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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 28, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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an abandoned puppy gets a rough start to life but this does have a beautiful happy ending. we've got jordan's amazing journey from this to this. race car gets off to a fast start. >> so fast it grew wings. >> see all the angles of a driver who survived one spectacular flight. >> found a way in. friends discover a break-in at their cabin. >> it's probably going to attack us. >> the shocker when they fling the door open. >> oh, my goodness! >> and see what happens as three complete idiots are trying to move a couch. >> why some of the faces look very familiar.
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>> we can form a human ladder. >> so you're the third idiot. the images i'm about to show you will break your heart. but i promise you, this does have a beautiful happy ending. the folks at hope for paws were called in because some people saw a dog being abused and then thrown 30 feet down to the l.a. river which is basically a cement canal. that is the little dog, just whimpering and covered in dirt. >> okay. we'll dinitely need a basket. he's ino much pain. >> 'sit >> he is just a little puppy. the person who was abusing this dog apparently cut off his back right foot. >> this is the definition of evil. >> the folks from hope for paws quickly scooped this little puppy up and they rushed him to an animal hospital. >> he's still nice and trusting. he realizes people are trying to help him. >> on the way to the hospital they decide to name him jordan
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and they quickly get him the treatment that he needs. he was suffering from mainge bacteria infections malnutrition and of course that wound itself. they can't immediately perform surgery because he's so weak they have to hook him up to antibiotics. they need to give him a blood transfusion. you can see that after he undergoes surgery, they have done a beautiful job of healing that wound. little jordan gets strong enough to be taken to a foster home and look at him playing with other foster dogs running around up and down stairs. they put him in physical therapy so that he can strengthen that other back leg. happy as can be. >> he's super fancy now with his little argyle sweater. he's come a long way. >> i will say this about the universe. it's all about yin and yang and balance. while there are evil people that will do that to a dog, there are people who will go the extra mile to help out someone like this and have that happy ending.
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they decided to make this race car go even faster. it's a dragster. so fast it grew wings. that car has been modified heavily, a bit too much i would say. if you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a plastic paper bag in the wind this video kind of shows that off. it gets air, gets up in the air and just crashes up and over the wall. the entire car just going to bits but the driver is okay. the driver escaped without injury. this is the 17-year-old driver ryan savage. it's a test session for his race coming up next month. guy's doing pretty well so far. look at the speedometer in the bottom left climbing climbing
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climbing and then -- >> oh! >> that's a heavy hit into the wall at about 100 miles per hour. ryan wanted this video out there because he hit a concrete wall. he's saying why are there still concrete walls at racing circuits? if you hit that wall head-on he thinks he would have been much more injured than he was. he suffered only an injured rotator cuff and minor concussion. >> anything can happen on the racetrack at any point. they really should be protecting everywhere. you and your husband are in your apartment above your store, you're watching paddington with your 12-year-old son, then you hear a crash inside the store. you check the cctv cameras in your house and this is what you see. >> that's not good. >> two masked men coming into the store and they've got an axe. their employee obviously terrorized but that's when the couple jumps into action. sam dillon says he ran down and
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just grappled with the guy with the axe but sam told the daily mirror he's like you know what i was just overcome with adrenaline he just jumped the guy and got him and grabbed him, but the fight isn't done. you can see they knock stuff down. he's wrestling with him. the other guy has disappeared. there are the employees. she's about to go help her boss out. he's grappling with the guy. the guy still has the axe. >> wow. don't mess with this guy. >> look that is sam's wife. she is carrying their son's baseball bat and she goes to swinging. there she is with the bat. she first hits her husband in the hand but she ain't done swinging. with the next swing she connects. she hits the guy in the nose. you see him instantly grab his nose. sam says he told him i can't breathe. sam didn't let him go. they eventually got the axe from him. >> oh, my gosh! >> i love how the employee is like dude stop. >> these two people were arrested in connection to this and the family says they are still a bit shaken up even though they were the ones who took down the bad guys.
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>> i have no sympathy for the guy. he deserves everything he's getting. >> exactly. an animal has broken into matt's cabin, as you can see through the window. it was trashing his cabin. a bear or perhaps a skunk, some raccoons wildcats? >> she found her way in. >> i vote for a rooster? >> no but you're not far off. it is in fact the world's most evil woodpecker. >> probably going to attack us. >> he opens the door. >> oh, my goodness. look at the damage she did. >> a woodpecker has got trapped inside and has tried to peck its way out around this window. >> he's pretty. >> red-headed woodpeckers are incredible. unless they are outside your window. >> oh, my goodness. i want to help it but i don't know how to get it out of here. >> they go back outside the cabin and then they start using quite a long stick. >> come on, man. we're sorry. >> try to then maneuver the
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window in a way so that the woodpecker can get out. >> got him. >> wonder how long it would have taken him just to carve a hole right into the side of that cabin. >> he wasn't far off. look at the damage around the window. he had given it a bloody good go. he was almost out. >> oh, my goodness. look at all the damage he did. dude's using a revolving door to have a good time. this guy goes through and there goes the next guy. >> why it's all fun and games until somebody gets really hurt. and this. >> i thought that i was safe using contraception but the pill is only 97% effective. >> the unique way to announce there's a baby on bird. . >> just to be clear, the pill is 99% effective? i i hahaveve t thehe w wororstst c colold d wiwith this runny nose. i better take something.
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i didn't really know there was such a thing as color blindness at the time. i think i was 6 or 7. i thought maybe i wasn't intelligent enough to tell because i didn't know. i didn't tell my parents so i just i stopped painting and drawing. >> this is a short documentary posted to the valspar paint youtube channel. the beginning of the documentary, people talking about experiencing the world as a color-blind person. >> there are some drawings where i wish i could see how my kids put the colors together and what they were visualizing. >> this is actually making me kind of sad. >> i had moments where girls would make fun of me for not knowing girly shades. >> valspar partners with a company to create these glasses using cutting edge optical technology that allows people to see color. >> wow! >> do we get to see their first reaction? >> look at that.
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this whole end of the spectrum that i just was completely not aware of. >> i have never been able to see this. i never realized like how much i was affected by the fact that i can't see the world like the way that other people see the world. >> when he's drawing i see him go in and out of his crayon box 150 times sometimes. now i know why. there's a lot more colors here. >> it's not just about drawings not just about a color spectrum not just about paint on the walls. they make people see a sunset. >> is that what you guys see every day? yeah? >> inchroma has already made these glasses available. they are about $350 for people who want to purchase them.
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>> to go from gray to color in your life? >> color is an amazing experience. i think people probably take it for granted. these guys are spinning a revolving door as fast as they can and then they are running through it. >> this revolving door trick is an old video. this guy goes through, no problem. there goes the next guy. >> i feel like this is a really great way to possibly be decapitated. >> you might be on the right track there, beth. it's all fun and games until somebody almost loses their fingers. it's spraying blood everywhere and this guy's hand is seriously cut. >> how much is that going to cost them to replace the glass? >> i would be worried about my fingers. in the next video, a whole bunch
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of college kids say we will pay you $100 if you take a shot to the face with pepper spray. >> let me get one more vision of everybody's face just in case. this might be the last thing i see. >> he's ready for it, his eyes are open. they spray. >> get me water, hurry up! >> now the regret kicks in. right about now we've got a few more minutes of just pain and regret. he asks for water, they come up with a dixie cup. >> blink your eyes. blink. >> i can't open my [ bleep ] eye! >> they do get him inside they start pulling off his shirt. he goes to the sink and starts running the water. i hope it was worth it. this is a very cool music
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video. >> i thought that i was safe using contraception but the pill is only 99% effective ♪ ♪ looked to test but they both deceived us ♪ >> they fertilized an egg. it sounds like it's a complete surprise. ♪ oh, baby i'm your first delight ♪ >> just to be clear, the pill is 99% effective? >> yeah. >> i have to text my wife. ♪ ♪ sorry if i did surprise you ♪ ♪ but you know baby i'm your first delight ♪
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>> this is the cutest pregnancy announcement i have seen in a long time. >> i haven't seen this one. >> this is just raw and honest. this is a nice throw-back music video. it's very '80s retro with the glasses and the yellow track suit. i guess it this album would drop but you just get the visual, right? a guy gets a surprise when he sees a goat on the street. >> but the adventure doesn't end there. >> what he sees next is even more shocking. >> [ bleep ]! >> this is the weirdest day ever for this guy. or the best day ever. and redneck moving hits home. >> this is worse than the french moment. see what it takes to get the couch down and who the three behind this plan are. >> while we were testing the theory gravity decided to take over.
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nenew w acact t adadvavancnceded.. three complete idiots are trying to move a couch. they may seem slightly familiar. >> what's going on mate? >> we're trying to move a couch from upstairs to downstairs. >> how's it going? >> not well. >> there's the couch. >> oh, my -- >> oh, no! >> as you are aware, mike our esteemed mike from our web team has decided to go up and be amazing on the other side of the country and as part of this he was trying to sell all of us his furniture, tvs, socks, whatever. brittany was going to buy his sofa and i said i have a pickup truck, i can help. >> so you're the third idiot. >> this is where we're at so far. >> as you can see, it's completely damaged. doesn't matter which way we took it up down right, left it
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just ended up getting jacked. then mike had an idea. >> an episode of "benny hill." >> we got to the point there's no other way we are going to get it down let's just throw it off. mike was like, we put some of the pillows down there, maybe it will soften the blow. turns out while we were testing the theory gravity just decided to take over. >> i got it. >> you got it? >> brittany catches it ends up falling into the hedge. we did it. winners, winners, winners. >> he just dropped the couch on a little blonde's head. >> i feel like brittany saved the day and that's it. if you live in salina new york you don't see a lot of
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wildlife in the business district in liverpool but that's exactly what steven peterson saw when he finished his shift. >> this is really happening. there's a goat. >> he's a little surprised because there's a goat walking up to his truck. he works for the family's plumbing business. but the adventure doesn't end there. >>e i don't have food, goat. oh my god! there's a llama! what is going on? >> this is the weirdest day ever for this guy. >> or the best day ever. >> i thought he was getting excited about a goat but all right, now a llama. that amps it up. >> let me show you why it's the best day ever for this guy. he was a reporter for awhile then started working for his family's business but always wanted to be a voice actor. this video has gone viral and now he's getting work offers because of this. >> what is going on? >> more happiness, though. the only way to introduce this video is by saying dogs and cats pigs and rabbits and
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sheeps and goats living together mad happiness. of course this is from edgar's farm. it is an animal sanctuary in australia. we featured videos from them before. they posted this video on international happiness day and why not, because it's just happy animals having a happy time living together. >> and drinking milk and playing with cameras and hopping up and down and bouncing around. why wouldn't you be happy? an artist trades the brush for -- >> i have to squeeze and lift and squeeze and brush. >> how she's putting her chest into painting a famous person. >> to get the details do you have to make the studio colder? hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry y wiwinknkler. and i know there are many myths out there ababouout t a a rereveversrse e momortgage soso i i w wanant t yoyou u toto k know the facts. ththerere e arare e cucurrrrently no credit score oror i incncomome e rereququirements to qualify. yoyou u cacan n geget t tatax-free money from the equity in your home. yoyou u cacan n ususe e ththe e momoney to pay off your current mortgage ifif y youou h havave
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>> there you go. people catching cheetoh's or not. kitty sneak attack. this video is by an artist by the name of teetee warhol. >> i am going to paint with acrylic paint the biggest boob of this year, kanye west. >> this is a creation of someone we have seen on this show before. remember this girl? the bikini girl? video got a ton of attention. more than four and a half million views.
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>> i decided my technique is going to be like this lifting and using my right boob and then i'm going to use my left. >> the picture she is going to recreate is this one that we see here in her laptop. >> how do i know she doesn't have some sort of brush that she's just holding? you know? >> as predicted, it's really tiring after awhile it starts to hurt a little bit but i'm going to keep going because i have to like squeeze and lift and squeeze and brush. this is what you paid for when i went to art school, mom. i did the smear technique. smear. >> progress. >> nipple percussion. that's what happened when i did nipple percussion. >> okay. see, now there you go. now you can see the paint all over. she still could be using a brush but i will give her the benefit of the doubt.
11:28 am
>> and at the very end we see the final product. >> here he is. >> a lot better than i could do with these things. >> exactly. >> right. >> 50% of whatever this goes for is going to be given to the breast cancer charity and if you think it looks like garbage, well i did this with my right breast. >> that belongs in the "right this minute" office. that's it for us here at "right this minute," everybody. anks for joining us. see you next time.
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