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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 23, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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cops pull a texas takedown. >> and you hear the sound of that taser. why mr. red shorts decides he's not sticking around. >> really trying to run away. >> rescuers try to reach a puppy buried in a storm drain. >> this puppy only 6 weeks old. >> see the moment a frantic mama gets her baby back. found a way in. >> friends discover a break-in at their cabin. >> probably going to attack us. >> the shocker when they fling open the door. >> oh my goodness! plus having a blast in a new york grocery store.
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>> and the magic of celebrity mind reading tricks. >> usher. >> are you kidding? >> the video that showed nick how to pull the same trick. >> is your character harrison ford? >> yes, it is. an officer pulls a taser, you know that that officer means business. this video, shot in austin texas. you see several police officers got a few guys down on the ground. . what this guy over here in the red shorts. >> trying to run away with his hands behind his back in cuffs. >> in broad daylight. >> people move out of the way? >> yep. the camera follows him, but the video ends quite quickly after. before the camera started rolling the guy in the red shorts and dude in the green were fighting. of course people pull out cameras. the guy who got paid knew one or
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both of them jumped in to try to separate everything but the police were already in there trying to deal with the situation and they didn't like guy in the black shirt interfering. >> sure the guy in the red shorts wasn't his friend. if he is a bad friend that left him getting tased. >> the guy in green, charged with disorderly conduct. the guy that got tased charged with resisting arrest. what happened to mr. red shorts. >> went to the police station to get cuffed removed. >> he was charged with evasion. >> very comical to see him stand up with his hands tied behind his back and then take off. >> this is shot by south by southwest. also in austin this guy. >> is that your ex-boyfriend? >> yes, i threw him out. kept him close. >> that's mr. naked man walking right toward the cop car. >> he's not got a concealed weapon. >> charging right at the officer
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who is out of his vehicle. you see the officer quickly start backing up. and he has pulled his taser. watch this. >> right at the fella, makes contact. the naked dude falls down on the ground. listen to the lady behind the camera. >> i think he tased him in the [ bleep ]. >> in the juken video, you do hear her allege that this man was tased in his bits and pieces. >> maybe it's the best thing that ever happened to him. >> wow. a little puppy has been stuck down in a drain for 26 hours, and that's when rescuers decide look we need to get some additional help because is it starting to rain. you can see raindrops there. this is in south africa. this puppy, only 6 weeks old. the family and the spca had been working for eight hours trying
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to fet itget it out and realized they needed additional help. crews came in dug holes in the pipe guessing where the puppy might be. one happened to be in front of the puppy. you can see them pulling the puppy out. >> i can't believe that thing didn't drown. >> right. >> looked like water in the drain pipe. >> you are right, nick. they had to get the mud off of it. the puppy was struggling to keep her hea above water, and mom worried the entire face. look at the concern. >> what a good dog, plom. look at her little face. she's so in love with her puppy. >> mom was feeding and cleaning the puppy when they left. >> early life lesson for that puppy, don't run off, mama said. security cameras camptured this moment at a brazilian hospital. several men walking in appear to be wearing civilian police t-shirts. see it right on the back. watch that first man with the
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police t-shirt. watch what he does. a struggle. this guy pulls out a gun. this turns into a heated gun exchange. police believe there is all stemmed from some gang violence. apparently there was a gang member in the hospital. the guys wearing the police t-shirts gang members, not police. going in to try to free the guy that belonged in their gang. now shooting it out with hospital security. the guy behind the door one of the hospital security. he returned fire. you see him run up the stairs. these two guys pinned down firing in both directions. one of the guards did get shot in the hand. he was treated at the hospital. no serious injuries to him or the other guards. more violence though this time at a high school in sydney australia. all in brawl, mostly girls fighting. it appears most of the violence
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being directed at one girl. other students boys in particular were pushing other girls into this scrum, making it even worse. finally, a teacher's able to step in. in all, five girls were suspended, including what appears to be the victim. the school determining that she was not without fault in this fight. despite the violent look and nature of this video, there were no serious injuries. >> when you get told [ bleep ], that's what happens really. i don't think four on one was deserved. reminder number one, why you should always wear a helmet when playing sports here you go. guy coming down the road on a long board. doesn't take very long for this to happen. >> oh! >> that's -- that's why you wear a helmet. >> if he didn't he'd be dead. i feel like his head would have split like a pumpkin. >> yes. >> does he get up?
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>> yeah. it's crazy but he lands on his knees and hands but seems to be okay. probably in shock. >> doing the assessing, standing there for a few seconds, try to assess if anything's broken everything can move. really lucky. >> helmet or not, that still hurts. >> this guy needs to be reminded to wear a helmet. look at him long boarding down the road not wearing a helmet. just as this person recording the video says -- >> i hope he doesn't fall down. oh! . burned off some steam running out of. kind of tucked and rolled. he's lucky, too. >> very lucky. he wasn't going crazy fast and manage not to really hit himself. but maybe next time, wear pads and elhelmet. >> she's only 3 but she loves dancing to ll cool j's going back to cali. you won't believe what she
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at first glance the video looks like a dire situation. this guy desperately trying to squeeze his way out of thetiny little hole. >> how did he get in there. >> splunkers at deep cave in texas. these guys not in trouble, just trying the alternate entrance to deep cave. and, yeah it gives you that kind of whoa -- >> stuck feeling. >> yep. >> i think that's for four-legged creatures. need to use the human entrance where is it? to the side. >> playing around. >> this doesn't feel very good at all. >> each try to take turns going in and out of the hole.
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this video a few years older but trending because how weird and fun and interesting it is. >> fun and games until one gets trapped. >> this guy's slender. he went feet ff first. >> shoulders, you ask squish your butt in but not your shoulders. >> i can't take it in. >> he doesn't seem to succeed. this guy in the yellow t-shirt expels all of the air in his lungs and -- >> wow! >> not the only one to effectively get into deep cave with the alternate route. that guy does as well. >> there you go. >> this is so weird. this is weird. it makes me uncomfortable. >> you think that's weird? >> watch it watch it. >> head-first. >> yep. that's ryan. >> i hate this. >> buddies give him a hand. however, the video cuts off just before ryan makes it uploading telling us and assuring us i ryan did make it head-first. >> he's probably still there,
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help guys come on. pulling on his legs trying to push him, and he's stuck. >> animal has broken into matt's cabin as you can see through the window trashing his car. a bear skunks raccoons wildcats. >> found a way in. >> i vote for a rooster? >> no. but you're not far off. it in fact the world's most evil wood pecker. >> probably going to attack us. >> opens the door. >> oh my goodness. look at all of the damage he did. >> a wood pecker trapped inside. he has tried to peck his way out around this window. >> redheaded wood peckers are incredible birds. >> unless outside your window. >> my goodness. i want to help it but i don't know how to get it out of here. >> his buddy, they go back outside the cabben and start using a long stick. >> come on, man. we're sorry.
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>> try to then maneuver the window in a way so the wood pecker can get out. >> got him. >> i wonder how long it would have taken him to carve a hole through the side of that. >> he wasn't far off. look at the damage around the window. he had given it a bloody good go. he was almost out. >> oh my goodness look at all of the damage he did! >> kids will be kids and they will continue to delight and entertain us. this first little girl -- >> from cali. >> dancing to ll cool j's "going to cali." >> kiss cali from wait till you hear what comes out of her mouth next. >> it's all about that bass. >> favorite favorite two seconds of internet footage. >> hear that bass mom. >> yeah i hear the bass.
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>> this next video, murphy, has a favorite song. ♪ >> and it's shakira's hitps don't lie. only 18 months old. knows how to move. >> kid in a diaper with all of the padding tried to move. all you see is a wiggle. ♪ >> we also love it when your "rtm" viewers post videos to facebook page because they sometimes end up starring in a segment of our show like these two kids. tequila and mica. mom megan posted this video to the "right this minute" facebook page and here they are on our show. running around a grocery store in new york. >> mica is tequila's older half-brother and loving taunting her as they run through the
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3:50 pm
yes way. >> wow. >> unreal. i don't understand how they know how to do this but it's awesome. >> a whole heap of guys watching this that work in a warehouse right now. they're like guys guys get the basketball. >> a lot of people will also be watching this video if they haven't already. this guy, eddie hall is about to set a world record. at the 2015 arnold classic. >> his arms he's big. >> you know who else was cheering him on? >> you. >> no. >> arnold schwarzenegger. >> if the terminator's watch you lift bring your a-game. >> he's about to lift 1,018 pounds. 462 kilogramed. >> wow, look at the bend in the bar! >> wow! >> he gets up. super pumped up doesn't realize arnold was giving him a high
3:51 pm
five. >> arnold. >> he comes back and does give him a little high five. he's congratulated by arnold. >> bam bam's first swim. ♪ >> the toilet the loo, bathroom pe. palace lots of names where you do your business. this fellow jason, found i think the world's most awkward bathroom. there's one toilet. pan the camera over. there's the other one. >> what? >> the toilets look right at each other. there's no sign of a door. the first toilet that you saw doesn't even have a stall. it's just a commode.
3:52 pm
>> is this in prison? >> it's like the military. is it on a ship. >> a dorm room? >> honestly i have been to a more awkward one. >> really. >> i was at a fabulous bar once it was just a toilet in the middle of room and everybody's standing around i was like i don't need it that bad. i really needed to go. i don't know. you really really really have to go you have to make a toilet friend. >> if you do a number two and the other person is also doing the poo -- >> you could race. >> no you're staring at each other. >> you're not looking up. look what's on "right this minute." >> would you use it? >> sometimes if you're in emergency situation -- >> doesn't it make it worse. >> could you do it? >> no i get stage fright with a door. >> the magician is guessing which celebrity these guys have on their minds. >> time after time after time nailing it. >> fish and tail.
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oh, and he sticks the landing!
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>> goat call. ♪ ♪ >> the magic of rahat. we've seen this guy pull off in incredible things. but take continue to a new level. no props just mind tricks. he's gone out on campus and going to ask people to think of a celebrity. >> think of any famous celebrity. think of any famous celebrity. think of any celebrity. and he's going to guess who they're thinking of. >> i'm going to ask a couple of questions.
3:57 pm
first look a hook series. is your person blond? recorded an album before? >> yes. >> so he asks them a bunch of different, random questions. >> usher. >> are you kidding? >> boom. first one. he guesses right off the bat. she's quite impressed. >> jennifer aniston. >> yeah. >> time after time after time rahat nailing it. >> will smith. >> suspicious. >> i think i can actually do this. think of a celebrity. >> okay. >> all right. let me start thinking of some questions here. is it an adult man? >> yeah. >> does your character often play in movies? >> yes. >> does your character play in action movies? >> some. >> what's he doing. >> is your character more than 50 years old. >> yes. >> is your character a martial arts expert. >> no.
3:58 pm
>> no. has your character been in star wars. >> yes. >> is your character harrison ford? >> yes, it is. >> boom! i have the magic of rahat. there's an app that he's using the accinator. >> guess any celebrity by asking a series of questions narrowing it down to your celebrity. >> i've tried this several times before i came up with it by golly, does it work. it worked with you as well. >> brad pitt. >> no. i mean -- how do you do that. >> that's our show. see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] ♪ and >> welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. >> charles here. harvey: we're going to show awe video with one of the most brutal knockout punches i've seen and this is not coming from an m.m.a. ring this is from a lil wayne concert. he was performing in fort lauderdale over the weekend. he was three and a half hours late. some of the fans were really pissed off and one guy holds his


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