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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 25, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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. it's a different kind of wedding perception. be aware of bridal parties burn out, that's all the rage. >> our animals are members of the family. >> but what happens when alex has choosed us. >> the amazing story behind the circle star pet haven. >> it's a security take down inside an apple store. >> you probably didn't have an
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appointment. >> how the wrestling match with an irate customer takes an unusual turn. and a shake and wake, you don't have a problem with possum. >> this guy has a problem. >> don't walk away from you. i like you. >> see the confrontation caught on camera. . >> she's got you trained. i love it. >> i sympathize. >> that was so cool for a second. >> this was placed into facebook by queen street custom
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kai, it's a video shot professionally. they are to go these high performance moves up and down the street. it's a little irresponsible, but it's getting a lot of attention from the police, and they worked an entire story on it in australia when they went behind the scenes to find out who was responsible. when they started looking into it they went into a bunch of number plates. it was variably visible. >> the people hunted town the guys who went down. >> it's organized by the local
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council and they're all blocked off with the local area commands. however, the police called saying they would not have been able to put something like this for a wedding with the help of the police. so the story continues. so many of us have lost our pets, but what happens when our pets lose us? so many times they end up in shelters. maybe someone in our family may want to take care of our pets, but what if they can't? what happens? >> i never thought about that. what's going to happen to a dog after the day. >> you didn't think about it, it's okay. vicky cooper thought about it. she created the circle star test haven where your dogs can go after you go for a life of luxury in this texas ranch. they can run around and be happy for the rest of their lives. in fact, this ranch is about 100 acres, where the land, it's
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about an hour and a half from dallas, texas as. they've if the several houses, each house has its own individual room for the pet with a bed, a luxury linen, they television their own little porch so they can go out there and relieve themselves whenever they want. who is paying for this? how do you pay for it. >> you write it into your will, right. >> this is an arrangement you make whenever, you don't have to wait until you know that you may pass at something that you just planned for, as part of a well, or you can pay for it on your own. there's the option of writing it into your life insurance policy. >> when you think about it, that would be something that i would imagine would weigh on someone's mind heavily if you know you're going to go, what's going to happen to my pet. that's something you don't have to think about and know that they're going to a great place. >> and you can make the arrangement whenever -- we can go now even if we don't go for
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30 years. >> you'll have constant, constant income. >> wow. . >> meow. [. >> guys and hoodies and masks you know they're up to no good in nottingham share. they're going to terror eyes a man working there. they've knocked hill down to the ground and knocked down product right there. check it out from this angle. there's the man forced on the ground, one guy is holding him down and another guy starts stomping this guy on the head. >> that's awful. >> is the point to bleeding this clerk to blood. >> they were after cigarettes. >> i'm glad you cleared that out. >> they got away with 7500 worth of cigarettes. police say it could have been
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worse, he was kicked and has a fractured eye socket. >> that's brutal and uncalled for. >> you won't believe the sight of what happened in an elevator in south brazil. the door opened a resident walks in with her dog. this is the elevator working, she comes in and closes the door, she's trying to stop michelle and her one-year-old son from getting into the elevator. she yells at them, she does this for six minutes, she put her arm up and she kicks out at the stroller and michelle says this woman almost hits her son and makes her son cry. that's when people get involved. she said she does have the fear of the dog, and michelle the woman with the stroller she filed a replacery, this is an awkward living situation. this person lives in the building and you're going to be in the elevator and share it at
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another point of time. >> i hope we're we've made drivers more aware on the roadway. hopefully they pay attention. we have a lot of stuff like this. first a dashcam, these are wet highways, pay attention to this car coming up on the left-hand side. >> a little hydroplaning. >> oh. >> oh. >> there was no way for this guy to avoid it. >> are you okay? >> the mom had a broken sternum, a bruised chest and abdomen t thankfully everybody survived this crash, this guy's car totaled. >> inside this car was not a dashcam video, but a video taken because of this fellow. >> this dingdong in the silver honda is blocking the road. it's a case of road rage. he has both of his kids in the
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car, his son is recording the video. this fellow in the honda is not done, he comes up and comes up ian, if you can't see to drive, don't drive. i'm going 90 and you're going 0. >> maybe 90. >> it's only about 55 miles per hour. >> this was not the only time that this fellow got out of the car according to ian, he beat on the hood of his car and front fenders. >> kudos to him. at some point it might be easy to lose your cool. >> all right, i'm sorry man. >> good, good, i'm happy. >> so, you think she's helping a friend with a scavenger hunt. she doesn't realize these are all places she's been on a date with her boyfriend. >> find out which clue finally reveals the unexpected
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surprise. plus, one man's trash is another man's treasure. >> they asked 15 artists from around the world to repurpose every day objects and give it it new life. >> how a master craftsman is getting wheels turning for a new purpose.
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apple stores around the world are kind of like a place where people go to be zen. >> [ bleep ]. >> to be at one with technology. . apple store is around the world, it's places where people go to be zen, they like to be at one with their technology. people are not at one or zenfull in this apple store. they're wrestling with more security. they kick in the face, and it escalates. i don't think the security guard was happy to be kicked in the face. he actually has to be held back and someone had to be called in
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to calm this guy down. everyone comes in and they've taken the security guard and pushed him away just a bit. there's a fight breaking out here. this is video from to 12 from sydney, australia where this 16- year-old girl was chased town by police, grabs her by the hair and she gets taken down and now with handcuffs they drag her by her neck back to the police van right there and it gets worse. she loses control and falls over, she's now knocked unconscious. >> did she fall and hit her head on the curb. >> yes, she was actually charged with resisting and hindering the police, and they said police used an inordinant amount of force. they were arrested she and her friend for swearing. her mother is bringing a civil case against the police for
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this arrest. >> my name is max prim, o i'm an artist and stuff maker. >> and he's a really supercreative guy. >> i was contacted by the world wildlife fund. >> for the every day things collection. >> they have stuff that existing and they want it repurposed and give it a new life. that's what i do for everything. >> he reworks it in his head a little bit. >> i thought what do i give you and can that be made out of trash. >> he got on the phone with his buddy john sanford out in california. >> a home builder and road worker. >> and a local skate board manufacturer. >> don thought about the question that needed to be
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answered. >> we had buckets cut off and flattened out and we put wood and we band sawed it and clamped it down and it works. >> plastic buckets. >> that is cool. but, it makes perfect sense. >> there are thousands of them on every job site. >> all that trash and buckets, thousands upon thousands of buckets at construction job sets, old wood as well. >> what if we can make this stuff and give these to people who need them. the material costs are free. >> they can make them and give them away to kids that need them. >> once they were trash and now it's a skate board. >> it warms my heart to think of that. >> what an amazing thing. i love these guys. >> if you have a very competitive nature, scavenger hunt was awesome especially when you're competing against your friends.
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>> my name is fee leash a, traditional a is on the right -- tri sha is fun she needed to create a youtube channel. she wants people to follow her. why not ask her friend for help. >> i'll be your game master for the scavenger hunt. >> here are the rules, because they really don't matter. >> rule number 6, picks must include a team member and recreating the original pic to count. >> there's one particular rule that matters though. >> it sounds like an urban challenge. she doesn't realize these are places she's been on a date with her boyfriend. >> meanwhile, as you can probably figure out by now, in a proposal. >> aw. >> he looks nervous. >> you can see he's nervous. >> leaving the park.
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>> . >> would you, please, give me the honor of sharing the rest of your life --. [ cheering ] a rather odd transportation method. >> these would come and pick you up. >> how a tweet will get you a lift to your destination. >> i'm in. sign me up. >> and a toothpick trick that >> how a tweet will get you a lift to a destination. and a toothpick trick that leaves ali dumbfounded.
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zhang chocolate is a kaf fated chocolate bar. >> i'm in all the y. behind the chocolate bar is a pick-me-up. if you tweet zhang chocolate, these would come and pick you up and take you to your destination piggy back style. this united states all a bigis all a big promotion in africa. sorry, hoping i could tweet for you right now. >> darn it. i was really excited. i was hoping some zhang chocolate would come into our set pick me up, take me away. >> which part are you excited about? the chocolate, the caffeine or a big muscly guy. >> why do i have to pick. >> ladies had a good time with the whole idea. >> liking the way brands are doing this, understanding the use of social media we're giggling at it, laughing about it but thinking i'd like some
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chocolate. >> by the way number one on the best mexican ever. >> christiana put her destination as home, let's go. >> all the way upstairs to the bedroom. come on. >> uh-huh. >> bring some of that chocolate with you. >> you're going to need the energy! >> it's time for videos that you guys are going to watch and say well done. the first one, blake andrus the brother of one of our editors, kevin. here comes blake right out off bed yawning giving a little stretch. >> what happened? >> he shook off the sleep and his hair. >> wouldn't that be great if that's how you got ready for work in the morning? >> oh my god i would love that. that's really good. well done.
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>> well done. >> next video, just a great parlor trick. from the up cycle youtube channel. that fellow roman has a toothpick on the end of his nose and blowing it turning it around like a propeller. >> how is it sticking to his mouth. >> best description i can find you crack the toothpick just slightly and place it on your nose and close the cracks with pinching a little bit of your skin. >> you blow it with your lips. >> somebody get us a toothpick. >> oli, it's all you. >> i guess so. >> try it with the toothpick, make the crack in the center so it's balanced. >> kind of did it. it like went a little bit. >> weird but awesome. sorry, we forgot. >> well done. >> well done. >> i don't like you [ bleep ]. >> this guy's got some strong words for that fence critter. >> i hate them. i hate them there see pos
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r a wedding cake. don't get a wedding cake. get a giant egg. >> animals are like -- you either love them or hate them. both videos. >> i wish i had something to [ bleep ] you over the head with. [ bleep ]. >> i concur. i don't like them. >> really? are you not a fan of the possum either. >> possums raccoons i hate them, i hate them, i hate them. >> i love possums. i think they should be wearing baseball caps and headed to a fun game. >> i've got tono problem. >> i don't like you [ bleep ]. i really don't.
9:57 am
>> what i like the possum starts walking away. he's not done. >> hey, [ bleep ], hey. don't walk aay from me.n' you. >> it sticks around. it takes some more. then goes after his tail, poor guy. >> [ bleep ] your tail. that be like an old wooden broom. >> he's done. >> he's a nasty [ bleep ]. >> this may have been a dog in a former life. this is actually -- it likes to be cuddled, massaged. when he comes home it stays in corn of its tank by the front door waiting for them to get home from work. when it does, it likes to snuggle like a cat or dog. >> it get is belly rub. >> plays games with the fish. over the bridge.
9:58 am
gish come fish comes back swims to his hand. >> i feel like a dolphin. >> i am part fish. my last name is troutman. i love to have my belly rubbed. if you wanted to pick me up and throw me over the bridge, i'd go for. >> don't throw me over the bridge, especially if i owe you money. >> i'm out. >> that's our show, everybody. so glad you joined us. see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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