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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 24, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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two swans stuck together head for help on the shore. >> watch what happens when this guy starts to peel these two apart. >> see why this is the rubik's cube of animal rescues. dude lets his friend ride his dirt bike. >> you know just don't mess it up. >> the reason that didn't work out so well. >> sometimes i feel like there is a wall of color that i'm just sort of missing out on. >> it's new help for color blindness. a pair of glasses that allows people to see color. see the remarkable video when a lucky few try them out.
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and this. ♪ i thought that i was safe using contraceptive but the pill is only 99% effective ♪ >> the unique way to announce there's a baby onboard. >> just to be clear, the pill is 99% effective? koalas are pretty territorial and they don't like humans to approach them. this is something completely different from that. this video captured in ukraine. as you can see here that's not one swan, that's two. they're entangled together. not fishing line not trash. don't know how these two got into this shape. >> you've got an idea? >> i guess. >> they're getting a little funky. >> if they were, i don't know how they got in this position because it's really hard to procreate. >> they're doing it birdie style.
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>> the people were on the bank of this little lake. they thought the swans saw the humans and thought maybe they'll help us out. they swim toward the shore and this is when you get a really good idea about how mixed up these two have gotten. watch what happens when this guy starts to peel these two apart. first he takes one of them and takes its head from under the other one's wing. his work is not done. >> wasn't that like a scout or a girl scout or something? just ties them in a knot? because that is the most tied up they could be without being, like injured. >> do you notice this one swan had its head trapped beneath two different wings. one of them its own. one belonging to the other swan. >> oh finally. >> look at that. >> that one runs one way the other one the other way. this guy goes back to get it. and then puts it bang in the
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water and it swims for parts unknown. how do you freak out an entire school full of kids? >> um -- >> like this. >> oh! whoa! >> with a pretty cool-looking dust devil. this is in the philippines, and what appears to be a full campus. so the first one dissipates but it's not over. dust devil after dust devil storming on what looks like the basketball court now. >> they say dust devils aren't cool because they aren't destructive like a tornado. >> they're just having a good old time and they're actually excited about this. >> now this one, also a very windy day. this person must have seen this coming because there really would have been no other reason to record this. watch what happens to the tree.
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>> oh! >> there goes your garden. >> oh! >> crashes and knocks down that fence into the neighbor's yard. >> the size of the tree. it's catching that much wind and the force increases and there you go. >> what do you do now, though? >> i think you go over to the neighbor's house and say, sorry! >> we've got a really cool juking video out of it. he's got a nice new trail. saying hey, can i ride it? he's like yeah, sure you can ride my bike. fwhu but in the back of your mind, you're always a little bit -- you know don't mess it up. popping a wheelie right here. and then going down. he's all good. he's building up confidence. he's like, i'm feeling quite comfortable on your bike. i'm going to y and bust
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>> uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh. >> he then cuts the camera off, but we start it up again, and he's like, dude okay did you break anything? no it's all right. couple of bangs. couple of scratches. all right, could have been worse. never mind. and it's like, well you've already crashed it once mike. i guess you can get back on the bike having a bit more fun. don't let mike on your bike. >> oh mike! come on dude! >> and this is where he starts pointing look like what you did to my exhaust, dude? >> too soon to get rid of that new bike luster you know? you want to keep that for a little bit. >> i didn't really know there was such a thing as color blindness at the time. i think i was 6 or 7.
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i thought maybe i wasn't intelligent enough to tell. because i didn't know. i didn't tell my parents. so i stopped painting and drawing. >> this is a short documentary posted to the valspar paint youtube channel. people are talking about experiencing the world as a color blind person. >> there's some drawings where i wish i could see how my kids put the colors together and what they were visualizing. >> my gosh this is actually making me kind of sad. >> i had moments where girls would make fun of me for not knowing girly shades. >> valspar partners with a company that created these glasses using cutting edge optical technology that allows people to see color. >> wow! >> do we get to see their first reactions? >> oh look at that. >> this whole end of the spectrum that i just was completely not aware of.
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>> i've never been able to see this one. i just want to cry a little bit. i never realized how much i was affected by the fact that i can't see the world the way that other people see the world. >> when he's drawing, i see him going in and out of his crayon box like 150 times sometimes. oh wow, that's cool. now i see why. there's a lot more colors here. >> it's not just about drawings it's not just about a color spectrum it's not just about paint on the walls. then these people see a sunset. >> is that what you guys see every day? >> yeah. >> inchroma has already made these available. they're about $350 for people who want to purchase them. >> if you go from gray to color in your life it's a bargain. >> color is an amazing experience that people probably take for granted.
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he swoops down through the air. >> he's coming in fast. >> see the perfect ending to a flawless landing. >> swoop right into that. and this prankster is about to turn it up. >> a big speaker. >> find out where he decides to range for his party of one.
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a video from slender the man has taken fire on the internet in australia, which has caught t of the a great one. so we see here, he's in the middle of the library and he's whispering. he's also going to go do you have any headphones that i can borrow? she's like you can get them over there. he's like, it's all right, i have an alternative, it's okay but thank you.
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starts pulling something out. starts plugging it in. and then -- >> i can't get no sleep. i can't get no sleep. >> as he starts having a full-on rave party. >> everyone in that library is like trying not to look at him. >> no one flinches, nobody moves. no one gets up. no one tries to stop him. australia, ladies and gentlemen. i think he thought he was going to get shut down. because eventually he just gets tired. >> thanks guys. >> people actually applaud him. i love how everyone's just totally game. bq is the world's self-proclaimed champion. that's him right there.
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he's coming in fast. >> here he comes. >> watch how accurately he lands. >> it's pretty simple. he lands and grabs it and drinks it. >> yes! >> whoo! >> now, i just want everybody to know, this is after bq's last jump of the day. this is a tradition. after your last jump swoop in and chug a beer. i could get behind that. >> he survived the jump might as well have a beer. >> you jump out of a plane and don't die, yeah, you're supposed to have a beer. >> i will say that is the best landing i have ever seen. he came in like a little bird. >> yes! yes!
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>> yes! woohoo! >> this is a very cool music video called "fertilizer." >> ♪ i thought i was safe using contraceptive ♪ ♪ but the pill is only 99% effective ♪ >> oh they fertilized an egg. >> it sounds like it's a complete surprise. >> just to be clear. the pill is 99% effective? >> yes. >> okay. >> ♪ oh baby sorry if i did surprise ya ♪ ♪ but you know baby
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i'm your fertilizer ♪ >> this is the cutest pregnancy announcement i've seen in a long time. >> me, too. >> just raw and honest. >> this is a nice throwback music video. it's very '80s retro with the glasses and the yellow track suit. and the drops early september. i get it. but you get the visual, right? time for a little "real or fake" starting with this dude who has an interesting way of fishing. >> that is so dumb! then a prankster's joke turns around quickly. >> i feel like the acting was really bad. >> and a special face that has us freaking out. watch and decide. ebaum's world is next. ababouout t a a rereveversrse e momortgage
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plplaqaqueue i is s ththe e nunumbmberer one problem i see. nenew w acact t adadvavancnceded w witithh plaque guard kills 99% of bacteria, helplps s prprevevenent t plaqaqueue and gingivitisovpr. nenew w acact t adadvavancnceded.. some explosions intentional. some accidental. let's start with the accidental. in toronto, canada a tow truck crashed into a hydropole and a tv crew was driving up and caught that explosion. miraculously, no one's hurt. it got hung up on the wire that was keeping it up.
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>> ironic the camera crew didn't have their camera out, but the dash cam caught it. it's like well, you know close enough. >> we've seen him on the show before with some of these crazy videos. ask part of ask reddit someone asked him the craziest things. >> mine was trying to heat up a can of soup i opened it put a blow torch, ended up coffering myself in chunky soup. >> is he's going to replicate it. but this time -- >> hat, propane torch. >> here he goes. >> he isn't wearing eye protection but i feel like he needs something on those bare arms. >> he thinks it wasn't as big as
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last time because they're using beans, so they get another can. this one a can of soup. a bit more sizable this time. >> i'm just glad he wasn't covered in scalding soup. i know we're sad because the weekend's over, but i'm going to turn that frown upside down. matt dreidel's here. >> i'm feeling good. got my fresh ebaum's shirt. beard all sleek. let's run these clips. real or fake. >> that is so dumb! >> he's trying to lead us to believe he was fishing with a very short rod. >> it's funny, but i feel like
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if a fish that big had gotten a hold of my man sausage, i would have screamed a little bit more. >> i think it's all set up, but funny. >> so five fakes. no real fish catchry beginning on here. >> good job, guys. it's fake. >> next video. >> have some fun right here! >> [ bleep ]. >> it's just a prank. >> so that guy was recording a prank video, but it turned on him. >> i'm actually beginning to go with that it's real. >> a real prank that backfired. >> i'm going to go with real, too. >> i'm going to go with fake. >> i think they wanted it to look like a prank gone wrong, but i feel like the acting is really bad. >> the guy in the gray tank top just didn't make it believable to me. >> the camera setup says we are fake and we are planning to do this. >> so two reals three fakes.
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mac, what do you say? >> he's ready for it. >> i'm with you guys. i think it's fake. going with the majority here. >> the third clip, the special -- you know, one of your favorites in it on your show. so go ahead and roll it. >> check out my foot. >> ah! >> what happened? >> i'm going to be the first one to say that is definitely real. >> yeah, i'm going real, too. it's in the water too long and maybe had a little bit of fungus under that nail. >> the back story is my grandpa, he didn't have a big toenail. i always looked up to him. i thought he was a handsome man. just that shiny sheathe of skin on top of his big toe. i wanted to be just like him. so just off with it. i didn't need it. and you don't. >> that's a fake story. what really happened?
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>> i just got hurt. decided off with it. rip that thing all. >> did it hurt? >> yes, it hurt real bad. but it feels great now. >> there's a spider right there on the wall. can they get rid of the big bad spider? >> well they got it out of the room. >> see hder wins on "right this minute." [ [ r&r&b b slslowow j jamam playing ] ♪ y yeaeah,h, g girirl l ♪ ♪ you knonow,w, i i'v've e bebeenen t thinking about us ♪ ♪ a andnd, , uhuh, , i i jujustst cacan't fight it anymore ♪ ♪ i it't's s bubundndlele t timime e ♪ ♪ b bunundldle e ♪ ♪ m mm,m, f feeeel l ththosose e sasavivingngs, baby ♪ anand d ththatat's's h howow a a h homome e and auto bundle is made. bebetttterer h he e leleararnsns i it t heherere than on the streets.
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mesmerized by this. you just forget where you are. >> it's like a lava lamp. >> kitty sneak attack. >> let's face it. no one could build a house that is completely creepy crawly creature-free. they find ways in. in this case the creepy crawly feature, more of a creepy crawly furry creature, a little mouse, but this little sucker found a nice place to hide in the box springs of the mattress.
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>> that's my favorite part, the guy going up towith the camera to that box spring he's making his own scary music. you see the creature crawling toward that back corner. i think the mouse is very upset. >> ah! >> that was like a bullet. >> right at him. >> we all screamed. >> i guess he's going down he's going down all guns blazing. >> now, in this next home the creepy crawly creature has eight legs and it's large. but i would like to point out the title of this video is spider versus friends who are high. i did not title the video. that's just what's on the internet. they're trying to figure out how they're going to solve this problem. and then one other thing, maybe you can stomp it with your foot. >> i am so glad that you translated that because they actually use that plan. >> i have a feeling it's not going to go well.
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>> gayle, you are so right. >> the gigantic spider starts. >> that's kind of big. >> it starts crawling away. so they go with the foot plan. >> here it comes. >> that must have been made of like paper mache or something. >> technically, they got it out of the room. >> did the spider survive, though? now he's in the walls. >> probably. there's probably like a whole family of them now. >> that's our show everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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