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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  March 24, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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clouds and sun and some rain to the north. mild to muggy. more sun to the south bay and temperatures there upper 60s and opens 70s for many. more on your traffic with mr. sal castaneda. good morning, steve. we are looking at the commute where traffic is doing well around the bay area. as we go to the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see traffic continues to move along very nicely coming up to the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems. good time to go. starting tonight or starting -- or started last night. the california department of transportation will be doing some road work on the san mateo bridge. two lanes will close between 7:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.. doing some grinding work on the bridge. you can see the cones are still out there. if you travel at night on the
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san mateo bridge, you will see that work is going to be going on. the westbound lanes are effected. it's westbound between hayward and the peninsula. also san jose northbound 101 traffic is moving along pretty well. some road work approaching highway 85. no major slow downs in that area. it's 4:30, let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. we are following that breaking news out of southern france where a passenger jet has crashed in the french alps with 148 people on board. just minutes ago the president of france said it is likely that there are no survivors. there are several reports that debris from the plane have been found near bearsly net which is about 65 miles north of nice.
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the fbi has teamed up with ray lay hoe police. tara moriarty is live from mayor island where authorities believe the woman was abducted. >> reporter: that is right we are here at the command post where the fbi and office of emergency services is set up. there is a lot of resources that are being pulled into this investigation. the victim's home being just around the corner. this is a photo we want to show you of 30-year-old denise who works as a physical therapist in kaiser. authorities believe she was taken from a home on the 500 block of kirkland avenue yesterday afternoon just before 2:00. officers were notified of the potential kidnapping by a 30- year-old man whom sources tell us is either a friend or boyfriend. we want to show you pictures of
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huskins toyota camry. that license plate number 4gqa436. anyone who may have seen this car or huskins is asked to contact police. detectives will be combing through the home over on kirkland. meanwhile there is a 10:30 press conference where we hope to learn more information about this case. live from vallejo i'm tara moriarty back to you. >> thank you for that update. there is relief in antioch after a man suspected of attempting to abduct a high school girl was arrested by police. the man tried to take the girl around 9:30 yesterday morning near deer valley high school. police have identified the suspect as javon allen. a 16-year-old girl told teacher she was walking to school when the man drove up and tried to get her into his car. she walked away. he got out and tried to grab her and that is when she ran
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away. police eventually found allen if his car not far from the school and again he was arrested. happening now police in san francisco are warning people to be on the lookout for an escaped inmate. alexander santiago gonzalez was seen shortly before 9:00 last night at the county jail. deputies say gonzalez was taking out the jail when he ran toward an alley and took off. he did escape in an orange jump suit but ditched it later on. he could be shirtless. alex savidge will bring us a live report from the search area coming up at the top of the hour at 5:00. time now is 4:34. getting to work quick that is the goal of many people until the bay area but new ride sharing buss are sparking a
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heated debate. residents in san francisco's marina district where the first programs have launched say people standing in line at the shuttles are block their driveways. many people have decided to use the bus service instead of muni because it cuts their commute time in half. >> it's convenient, it's fast, it's affordable and the buses in this area are extremely over crowded. >> it's not something we want to discourage, we just need to think what is the balanced approach? >> reporter: this afternoon the san francisco board of supervisors is planning to ask for a hearing to regulate those buses. supervisors also say traffic studies need to be done to determine the best solutions. the light rail station in milpitas is closed. the closure is expected to last about five months. it will reopen after a pedestrian overcrossing is built to link the future bart
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station with the vta light rail system. bart service is expected to begin in that area in 2017. a san francisco preschool will be back in session for the first time today since a teacher killed in a rock slide. 58-year-old nancy bloom taught at sarah preschool. [ technical difficulties ] >> pao is suing her former employer for $16 million until lost wages. she says the firm patrol moted
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male partners over equally qualified women and punished her when she complained about it. she was fired after filing the lawsuit until 2012. over the weekend the judge issued a ruling that would allow pao to seek punitive damages. president obama meets with afghanistan's new president at the white house. president ash are michigan knee has been meeting with officials at the pentagon. president guan knee has requested the u.s. to slow down the remaining troops in afghanistan. israel is denying a report in the journal.
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they got the information from other sources not from spying. the stanford men's basketball team is hoping to score a trip to new york tonight. the cardinals host vanderbilt at 6:00 tonight. the quarter finals vanderbilt beat st. mary's in the first round. the winner of tonight's game moves on to the semi finals at madison square garden. that is a week from today. the stanford women are moving on to the sweet 16 for the 11th time in 12 years. the cardinals beat oklahoma 88- 76. cardinal faces top seeded notre dame on friday in oklahoma city. there is extra security at an ncaa woman's tournament game because of a threat against
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president obama's niece. leslie robinson plays for princeton. they lost to the university of maryland last night. before the game a woman left a voice mail message say manage with a gun was driving on campus. she linked his appearance to the game and leslie robinson. under cover security officers were near the princeton bench during the entire game. little league world series pitching star mo'ne davis says she thinks the baseball player that posted a derogatory tweet about her should get a second chance. joey castlebury was banished from pennsylvania's baseball team after calling davis an offensive name on social media. davis said she sent a letter to the school asking to reinstate him. she tells espn she believes quote everyone makes mistakes and went on to say i know people get tired of seeing me
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on tv. bloomsburg issued a statement they are standing by their decision to kick castlebury off the team but. coming up at 5:00, what the family of the woman killed claim police failed to do before turning to lethal force. >> staying connected and looking good. the wearable technology fit for a fashionista. >> san francisco commute looks good. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. >> the weather in the south bay should be pretty nice today but the north bay may have to deal with clouds.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 4:43. a police dog helped catch a burglary suspect after a nearly four hour stand off in palo alto. 26-year-old julian oliver was arrested on several charges. police say they received a call yesterday afternoon about a suspicious person in the backyard of a home. police say he started jumping over februaries to escape officers and even climbed up to some roofs. an elderly woman lived there but she and her caretaker were able to get out safely. officers surrounded the home and eventually a swat team and police dog went inside. the dog found him hiding in the garage. the dog bit the suspect in the leg and the officers moved in for the arrest. oakland city inspectors have tagged a west oakland apartment building that caught fire over the weekend. that means everyone who lives
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there will have to move out. two men died in the unit where the fire started. yesterday authorities identified them as davis latona and david mothomas. both men were artist. one of them had his work on display in san francisco. fire investigators say they believe they know what started the fire. >> i think it might have been smoking in bed would be the term that we would use. we found evidence of a lighter near the body that was near the point of origin. >> i knew both of those people. my brother used to live there. it was so tragic. >> friends say they are working to put together a memorial for the victims. also this morning there will be a symbolic reopening ceremony at the museum where terrorists killed at least 22 people last week. only the media will be allowed inside. it has been postponed until
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sunday because of security affirms. they want to reopen quickly to keep the terrorist from quote achieving their goal. two gunmen who raided the area -- the third is still on the run. an arizona woman who spent more than two decades on death row for the murder of her four- year-old son has been formerly exonerated. yesterday a judge dismissed all charges against deborah milky. her son christopher was dressed in his best outfit. was told he was going to see santa claus. instead the man took him to the desert and shot him. that was based on a confession she gave to a detective that has had a history of misconduct. >> she was innocent. it was all based upon a police officer who totally lied. >> right now i feel a little
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overwhelmed. >> county officials say the case will not be retried. [ inaudible ] time is 4:46. and instagram has a new feature that is a stand alone app. it's called lay up. it lets users combine multiple photos into a coo large and post them. they have released tech driven bracelets and necklaces. there is also a new line of rings that allows women to be more discreet during dates or important meetings. it connects to a smart phone using blue tooth technology and
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vibrates whenever there is a message. >> some it will give you notifications for any apps, phone calls, text messages, anything that you'd like to set it up for. >> the ring is made up of semi precious stones and a 14 karat gold. prices start at $195. not too sure about the name. can i get one ringly in purple? >> it's catchy. i worried about google. remember when google started. now lack at it now. yahoo. since we're not connected enough, i think we need something like that. >> yeah we need more connected jewelry. >> sal, how are you? >> good morning, everybody. and happy tuesday. we've made it already to tuesday. i know it doesn't sound like much but it's better than monday as we tonight toward
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that weekend. we see traffic here on 880 north and southbound looks good. you can see traffic is moving along nicely. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, no major problems. if we go to the maps, the traffic continues to look good. 280 northbound still has slow traffic approaching highway 17. i'm sorry approaching highway 85. 4:49 let's go to steve in the weather center. >> tuesday is that day, sal. >> i know it's a tough day. >> wednesday you are already over the hump. >> there you go. we have a lot of cloud cover to the north and breaks to the south. ukiah says light rain. it has to be really light. to the north we will get some a little over riding. system over running a lot of cloud cover. we will continue with that. there will be a mix of mostly cloudy and partly sunnies.
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there is really good rain plowing ahead right up on the north coast. 50s and 40s on the temps. remember a couple days ago they dipped to 52. they are back up to 57. 25 in chicago. and a system had pretty good snow there. 32 up in truckee. 52 with rain. and 60s to palm springs and san diego. 32 truckee. 40 south lake tahoe. you can see our system
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extending. this is not a cold system that is for sure. 60s and 70s. everyone pretty close here. maybe a tad warmer. santa dollar are valley and warmer weather. wednesday gets into the 80s. thursday into friday. the weekend looks okay. a little cooler with some clouds. >> i guess will be wearing our shirts and shorts. >> i was down in southern california and we were at disney land until they closed and it was still warm. thank you, steve. 4:51 is the time. well, you look closely migrating sharks made for an incredible sight off the coast of louisiana. that is a lot of sharks. hundreds of them were spotted. most likely looking for some
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lunch. they are my freighting south for the went -- may are migrating south for the winter. time is 4:51. you might want to check your fridge. coming up in 20 minutes the popular food product that has been recalled because fears of listeria contamination in spinach.
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angelina jolie dropped another bomb shell. the 39-year-old revealed she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed last week. in the five years since president obama signed the health care over haul, the number of uninsured americans fell by more than one million. the cdc says that still leaves about 37 million people uninsured. still it's the lowest level measured in more than 15 years. and this week is the fifth anniversary of the affordable
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care act. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is fighting for after school education. today he is hosting a national summit in los angeles. schwarzenegger is calling on congress to stop plans to cut federal funding specifically designed for after school programs in a proposed reauthorization of no child left behind law. more than 10 million school currently attend after school programs. the report shows 20 million more would enroll if additional programs were available. time is 4:55. some bay area science students spent the day in washington, d.c. with the president and at the white house. >> these young scientists and engineers teach us something. they teach us how to question assumptions, to wonder why something is the way it is and how we can make it better. >> not everybody gets to hang out with the president. but this is the fifth annual white house science fair. this year 35 student teams were given the opportunity to
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exhibit their work inside the white house. one of hem was holly jackson from notre dame high school in san jose. holly's teacher says it's the first for the school. >> this has never happened in my 26 years here. this is a huge accomplishment for a notre dame student to be showing her science project at the white house. >> that is awesome. holly's biology class watched a live stream of the presidents remarks yesterday. two other bay area students were invited to the science fair. a girl from san jose lynn brook high school and a girl from monta vista high. they both attend sonoma state university and two of their short films have been selected for the prestigious film festival in the south of france. >> i think about it every day
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and go i can't believe this is happening. this is such a dream come true. they created a go fund me page. the they only have two weeks to raise that money. if you want to help them go to france, we have put a link on that goal fund me page on our website at just go to the north bay news section of our home page. >> we definitely have talented people in the bay area. >> yes, we do. landlords won't like it but it will help many people that rent their homes. >> also another drastic response to the ongoing drought. the water saving measures being considered by one bay area water district. >> and road work on the san mateo bridge at night 7:00 to 5:00. we'll see slow traffic perhaps because of some of these delays. we'll tell you what is going to
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happen and when. >> a lot of cloud cover to the north. some rain has made it into mendocino county.
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a search is under way this
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morning in san francisco for an inmate who escaped custody last night. how he got away and what he may be wearing or not wearing coming up. >> we are live in san jose where it's that time of year again where city leaders decide what they want to spend money on. this year there is actually a surplus. we'll tell you what the mayor is proposing. >> plus we continue to follow breaking news from france where a plane carrying more than 140 people has crashed. the challenges the crews have now facing as they try to reach the wreckage. all ahead on ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> welcome back pam cook. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic and there are things to talk about this morning. steve paulson is here. >> i just received an e-mail from a viewer. her name is lisa taylor. she is in


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