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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 17, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's hard to believe what's stuck in that pipe. >> it is a little puppy. >> what finally did the trick to get him out. >> how the heck does that thing get in there? >> store cameras catch a woman acting suspiciously. >> it's almost like she's giving the little girl a cue. >> how cops are now using this video as evidence. >> it's not for everyone. >> she's reviewing all. >> this is very truman showesque. >> see how the career can also be very lucrative. plus the video that has people dancing alone together. and her birthday gifts are all clues. but -- >> she's really not picking up
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on the hints at all. >> see the 16-year-old about to spot the real surprise. >> it's a vehicle! the team has quite the job. look what's stuck in that exhaust pipe. a dog! >> it is a little puppy. it looks like they have some hydraulic bolt cutters, that they're cutting through that steel. it took them 40 minutes to get this puppy out. >> how the heck does that thing get in there? the puppy stays cool the whole time. doesn't bark. i didn't hear a peep while they were trying to cut this thing out. they were petting its head and its neck. it was like, okay, i'll get that. but it took them a while to get it out. finally when they got that thing cut pretty much all the way up to the neck that's where they had to stop. and then they set this thing up right to try to push its head back through the hole. they tried this for a while. it doesn't work until they get some liquid mixture.
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i don't know if it's soap or oil that they put on this poor little creature. >> oh yeah. they needed to put something to make him super slippery. >> well they did. and that seemed to be the trick. look at that. that has to be the worst day of this dog's life. that's when you finally hear something from the puppy like thank you. they rinse the puppy off. and a parting shot of the puppy being held by somebody. aww. >> parents have the possibility of setting a good example for their kids. this is at an electronics store in nigeria. these two ladies are together talking to the sales clerk. they're distracted talking to their customers, but watch this as this lady with the spaghetti strapped dress leans over the counter there. there's a little girl right behind her. she kind of starts motioning with her hand. it's almost like she's giving
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thely lyittle girl a cue. the little girl then walks between those display cases, grabs two electronic devices that look like smart phones runs right back to where these two ladies are, pulls on the dress of one of those women to let her know the job is done. suddenly the lady with the dress turns around and starts walking out. it's disgusting to see that it's a mom that is putting up her own child. >> this is just horrible behavior. >> the guys in this video also didn't learn their good citizen lesson. this is a surveillance video from a home in south africa. a couple of men show up to the door. one of them have a crowbar. then a third man shows up with a second crowbar. and they start trying to break into that house. in this part of the video something spooks them and they run off. but just a few moments later, they come right back. at some point, a fourth man joins them and all four of them end up taking turns trying to open this gate and it's actually kind of funny because
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they never get in the door. >> wow. you're like well i'm glad i spent the extra money on the security gates and the camera. >> a great advertisement for whoever makes that security gate. >> eventually they give up. they get back in the vehicle that they were riding in. and they take off. the homeowner is saying there have been several burglary attempts at their home and that's probably part of the reason why they installed the camera. >> i have a video of just a normal everyday activity. i want you to tell me if you noticed something a lite different about it. his right hand it looked like a prosthetic. it is a prosthetic but go back and watch that hand grip that water bottle. >> and it's life like, too. it's not a robotic looking hand. >> this hand called the michelangelo prosthetic hand. i have more videos of this hand in use. watch this as this man ties his shoelace grasping with his
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thumb and his pointer finger. you even see the middle finger moving as he's tying his shoelace. this is revolutionary in terms of the prosthetic. this is controlled with electronic signals generated by your own muscles. and the cool thing about this is it has its own drive to operate the thumb. so it's basically an opposable thumb. the thumb the middle finger and the pointer finger all move uniquely. and then the ring finger and pinky follow suit and match that motion. so that you can grip and grab and that's smooth fluid motion and it gives people who need a prosthetic hand a prosthetic arm, a different kind of experience. >> yeah this does look like prosthetic arm 2.0, because somebody walking by probably wouldn't even notice. >> as this man does everyday activities it's hard to even recognize that it's not a human hand. it's created by a company called
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autobach. upper and lower limb prosthetics. they have one for people that goes all the way up to a full amputation. it has three different position modes that offer seven different grip types. and again, operated by your own muscle signal. i hate to sound obvious, but being a firefighter very dangerous job. especially when you're on the job of a five-alarm fire. at an old mill. things are going south quick. >> oh, my goodness you're seeing the power lines going out, the building collapse and it all happened at once. >> collapsed right on top of this power line. listen. it took firefighters more than 30 hours of work trying to get this thing put out, dousing hot spots and working hard. no reports of any injuries in this incident. now that's obviously dangerous. this next scene from some
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firefighter training doesn't look to be terribly dangerous. two firefighters there on the line learning. you can see they're trying to douse those cones, set up in the parking lot, just learning about the force of the water behind the hose. they've got a backup man there. and an instructor looks like he just walks off camera but watch how quickly things can get out of hand and get dangerous. even when there's no fire around. >> oh! >> just knocked him on the head? >> and knocked him out. the hose got out of control, got out of his hands and started to flail around. at the end of that hose was a large heavy metal nozzle clocked him right in the head. even though he's wearing a helmet knocked him out. we don't know anything about these firefighters or where this is even shot. the identities of the firefighters and the department being kept secret but the video being put out so people can watch and learn. >> and to appreciate appreciate how tough this job is. cyclists race to the finish
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line. >> the two on the right are neck and neck, going for first place. >> see why one of them definitely isn't winning. >> oh, you jerk! >> and -- >> something stinks, i'm telling you. >> the golden sisters make an appearance in the volkswagen ad. >> they're dispelling the myth. >> it's not the diesel. the surprise internet point who proved their point. >> ah! prprogogreressssivive e insurance here and i'm a box whwho o ththririveves s onon t thehe u unenexpected. ha-ha! shshalall l wewe d dinine?e? [ [ chuckle ] yoyou u wowoululdndn't't e expxpecectt an insurance company toto s shohow w yoyou u ththeieir r raratetes and their competitors' rates bubut t ththatat's's p prereciciseselyly w whahat we do. gogoining g upup!! nonopepe, , cocomimingng d dowown.n. anand d ifif y youou s swiwitctchh to progressive today yoyou u cocoululd d sasaveve a an n avavereragage of over 500 bucks.
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[tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you?
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i have a couple of cycling videos that you really just have to see to believe. this first one in the netherlands. this is all part of a european women's cycling tour. they're right at the finish line. the two on the right are neck and neck going for first place. >> what happened? >> you see the cyclist falls, but then crawls to the finish line. ends upcoming in seventh place.
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>> from second to seventh. >> this rider, 26-year-old lauren rowney from australia. >> did she hit one of the barriers on the side? did somebody do something? >> watch what happens. in slow motion. >> oh you jerk! he reached out and grabbed her handlebars. >> yeah a spectator reaches his arms out, grabs the handlebars forcing this rider over her handlebars and causing this problem. according to reports, she ended up breaking her collarbone. >> why would you sabotage someone's race? they train so much for this. but not only that she ended up really injured. >> this next video from san luis abispo in california. they get a little visitor that comes on this ride. it's a wild turkey. this video posted by randy warren. it's actually not that crazy. there are many wild turkeys in
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california. maybe he was just out for a workout and decided he wanted a buddy system. a birthday party, you get presents. she's clearly enjoying this. her birthday was around the holiday season. but the video was just posted. now, this is a really cool gift. also a hint, which she does not really pick up on. >> that's your dream car. you said you wanted a car for christmas. >> i remember that. >> that's from the uncle. hey, heard you wanted a new car. ha ha it's a match boxcar. >> that's kind of exactly how it goes down. she's like oh yeah, this is really what i wanted, a little vw bug. >> that's like the perfect car for a 16-year-old too because they're adorably cute. >> yeah, it's awesome.
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>> and then a car alarm starts sounding outside. she's really not picking up on the hints at all. she's just being goofy. like oh, is that my car? she pretend she's going to run outside being funny. everybody's like, hint two. down the drain. and finally, they get her to look out the window and she sees her car. >> it's a vehicle! >> turns around she's in shock because she just got a 2002 yellow very cool volkswagen beetle. >> happy birthday congratulations. >> thanks. >> there's some old wives tales about diesel engine cars that volkswagen is setting out the dispel. they're stinky they're smelly. this includes youtube stars we may recognize. >> something stinks, i'm telling you. >> oh! >> from golden sisters, josie,
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mary and teresa. huge internet hits. >> must be the diesel. >> they're dispelling the myth that diesel engines are stinky. >> it's not the diesel, josie. >> oh, my goodness it smells like marinated camel crap. >> who farted? >> you're about to find out. there's another youtube star about to make an appearance. >> not the diesel. oh it's tuna. you need a bath. >> ah! >> steven is also a huge youtube star. that's what it is. >> get out of here mary. >> fantastic for too many reasons. the dog, amazing. the clean diesel technology also amazing. i have one. >> yes, you do.
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this dash cam video shows that the driver of this car actually stopped for a pedestrian. watch the woman in the yellow jacket crossing the street. obviously this car stops for her, she crosses, she looks. but watch what happens. all of a sudden she flies back into frame after this other car coming from the left side of the vehicle hits her. this woman remarkably only suffered a broken leg and bruises because when she is tossed in the air, she's like a rag doll. you're thinking she's not going to get up from that. >> she is at a marked crosswalk. you can see the blue sign right there. she was at a crosswalk. >> there are no lines in the road but she does right here -- she distinctly looks left. >> you know what could have happened? that car that could have hit her could have been behind a car in the right lane. when she walked just zipped out and that's why she didn't see him. >> this video has the drivers of this car chuckling a little. until something bad happens, and something bad does happen. pay attention to the gold car up ahead of this car with the dash
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cam. another car, an audi gets in front. but you can still see what that gold car is up to because hugging the curb too much, not making the turn the correct way. watch what happens. goes on the curb on one side of the road and crosses over to the other side of the street and comes to a stop right in front of a lamp post. and nobody was hurt. >> we've all heard the phrase dance like nobody's watching right? but it's not an easy thing to do if you try to do it. i have a video that might help you. that's heather, she does all of our online social media fun stuff. it was put together by a guy named jack moriarty. he asked 20 of his friends to record themselves dancing alone basically, just doing their thing by themselves. the whole idea is that when
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you're dancing alone, there's probably someone somewhere dancing along with you. because they may be 3,500 miles away but they've got to get their groove on. >> i never thought about it that way. you're never really dancing alone, even when you're dancing alone. >> exactly. ♪ >> jeff was actually inspired sitting in his car. the guy next to him was just jamming away to a song. he was watching her, but when she saw him watching, she stopped. he started thinking you know what i bet there are hundreds of people if not thousands around the city listening to that same song doing the exact same thing in their cars right now. >> even that guy in seattle dancing like nobody's watching is surrounded by hundreds of people and they're really not even watching. they couldn't care less. they're like oh good for you, you're dancing, have fun. >> but the truth is when you're dancing by yourself you do still feel a little weird. because you know people are going to look at you and they're
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going to think oh look at that weirdo over there. the difference is whether you care or not. if you don't care, it doesn't matter. >> there's power in that. you don't care. you're having fun. so who cares what you think? >> the people who care don't matter. the people who matter don't care. >> an inside look into the life of a nude cam model. >> she's inviting the world into her life into her bedroom. >> but that's part of the allure. >> see why she's getting real aling it all. >> you're going to leave with some personality whether you like it or not. ut not phillips. itit h hasas m magagnenesisiumum anand d woworkrks s momorere n natatururalally than stimulant laxatives. fofor r gegentntlele c crarampmp f freree e relief of occasional constipation ththatat w wororksks!! mmmmm m mmmmmm liliveve t thehe r regegulularar l lifife.e. i'i'veve j jusust t fofounund d mymy new beauty bff. hihi t theherere!! new colgatate e opoptitic c whwhititee express white. wawaitit, , dodon'n't t yoyou u memeanan m me?e? nenew w cocolglgatate e opoptitic c whwhititee express white toothpaste
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my job is not for everyone. a lot of young girls see me and they like what i look like they like what my apartment looks like but they don't really understand the job behind it. they just see what i literally want people to see. >> this is ash marie, and she is a cam model. she's 22 years old and she invited buzz feed yellow to follow her into her bedroom where she does all of her work. and she talks about what it's like for her to be a model -- >> let's clarify. model. is she a porn star? >> no she's not doing porno. she's not actually having sex with anyone else on camera. but this is how she describes ss it. >> we're generally selling a sexual fantasy. there's a personal aspect to it. there's no way that you cannot
3:27 pm
see that the cam model is, like a living breathing, feeling person. >> this is very truman show-esque because she's inviting the world into her bedroom. >> that's part of the allure and what people like. >> i almost think it's a by-product of the selfie generation. >> it's very lucrative as well. some of these models can make anywhere between 70,000 and $100,000 a year. this are some that can make up to a million dollars. >> this is my booty mirror. i get real creative. >> she does also say she considers herself a feminist on the internet and she does often say no to certain requests. and her boyfriend is actually part of this business now. >> being a feminist on the internet pretty much means that you're going to get a bunch of men that are disagreeing with you purely on that alone. so bymymy being a cam model on top of a fermminist puts a huge target on my head. >> she gets very open about some of her issues with body image.
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>> i like any other normal human being had self-esteem issues growing up. lost a bunch of weight, i have health issues and digestive issues. suddenly i lost all this weight, and i was what i thought i wanted to be which is thin. i hated my body more than ever before. i'm still going to get naked no mart how skinny i get, you know? that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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police chase a maniac on a motorcycle into a store where he -- >> comes ripping down the escalator. >> the drama that gave shoppers more than they bargained for. a scared animal gets stuck in a ditch. >> that's a buffalo. >> see the rescue where push comes to shove. he's racing through the snow, about to go off a -- >> 4,600-foot mountain. >> the story behind the flying snowmobile. plus, a dog watching "rtm" spots something she


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