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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 21, 2015 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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what's in here? >> it's girls' day out, hanging in the hammock until something crashes the party. [ screaming ] >> it sounds horrible but both girls do pop right back up. >> now they reveal the story behind the close call. >> we were pretty scared. >> three guys notice something on the train tracks. >> it is a woman. >> trying to kill yourself?
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>> why she's lucky they got there before the train did. dude's hanging on his girlfriend's hood because -- >> he didn't want her to break up with him. >> see how mr. crazy in love is making his case. and a youtube chef prepares healthy dishes. >> that men can make themselves. >> how she manages to whip them up. >> basically naked just wearing cute little panties. you really have to pay attention, because danger could exist anywhere. >> nope we're good. >> for example, in this video, this is emmy and ella having some fun in a hammock. [ screaming ] >> wow! >> watch this again and listen to the sound. >> yeah she got crunched. >> oh, my god! get up get up!
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>> both gls do pop right back up although one of the girls, very scared d crying. as you can see, right after this happened the girls are shaken but emmy takes charge. you guys want to talk to these ladies? >> yes. >> fortunately we have them both via skype "right this minute" from birmingham alabama. welcome to the show emmy and ella. emmy let's talk to you first. you really did take charge here and help your friend ella out from under this tree. what gave you the courage during all this? >> i was worried ella was hurt so i tried to get her up immediately so we could go see my mom and make sure we were okay. >> you were okay right? >> yes. >> did you guys have a knot on your heads at all? any kind of injuries? >> i had a knot but she had a scraped down her back. i had bruises on my shoulders. >> that's it? a tree fell on you. you are pretty lucky. when you saw the video, when you
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went back to watch it is it scary for you? is it funny? >> after we knew we were okay we started laughing a little bit. >> who actually tied this hammock up? who tied this to the tree? did you notice the tree might have looked a little dead? >> i did not, because i had been using that same tree all summer. >> what kind of reaction have you guys been getting from the video? >> some people were like oh, my gosh are you okay? others are like oh, my gosh this is so funny. >> it is kind of funny. i have to admit. >> how does it feel to have a viral video? >> we were excited that it actually got that many views and likes and stuff. we weren't expecting it. >> yeah. first we were like we're going to be famous and we're going to be on tv shows. now it's actually happened. >> are you done with hammocks? you just sticking to chairs now? >> i'm never, ever, no trees, nothing. >> well i'm just making sure that the tree isn't dead.
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>> glad we learned something from all this. it is just before midnight at the jerry metro station in montreal. three men notice something there on the train tracks. it is a woman. good for her that somebody noticed that she had fallen there. >> is she hurt? is she unconscious? >> you see the woman is on the tracks and she is distressed when she rolls over you can see she's got a bloody head wound. these men are just stunned that she's down there and they are about to help her. >> trying to kill yourself? >> these men quickly get to work and help this woman off of the tracks but the woman was noticed by the train operator alerted authorities and then cut power. they were able to get that woman up and she was taken to the hospital.
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they don't know how she fell on the tracks but authorities are trying to figure out how she exactly got there. >> wonder if that head wound was from falling or was she attacked by someone else. >> good for her that somebody was out at ten minutes to midnight to notice that she was there. >> when you turn up waiting for a train you're not really looking down to see if somebody's lying on the tracks. she's really lucky. thanks to this video, we can now look at the very mysterious mansion that sits right at 190 bowery in new york city. back in the '60s, decades after it was used by artists to create art. it was a very bohemian building. the look of the bowery mansion
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was put together by adam new york. >> looks like the inside survived intact all these years. >> the previous owner, a photographer and his family lived in the building until recently but only occupied the sixth floor. he recently sold it for $55 million. >> please tell me what he bought it for. do we know? >> i do know. it's going to blow your mind. in 1966 he bought it for $100,000. >> good grief! >> the 35,000 square foot mansion was home to he and his family for a very long time. before that it was a bank. as we walk around we can see the vaults. you see all the cages where the money used to be put back in the day. you see the old school elevators, the offices, the hallways. >> it is cool. you spend $55 million on this you will spend another $50 million fixing it. >> right. >> it's like a time capsule. you see all the different relics on the shelf. like somebody just walked out, that was it.
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right off the bat you can just say dude, you're doing it wrong. [ shouting ] >> reports say this guy is trying to get back with his girlfriend. he didn't want her to break up with him. so he decided to leap on to the hood of her car as she's driving away. he says unlock the doors, come on baby. she doesn't unlock the doors. >> where are you going? >> there's something heartbreaking about this enenenscene. this is a man in love and his heart is broken and he just wants her to hug him. >> what did he do to make her almost run him down and keep the doors locked? think about that. >> what did he do? >> i don't know. >> unlock the door! i miss you! >> the funniest bit i find about
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this is she does stop after she comes speeding down the street. he has an opportunity to get out of the way but no he chooses to leap back on to the hood of the car. sadly, i don't know how this ended. the video clips just as a houston paramedic ambulance pulls up. hopefully they stepped in. >> unlock the door! a mountain lion has a doberman wrapped up around the neck. what helps the family pet survive a backyard ambush. and some jokesters set up a fake holdup. >> the tables turn real quickly. >> see the double cross prank that's pure evil. >> or pure gold. trtrododucucing.g..... a pain reliever alall l ththe e waway y ununtitil.l... ththe e amam.. nenew w alaleveve e pmpm ththe e ononlyly o onene toto c comombibinene a a s safafe e sleep aid plus the 12 2 hohourur s strtrength ofof a aleleveve..
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[daughter] sometimes the hallways felt like a giant maze. [mother] jenny didn't feel like going to school, and she slept during the day and was up at night. she seemed irritable all the time. [daughter] it felt like the re was a weight on my shoulders. and the weight was really hard to hold up. [mother] one day my daughter was crying that's when jenny told us she thought about hurting herself. [daughter] then my parents got me treatment. that's when the bad feelings started to go away.
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you don't want this to happen in your backyard. here comes a mountain lion and it is seeking something, the family's doberman. that doberman is tied up.
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it's got something around its neck. look at that. >> oh, no! the doberman can't run or get away! >> even if the doberman could break free it can't get away anywhere because it has a long chain that's attached. you can see it right there. once the mountain lion has the doberman wrapped up around the neck that doberman can't get away. it looks like that splotch on the ground looks like dust or water or something. you could see this for well over a minute that mountain lion is holding that doberman. but something spooks the mountain lion. the dog, ears are up looking around like what just happened. i thought it was just a cat. here comes who i'm presuming is the owner coming out the door. i'm pretty sure she said or did something that spooked the mountain lion. the dog got up and walked on all four paws after this incident but the owner said it ended up needing 60 stitches. he believes that because the dog had a thick collar that saved
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its life. this dog, however, a completely different challenge but a happier ending. that is haley. this dog has the cone of shame. the owner says haley does not like hard surfaces like this hard floor you see. it looks like cement. he says that makes her hug the wall like it's safer or something. of course with the cone of shame -- >> oh! >> watch, she's free. oh nope. she breaks that one immediately. >> this cannot be called a cone of shame. it needs to be the cone of humiliation. when you prank a prankster you are going to get pranked back. >> recently i was pranked by my friend. >> remember this prank? it's time for some payback. this time it's at the
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barbershop. ali was offered a free hair cut. >> what he doesn't know it's about to go crazy. >> ali is not the only one getting pranked. >> sorry, dennis. payback is a [ bleep ]. >> watch this. they both sit down at different times but now this is where it gets good. guy's wearing a mask demanding some money. watch the clients. dennis starts freaking out. ali's a little more composed but tables turn quickly when the barber turns around grabs his gun, shoots the criminal down. >> oh, my god. >> look at his poor face. >> this is prank gold. that kind of reaction. >> yeah. this video is getting a lot of
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attention. dennis is a friend of mine. i asked him did you know this was going to happen? he says he had no idea but what's worse is he got so freaked out because he was actually robbed at gun point last year. at a nightclub. he said he could not believe it was happening again. >> poor guy's crying in the chair. >> it's not over. there's a second gunman. second guy turns out to be like oh ofk course it was you. watch dennis' reaction to the reveal. >> i'm pranking you! i'm sorry. >> did he not know dennis had had this happen to him? >> dennis said he told yousef but didn't clarify whether he told him before or after the prank. he knows now. >> i feel horrible.
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take it from me. kids are awesome and dads are children. this video starts the cat goes into this dark room and is investigating some strange noises. you hear almost a rumbling. you wonder what's going on what's dad doing. >> what is that? is that optimus prime? >> no but it's a big remote control truck. it's got its dump in the back. >> what's in it? >> it's a baby! >> it is a baby fast asleep. honestly when you find something that will make a baby that sound asleep you will keep doing it all day. >> this is brilliant. it's so odd to look at. >> we got another video, though. this one posted by matthew alexander to our facebook page. it's his 2-year-old nephew helping to blow out the candles on this birthday cake. >> not quite. go ahead. >> what's happening is he hasn't quite figured out how to
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world famous internet cat. the cutest cat possibly ever. lil' bub, a rescue was adopted, little face and little paws little bub has a guest and it's the first time they have ever met and look at this. >> little tuna. >> tuna also an adopted dog. tuna was abandoned on the road near san diego. so these are two adopted animals who are now huge internet stars making tons of money for their awesome owners. look at them together. i think they're happy and in love. >> i don't think either one of them have any idea what's going on. a game of cops and robbers.
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[ sirens ] there's something we know about men. they like sex and food. this video addresses both of those things. you don't understand a thing she's saying -- >> she was talking? >> she's speaking spanish. >> she could be wearing a sun dress but she looks naked. >> she basically is naked. in her youtube channel she basically prepares very simple items that men can make themselv. >> she ido does say y have to be very gentle with them try not to squeeze them too hard. >> that's true. you could bruise them. >> i imagine a college kid clicking around looking at hot chicks on youtube might actually learn something by accident here. >> she claims that that's the
10:53 am
reason she started this youtube channel. this is 24-year-old jen. she got the idea after a friend of hers kept going to a fast food restaurant to eat. she thought it would be better if she taught him and men out there how to eat healthier. of course she's very cute and sexy and she's using that to her advantage, to draw the attention of these men. >> i'm sure she gets a lot of clicks. however, i wouldn't suggest going into your kitchen and cooking naked because there are some really sensitive bits that could easily get chopped off or burned. >> or just put an apron on. a few enterprising guys try blasting out some rock with -- >> a home made bomb. >> what happens when a slight problem leads to a major malfunction. >> oh, my [ bleep ]! i'i'veve j jusust t fofounund d mymy new beauty bff. hihi t theherere!! new colgatate e opoptitic c whwhititee express white. wawaitit, , dodon'n't t yoyou u memeanan m me?e? nenew w cocolglgatate e opoptitic c whwhititee express white toothpaste
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t around and the peel will come off. >> i'm hungry for eggs. >> i am, too. i hate to be the one to tell you this but sometimes in life things just don't work out. it's incredibly apparent in this video. >> trying to clear rock and soil with this. >> playing out in the woods, they have made a home-made bomb. these guys are physicists? >> no. i don't know this story but i'm going to say no. >> but i will say although they are not physicists they are smart enough to know this could be dangerous. >> yes. this will be quite spectacular.
10:57 am
>> are they trying to dislodge that boulder? >> yes. they do evidently say they are trying to clear out some of these rocks. >> good luck, boys. >> i think the moment has arrived to ignite. >> here dude buddy, you light it. it will be better for the video. let's see how this goes. >> holy [ bleep ]! that's going to be loud. or not. >> that was it? it was like a little firecracker. this video is not over. although you did hear him say -- >> i was actually -- >> that. but they go back to the hole. >> with unexploded ordnance. >> i'm scared. >> this isn't even open. it's just smoke.
10:58 am
>> look at all that gas. is that flammable? oh, my gosh. >> i think it is, actually. >> so now his eyebrows have become collateral damage. >> oh, my gosh. that's singed. >> i'm embarrassed to be a dude right now. these guys are not representative of my gender. >> no they are. that's the thing. they really really are. >> but they did live to see another day. that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. see you next time.
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cops have a suspect in a head lock but this is no ordinary arrest. this is an exorcism. it's a struggle that will scare the devil out of you. trapping a snake with a broom is no big deal. except -- >> this is a very very very very venomous snake. >> how mr. nerves of steel went head-to-head with danger. a brit tries to conquer his fear of heights. >> i'm going to jump. no, i'm not. >> the slip of a foot


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