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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 20, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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what's in here? >> it's girls day out hanging in the hammock until something crashes the party. >> ahhh! >> it sounds horrible but both girls do pop right back up. >> now they reveal the story behind the close call. >> yeah we were scared. >> oh somebody got a piece. >> a driver behind a school bus can't believe what he's seeing. >> swinging flailing fighting. >> the story behind one insane brawl. music saved my life.
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>> a star whose character's battling a disease on the fox hit show "empire" is sharing his mother's real life battle with cancer. >> she kept it to herself like most moms would do. >> how terrance howard is lending his voi tos voice to a ground breaking dock menty. >> dudes pumped up. >> for bone-chilling wrestling match. >> we think you know how this one's going to end. >> oh, that was a good one! you have to pay attention in this life because danger could exist anywhere. >> we're good. >> for example, in this video, these little girls, emmy and ella photo shoot, having fun in a hammock. >> ahhh! >> oh! >> wow. >> watch this again and listen to the sound.
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>> yeah she got crunched. >> oh my god. get off, get off! >> both girls pop up but one of the girls, very scared, and kriring. >> as you can see, right after this happens the girls are shaken but emmy takes charge. >> come here. come here. >> you guys want to talk to these ladies? >> yeah. >> fortunately we have them both via skype right this minute from birmingham alabama, welcome to the show emmy and ella. you did take charge and help your friend out from under the tree what happen gave you the courage during this. >> i was worried ella's hurt i tried to get her up immediately to see my mom to make sure we were okay. >> you are okay right? you are okay. >> yes. >> did you guys have a knot on your heads at all, any kind of injuries? >> i had a knot but she had a escape on her back. >> oh. >> big bruises on my shoulders.
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>> that's it? a tree fell on you, you're pretty lucky, to be honest. when you went back to watch it is it scary, funny? >> after we knew we were okay we started laughing a bit. >> who tied this hammock up? who tied this to the tree? >> oh. >> did you notice that the free might have looked a little dead? >> i did not because i had been using that same tree all summer. >> what kind of reaction have you been getting from the video? >> some people are like oh, my gosh are you okay? others are like my gosh it is funny. >> it is funny, i have to admit. >> how does it feel to have a viral video? >> we were excited it got that many views and likes and stuff. we weren't expecting it. >> at first we were like joking around we'll be famous we'll be like on tv shows and now it's actually happening. >> done with hammocks? sticking to chairs now? >> never ever -- no trees, no
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nothing. >> well i'm just making sure that the tree isn't dead. >> well glad we learned something from all of this. >> a school bus stop and all-out brawl. looks like to be more than a dozen people parents, adults children swinging flailing fighting. fur in pure instanty. the man taking the video trapped in traffic decided to get his camera out and get it all on camera. thankfully though police using this video because it gets worse. this whole fight stemming from a longtime feud from two different neighborhoods. >> a hope the police catch them the hatfields and mccoys, it's time to grow up. >> ain't seen no [ bleep ] like this. stupid. >> back across the other side of the street and the fight
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escalates. watch and listen. >> oh my gosh! >> [ bleep ]! oh hell somebody got a piece. >> oh new york guns. >> shooting [ bleep ]. >> that woman with the black tank top, it appears she does have a gun. you hear multiple cracks ring out. the green county school superintendent says they don't have much to do with this because all of this happened off the bus, on private property weep did speak with the green county sheriff's office. they tell us ten arrests have been made both adults and juveniles. >> you all miss. those went shooting. i'm going to get the hell out of here. >> no serious injuries but multiple minor injuries the investigation continues hinging off of this video. >> yeah they're shooting. i got it on video. >> sheriff, give somebody a casserole, not a swing with a bat. >> shooting [ bleep ]. >> i'm astonished and appalled.
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if this story doesn't touch your heart, i don't know what will. but i want to tell you, fawn the cow has boots that are made for walkin'. >> careful there. >> braces. but i want to call them boots because fawn is a walking miracle miracle. check her out. >> fawn no no no. this should be forrest gump. remember forrest gump, had to wear the braces? >> run, forest run. >> i didn't know it's possible. >> it is possible thanks to the vets at cornell university. fawn started off life pretty rough. let me tell you what fawn looked like before she started getting treated by the vets at cornell university. >> she's walking. you sue how her knees are bent. this poor thing, when she was born fell on hard concrete hit her head and one of her legs. the farmer thought she's not going to make. jennifer wanted a pet cow. took her in raised her in her house. taken to the woodstock sanctuary
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farm. vet said we think we can do something for her. so they were able to give her surgery. she got plaster casts. then graduated, after she got out of the casts, she was in these new braces that you see right here. >> it's very cool of these people that did this there they say she will never walk normally but this will give her a better chance at a better quality of life. there's a sip on the wall that says donations. they say it cost a lot of money to get these surgeries and braces for her. >> so many great things about this story. >> run, fawn run. >> be careful. in the uk in europe we love our hot hatches. hatch back. and it all started in the '70s with the volkswagen mark i. >> it's classic. it's speedy. it had like a 1.8 liter, about
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110 horsepower get up over 100 miles an hour. these guys have jazzed this up. 2 liter, 16-valve engine over 1,000 horsepower but it looks classic. they're going to test it. they're going against a yamaha r-1 racing bike. >> this is so cool. >> let's see how it does shall we? >> the autobahn. >> no speed limits. not technically breaking any laws. now head to head. this is the racing bike. there's the volkswagen the bike off to a good start but only for a few seconds. the curve. bye! >> that would be so fun to own and pull up next to some dude in a lamborghini or porscha, hey. just leave this guy in a 300,000 car in the dust.
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the star of the megahit show "empire" talks cancer. terrance gets very personal and emotional about the death of his mother. >> started crying and said i'm scared. >> why he's choosing now to chat about the battle. dad's using the remote control dump truck to take a load off. >> what could be in there in. >> see the precious cargo it's carrying. >> brilliant. ththisis l litittltle e guguy y isis a aboboutut t to make his first deposit. we'd like to open a savings account for him. yes yes. great thanks t to o momom m anand dad and their safe drdrivivining g bobonunus s check from allstate. ohoh. . lolookok a at t ththisis. . safe driving bonus. are you u a a sasafefe d dririvever?r? luluckcky y lilittttlele f fella. ononlyly a allllststatate e gives you two safe driving bobonunus s chchececksks a a y yeaear for driving safe. sesee e hohow w mumuchch m more an allstate agent can do for you. cacallll 8 87777-6-64444-3-310100. lilikeke i in n momostst f families, dad's always the last to know.
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a three-part six-hour major television event set to premiere on pbs at the end of march, it's called "cancer, the empirer of maldids" premiering march 30t they've done something remarkable to promote this
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documentary and get the message out there., releasing celebrities talking about their experiences. the most recent video from terrance howard currently the star of the megahit fox series "empire." >> one of my earliest memories outside of the womb was, you know her singing to me. ♪ sing sing a song♪ >> terrance gets personal and emotional about the death of his mother. she battled colon cancer. >> first round of chemotherapy stuff she went through, she didn't let anybody know. gave me a phone call and said can you believe i sat down with this doctor today and he told me i need to get my affairs in order. she started crying and said i'm scared. >> the short videos are getting people thinking about cancer in their own lives. i'm looking forward to this because sometimes you hear of diseases that you're familiar with but you want to know who's the first person who looked
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under a microscope or who was the first person that noticed commonalities between people who died of this before we had test tubes and microscopes and x-rays to tell if somebody was sick or simple blood tests. >> interesting to see how far they've got with the cancer research because we've all been talking about it and heard about it since we were kids yet still, there's no cure. >> i remember i became so angry not at her, but at the idea of a pathogen or condition that could possibly take away my mom. >> i was like i'm going to destroy cancer. you take my mommy away from me i'm going to eradicate you from existence. >> take it from me, kids are awesome awesome, and dads are children. this video, cat goes into the dark room investigating some strange noises.
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you hear almost a rumbling you wonder what's going on? what is dad doing. >> that is optimus prime. >> no but a big remote control truck. like a dump truck. it's got dump in the back. >> what's in it? >> what could possibly be in it? >> it's a baby. >> it's a baby fast asleep. when you find something that will make a baby that size sleep, you will keep doing it all day. >> brilliant and odd to look at. >> we've got another video, posted by matthew alexander to our facebook page. 2-year-old nephew helping blowout the candles on this birthday cake. >> not quite. go ahead. >> blowing it out of his nose. >> he would blow it up his nose. he hasn't figured out to make his lips do the whistle shape. >> harder. >> yeah! >> yeah! >> he has a really good giggle.
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so cute. public rest rooms reviled across the world. everybody feels icky when you have to go in there. >> ahhh! >> this guy, fascinated by german engineering in berlin pushes the flush button. watch. a device comes out, starts to run water and the toilet seat. >> this is awesome. >> automatically spinning around squeezying itself only to return to the starting position and presenting the next pooper with a perfectly clean toilet seat. >> like antibacterial solution they're rubbing on the toilet? >> still not clean enough for me. >> germans are known for inagain flewty and engineering. to me it does not look like the seat is wet as it comes around. looks like it's doing a complete clean job. why build something like this if you're not going to wind up with
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a clean toilet seat when it's done? i believe all of the things are true. it is completely cleaning the toilet. >> obviously, i thought i've seen it all. >> it's the extreme selfie stick. >> come on kiss. >> extreme selfie stick next "right this minute." the sea lion's at it again. >> poncho knows how to go up to a boat and beg for food. >> why getting a bite is all for a hot date. plus dude suited up to jump his makeshift ride. >> why not? >> see what happens when he hits the ramp. >> holy [ bleep ]. i'i'veve j jusust t fofounund d mymy
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>> closed captioning provided by -- gogoldld b bonond d rorougugh h && bubumpmpy skin therapy. used daily, it exfoliatetes,s, smoothes, softens. rereduduceces s bubumpmps s 7272 p perercecentnt.. gogoldld b bonond.d. ultimatete l lototioion.n. ulultitimamatete s skikin.n. bebeining g frfreeee f froromm dadandruff feels great. maximum strength selsun blue tatargrgetets s dadandndruruffff wiwipipingng o outut flflakakes and itch. selsunun b blulue.e. frfreeeedodom m frfromom d danandrdruff. have you ever heard of one pug life? >> yeah. >> these guys are my kind of
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idiots. >> we have club foot bill. >> club foot bill. >> you think you can do it? >> i hope i can. >> i hope you can, too, buddy. >> he's going to do something which i wouldn't recommend doing, it's in canada ontario, canada. traditional canadian safety stuff, ice hockey pads helmet and for some reason wearing a life jacket. he's actually sitting on a home made go-kart, i wouldn't call it a go-kart, engine with a plastic seat welded to it and some wheels. what they're going to do is jump it because, why not? let's see how it works out. >> son of a [ bleep ]! oh [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]. oh [ bleep ]. holy [ bleep ]! >> he was so close. >> we get all of the other angles. >> holy [ bleep ]! >> they have apparently gone to
3:22 pm
the local dump and have picked up kitchen appliances desks, and that's what he's going to land on. >> would have been better off if he just landed on the concrete. >> would have been better he left the snow. >> impressed he hit the ramp. looked like he didn't was going to hit the ramp. >> this was actually a success except the stove that they put there. >> a total success in every way, nobody die. >> i am glad he was wearing a life preserver, i think that's why he survived. >> it wasn't the [ bleep ] claire. it was driving the [ bleep ] chair that was a problem. >> careful. careful. oh my goodness! >> you think he's done this before? >> yes, he's done this before. this is poncho this video from juken, a bit older but trending because poncho's famous because poncho knows how to go up to a
3:23 pm
boat and beg for food. he's sitting on a six-foot platform platform. sea lions know how to keep away from the propeller and keep themselves safe. >> i don't have enough guts to do that. >> is this the same sea lion that would kol upcome up on the pier and run away. >> yes, we've featured poncho before. >> clever. >> explains poncho's girth a little bit. he's a big boy. >> another one behind him. >> rachel ling posted this said they fed it to him and his girlfriend. he knows how to show a woman a good fine time. this video, what you're looking at is a nurse shark swimming with humans at night. ever been in water at night? when you're in open water at night, there's something really spooky about it. >> what are they doing? they're crazy.
3:24 pm
i'm scared of the water at night. the sharks at night the shark's swimming around like hey, let's chill. >> nurse sharks eat crustaceans. >> and toes. >> but they didn't eat any this time, beth. >> two guys are ready to arm wrestle. >> pick your winner now, who are you going to cheer for? >> see why one of them definitely walks away a sore loser. >> oh! hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry y wiwinknkleler. and i know there are many myths out there ababouout t a a rereveversrse e momortrtgage soso i i w wanant t yoyou u toto k knonow the facts. ththerere e arare e cucurrrrenently no credit score oror i incncomome e rereququirirements to qualify. yoyou u cacan n geget t tatax-x-free money from the equity in your home. yoyou u cacan n ususe e ththe e momoneney to pay off your current mortgage ifif y youou h havave e onone.e. the remaining money can be used for anything. ththerere'e's s nono m mononththly mortgage payments. anand d yoyou u ststilill l owown your home! cacallll t tododayay t
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the announcements were more like that i'd pay attention. >> this is a bone-chilling arm wrestling match. >> oh no. >> pick your winner right now. who are you going to cheer for? >> i'm going for tank top on the left. >> i'll take the guy on the right, but i know what's coming. >> i think they're both going to hom. >> i don't even want to watch. >> oh! >> the snapping of the bone as it breaks. >> i still have to watch which guy broke his arm. >> the guy you chose is the winner. >> oh [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! >> afterwards another guy comes over and helps him hold his own arm. >> [ bleep ]! >> if you're the winner are you like -- i broke a dude's arm, or do you feel bad? >> you feel bad if you're a human. >> broke your best friend's arm.
3:28 pm
>> it's not funny. >> it's not funny. >> here's another angle, just in case you were wondering. >> i don't know if we need another angle. >> here it is anyway. >> that's worst. that angle is worse. >> i think it's an arm coming out of the socket of his elbow. >> you see the elbow fell out. >> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you flex time, everybody.
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a race car gets off to a fast start. >> so fast it grew wings. >> see all of the angles of a driver who survived one spectacular flight. he is breathing. >> a guy tries to help a newborn deer that looks in trouble. >> watch how everything just turns in a matter of seconds. >> the moment he knew the fawn had him fooled. >> like, really? >> there are a lot of rescue videos but guaranteed -- >> not seen one like this. how a toddler got his head stuck under a water pipe. and an artist


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