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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 20, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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i'm going to record this. [ bleep ] is junk. >> a suspected drunk driver takes the wheel. >>et this guy not to drive. >> can't get out of the parking lot. >> it took only seconds for disaster to strike. >> oh my [ bleep ]! >> the owners of adorable baby goat suddenly realize -- >> their back legs weren't working any longer. >> the story of their recovery and what you can do to get them moving again. a motorcyclist it's one of their -- >> favorite sounds in the world. >> how this ride led to one of the least favorites.
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and a new jersey couple realize they cross paths with kids only to meet -- >> 16 years later at a blind date. >> the long lost home movie that held the clue from cupid. >> this is so beautiful. >> sometimes you just know something bad is about to happen, and that prompted ryan scott to turn his camera on and in illinois in the parking lot of a restaurant and he is concerned about the man behind the wheel of that car. >> he is drunk as [ bleep ]. you can tell just by looking at him. >> ryan alleges this man is intoxicated and behind the wheel. he says multiple people tried to get this man not drive. they were unsuccessful. the man got in the car, with his girlfriend and it didn't take long for something bad to happen right away. an accident. >> really? >> oh my god! >> head-on with another car?
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>> yes. watch it again. he is in left-turn lane at the green light but needs to wait for the car to get through the intersection. >> looks like he crosses over to traffic. >> two people were transported to the hospital. the victim in the other car hit head-on and the girlfriend of the suspected driver. >> you stupid drunk mother [ bleep ]. i got that on camera too! you drunken piece of [ bleep ]. >> brian said some things to him. the man he respondsen listen. you're a [ bleep ] scumbag, you. >> he said he was drunk. >> it does sound like an admission but ryan is concerned about the woman in the other car. he hands somebody his camera and goes to assist her. >> hold on. hold on. i think you're okay. i think you're a -- here get out of the car. get out of the car, come on. >> but then they go and check on the suspected driver's
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girlfriend. >> you need to move so i can see if she's okay. get [ bleep ] back. you're mavking me nervous. the woman stays in the car. police show up. they talk to the driver. >> [ bleep ] could have killed somebody tonight. >> and they do give him a sobriety test. >> can barely even walk. >> you're right. as you can see, after the sobriety test they put him in cuffs. he was charged with dui, du ui over .08 and failure to yield a turning left. a triple threat for you guys. these ones coming to us from roads around the world. russia we should all learn to drive for the conditions. this guy, puts his foot done nothing possibly go wrong unless a toyota prius about to do this. >> uh-oh! rollover. >> good grief. what was that car doing? >> whoever was in that prius decided they were going the wrong way, didn't look in the
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mirror. this guy put his foot down. should have been a little more careful. >> now that's all of the prius. check the mirrors. >> next video, also comes from russia following an old soviet era truck. misses that truck, misses that bus, but hits that car dead on in the front. watch. it is a huge tire. and a tiny little russian car. as you can see, hit it smack bang in the front, brings it to a complete stop. caved in the front as well. this driver stopped, went over to check on the driver. he was injured but not that badly. he did have to go to hospital to remove all kinds of glass from his face. he wasn't blinded or anything like that it's just a few cuts and he'll be fine. this third video comes from brazil causing controversy because they have never been to vietnam, malaysia or thailand. there's a mother with two young children. one putting on the helmet. look closely, where's the little
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toddler girl? there on the center portion between the front wheel and the back. >> exactly the video is blowing up in brazil comments coming about the safety laws being broken. >> certainly not but this could be her only option to get her family around. and it's not uncommon like you say, to see in many parts of asia. >> here's an idea if you don't like it offer her a ride. >> good girl. >> looking at little aldo and wanda. this is just right after they were born. that's mom right there in front of them. you hear little goats just crying. and eight hours later, this is what they found. they had to bring the goats inside because suddenly they realized their back legs weren't working any longer. they suddenly had paralysis in their back legs both aldo and want dap you can see the little
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goat having a seizure on camera. >> the petersons are wonderful, wonderful goat owners and nursed the goats to health made sure they were okay. the first few days touch and go for these little goats. look at them now as they're being taken care of. they created little slings things like that for wanda and aldo so they can stand while they eat. even frolic through the fields even a harness, a little sling on their back. watch. >> that's hard. that's why the petersons sent us this story. they need a little help. they set up a go fund me page to help support aldo and want do to get wheelchairs. calling them the goat cart twins to have a little cart to frolic through the field, help move around on their own so they don't need so much assistance from the petersons.
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it's one of my favorite sounds in the world, revving engine. this coming from bmw 1000-rr race back ridden by adam la heed in austin, texas. >> oh! >> least favorite sound, though. >> not built to go sideways is it. >> not that sideways. adam says it was completely his fault. here's a different camera angle of the same incident. he got a little too into it the front end washes out, called the low side. adam goes sliding across the bike. he's head to toe in his leathers. not even as much as a scuff. adam walked away from that just fine. leave the tarmac behind. sometimes you're the rider, sometimes you turn into the
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speed bump. this looks like it's off the very beginning of a race. all of the guys wadded up as they come around the big right-hander. one guy gets it wrong. >> that just looked like chaos. i mean all of those riders coming around that muddy curve all at once. >> you just are expecting this to happen. >> you hope it doesn't, though. you hope you're the guy that finds his way through. >> this guy pinned under a couple of bikes. his buddies there helping him out, lifting the bike up a couple of other people step in too. doesn't look like anybody's injured. most get up right their bikes and get on before the video ends. new york singles read their last text from their ex. >> funny exercise. >> where you at? >> see why sometimes it's just downright uncomfortable. >> after all, i'm still technically married.
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want to see a video again and again? head over to find tons of videos and share them with your friends. folks at the youtube channel have singles in new york read their last text from they're ex and it's not pretty. >> i'm not going to pretend it's working. >> with the hashtag, famous last text. a funny exercise. >> hey, i really am sorry if i got a bit caught up in an excellent date. you're an awesome girl but i'm not sure i see a future for us datingwise. you can just toss that belt i
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left at your place. >> he basically apologized for what sounds like a hookup at her place. >> sounds like this was a tinder exchange not putting a lot of weight on that one. >> i had fun, too but i'd rather you not tell anyone about. i'm not sure i can do that again. after all, i'm still technically married. >> that's a burn. >> yes. >> after the third time we had sex. >> i guess he didn't listen to her not telling anybody about this internet. >> not in town this weekend and fyi, you might want to ask me out for dinner instead of just texting me to hang out late night. >> that girl was honest stop texting me to hang out late night, why don't you ask me out on a date. >> just not that in to you. >> i know. >> i wanted you to know i'm making $100,000 a year now. >> do you still like willie nelson? >> i don't think i can go out with you if you still like willie nelson. >> sorry i never rescheduled our
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da. i have a girlfriend. >> it's like we've been programmed bywitter to ll this relationship done in 140 characters. >> they did say at beginning of the video, it could be a date casual thing. >> it could be different if the definition of ex is longtime relationship. these are vitriol hatred fill. >> you don't want me to come? is that racist. >> if you want to see the entire thing, head over to, click on today's show or check it out on our mobile app. ♪ check out what the security cameras caught in this video. >> oh! >> something blew up and someone was inside. that man's name is cole. that's his shop that just
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exploded. and the only reason he was able to get out is because the explosion blew the doors off the place. that allowed him to run out. you see him there just stunned for a second trying to get his wits about him and realize, oh my gosh my shop just blew up and he runs out to try to get help. cole was apparently working in his shop and there were some gas fumes inside the shop. those fumes built up. he didn't notice it and the electric heater kicked on. that was enough to ignite the entire place. look at the aftermath of cole's shop. the entire thing, a loss. cole is a crafty handy guy. he's a mechanic. he built this car here in that shop. you can see that rod parked out front during the explosion. >> if all of the fumes were building up if that thing hadn't clicked on maybe the fumes would have overcomed him, passed out, he could have even died lucky escape. >> going through an explosion like that does he have injuries
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or burns? >> no. he was wearing a heavy hoodie with the hood up and wearing work gloves. suffered minor burns to his wrists. cole was completely in short, so he will rebuild and get a new shop. a devastating incident at his place of work. man. he made this video and he's our hero. >> this is a pretty awesome thing to do. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- real housewive stars made a steamy viral hit but now they're back to get cut. >> this is their first five-minute workout video. >> five minutes, nice. >> the total body moves you'll totally want to try. >> come on. >> whoo. >> when the selfie stick goes extreme. >> through the car. >> everybody instantly gets the hume somewhere ridiculousness of it. hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry y wiwinknkler. and i know there are many myths out there ababouout t a a rereveversrse e momortgage soso i i w wanant t yoyou u toto k know the facts. ththerere
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>> on tv, online on mobile, it's on "right this minute." >> the selfie stick, much mocked when released. now ubiquitous among the selfie obsessed social severallves. now to the extreme. >> i flew it. >> with the extreme selfie stick, which i don't know looks about 30 feet long by the looks of. has all kinds of uses. you know for example, if you wanted to take a selfie of people on the second story of the observatory, no problem. or perhaps wanted to a selfie with people inside the restaurant but you were outside the restaurant. you can do that. >> see if we can hook it around. >> the beauty of it is everybody instantly gets the hume somewhere redig listness of
9:21 am
it. it's pervasive in the society now. >> in the car. in the car! we're in the car! yeah. we're through the car! >> this is so absurd but it's amazing. >> they have realized there is one sort of short coming to the extreme selfie stick. you wanted a private selfie. >> anyone behind me i'm trying to te a sele if you can jt mo you're all in my shot! >> gosh. >> come on kiss. come on you're on the selfie stick kiss cam. >> that's cool. >> everybody! jump in! yeah! >> the whole beach. >> that's fun. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> time to get your workout on with none other tam ra and eddy.
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>> a sex tape. >> a promo video to their youtube channel, cut fitness. first workout video. eddie does a really intense workout and tamera does a modified version for everybody to adapt to their fitness level. start off with squats with weights. and some supersquats, some plyo push-ups. >> i think they have a great relationship working out together. >> very supportive of each other, which is actually really nice and refreshing to see. this other workout video probably my favorite of all workout videos one, because it features one of our favorite people on the planet. zack. >> hi i'm zack and this is workout wednesday. here's what you need! workout shirt, workout shorts workout fancy loafers. >> he has such an awesome sense of humor and such a spectacular
9:23 am
zest for life. you know has been dealing with cerebral palsyis entire left and never let one second to get him down. >> nothing stops, not even a little trampoline. watch him go. >> you're down and out. just like the measles. eradicated for 50 years. all i took was a check from the '90s to bring the measles back into full swing. way to go measles. here we were thinking we made all of this progress gender equality and, boom 50 shades of grey take that bright future for women. get back in the kitchen handcuffed. >> this guy -- >> i love his workout wednesdays. >> i love him. >> trampolines are so much fun! >> a home movie really hit home for one new jersey couple. >> they were like wait a minute rewind. wait a minute. >> the story behind the little
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>> short snippet of a 26-year-old home movie is getting allot of attention around the world because of the story behind. the family on vacation at sesame place in pennsylvania. keep watching. will pause, that is 13-year-old ryan spencer. this video is a home video from
9:27 am
jordan's family. jordan was actually on a water slide offshore. jordan and ryan have never met. didn't know each other but did meet 16 years later at a blind date. now they're married, with three children. and as they were going back through yes, i figured you'd like this. >> i love these stories. i want a camera on my head so i can rewind and see who i met that i didn't know i met that i know now. >> i've wondered when we'd see a story just like this one, people realize their ships kind of passed in the night and didn't even know it. >> the crazyhi they didt re on ty had t once they got married. it's one when day they happened to be going through old home movies and suddenly their blood ran cold. they're like wait a minute rewind this. they told everybody. then the video went missing, they lost it. >> why did it go missing? >> they think it may have been destroyed during hurricane sandy. not long ago they put a dvd on
9:28 am
where videos have been put on dvd. this had been put on as well. we get to see the video. they grew up 45 minutes away from each other. both family as the same theme park at the same time separately and he walks through, there you go. it's sarin dipty. they believe they have crossed paths again. >> new jersey love story. >> that's it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time, everybody.
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cops pull a texas takedown. >> and you hear the sound of that taser. why mr. red shorts decides he's
9:30 am
not sticking around. >> really trying to run away. >> rescuers try to reach a puppy buried in a storm drain. >> this puppy only 6 weeks old. >> see the moment a frantic mama gets her baby back. found a way in. >> friends discover a break-in at their cabin. >> probably going to attack us. >> the shocker when they fling open the door. >> oh my goodness! plus having a blast in a new york grocery store


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