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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 17, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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head lock but this is no ordinary arrest. this is an exor simple. >> see the strug tal willgle that will scare the devil out of you. >> e for everyone. >> shock to your area. >> when kids read mean tweets. >> a huge loser. >> the video sending a strong message to bullies. an elephant is on the hunt for food. it's hungry. >> how unlucky tourists try to escape a giant appetite.
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and a youtube chef prepares healthy dishes. >> that men can make themselves. >> see how she manages to whip them up. >> basically naked. >> that is a hair net. on the show we see a lot of interaction between suspects and cops. i guarantee you, you have never seen anything like this. looking at a group of police officers in brazil they've got complaints this man was hurling abuses at passersby. but this isn't a struggle between the officers and the guy. this is anexanexorcism. the officer has his hand on the head of the suspect. that suspect being 28-year-old rodriguez betty. >> the power of christ compels you. >> i first how to they were doing the vulcan --
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>> he's yelling out, unleash his body jesus, out in the name of jesus. and then continues saying things like devil, get oust here calling the devil out of this man's body watch. >> in this case do you charge the guy or do you charge the spirit. >> this is better than going to jail because you can say i didn't do it. >> officers verified this video is in fact real this officer is a very religious man. >> is he full of bad spirit you know what i mean? too much of the -- >> the man was allegedly drunk during this actual situation. they got him under control, took him into custody and, get this after he was released this is what he said. he said thank you to the officer and then he also told him that he didn't remember anything that happened the night before that he must have been possessed. speaking of coming up against force, this next officer came up against no force
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whatsoever. look at this in thailand an officer sneaking up on a sleeping suspect. shushing the folks behind the camera saying keep it down. watch this slips the handcuffs on the sleeping suspect as that person starts to startle awake. >> dream, don't worry, it will all get worse in a minute. >> according to reports, ts is real. wantefor suspected robbery and firearm offenses. >> should have shaved his eyebrows. >> put his hand in cold water. >> wrote "guilty" on his forehead. you know when you're taking a tour of sri lanka and taking a safari and see an elephant in the roadway you get the camera out but you don't want it to get this close. the camera cuts you see how close it got.
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two large tusks and his trunk inside of the jeep and listen to the reaction of the tourists. >> [ bleep ]! >> what's it looking for? food. it's hungry. >> i think this elephant probably seen an ad for the jeep that said space for a large trunk, tested it out. that elephant sounded so sad when they pulled away. >> the elephant was being kind of friendly. a local in the area said it's not unheard of but tids kind of uncommon for this to happen. here comes the boar. the boar's trying to get somewhere, where, we don't know and then comes charging at him. goes into the pasture. look at two ponies they're like get the heck out of here, this is our land. >> the boar goes and the horses are victorious. >> the boar break through the fence, because it got out really
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easily. >> must have got through some wire whereas the ponies wouldn't have an easy as time as the pig. i love how they give chase like action let's go. >> we can do this. [ speaking foreign language ] >> as you see, in this video here at the guy on his snowmobile going up on the mountain he hasn't realized the gravity of the situation. coming back down half of the mountain goes with him. it's amazing from distance but up close and personal, i'm sure it's terrifying. hear the reaction from this guy who is watching. watch closely. it fails out. and his friend sees what's going on immediately gun it, tries to get up to make sure his buddy's okay. >> this guy is speeding towards an avalanche. >> scary. >> unfortunate nayly, as he gets up close you can see. >> air bag. >> got his air bag right there, goes up closer checks okay,
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gives a thumbs up uses the air bag to realize, we're okay. >> like i'm done with my ride i should work on my tan, it's nice and sunny here the glare off of the snow will give me a nice little color. >> came out of nowhere. another angle from the video from another rider. he saw and heard it happening from miles away. it was a pretty big avalanche but fortunately everybody's okay. >> gravity hits you hard bro. >> [ bleep ]. we see celebrities reading mean tweets tweeted to them and they're generally pretty funny because the celebrities get a chuckle out of them. we've gotten them right. oli. >> yes, suspiciously i just got one. oli, you're the worst host on "rtm," you're a disgrace to australia, from n. calderone. i have a funny feeling you're about to get one.
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>> for the most part, we can get a laugh out of them because most over us recognize they're transitory they don't really mean a thing. what happens when kids read mean tweets. >> i'm not saying jessica's a whore but if she were a video game she'd be rated e for everyone. eric is gay. he prefers the company of men. tiffany, which corner store, nail salon or dry-cleaner do your parents own. >> these are evil tweets. >> it's not just celebrities getting mean tweets it's everyone. this video put together by the canadian safe school network. that's a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing youth violence and making schools and communities safer. >> they have a very very strong message. >> you're a huge loser. >> ethan, are your parents brother and is ter? because now face looks retarded.
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>> no one likes you. do everyone a favor, just kill yourself. >> the unfortunate thing is that so many kids have committed suicide because they've been victims of bullying. now the canadian safe school network does have an indigo go campaign trying to raise money, about 7800 u.s. dollars to create more awareness, continue spreading this message, as far and wide as they can so let people know bullying is a big issue. dude's cruising the streets but makes a pit stop at the mall. >> right through the front sliding power doors. >> wow. >> packed shoppers. >> see the speedy shopping trip next. and the saint paddy's day way to rock a beard. >> play the lottery, superlucky today.
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like us on stay in touch all day long. now, back to the show. most of my common sense sensibilities tell me this is awful, part of me really loves it. >> oh no. >> guy's on a dirt bike riding down the street. looks like he's breaking the law, blew through the red light and the dirt bike i assume is not legal to be on the street here in poland.
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makes that right and as he's cruising past this mall he pulls into the mall through the front sliding power doors. packed shoppers. then up the escalator there. flips the throttle to get people out of the way. past the store, that guy opens that door. one more door to open off he goes out the other side. and continues speeding away on his urban assault. >> i guess there's something exciting but it but as a shopper, there, trying to mind your own business and there's a speeding motorcycle so close to you, i'd be pretty upset. it's reckless and incredibly dangerous. >> some people aren't as mobile and as quick to get out of the way like everybody else. >> you see people stationed at each door to open the door. i don't know that this was set up through security but it looks like his buddies, at least, maybe organized it to try to get
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people out of the way. >> he definitely do this without accomplices. look at the bottom right corner of the screen you see at least three different camera views of him riding past. so yes, he had people set up inside no word if he got arrested or if this was a set up promotion or something like that. but i think it's just a well-planned stunt. >> children are glorious and hilarious. all over the internet first video, adorable child. a little bit of a predicament. stuck in what looks like a trash can shaped resip ta cal where this child keeps building blocks. >> a perfect example how kids couldn't give a toss about the toys they just want to get into the box. >> next video, the world's most adoreable temper tantrum. posted on the "right this minute" facebook page by a viewer anita, she's in san francisco, california. her husband used to work at star
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101.3 in san francisco. >> mommy went to work. >> no. >> yeah mommy's at work. >> no. >> do you want mommy? >> mommy. >> dad behind the camera, do you want mommy? she had to go to work. 17-month-old daughter not happy about mom being at work. >> mommy. >> i know you want mommy. but mommy's not here. mommy's at work. >> and the last video, you never know what is going to amuse your children. this mom is eating chips. >> oh. >> she thinks it's hilarious. keeps eating the chips. >> you'll eat chips for the next three weeks, as long as the kid keeps laughing. what day is today, oli? >> st. patrick's day. >> perfect, it is st. patrick's
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day. and i have a special gift for all of you. how about a beard in the shape of a four-leaf clover? got to be lucky. >> incredabeard. getting his beard done in the shape of a four-leaf clover. quite a bit of work and hair spray went into this thing. >> think guy does not mind vague lot of hair spry close to his face. i'd think go through a couple of cans. looks like colonel sander's bow tie. >> does have a bow tiesque look. he has the blow driver aimed at his face besides hair spray. >> you'd have to be a special hair beard dresser to do stuff like this. >> a beard dresser. >> indentations like a clover into the four leaves. >> he should play the lottery. he'd be superlucky today. top of the morning. >> that's a handsome guy about you don't look at his beautiful eyes because the beard's
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incredible. note the shine. how does he get the shine on that thing. >> beard oil. >> how you gret thatet that out? how do -- do you dip it in water and put it in a bowl? >> i've heard of showers. that would probably do it. >> prankster doing something nice for mom. >> here is the reveal. it's precious. >> next "right this minute."e asking strangers to borrow their phones seems innocent enough until things get creepy. >> elimine the target. it was a trap. >> guy's eyes are like -- >> the prank that has people running scare. >> you want to see her again. i need $100,000. plus she's turning up the heat in the kitchen. >> but she's doing something very useful here. >> the story behind her stripped down cookin' style.
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selsunun b blulue.e. frfreeeedodom m frfromom d danandrdruff. "right this minute," follow the show all day long. there's something we know about men. they like sex and food. this video addresses both of those things. you don't understand a thing she's saying because the chef -- >> she's talking. >> is in argentina, speaking spanish. >> looks naked. >> she basically is naked. in her youtube channel she prepares simple items that men can make themselves. she is preparing some av ka cad doughs you have to be gentle try not to squeeze too hard. >> you can bruise them. >> a imagine a college kid clicking around looking at hot chicks on youtube might learn something by accident here. she claims that that's the reason she started this youtube
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channel. this is 24-year-old jen, and she got the idea after a friend of hers kept going to a fast-food restaurant to eat and she thought it would be better if she taught him and men out there how to eat healthier. she's using the fact she's very cute sexy to her advantage to draw the attention of these men go i'm sure she gets a lot of clicks. however, i wouldn't suggest going into your kitchen and cooking naked because there's sensitive bits that could get chopped off or burned. >> or put an apron on. >> who doesn't want to cook naked sometimes? >> yeah. happy to have a treat. ♪ a popular prankster online
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almost has 8 million subscribers on his youtube channel. he's at it again. this time really towing the line. >> i have a business meeting, i don't know the exact location. so you can dial the number it like a local call. >> one of his buddies helping him out on prank, asking a fellow on the street may i borrow your phone to make a call. >> i have a business meeting, want to make sure i'm in the right place. this fellow seems to be helpful. watch what happens once the guy gets his phone in his hands. >> it's not where it was supposed to be. eliminate the target. eliminate the target it's a trap. >> the guy's eyes are like -- >> the prankster pulls out a voice altering device and starts talking into the phone about the package not being in the right location. look at the poor fellow's eyes they are huge. >> this is your number being used and what now looks like a huge crime. >> thank you. i got my job done. >> oh my gosh.
9:23 am
>> now we see vitaly doing the exact same thing. >> yes, i have your daughter. >> starts asking for ransom money saying i have your daughter. >> if you want to see her again -- >> that girl reacted quickly, she took her phone and jammed. that girl is gone. >> why isn't she screaming for help? >> glad you asked that. you think people would scream for help. >> $100,000 pay me $100,000 cash. >> help! >> she's freaking out, starts screaming for help. they ask one fellow if they'll cut off a toe for $50,000. >> $50,000 to cut a toe. you're going to do it? yes? are you sure? >> they didn't sigh sayay no automatic. should be the automatic response. he may have been overserved.
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so to be safe -- >> started driving, going to skate home. >> see why that idea doesn't end well.
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9:26 am
wish. >> the video. >> try as hard as you want sometimes effort turnls to fail. the woman on a trampoline a grown woman. a feel like she hasn't done a toe touch in a long time. >> you can rip a groin muscle if you haven't done it in a while.
9:27 am
>> or worse. first one gos goes okay. >> i feel like i peed. >> bladder hard to control. >> higher this time. >> if you do the toe touch, do it on a slightly bigger trampoline. >> wow, excellent toe touch. >> she got her ankles right up there. >> turned her into a folding chair. >> at least you had a trampoline to land on. the next video, some reports say he was a little bit drunk. instead of driving home he's going to skate home. see how that goes. right on his face. of course skating taking a great deal of skill and balance. two things you'll lack. he's not going home with his skateboard. >> oh no. >> maybe he should just washington. maybe that's a universal sign of go home but walk it. >> how awful the person behind the camera didn't try to get
9:28 am
that skateboard. >> no. >> the truck doing a cool kick flip with the skateboard at the end. >> that's it for "right this minute." see you next time.
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trapping a snake with a broom is no big deal.
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except -- >> this is a very very very very very very very -- >> how mr. rv steel went head with -- >> a fellow police officer. >> why two badges can't stop the beatdown. ♪ >> a boyfriend is serenading his girlfriend with -- >> the song "all of me" by joj


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