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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 26, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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cameras catch a guy doing isn't that -- >> is a little crappy. >> the story behind the neighbor from hell. >> get him, brother. >> a spring breaker finds himself in a bit of trouble. see the great escape that wasn't. >> get him! ♪ >> even if you can't understand what they're singing -- >> come on this is great! >> why you'll be wishes these guys would swing by your house. >> i'm in love. wait how old are they in. >> old enough. >> so they're -- >> plus how to put a baby to sleep in a minute. >> wow, life changing!
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>> and a wife pulls a hot pepper prank on her husband. >> going in his aftershave. >> see why revenge is a dish best served hot. >> it's burning my face off. >> his head looks like a cherry. >> i have two pretty unbelievable videos for you guys. the first one, i have to is a little crappy. why? because this man actually walks up to this front porch and decides to defecate on the front step of this family's home. >> that's disgusting. was this random or did he target these people. >> apparently not random at all nor the first time that this person had done this. >> that explains the camera in the bushes. >> yes, yes. they relz it was their 23-year-old neighbor. after he's done he does wipe himself and according to reports, ends up putting the tissue through the mailbox.
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he notices the camera recording him and knocked it over. this guy ended up pleading guilty to harassment without violence. he got a two-year restraining order to stay away from this family. this guy's attorneylaims he's autistic and has the mind of a 13-year-old and that's why he did all of these things. this one, the fact that anybody would attempt this is amuseing this is at an airport. thman, i mean -- >> the plan is she going to stay in the karg gocargo hold with other bags thrown on top of her. >> their expressions when caught. i feel bad for them. they were detained. no word on what's going to happen to them. yikes, that was a bold move. spring break, a nearly worldwide tradition, and celebrated in many different
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ways. this guy seems to have found himself in a bit of trouble. >> get him, brother. >> backing away from a situation, a couple of guys going after him. he's goating them on i'll fight, i'll fight, but runs away. >> he's scared. >> seeks cover in the back of the pickup truck. seems to work. >> get him! >> his plan just failed. >> yes, it did. >> looks like our friend with poor judgment manages to get away unhurt. >> i think it's a beach full of people with poor judgment. >> that's the way they celebrate in texas. let's see how they do spring break at the redneck yacht club in florida. sand no thanks. mud, please. a couple of girls in the back of the big old f-150 in bikinis, in the mud. a lot of people enjoying this off-road park. the folks that you saw cruise by with no trouble get into some
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trouble. they swap their truck. >> oh no. >> they pulled the truck out, no problem. >> whoo! >> these girls just didn't get muddy enough. so it's time for a mud bath. and that's how the whole video ends lots and lots of fun of them throwing each other into the mud. >> the beach and the redneck yacht club i'd go with the redneck yacht club. >> i'm a big fan of public transport when i lived in asia. people in america, it's always horror stories people are concerned about public transport. videos from around the world, i i think it's only going to make it worse. >> we should stop the bus. >> what is going on? >> hydraulic flew. >> hydraulic fluid. >> well done nick. that's exactly what's going on. >> [ bleep ] back here. >> all of the stuff starts
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pouring out, and freaking out the passengers. >> can we stop the bus? >> people were concerned maybe it would be toxic, you can hear them saying it might be flammable as well. >> it's flammable, possibly. >> now there was a statement from transling, six days ago a nontoxic leak occurred on one of our buses. it is nontoxic no one was injured. it was back on the road two hours after that. >> i think somebody be for likely to slip and fall than getting sick. >> a horror show. >> this comes to us from australia. nothing is worse than sitting on a bus, next to some boob. it's worse when sitting next to a couple of them. see if you can spot what i'm talking about. . >> you weren't kidding. you weren't kidding. they really are boobs. >> i got to let them out. he walks past her, you can see
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the concern. anybody? anybody? open seat here. brendan was at shelly beach in new south whales australia was looking for salmon but caught something bigger than that. he got a bite. a very big, big, big bite. >> a shark. >> that shark, about 13-feet long. >> throw it back in put it back in the water. >> he had about 656 feet of lines, battled two hours to bring this thing in. >> let's hope that 656 feet of line goes all the way out when he caught this thing. i hope he wasn't anywhere close to the beach where people swim. >> [ bleep ]. >> did he release the shark? >> it was a catch and release, but he was really tired, and his arms were shaking by the time he fine i got that thing in. >> that's the manliest type of fishing there is. what do you do?
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caught a shark with my barehands. >> from the beach. >> what did you do? >> yeah! >> now this video comes from florida. that's mini vinny, mini vinny feeding pelicans in the water. keep a close eye on the pelican behind mini vinny. that pelican didn't want do like the other pelicans be in the water, wait patiently for a pish.pish fish. instead, i'm going to attack from behind. >> it was like the pelican was picking the boy up. you saw it flapping it looks like it was flying away. >> the pelican was literally kicked to the curb. >> good lesson about manners and waiting your turn. >> the pelican like jumped him. a mountain biker drops in but then -- >> oh! still going. >> -- how he hit a snag before even getting started. and the everyday selfie app
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everything to love about this video. >> a guy that can play a guitar very good-looking fellas and the driver can sing in spanish. >> that makes it even better. >> uh-huh. ♪ ♪ >> are you trying to turn me on? because it's working. ♪ >> i mean come on this is great! but it gets even better because their buddy gets in the car.
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>> people are so dreamy. >> very dreamy. and also can play a guitar. >> something tells me there's no story behind this video other than you just love it. >> it's a really good song about love. >> not auto tuned. they can actually sing. ♪ >> two more guy get in. >> there's more moisture in there. >> i know not what you're talking about. these guys up and coming pop rock group from madrid spain. and martin nacho, alberto, luis. >> i guy named nacho? i like that. >> i'm in love. >> yes. >> how old are they in. >> old enough. >> so they're -- i'd like to get romantic with them. good-looking meat there. >> good-looking meat. imagine if nick and i had said that.
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inevitable part of extreme sports -- crashing. you've got to crash if you're going out there mountain biking. this guy in new zealand, around a couple of barriers there, drops in around the dirt then up and over this wooden thing. >> oh! >> oh! >> still going, still going. >> [ bleep ]. >> he wasn't even ten seconds in there no . >> no. he didn't get too far. listen to this guy. it hurt. up on his feet moving around so nothing broke. but did you see that? >> the whole way down. >> yeah. that's a bad way to eat it. >> now this next guy, i've got to be honest, didn't get much further. this is in breckenridge colorado a familiar beautiful place. this guy gets his camera ready. >> okay. >> okay, go! drops in. skis for one second and falls
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for 20 seconds. >> crash landed. he didn't even get a second. >> it's like land done. >> his buddies do have some advice for him, though. >> turn around. >> turn around turn around they don't want him going head-first into the rocks. they want him to see what's coming. >> the skis down the slope, i don't think it's supposed to work that way. >> he's on his feet. >> you all right? okay. >> nobody seems to be too concerned about him. >> [ bleep ]. >> there's not a lot going on in this guy's life every day. >> what just happened? >> he'll tell you. it will make sense. >> every day's back. i made it better. i'll show you tomorrow. i've got a reminder every day. >> what this is, is actual a
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commercial for the app every day, 2.0. you take a picture of yourself every day and stitch it together and make those videos that show you getting older, beard growing, hair cut, stuff like that. they're back because they've made it easier. it tells you it's time to take your selfie. >> line your face with the grid or compare to yesterday's photo. >> it's clever. they brought in a whole new slew of things to make it easier to make videos and send it to us on face back. >> capture it. >> not only does it give you notification at certain times, you can have multiple time lines. do location-bed reminders even drop box backup inastoilet. >> the more you use it, the better it gets. >> she hiked two hours for this view. >> he's got a surprise for her. >> see it next "right this minute." and still to come --
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a trip to the drive-through turns into a -- >> full-on verbal tirade. >> [ bleep ]. >> why it's clear to see this customer's hangry. >> yes! >> the employee of the year. >> plus -- the simple one-minute trick to soothe the baby to sleep. >> i can't believe it!
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>> i'm really sorry about this. [ bleep ] people? i worked here ten years ago. [ bleep ]! >> if anyone isn't clear what she said it's trending for obvious reasons. >> i couldn't understand a word coming out of her mouth! >> i know. it's just a full-on verbal tirade. this guy stays so cool about it. >> really sorry. all i can do, really. >> yeah. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]! >> oh my gosh. >> maybe that's a no i think? i'm not sure. >> [ bleep ]! >> it's fast-food. you can't get mad at much. >> and she gets it. >> i know all of 20-something seconds later, it's coming later. all handed through the window not before she's got a few final choice things to say. >> i'm really sorry about that,
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ma'am. >> yes! >> jack russell goes round and round. ♪ ♪ >> i am sure there are many parents out there wondering how can i very effectively put my baby to sleep. >> oh yeah it's just the kind of stuff that keeps you awake at night. >> well mason has posted a video on youtube titled "how to put a baby to sleep in less than one minute" and it just involves using a tissue and softly caressing the baby's face with i tissue over and over and over
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again until, according to nathan the baby falls asleep. halfway into the video you can tell the baby's starting to snooze away. >> shut the front door it's working! >> you're going to wake up the baby. >> why didn't anyone post this video seven years ago? could have used that one. >> sorry, oli. it wasn't posted then. but someone that we know well is glad that this video was posted. our own betsy our producer that had a precious little baby. >> harper. >> sheer she is. betsy is going to try this. does it work? >> she starts sucking a finger. >> watch this. betsy keeps caressing little harper with the tissue over and over and over. >> oh my. >> shares in kleenex are going to go through the roof. i can't believe it! >> before you know it little harper is fast asleep. >> i have to text everybody i know.
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in a world where peppers get hotter and hotter the carolina reaper reins supreme. from south carolina the world's hottest pepper can have up to 2.2 million units and it's the subject of this prank video. >> i came up with a really good idea how to get karl back for scaring me back with the snake. this is carolina reaper sauce. >> you heard ginger say she's getting her husband back for a snake prank. >> snake. >> she's pulling out the big, fiery hot pepper gun. it's not in his food. it's going in his aftershave.
9:27 am
>> oh. >> that's bad. >> she takes a little syringe, pulls out not a lot, but enough of the carolina reaper cause and it's going right into her hubby's old spice. >> does he die in the video? >> let's watch. in comes her husband, karl. he does a pretty good job shaving off the stubble. here he goes reaching for the aftershave. >> ow ow wow. >> immediately red. >> you ain't seen nothing yet. immediately to the sink and starts throwing water on himself. >> but of course ginger the wife outside the door. >> hi. little bit of hot sauce. >> oh my gosh! >> oh! >> oh! his head looks look a cherry. >> it's only getting worse. he shoves his face under the kitchen faucet, it's still not doing enough. goes for the jug of milk starts pouring milk all over his face.
9:28 am
>> at this point you need a burn cream. >> after the milk's not cooling it off, he goes for the yogurt. >> what did you put in there. >> carolina reaper sauce. >> you put carolina reaper sauce. >> you went too far, woman! >> maybe she went just the right length he may not prachk her anymore, he's like you win, truce. >> that's the most diabolical thing you've ever done to me, ever. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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after getting crowded out, a disgruntled driver decides he's the police. what happens when he tries to pull the pit man huber. it's not a surprise he jumped in the pool. >> that would be a water buck. >> how getting him out takes a village. >> used to be 625 pounds. >> losing more than half of your body weight is not easy. >> what's left behind is the skin. >> why a brave guy is hoping to inspire others with plans for surgery. plus -- how we know this


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