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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 27, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. after two rally racers crash in the snow -- >> they don't lose a second thought. >> the moment they rolled it and kept right on rolling. >> i got the mama. >> mama cat is pulled from under a house. >> that was about to be fume gate. >> see the search to seeave her four kittens. big screen gives students messages from home. >> you're not embarrassed. >> the high-tech way to a homesick heart. a prank that has driving instructors thinking they're
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teaching a student but watch her school them. how the rookie revealed she's a pro race car driver. >> with a countdown of three, two, one, yari is off in the rally in finland. about to learn the number one rule of rally, you've got to roll with the punches. >> is that snow? >> yes, gayle, it is snow. it's very very icy. it's finland, of course drifting through the snow. first couplef minutes swimmingly. takes left hander turns right, uphill. all of a sudden -- >> this is where you keep calm and yari on. gets it in gear and boom. he keeps going on the rally. didn't even lose a second thought. straight back on the race. nice move. >> wow. >> i love that because that could have just ended abruptly trees everywhere. he somehow kept it on the road.
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i know not by his own doing. just happened to roll down the road and, boom back on his wheels back you go. >> we get a second angle from these guys here. distant in the corner. around the corner he gets his wobble on goes tumbling up the hill people come running down let's go help let's go help. oh bye yari good luck. >> the snow bank helped him. like a pinball. bounced off the snowbank and back on to the road. >> those people are going, what just happened? did we see what we thought we saw? >> the most exciting thing in a rally ever especially if you're waiting for a car to go by. ♪ >> a common tradition in japan in the spring is the youth movement to the big city.
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all of the kids from rural areas in the spring time frequently move to tokyo to either go to college or to chase their dreams in the big city. it's a time of happiness, also a time of sadness and trepidation and excitement. this film documents three kids making that big move leaving their families leaving their friends, how does it feel when you first get into that big city? imagine, if this happened wouldn't you feel a little bit inspired? instead of a call from home you get a personalized message. [ speaking foreign language ] >> shock and surprise come over their face. this is really cool technology put out by kdd, a communication firm in japan. using a technology a proximity detector. as this girl got off the train platform in tokyo, walked past this large billboard, the same
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with this girl and other guy, they get their personalized messages from home from their friends from their family. at first it's hey, are you safe? we love you, we miss you. then it goes on to be inspirational. go get em, kid. >> kids moving to toque yoeshg ae ing toing toe tokyo, massive population. this moment made them feel a little bit better. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the location old town pizzeria in st. john's new finland, labrador in canada this girl inside the pizza place with a few buddies, all women, believed to be in their 20s. places their order, pays for the order. watch what happens. says something to the cashier,
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can i use the phone? i'm thinking that's what she said. woman goes to the back. while she should be talking on the phone she puts her hand into somebody's bag. that bag does not belong to this woman. belongs to an employee. according to the owner, fabian power, he says she took $20 from the employee's bag. now while she's back there, supposedly talking on the phone, that employee who took her order walks in doesn't believe anything untoward has happened but, you thisguys this not over. these girls are in this place well over five minutes. as you can see, the girl bends over leans down the counter, puts her hand in the cash register. she does this a couple of times. according to fabian power she took 20s from the cash register. >> why would she let her use the phone? does she know her? >> it's canada they're supernice. >> it's shameless and blunt and gross and disgusting. >> sticky fingers this girl has. these women are believed to be in their 20s, so they ought to
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know better. this is a picture of a hyundai in santa fe they believe they drove off in. if anybody in the area recognizes that car or women, they want to hear from them. >> they'll definitely find them i'm can't imagine it's a very large town. we always have time on "right this minute" for awesome animal videos. >> uh-huh. >> this first one, a rescue by the los angeles animal services smart team. they were called to a house that was about to be fume gated but under the house was a mama cat and her four little baby cats. >> they weren't fume gating the house for cats? >> no. >> something else. okay. >> something else yeah. but they needed to go rescue the mom and her kittens. they send in this lady through the crawl space. the mama cat is scared away but they're ready for it with a net outside of the vent. >> got her. i got the mama. >> now it's time to find the babies which they do. >> hi little ones.
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>> poor little guys. >> they are able to pull them all into this bag. they carry them back outside. >> they're good. really good. >> looking good and healthy. they were later reunited with their mama. this is another really beautiful story. this is a rare clouded leopard cub. >> so cute. >> i want one. >> listen to him. that's it. i'm done. that's why the internet was made for that. i love it! >> this is a rare leopard. he is in tampa's lowry park zoo. they're very excited that he's doing really well. he's more than 2 weeks old, opened its eyes and as you can see in the video, is very vocal. this little car has some serious gas power. >> this thing moves. >> see how to maneuvers its way through traffic. >> you don't want to end up under the tire of a different
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like us on stay in touch all day long. now, back to the show. >> when stuck in traffic in an urban area it's bettor have a small car, even a motorcycle to zip through traffic. this guy's got a very very small rc car and he's going out into traffic. >> does he even have little blinkers? >> i don't think he has blinkers but he has headlights and taillights and this is no little joke toy of an rc car. it's a gas-powered car. listen. no problem keeping up with the traffic. >> i'd be more concerned about the merging.
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>> once things free up a bit, this thing moves. on a tear through the city streets. >> how are they doing this? they must be chasing in a car or something like that because no way the rc would be able to stretch that far. >> oli, exactly right. here's the second angle from the chase vehicle. >> that makes sense. you have to be really careful how you are driving it because you don't want to end up under the tire of a different vehicle. >> exactly. >> there are a number of types he did get very close. >> he did, but no incidents. and you can see it's a sizable rc car. looks to be about that big. >> what you're saying is we should be buying one? >> i would love to. we should be doing this. >> the uplifting story of three brothers is spreading like wildfire. this is joseph zack ben featherstone three brothers
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all three were born deaf. >> just like any other brothers they have fun, they hang out, they are a tight-knit group. >> it didn't look like it slowed them down one bit the fascinate thing the different way they see the world. >> through our eyes. >> i'm impressed, he's got some sort of speech though born deaf. >> they have cochlear implants which they got later in life then didn't understand there's a sound that the table maybes and a sound that the door makes then tell a great story when they were kids they were so confused the mom and dad would go to the door and open it and someone would be there. they tried really hard opened the door and no one would be there. until one day they were like plumb, how are you doing this? they had no understanding then didn't get, there's a sound when you press the button. zack tells another story, in reference to the bathroom.
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>> every time i take off my implant. >> yes. >> you wish other people could not hear you, too. >> of course there are barriers and difficulties. but it doesn't hold them back. zack's in med school joseph is at grad school a whitewater guide, ski instructor, ben even plays piano because he likes the deep vibrations. these guys don't cope they love being deaf. it's a beautiful perspective. they have drawn so much strength from it. ♪ this is actually a series of short films called "project lesson "s that came from of all places automotive group. the sales men do too much talking not enough lifting.
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they have a tag line. a series of short films, the brothers have been connein with a lotf>> heir message is beautiful. ♪ >> what's up everyone. >> the guy on the left serious pete the guy on the right is rich. rich challenged furious pete to an eating competition. guess what they're going to eat? >> everything. >> feed this guy a house. >> holy mother of muscles, those things are huge! >> they are huge. he's challenged him. >> what do i do every night before i go to bed? ben and jerry's apparently. >> ben and jerry's contest. >> they're going to try to see how much they could eat in five minutes. >> on your mark get set, go! >> the ice cream headache that your going to get, the brain freeze is going to be nuclear. >> right about here pete look like he's getting nauseated, and
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it does look like rich might get him. do you guys notice where this is going down? in a gym. >> everybody sitting there, sweating on the treadmills like you. >> do you see what he was doing, once he got the fresh one he bit around the top, ignored the spoon. ♪ >> here we go. here's the big finish. >> five four three, two, one. >> right here you can see how many pete has had. 3 1/2 there. let's check on rich. >> 2 1/2. >> 2 1/2. >> 2 1/2. >> that's the thing, man, it's all show. muscles are all for show. >> say that to his face. >> i will say it from over here and then run away a lot quicker than they can. >> [ bleep ] a chance. >> road rage in full effect.
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>> he gets in front of him and brake checks. >> you won't believe what happens next. and this dude decides to take a long shot. >> stupid. stupid. that's way -- stupid. look at the size of the pool. >> find out if he makes it to his final destination.
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>> that is awful! the snap the sound of the breaking bone. the girl on the right arm folds in half. >> it seemed like a good idea two girls arm wrestleing. >> you know what else seems like a good idea? this guy right here. >> stupid stupid. that's way -- no stupid. look at the size of the pool. >> the pool way out in the distance. >> yep. >> our dare devil on the ledge of the balcony. >> [ bleep ]! >> he made it? >> he made it. and is fine. the clip is titled "he didn't do" only explanation i can offer the video looks like it's being shot by a wide-angle lens so it may distort distance as bit. but still -- >> it's still a big jump.
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>> don't sneeze on me. >> what is happening? what is that? are you okay? oh god, please don't sneeze on me. whatever you do, do not sneeze on me. no. oh, no. >> when we get video from dash cam owners from australia, you know you're about to see something crazy and that is what we've got in this one. this guy's behind the wheel, a dash cam going. watch what happens when he comes to the big intersection. he's got the right away. the car onnest think estnest on the left thinks i'm going to take it. he doneesn't hit him. the guy in the other car turns around and follows this guy, gets in front of him, and then brake checks.
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>> you much pet. >> the other driver the offender so to speak, starts yelling at the guy with the dash cam. >> this is crazy. >> this accident completely un unavoidable for the drive of the mercedes with the dash cam. there are people on the other side of the road on scooters but one gets -- >> oh. >> the helmet went flying. did you see that? almost crushed into pieces. >> it did its job. >> kind of. not a full-face helmet. >> ouch. >> you can see the driver of the scooter strays into the wrong lane hits the mercedes head-on, falls on to the motorcycle. the driver of the mercedes calls for an ambulance. the guy was seriously injured but expected to recover. >> wear your helmets, people. wow! >> driving school boy, is she having trouble making that car work. >> the guy's like jump out of the car, can get out of there
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and appreciate the beauty in his own backyard. >> getting a quick drink. ♪ >> it can be a tough time for all young drivers, the drivers ed class. leona thought it might be fun to see progress.
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there are a until of different driving instructors in the car. she starts off shaky. >> i'm scared. >> it's going to be all right. >> let the nerves go. >> be careful. don't go to this lane. just stay there. >> funniest part about this though is the driving instructor that's going to be scared. ♪ it's not leona getting schooled it's the instructors. this is a prank video. all of the different instructors, it's their first day on the job. if you haven't guess it it's leona chin, a professional drift car and motor sports athlete from malaysia.
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she knows what she's doing. this is what she normally looks like because for the prank they made her to look like that a young, innocent girl who may not know how to operate a clutch. she sure does. >> shenourn a clutchoutfit really sold it. >> at the end of the experience the guys like jump out of the car, they can get out of there fast enough. >> you know what though in i love that the employer did that to their new iemployees. it means your employer has a good sense of humor. >> that's our show everybody, we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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