. skiing and snow boarding this season is officially over at another sierra resort. sierra at tahoe announced they are closed for the season. the area is usually popular because it is the closest on highway 50. but sierra at tahoe managers say the conditions are just not good enough to stay open. they do add if there is another big storm that brings enough snow, they will reopen. donor ranch off interstate 80 that thosed. boston having the snowiest winter ever. snow fell last night and pushed to 109 inches. the previous record stands jesus below 108 inches set in
5:41 am
1995. after betting the ins partly sunny -- we are truly a title city but there will be no parade for this. we are learning new details about the killing of a dental student in albany. coming up at 6:00 the discovery made miles away from the crime scene. >> but first the dos and don'ts of facebook. the big announcement expected today. if >> right now we are looking at -- >> a lot of cloud cover over us and there is this green stuff showing up on radar. i'm not sure what that is. it could be rain. we'll see if it will make it this far south.
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the chp is out there looking for witnesses in a deadly motorcycle crash yesterday that killed a 36-year- old man in alamo. this happened about 1:30 yesterday afternoon at the stone valley road ramp. investigators say the cyclist apparently lost control on the off ramp and slammed into a tree. he was pronounced dead right there at the scene. the name of the man hasn't been released yet but he is said to be from san ramon. a car that belongs to a rookie l.a. police officer who is wanted for questioning in a deadly shooting has now been found. police say the volkswagen jetta was found yesterday in a suburb east of l.a.. it was close to where 23-year-
5:45 am
old rodriguez was gunned down early friday. police say they got into a fistfight before the shooting. salis did not report to work the next day. he was off duty at the time of that fight. today marks ten years since the judge sentenced scott peter son to death for killing his wife and unborn baby. in january 2003, peter been -- at one point he was asked about the nursery that he and lacy had prepared for their son connor. >> that door is closed. i can't open that door. >> you worked on it? what sort of preparation did you do? >> it's completely outfitted. the furniture is there. all the little clothes and all of those wonderful things we have. it's ready for him.
5:46 am
>> lacy and connor's bodies were found in april 2003 on the shoreline of the san francisco bay in richmond. scott peter son is behind bars in san quintin but his case is on automatic appeal. facebook is looking to build plans for more housing near its headquarters inmenly park. north carolina has creating thousands -- quacked a if later tad polk is account if fief et -- pac hopes that clarifying the rules will help people understand why it allows some posts and not others.
5:47 am
an ex facebook requires terror -- even after explains the thinking behind the posting rules, facebook says it will not actively scan accounts and automatically remove content. facebook says it will rely on member complaints to find anything offensive. march madness officially gets under way this week. kentucky the number one seed in the tournament. tournament starts with the first four games today and tomorrow and the winners of those games will advance to the field of 64. the tournament begins in full on thursday. no local teams are in but stanford and st. mary's will be in the national invitational town. >> st. mary's hosting a first round game against vanderbilt. if they make it to the third round, they will play each
5:48 am
other at stanford. >> okay. hey sal, don't be focused on the brackets. i need you to get people to where they need to go. >> i'm doing that. when i'm doing the traffic report, ask pam why she is so happy go ahead and ask her. >> i know about ucla. >> i know. dave is right. we have a little commute going on after that early commute. now we have a crash southbound 880. traffic is going to be a little bit slow although that is a noncommute direction for most people. most people are going north if you are driving through the area. looking at highway 4 concord and antioch. it is okay. 680 looks good from the benicia
5:49 am
bridge to walnut creek. and 242 still looks good. and looking at the chew on some of the live pictures. the san mateo bridge traffic is moderately heavy. looking at the bay bridge. the metering lights went on ten minutes ago. just a little less than ten minutes ago. we have a back up to at the foot of the mccarthur maze. 5:49 let's go to steve in the weather center. thank you, sir be a lot of cloud cover over us. just north of clover dale i've had reports of light rain. cloud cover will be if -- in case you missed it two days ago san jose 89 degrees on
5:50 am
saturday. so they blew f that san jose fez 2e8 michael just september me an e-mail ha says did you see this? the low temperatures in san francisco over the weekend were the warmest as well. record minimum temperatures 57 and 58. if you live in the city and think my goodness it's warm, it has been warm. from 90 to 82 to 77. 81 livermore today. concord 76. 80 yesterday in san jose. 73 today. not much here. there is a lot of clouds and not much rain. there could be very light rain. 50s on the temps. mid ups to 58. the water temps i'm knot surprised. i kid you not i think the water temps have been above average since june. it's amazing how long they have
5:51 am
been there. amazingly hot down in southern california this weekend. it will be a little better today. 50s through the interior. blue cannon 51. snow levels around 8,000 feet. these are clouds coming up from the west, southwest. that could give us light rain to the north. cloudy and mild. light rain 60 ann 70s on your temps. there is a lot of moisture in there. humidity factor is high. you can see there is a couple returns there trying to show up. about marin county north ward. cloudy and mild. some sun breaks to the south santa clara valley. 60s and 70s. 60s and 70s on the temps. due to the cloud coverren even with the cloud cover some of these are on the high side where they should be this time of year. close to average. most locations are above average on the temps. by a good 3-5-degrees continuing. some areas should be 67 to 68.
5:52 am
zap jose 73. 67 pacifica. daly city at 66. so it's mild. cloudy rain to the north. mostly cloudy tuesday and then it's out of here warmer. it does look like a cool down on the weekend. it is 5:51. drones on the beach. coming up in 25 minutes, how the sometimes several unmanned aircraft could be used to save lives. >> but first this is a growing marine mammal crisis. scientists haven't seen anything like this. why rescuers believe more than 1,000 starving sea lions are just watching up on the california coast.
5:53 am
mt. hood was left off the list. so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing. whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet see them all.
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an investigation is under way until santa rosa after police say one man stabbed another man in the head. it happened just before 7:00 last night at youth community park on fulton road. witnesses say the incident began when the men tried to break up a fight between two women. that fight escalated and ended with the stabbing. witnesses say the attacker ran away. anyone with information is asked to call santa rosa police. will is a growing crisis allons california's coast and marine wildlife scientists are worried. more than 100 sea lion pups
5:56 am
have washed up on the beaches since january. national marine scientists think the warmer ocean temperatures around southern california islands where the mothers are giving birth that is pushing food sources like anchovies and sardines further north. volunteers are making several trips a day to rescue the dying pups. >> not good. giverring, convulsing. he is really small. >> the rescue centers are working around the clock on this trying to rehab these pups. hoping to release them back into the wild. good news ballet san jose will keep dancing because of a push. it beat that mark by about $90,000 with the help of a $105,000 grant from the san jose arts commission. past mismanagement led to the
5:57 am
budget problems. their goal is to establish a long-term funding cycle to keep kansasing. >> good news for them. time is 5:56. rough news this morning. police in vallejo still at the scene of an over night homicide. coming up next how some of the officers were able to find the victims in a matter of minutes without a 911 call. >> plus four napa police officers on leave after a deadly shooting. the dual investigations happening this morning. >> and we're just getting word of a ten-car pileup on 680. are you kidding me? as we look at highway 24 this may effect all the commutes in this area. we're on it. >> a lot of cloud cover over us so the lows are up. in fact record setting warmth over the weekend in san francisco but the green giving light rain to the north.
5:58 am
5:59 am
horrifying discovery in a garbage can. gosh. we begin in vallejo where police are investigating a homicide this morning. one man has died. another was hurt in what investigators say was a targeted shooting. ktvu alex savidge has be following this investigation out there this morning and he's going to talk about why the first officers on the scene,
6:00 am
how they got there so quickly. it's very interesting. thank you for joining us. monday morning, march 16th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. steve paulson is right over there. >> a lot of clouds. maybe light rain to the north. but the lows are just because of the cloud cover. but at least the high temps are coming down because of the cloud cover. if it wasn't for that, i think we would be upper 70s, maybe 80s again for some. as we stand it will be in the 60s and 70s. there is a line of light rain. a little bit


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