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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 23, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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a driver gets a jolt from behind. >> watch what happens next. >> how the hitter's making a run for it. >> [ bleep ]. >> long winter, no problem for this bald eagle. >> all you can see is the neck and the snow like what's up it's all chill. >> see what this bird was keeping warm when the snow finally melts. tired of going to war with her wardrobe a woman decides -- >> enough is enough. >> the story of her campaign to be nude in new york. >> men are probably like this is the best day of my life.
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and little man trying to be brave. >> he's about to get his shot. >> ah big boy. high five. high five. >> how dad's helping his son walk it f. >> say i i'm a man! it's a good thing that dash cams are growing in popularity here in the states because they catch things like this. this is in amarillo texas. you see this woman with a front and rear facing dash cam. as soon as she comes up to this intersection watch what happens. you see what looks like a two-tone crown victoria coming up behind her. that car is going to play a major role in this video. the cars in front of her stop at the next red light, but it's a buildup. it's a buildup of traffic. that crown victoria rear ends her, but then she gets shoved into that ford in front of her. but watch what happens next.
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>> are we going? >> the crown victoria pulls a u-turn and runs away. this is a hit and run. little do they know they're on camera. >> can't be that many two-tone crown victorias in amarillo. >> no one has caught up with this driver so the video is now online hoping somebody recognizes the car, knows the driver and can get information to the proper authorities. in this next video, this is not dash cam footage, this is helmet cam footage. this is a motorcyclist on a busy road in russia. you see him on that side area, there's a lot of room a lot of space trying to get around the traffic. but watch what happens. that car was making a left-hand turn into that driveway. didn't see that motorcyclist coming. the rider seems to be okay, because he pops right back up. they're both a little bit angry about the situation, but evidently, this is just what happens. because they get up and today go about their merry ways.
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china, that place where children get stuck in stuff all the time. for example, here where a 2-year-old was trying to dress up as a favorite superhero and has got a spitoom stuck. >> was it dirty? had it been duty? was there funky tobacco junk? i feel gaggy. >> i thought you might. >> had it been used i feel like it would have slipped off with all the mucus. >> even that grosses me out. >> the smell alone you'd think it would have made him not want to do it. >> it was clean, it was clean. >> it's like it was made of paper, though. they cut it with scissors. >> they were able to cut it off in no time. and -- >> he's so young. he really was just using his imagination. >> he wasn't using his head, though. >> well he did use his head.
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he shoved his head in a speitoon. >> it doesn't look look it's ever been used. you and your husband are watching "paddington" with your 12-year-old son, then you hear a crash. you check the cameras in your house. and this is what you see. >> that's not good. >> two masked men coming into the store and they've got an axe. their employee obviously terrorized. but that's when the couple jumps into action. he says he ran down and grappled with the guy with the axe. but he said you know what, i was just aiovercome with adrenaline he jumped the guy and grabbed him. they knocked stuff down. he's wrestling with him. the other guy has disappeared. there's the employee. he's about to go help. he's grappling with the guy. the guy still has the axe. >> wow, don't mess with this guy. >> but that is sam's wife.
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she is carrying their son's baseball bat. and she goes a swinging. she first hits her husband in the hand but she ain't done swinging. with the next swing she connects. she hit the guy in the nose. and you see him instantly grab his nose. and sam says he told him, i can't breathe! sam didn't let him go. they eventually got the axe from him. >> oh, my god. >> the employee is like dude stop! >> these two people were arrested in connection to this. and the family says they're still a bit shaken up. even though they were the ones who took down the bad guy. >> i have no sympathy for the guy. he deserves everything he gets. >> exactly. i think most of us can relate to this video. >> it's a stressful time. >> figure out what you're going to wear. >> but it also depends on your mood. >> in this video, you see a 29-year-old photographer erica simone. she decides, you know what enough is enough. i'm just going to walk out on the street and be naked. >> okay.
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>> she's got on a smile. >> she is naked in new york and for five years she walked around the city performing acts like at the coffee shop, the subway, but all of it in the nude, in the buff while she posed for photographs of her doing all of these things. and all of it really to question the importance of clothing in modern society. and what it actually means. do you really need all this stuff? because she says the way we dress really attempts to project a certain image we want others to have of us. she says the best way to get rid of all that pressure is to just be only you. >> i'd expose a shoulder. that would be it. >> the only reason i wear clothes is because some laws require it. >> these are some of the images of her walking around new york city. >> and she's a cute girl, too, so the men are probably like this is the best day of my life. >> let's face it.
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she's got a nice booty. so it would be different if she looked like will farrell walking around like that. would she get the same reaction. >> that's the whole point. that's what she's talking about. >> that's the point, people are complaining about stuff on facebook and social media about what gets denoted as oh that's offensive, because it's a bigger person naked. oh i get taken down but if it's a hot person, it gets left up. all these double standards. >> she wants to raise about $10,000 so that she can turn all of her photographs into a book. the cool thing is that she is going to offer some of her donors some cool prizes like being a nude model in public. she hopes to have it published by the fall of 2015. a son notices his mom is lonely so he decides -- >> she needs a roommate. see the sweet mom as she meets her new cuddly companion. and it's jurassic park.
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what it took to put a fun spin on the classic hit. >> oh, my goodness!
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maria is about to get a big surprise. and by big, i mean this adorable little dog. >> this is my mom's new companion. >> that dog is being held by demeris. her cousin posted this dog saying it needed a new home. arturo realized his mom had a new life and has this new apartment where she's living by herself. they decide to deliver the dog to its forever home with arturo's mom. >> he's so right about dogs bringing happiness to people. >> got a bird in there. >> the bird's like, wait a minute i thought i had this
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place to myself. so they bring food and some stuff for the dog, but mom is very happy. and then they start discussing the name. >> it's a cookie. >> maybe you can tell us what they came up with? >> we're going to go off the record now. >> i think they may still be trying to figure out what she's going to call the dog. the dog has no name yet, but the dog does have a new forever home and everybody is very happy. what seems to be quite a simple helmet cam video quickly becomes very funny when i show you why. this is silvio diego and he put together this video to show just how the traffic lights and construction is creating havoc because it's building up all of these cyclists and the motorcyclists are all getting bunched up at all the traffic
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lights just like this and they all come to a stop. and then they all go off. the video is what it is. but i found it hilarious because silvio to make his point, has taken some sound effects added it to the video to kind of -- well, you'll see. >> aw. oh, my gosh! aw! >> they really did feel that way, though, right? >> yea! >> next up we also have another dash cam, this one from australia. there's an animal but it's not one, it's not two, it's dozens
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of kangaroos. in australia, kangaroos they're everywhere. >> i wonder where they're going. jurassic world is bottom to drop in june 2015. here's a little refresher of the original in 1993. >> oh wait a minute. this is the three-minute version of "jurassic park." th $100,000 worth of lego pieces. >> do we see, like t-rex attacking the car with the kids in it? >> oh you do. you even get the cup of water. >> i like that. >> right? >> stay still. >> his vision is based on
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movement. >> i'm sorry! >> oh, my gosh, this looks like the movie! >> i don't remember that part in the original film. >> if you ask me this is very authentic. >> how long did it take to do this? it must have taken ages. >> it was put together by paul hollingsworth. he started working on it with his daughter over the christmas break. but it took them about three months to complete. there is a behind-the-scenes video, which you can see. just head over to and click on today's show. >> clever girl. he drops the big question. >> will you marry me? >> and there's a question. let's see what she says. >> on the next "right this minute." and still to come strap a jet engine to a boat and you get
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time while his team shoots him. >> this is a pretty awesome thing to do. you're skimming across the water at super high speeds but you also notice how close they are to all of the jagged rocks. >> now, a keen internet viewer may notice that food for louis is in the front seat there. see him in his big dreads? popular youtuber. >> i think we've all developed a crush on devon. >> another picture-perfect moment where you sit back at your desk, you watch this video and you go i need a vacation. i have two fantastic videos for you guys. this first one going crazy viral. you'll see why. the world's most adorable little boy. obviously at the doctor's office. you can hear what we think is dad behind the camera.
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>> you ready? >> he's ready. >> big boy. >> the expression has changed. the smile is leaving his face. >> come on buddy. >> here comes the other army. >> oh big boy. high five. high five. i'm a man. i'm a man. >> i'm a man! >> that's right. he's like i'm a man! he wasn't crying. those are just allergies. >> hey, man, real men cry. >> absolutely. he's just amazing. >> so cute. >> also amazing, little twin girls addeley and ansley. she's tattling on addeley. >> she needs a whooping? >> yeah. >> hey what did you do? >> i took my diaper off. >> uh-oh. >> what was in your diaper? what was in her diaper? >> in the diaper. she took it off.
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there's poop in her diaper. >> you wiped it in the carpet? >> yeah! >> ah! >> oh yeah. >> is that a good decision? >> mom tells us they're being potty trained, so they were pretty proud that they were able to get the diaper off. that's part of the battle. >> that's a big girl move. >> i'm a mess. >> what? >> yeah. some guys decide to bring out a creepy tarantula to prank their buddy. >> he screams bloody murder. >> see why this nightmare is about to get a whole lot worse. >> [ bleep ]
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talented. we can literally say some people have been up to their necks in snow back east. for these two eagles in pennsylvania they were literally up to their necks in snow in their next. eagle feathers keep their well incubated, so they can survive no problem. >> they're warm because they're wearing pants. they're wearing eagle pants. >> well there are two eggs underneath all that snow. but even underneath all that snow, those eggs are fine. >> i feel like a few flaps of those broad wings, they could dust off the whole nest. >> all you see is the neck in the snow. like what's up? it's all chill. >> you feel like the head is
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going to be popping out of the snow saying thanks, obama. >> or thanks global warming. >> a lot of birds don't like the snow, they fly south for the winter. that eagle not going anywhere. >> go the other way! >> maybe just trying to get up the beach to his buddies. >> maybe the best food is up that way. maybe he's got a hot date. we don't know. >> birds typically fly into the window. >> i know. but this would be great to fly with the wind and to let it blow you down to the pier. >> aerodynamically it's not as efficient. >> if you tilt correctly, it's just like a tail wind when you fly. you think you can trust your friends. you know especially with your biggest fears. >> got really good friends. if they're dudes, they're always going to take advantage of you. >> well these are dudes and they are going to take advantage of that. >> my friend told me he's
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frightened absolutely terrified of spiders. so i got the biggest possible spider i could find and i'm basically going to let the spider make out with him today. >> he tells his friend you know, we're just taping a scene for our youtube show. here is the scene, right? apparently in this scene, ness is tied up. there comes the tarantula. and then -- >> i don't know. >> ah! >> screams bloody murder. >> please! please! >> he's begging. begging for mercy. mercy. >> he's paralyzed, asking them to please take it away. >> stop!
9:28 am
stop! >> i got this. >> cut. >> my face man! >> ty finally take the taraula off of him. ness ishappy. >> let's get the [ bleep ] out of here. >> where are you going? >> he just gets up and walks out the door. but i have a feeling this is not over. payback is going to be awful. >> and ness looks like a dude you don't want to mess with. that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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two swans stuck together head for help on the shore. >> watch what happens when this guy starts to peel these two apart. >> see why this is the rubik's cube of animal rescues. dude lets his friend ride his dirt bike. >> you know just don't mess it up. >> the reason that didn't work out so well. >> sometimes i feel like there is a wall of color that i'm just sort of missing out on. >> it's new help for color blindness. a pair of glasses that allows people to see color. see the remarkable video when a lucky few try them out.


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