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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 21, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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cops have a suspect in a head lock but this is no ordinary arrest. this is an exorcism. it's a struggle that will scare the devil out of you. trapping a snake with a broom is no big deal. except -- >> this is a very very very very venomous snake. >> how mr. nerves of steel went head-to-head with danger. a brit tries to conquer his fear of heights. >> i'm going to jump. no, i'm not. >> the slip of a foot that sent
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him sailing. and goofy is not an early riser. why it's no good morning for this great dane. on this show we see a lot of interaction between suspects and cops. i guarantee you, you have never seen anything like this. you are looking at an exorcism. the officer up front is 36 years old. he has his hand on the head of the suspect, 28-year-old rogrigo. >> the power of christ compels you! >> when i first saw this i thought they were doing the vulcan mind melt. he's actually yelling out
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unleash his body jesus. out in the name of jesus. then he continues saying things like devil, get out of here. calling the devil out of this man's body. watch. >> in this case do you charge the guy or the spirit? >> this is better than going to jail because you can say i didn't do it. it's the thing you cast out of me. >> officers have verified this video is in fact real. this officer is a very religious man. >> is he like full of bad spirits? you know what i mean? >> the man was allegedly drunk during this actual situation. they got him under control, took him into custody and get this. after he was released this is what he said. he said thank you to the officer, then he also told him that he didn't remember anything that happened the night before, that he must have been possessed. speaking of coming up against force, this next officer, no force whatsoever. look at this. in thailand an officer sneaking
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up on a sleeping suspect. the folks behind the camera he's saying keep it down. watch this. he slips the handcuffs on the sleeping suspect as that person starts to startle awake. >> don't worry, it will all get worse in just a minute. >> according to reports, this is real. this guy was wanted for suspected robbery and firearm offenses. >> should have shaved his eyebrows. >> he wrote guilty on his forehead. this video surfaced from australia of an ordinary workman taking down a pretty big brown snake with nothing more than a broom and his bare hands. this guy's mcguyver of snake rescues. >> this is a very very very very very very venomous snake.
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>> with his bare hand he's picking it up by the head! >> thatta boy. >> he has seen this done enough on the news and on television. >> but now what? >> there aren't any around here. when suddenly it comes out and runs into -- this is where it flashes the eye. watch what happens when it figures out where it's supposed to be. >> wow! >> just barely missed that car. >> you know what? credit to that doe. sometime ago i told you guys about this marine melissa who was trying to get custody of her younger brothers in alabama.
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for a long time her brothers were in the foster care system. she wanted to adopt them. she eventually ended up being awarded custody. greg benson and his partners partnered with prank it forward to surprise her at the time with a new car and all kinds of goodies. the great thing is they customized it just for her. >> whoa! that's nice. >> in this video that was just recently posted greg takes us to the big reveal where she's finally going to get to see her car. >> i would like to present you with this wonderful 2015 rav 4. >> i love it. >> i'm going to get chills because look at her with her others. >> i got the boys i've got this amazing bfrnd >> it's so pretty. >> she didn't go out asking for any of this. she just went out trying to bring her family back together
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right? she served our country, she did that selflessly and now everybody else is coming around her to help give it all back just like she's done. >> doing good? >> i'm feeling amazing. >> get ready to feel slightly more amazing. we have one more surprise for you. >> they walk her to the back open up the trunk and there's a ton more goodies there for her. if you want to help a go fund me page was set up for the producer of the original prank it forward video. they want to raise about $2500 for the kids' education which i think is really really awesome. >> thank you so much. what better way to overcome your fear than face it. if you are afraid of heights, then step on out a 300 foot bridge get yourself harnessed up and walk out. of course if you are going to face it you want to get a go pro in your face. he asks his buddy how do i do this. do i jump or do i just kind of fall off.
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>> why is he doing either? >> because he's trying to overcome his fear. >> what is he attached to? >> he's attached to a 110 foot swing rope. his buddy says it doesn't matter which one you do. the guy really doesn't do either. i'm going to jump, no, i'm not. >> that is so wrong! >> whatever it is he's gone. he didn't commit to either just kind of -- i don't really want to do this, and down he goes. >> you have to feel for him. he was trying so hard and just at the last minute he thought better of it like i'm not going to do it. i guess i am. >> here he is. he's enjoying the ride. look at the smile. big smile, yes, i guess that means i'm no longer afraid of heights. >> just means you're not afraid of this height. >> he's just happy he didn't wet his pants. >> he held the go pro, didn't drop it. somebody else might have. >> that buddy who was there followed it up with a more competent way of doing it. >> of course.
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>> i don't know if i could do this backwards. i doubt it. a lady decides to stand by a van to chat on the phone but then -- >> come on she actually moves behind the van but you know what's going to happen. >> the miraculous escape after one brutal knock-down. and it's one crocodile versus three lions. >> the crocodile's like i'm not afraid of you, i'll take all of you on. >> this is crazy. >> see who comes out on top in this epic turf war. inintrtrododucucining.g..... a pm pain reliever ththatat d darareses t to o woworkrk alall l ththe e waway y ununtitil.l... ththe e amam.. nenew w alaleveve e pmpm ththe e ononlyly o onene toto c comombibinene a a s safafe e sleep aid plus the 12 2 hohourur s strtrength ofof a aleleveve..
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like us on forward slash "right this minute." stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. got some animal battles for you. a couple of them. we start with the undercard. a lion versus a crocodile. this lion her buddies come
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over. >> what the -- >> the crocodile's like i'm not afraid of you. i'll take all of you on. >> this is crazy. >> can you imagine seeing this? you've got the bonanza. >> the crocodile lived another day. now for the main event. these elephants don't want to share this watering hole. you hear it trumpet its horn. the wildebeast move. >> there areho say let's get out of here. >> the wildebeasts are still thirsty. this is a public game reserve. this is in south africa. this is the view from the lodge. >> wow. now, that you're paying for a great view. >> as you can see, there is a standoff. the wildebeast are like it's
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hot, we're thirsty, we're not going anywhere. the elephants once again chase them off. the warthogs are like oh, wait, we might get in trouble, too. what's that? >> you just learned the first lesson, always keep your eyes open. this comes to us i believe from russia. what you see right there is a bat. you may also notice this young lady here who is standing behind this van while on the phone. you see the reverse lights come on. she actually moves back behind the van. suddenly, you know what's going to happen. >> it almost went over her. >> it gets so close. you see people start running. he quickly goes forward. she jumps straight up she actually seems more concerned about her phone. >> why would you be pacing the middle of a driveway on the phone anyway but to completely not notice a van in reverse? >> thing is he got to understand especially with these large vehicles they are always talking about the blind spots. this one, i guess a bit of
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caution from the driver but also just a bit of general awareness from the lady on the phone. she made a very lucky escape. >> you can't blame the driver on that one. >> at all. her head was almost smashed like a grape. >> we can blame the driver on this next video. this comes to us from toronto. it's a small fender bender. you see people talking to the lady in this black pickup truck and this guy who is going down talking to other people. as the camera pans you see traffic is backing up. but the video takes a dramatic turn when you hear this. >> what is that? what was that noise? >> that sound was the knees or shins of the guy that was standing directly in front of the pickup truck. >> why would you do this? now this is way worse than just a little fender bender. now you've got a hit and run with the car. you've also got a hit and run with a human being. >> there was no license plate on the back of the truck. it seems this guy here is walking up actually taking a photo by the looks of it of the person inside the truck. i don't have information on that but maybe the cops will be able
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to find him. dogs are not just man's friends. they are really good friends of each other. it's proven in this video with this bishon. he gets out of his crate and he hangs out at the pointer's crate begging the owners to let him out so they can play. >> i bet rocky will figure out how to open that thing. >> eventually given some time. >> bishons are pretty smart. >> now they play. they are best of friends. in this other video, this is basically in the morning. >> come on. come on. >> this is hilarious. it's very rare to see a dog who isn't just super excited to get out of bed and run around in the
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morning and just get outside. >> and eat. >> not this guy. look. he gets up and you think he's about to get up he yawns -- >> come on let's go! come on! >> then he cozies back up. this goes on for a really long time. do they ever get him to get out of bed? >> doesn't look like it. sarah is ready to compete. >> on the uneven bars she goes gets set, starts to flip around and watch. >> why this gymnastics trick needs a whole lot of trust. and -- >> welcome back to my channel. >> a popular youtuber shares a secret. >> that is this. >> she is exposing a different side of herself. >> see the moment she faced her medical condition head on. hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry y wiwinknkler. and i know there are many myths out there ababouout t a a rereveversrse e momortgage soso i i w wanant t yoyou u toto k know the facts. ththerere e arare e cucurrrrently no credit score oror i incncomome e rereququirements to qualify. yoyou u cacan n geget
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and again? head over to right this find tons of videos and share them with your friends. gymnastics is all about ability and trusting your own ability, and the people that train you. this young gymnast is italian, she's at a junior gymnastics competition. up on the uneven bars she goes, gets set, start to flip around and watch. >> he caught her? >> i assume that's her coach. she completely trusted that he had her back. she went out and tried what looks to be a very difficult move. collects herself, chalks up again and comes back to try a second time. not deterred at all, sets up and goes for a second time. and boom! >> again, he got her! >> no injuries. she does a very polite nod to the audience. >> she has a ton of spirit ton of self-confidence, belief in herself.
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but belief in his ability as well as a coach. all of this together is just -- >> i would like to think that girl is well on her way to the olympics. this guy in this next video is definitely not. he's going for it. >> he tries to get up and act like it didn't happen. >> you can hear every ounce of air leave his lungs. listen to him hit the ground. >> maybe they didn't see it. >> [ bleep ]. welcome back to my channel. this is another episode of things i learned in february. >> this is maddie a very popular youtube channel. she does blogs quite frequently. she has several thousand subscribers. people love her cheery sunny disposition and her funny attitude. this her latest blog is
11:22 am
getting a lot of attention because it's completely different than anything she has posted so far. >> [ inaudible ] as you saw yesterday, i for the first time wasn't able to just brush over some things that have been bothering me for two years. that is this. >> as you see, she is exposing a different side of herself. she has been dealing with something called dermatitis for the past few years. >> i have a skin condition around my mouth. it totally hurts my confidence. i can't like brush it away and pretend it's okay. >> as you can see, she is being very honest very emotional about how she struggles with this. she wanted to put the truth out there and really talk to people. >> i've put myself under so much pressure to look a certain way
11:23 am
for these videos because a large majority of the comments i get are about the way i look. i don't look like that. everybody has something that they consider to be a flaw and that thing sometimes will get them down to the point where they don't feel like they can get on with things. yesterday i did but that's okay. as soon as i took that pressure off myself i felt a million times better and was brave enough to make this video. >> she was hoping that putting this message out there about her own insecurities will help other people dealing with self-confidence issues for whatever reason. >> you know it definitely does. there's more than one person who will see her humanity who will see her dealing with this and go oh my gosh i feel the same way. >> regardless of whether you are perfect or not, people will always have something negative to say. the key is being able to deal with it with strength. >> anyone who is feeling low and is looking at people online who look beautiful and perfect, this is important to know that that's
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>> okay. this is my video that i promised i would make because of certain comments. >> you can give reddit gold. you click on something, it costs $3.99 to gild someone's comment because it's funny. someone spent $3.99 so that steve would swallow a rock. >> not like he has to swallow a rough rock. you can give him a nice smooth pebble. >> you would think. steve not exactly the smartest fellow. goes for the rocky rocks. >> here's the rock in question. it's very gritty. >> it's a rock, steve! >> he needs to get the rock out of his head. sounds like he has them for brains. >> he could choke to death. >> what then follows is three
11:28 am
minutes of steve doing everything he can to really deliver to reddit his promise of swallowing a rock. >> nope. huh-uh. hum-um. >> your body is trying to tell you something, steve. you're not meant to swallow rocks. >> but then 3:45 of pain later -- >> i feel it. oh, i got it. i got it. >> you did it steve. you're a winner. >> the exit wound is going to be awful. that's the thing. thanks so much for joining us everybody. that's it for our show. see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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