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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 29, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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a uc berkeley athlete in -- and bay area native has disappeared. why early phone calls are only adding to the mystery. >> he said i'm screwed, i need your help, i need you to come down here. good evening i'm eric
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rasmussen. >> the freshman soccer player for cal bear was with teammates. his mother says he was supposed to be coming back to berkeley today. noelle walker has been following the story. she's back on campus after talking to his family and also noelle with the man believed to be the last person he talked to before disappearing. >> reporter: heather that friend says she doesn't know why he called her here in berkeley. he said to call friends close by to help him. but he said he was on the beach and no one could help him. there's just some things in life you can't prepare for. a grandson reported missing is one of them. >> it's just so hard because you know your thoughts go to all kinds of things that could
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happen. this is when he was in high school. >> reporter: last week bonnie margolan sent her grandson to spring break. >> i took him to the b.a.r.t. station and he said i love you nana that was it. >> reporter: on saturday that call came. >> they said i have bad news, we can't find aloi, he's gone. >> this was taken earlier in the evening. >> reporter: family had been scouring aloi's facebook looking for news. he was last seen at a frat party. >> they kind of lost him at the party. >> reporter: then cardoa received a call. it was aloi telling her he was lost in l.a. >> the first thing he told me is i need you to come over here i need help. >> reporter: the call lasted 12 minutes then he called back a second time. >> he says yes he was drunk. and that he just didn't know
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where he was. and all of a sudden, the phone hung up. >> reporter: it was the last time anyone heard from him. aurora text aloi, are you okay. with no reply. >> and he still hasn't shown up. he hasn't text, he hasn't called or anything. so we have no idea what happened to him. >> reporter: it's all out of character. soccer is aloi's life. he underwent surgery for a torn acl over winter break and was rehabbing. he's at cal both athletic and academic scholarships. >> he's a wholesome guy. he's like everybody brother's that they wish they could have. >> reporter: his family is hoping that anyone out there heard something. >> we would rather have bad news than no news. >> reporter: from a grandma who wants to hug her beloved grandson again. >> i just hope you're all right and i love you.
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>> reporter: the associate athletic director released a statement saying aloi is a wonderful young man who's excelled both academically and athletically. our first priority is to help in any way we can to locate him. heather his family is particularly concerned because they know when he got separated from his friends, he did not have his i.d or any money with him. >> so many unanswered questions. let's hope his family gets answers soon. norman greenbrahn was injured in an accident. a passenger on the motorcycle was critically injured as was
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the 72-year-old greenbaum who was a passenger. he is best known for the song spirit in the sky. >> ♪ ♪ >> that song has been played on various show. a powerful magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck off new guinea. the epicenter was near the capital town. hazardous tsunami waves are possible. so far there are no reports of any damage or injuries. closer to home a terrifying few moments for two parents from the south bay. they watched a woman drive off on their sieve -- on their suv. they watched the suv drive off
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with their baby. >> reporter: just look at that smile. >> she loves me, and i feel, when she was taken, i said, what do i have to do. >> reporter: miguel rodriguez says they loaded the baby in the jeep a little after 7:00 to go to the park. he says they went back inside for about 20 seconds to discover that the jeep was taken. >> i can see the lady driving my car. >> reporter: the jeep stolen with his baby girl inside. he jumped into another car to try to follow the thief. he says luckily it took officers only a few minutes to find the suv dumped in a neighborhood around the corner along with little yenesis crying but safe. >> you know, that's -- i never want to feel again that. that is very bad. i feel die. >> reporter: miguel says the woman tried to run but police tracked her down and arrested
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her. and tonight baby jenesis is back where she belongs. the parents say that they will never leave jenesis unattended again not even to load the car. one time senate candidate carly fiorina says there's a higher than 90% chance she will run for president. >> there's high stakes which i'm prepared to be accountable. >> she says she will make an announcement in late april or early may. today fiorina came out against hillary clinton. questioning clinton's use of her personal e-mail. fiorina has never held public office. there's word that the nsa considered stopping a secret
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phone surveillance program before edward snowden ever exposed it. according to the associated press, current and former officials say some wanted to drop the program because they thought the cost outweighed the benefits. despite the criticism, the nsa continues to collect and store phone records for use in terrorism investigations. however, the law allowing such collection is set to expire in june. with the deadline just two days away, iran is now backing away from a key part of the deal to keep it from developing nuclear weapons. iran said it would not be willing to send a stockpile of weapons to russia. however western officials said there were other ways to deal with the issue including
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dilluting uranium which would make it difficult to prepare it for weapons. in the heart of san francisco's mission district. there's a sense of community between strangers who march to the beat of the same drum. >> i moved here when i was 4 years old with my family. >> march is actually 23 years that i've been living in this country undocumented. >> reporter: after years of silence, many came forward today. the east undocumented call it coming out of the shadows. >> we're here in the public on the streets, and we need you to join us, we need you to come out of the shadows. you're not alone, you don't have to live in fear. >> reporter: 23-year-old iza hernandez is in deportation proceedings on the verge of being sent back to mexico.
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>> i don't know what i would be walking into. >> reporter: so she continues to fight. >> i can't continue to live in the united states thinking that i will be forever undocumented. >> but it's really important for us to come out of the shadows to encourage our communities, to enpower young people. >> reporter: suarez started working for the undocumented after his mother's death. >> that's how i cope with my loss. >> reporter: cristina rendon, ktvu. the california highway patrol released dramatic video of a hiker being rescued by a helicopter crew in yosemite. the chopper pulled the man to safety yesterday morning. the hiker got separated from two friends on friday. and ended up trapped on a 320- foot ledge overnight. he was able to build a fire to keep warm and wasn't hurt.
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the hike apparently took wrong when the group took a shortcut as they tried to get back before nightfall. one woman injured her leg in solano county and was hoisted to safety. all right after a week of build up. time to throw down, we were there at 70,000 fans piled into levi's stadium for wrestlemania. the lucky break that brought one kid half way around the world. >> lines you can't get at a restaurant.
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the members only business that let's people make their own wine. the volkswagen jetta is really fun-to-drive. go for it. okay.
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wow... woohoo! i'm dreaming... pinch me. no, not while you're driving. and, right now, you can get a one-thousand-dollar volkswagen credit bonus on jetta models. seriously, pinch me. it's not a dream. ow! it's the volkswagen stop dreaming, start driving event. stop dreaming, and test-drive one today. hurry in and you can get 0% apr plus a $1000 volkswagen credit bonus on 2015 jetta and passat models. canadian authorities say a jet landed short from its runway this morning. what passengers are saying
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about this so called hard landing. >> reporter: a scary scene at halifax after a plane skidded off the runway. passengers describe the terrifying moments as the plane hit the ground. >> the mortar and flames were coming out. sparks everywhere. we had another good bounce and slid all the way to the end of the runway. >> reporter: the flight headed from toronto was attempting to land in snowy conditions. an emergency response center had to be moved to a near by hotel. officials with canada's transportation safety board says it appear it is flight hit an antenna and the landing gear came off. one passenger said he felt the plane hit the tarmac hard. >> when he hit that, everything flashed and a big piece of steel or something came up through the floor under my seat. we all hit our heads.
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we thought we were goners. >> reporter: an official from air canada says the airline is cooperating with the government during the investigation. he adds the plane circled above the aircraft for a time. but says it was determined safe for the plane to land in the current weather conditions. >> it's been very unsettling for our customers and their families. we've been working very hard with them to tear care of them and take care of their needs. >> reporter: 25 people were taken to the hospital. none of the injuries are considered to be life threatening. karen mchughes, fox news. we're finding out more about the personal life of the german wing's co-pilot who deliberately crashed that jet into the french alps killing everyone on board. investigators had found torn up doctor's notes at the home of andreas lubitz. the co-pilot was having vision problems. several news organizations are
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reporting that his long time girlfriend broke up with him the day before the crash. former pilot captain sully sullenberger says that incident is unlikely on u.s. flights. >> about 80% of pilots have been military trained aviators. that means they've been through a very discipline screening process to become military process and then they've been screened a second time to become airline pilots. >> reporter: investigators in france are still looking for the flight data recorder. the recovery of that data recorder and the remains of the people on board are their priority. today pope francis celebrated in an outdoor palm sunday mass in st. peters square at the vatican. 70,000 people packed the square for the mass. the pope paid tribute to the german wings plane crash victims and their grieving
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relatives. he also honored martyrs like the christians who were executed in syria. crews digging through the rubble at the site of that massive gas explosion in new york city found two bodies today. the two men had been unaccounted for since thursday's blast that leveled three buildings. nicholas figueroa had been at a date in the restaurants of one of the buildings that was destroyed. and moises lucan worked at the restaurant. >> everyone who was missing has been found. the likelihood of anyone else being here is very small. >> reporter: someone may have unproperly tapped the gas line before the explosion that also injured 22. it's been called a dry run for the super bowl. wrestling fans from across the world filled levi's stadium for
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wrestle mania 31. you might know our own paul chambers is a big fan. and he spoke to an enthusiastic young man who won a contest and traveled a long way to be there. >> reporter: the day wwe fans have been waiting for is finally here. >> wrestle mania 2015 baby, san jose. >> reporter: the glitz, the glamour, the pageantry that is wrestle mania took place in front of 70,000 fans. fans of all ages dress at their favorite wwe stars. >> this is a life experience. growing up i've been watching, stone cold austin, the rock. i had to be here this year. >> reporter: we talked to one kid who is here from australia and he won a prize. >> we bought a $15 mini figure. it was a competition. we entered. and months later, we got the results and won. >> reporter: in the south bay expected to rake in more than $100 million. a huge boost to the south bay's
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economy. it was all here for fans who have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. >> people here say the wwe has something for everyone. >> we love wrestling. the men, the tights what else can you ask for. >> reporter: if that's not enough, the wwe has one more event down here monday night. paul chambers, ktvu news. wrestle mania set a new attendance. 76,976. >> lots of people there. looks like they had a lot of fun. it's for members only and brings wine to your table that aren't available any where else. the new company hoping to capitalize on wine enthusiasts. and overcoming the odds to complete a 14-mile run in san francisco. how one man who may have never seen the finish line managed to cross it and inspire others at the very same time. >> in weather we're wrapping up
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a very warm weekend. we'll break down the shower chances over the next few days and the gusty winds will be on the increase.
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some of san francisco's most iconic settings this morning the half marathon brought out runners of all abilities and even one who proves you can overcome everything. first across the finish line was -- the ride is a beautiful one for runners. the 13-mile course goes from ocean beach to the precidio and back before ending at civic center plaza. the race helps kabara train for his next race, the boston
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marathon. for many others the goal was simply to finish this race and some did it inspite of incredible odds. >> reporter: adrian broca lost his vision. he says the first part of the course was tough. >> you had to think about it. the metaphor in life. even if you face challenges, you will get here, you're able to see light at the end of the tunnel once you get close tore the finish line. >> reporter: broca ran with a guide runner who was thetered to him through the race. >> you have to concentrate a lot more. with what's coming up. >> reporter: after the race if men agreed they made a great team. >> absolutely. yeah yeah, for sure.
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big blast. >> reporter: former 49ers running back champ says there's a lot of comradery at this event and many races. he says that's one of the reasons it is his favorite sport. >> my love is track and field not football. football is my second love. >> reporter: no matter their background or their skill level. all the runners had a chance to come here to civic center plaza after the race and take in a free concert by the band american authors. in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu news. a room in the san pablo elementary was transformed into a shop where everything was free. white pony express is a volunteer nonprofit group that holds what it calls free mobile boutiques for those in need. the group has been around for one year now and this is its 17th pop up store. >> we have passed out about 40,000 items. that with the value of about $300,000. we also do toys and that's
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about $50,000 worth of toys we've given away. >> reporter: white pony express runs a food program for those in need. organizers say they are always looking for volunteers and donations. >> what a nice thing to do there. a somber tribute to 32 californians killed in the vietnam war. the recognition they received in sacramento and the outrage over a lack of recognition in washington, d.c. i love making wine. that's my passion. >> sometimes finding the right wine to wine can be difficult. what it takes to join a members only group connecting wine lovers with the best wine makers from napa and sonoma county.
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california certainly is lucky to have the best wine
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makers in the world. but finding a good wine can be a challenge. >> a wine company may make it easier for wine lovers to connect with wine makers. >> i don't think i'm a food salesperson. i'm not business minded. >> reporter: the wine business can be tough. there's over 20,000 labels out there. >> it's very tough for wine makers no matter how much success they have to connect with consumers because there's so many noise for consumers. so many labels and so many messages. >> reporter: a kick starter group plans to give them that
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voice. >> i don't want to say dream team but it's a bunch of people that are very fortunate to have made wines for a long time from grape vineyards. >> reporter: ed sobresio's winery is in wine country. he says he's making new wines he other wise would not be able to. >> my dad was a wine maker in the 30s. in order to make this wine along with other zinfandale's helps me connect to my generation of wine makers. >> reporter: he makes wines that are more complex. >> blending together you get a synergy that gives you one on one makes four. a lot of times the blend can give you an opportunity to make a better wine. >> reporter: jessica boone says grape seed will use varieties from nine different wine making regions in sonoma county which
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include petite seron and pinot and chardonnays. >> it's good to find the best variety. >> reporter: wine members pay $1,500 a month to buy wines not available any where else. >> the idea is to have not 10 wines that we make a lot of. it's going to be having 100 wines in very, very small quantities. >> reporter: it's a way for wine makers to spend more time crafting as what they see as better wine without the business pressure of rushing it to market before it's ready. >> if you have the freedom to do what each wine wants, to make the best wine possible then it's a whole new world. >> reporter: in dry creek, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. two people were killed in two separate single vehicle accidents this morning on interstate 80 and fairfield. one happened around 7:00 this morning and the second one just about an hour later.
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both near the red road exit. the first person was heading east, the second person hit a tree on the westbound side. homicide investigators in vallejo are searching for crews tonight in a deadly shooting. police say a 20-year-old man was shot and killed just before 6:00 last night on hilborne avenue near the intersection. officers arrived on the scene and found the victim with multiple gunshot wounds. he later died at the hospital. police identified the man as ruben johnson jr. of vallejo. anyone with information is asked to call police. a powerful ceremony in sacramento honored dozens of veterans. >> reporter: a somber tribute today to 32 californians who
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lost their lives during the vietnam war. 22 of those men died on board the u.s.s. frankie evans a navy destroyer that collided with an australian ship and sank in the south china sea in june 1969. 74 men died that day including jim reilly's brother lawrence. >> we think this is a significant step. with california is acknowledging they perished on board. >> reporter: washington is not recognizing them. >> this tragedy at sea happened outside of the official combat zone for vietnam. >> reporter: ironicically the u.s.s. frankie evans the ship that sank was awarded a vietnam
10:33 pm
service medal but the men on board who died cannot get recognized by the pentagon. >> with california adding 22 names that should send a message back to washington, d.c. that the government out here is listening and paying attention and honoring their veterans. why won't the department of defense do the same thing. >> that was mike leary reporting. he asked the department of defense why they will not put those names on the wall but he did not hear back. the veterans who attended today say they will not stop until all the veterans are honored at the nation's capital. volunteers are helping renovate the city's day nursery. they're fixing the landscaping. the nursery provides early childhood education for at risk
10:34 pm
families from low income families. >> we hope they stay connected to the community. by either painting a tree or painting a fence that they feel that they gave back in some way and really made a difference in some way. >> the alternative spring break event was put together by silican valley. a look at the unique way to get nearly two dozen dogs adopted. >> plus a little cool down and stronger winds in the forecast. meteorologist mark tamayo is up next with a if you will -- with a full look at the bay area forecast.
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well lots of sunshine out there for today. even a few records to report.
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lots of 80s in fact, throughout parts of the area. livermore 85 degrees. so once again a very warm day across the region. santa rosa maxing out 81. a string of 80s out toward antioch and morgan hill. san francisco in the lower 70s. right now on live storm tracker 2 we have a system out here in the pacific. but right now just a few high clouds out there. some of this energy will be approaching the bay area over the next couple of days. at least right now though we are in the clear with the exception of some patchy fog trying to regroup right near the immediate coastline. current temperatures are in the 50s to lower 50s out toward concord and walnut creek. speaking of san francisco, here's our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. way out in the distance. the weather headlines for tonight. mostly clear skies. tomorrow we'll call it partly sunny then the extended forecast. it'll be cooling down and some gusty winds.
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overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning starting out monday in the 40s to lower 50s. coastal fog along the bay to start our your monday. on track to reach the lower 70s by 2:00 or 3:00. all weekend long. today lots of sunshine. it was high out there. this high begins to -- next week monday and tuesday. as a weak cold front approaches the region. tuesday temperatures do cool off quite a bit. not excessively much but still back down into the 60s to right around 70 degrees. but the big story is gusty winds increasing tuesday into wednesday. could be approaching 3 0-miles- an-hour. patchy fog as we mentioned coast side and along the bay. the higher clouds sweep into the region for the afternoon hours by 1:00. then look at what happens tuesday. tuesday morning there is a slight chance of a sprinkle out
10:39 pm
there. although this forecast model keeps the shower chances to the north. and just offshore but close enough it does bare watching. there's definitely clouds tuesday morning. once the clouds move out the winds kick out out of the northwest. we'll have blustery conditions by tuesday afternoon and into tuesday night. forecast highs for tomorrow will begin to cool things off. still warm numbers out there. still 70s for santa rosa and fairfield. warmest locations inland upper 70s to near 80 degrees. san jose 74. santa cruz 72 and san francisco 67. a look ahead at your five forecast if you can see here we're going to cool things off tuesday and wednesday. we'll be tracking stronger winds. with the weekends coming up that's when we bring in the easter bunny on day seven. there's a slight chance of a shower. probably just a few extra clouds on day seven. as far as the strong storm, we need the storm door to open.
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another week with no significant rainfall here in the bay area. >> hard to picture when it's going to come back. >> hopefully next couple of weeks we'll see. >> thanks, mark. we'll see. local shelter dogs endeared themselves to an admiring audience. with the dogs on the cat walk fashion show. i think that's what it was called. 22 dogs put on their finest and strutted. the free event was sponsored with the help of pet rescue group p.a.l. s. it also included lunch, music and crafts for kids. the shelter is hoping to get these dogs and about 100 more in the shelter into new homes. >> not everybody knows to come down to the shelter. some people have a fixed idea of what a shelter animal is going to be like. so we wanted to expand their thinking and welcome them in. >> reporter: shelter officials said they had five adoptions by closing time but they say the shelter will be open for visitors again tomorrow night and tuesday night from 4:00 to
10:41 pm
7:00 in the evening. hopefully a few more pups get out the door. >> i love it you get to see their personalities too. their dog's personality too. >> if they can keep two paws on the carpet that's impressive. a scary moment as a reporter gets hit with a puck at a hockey game. ports wrap coming up next. >> ouch. ♪
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♪ ♪ bulldog: mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities. we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people
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good evening everyone. welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. the ncaa's tournament is set. both of today's winners have been there before. but one of them was not
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expected to be there this season. the former president and first lady were at court side at the game between duke and gonzaga. bryan wesley muscles in a pair. gonzaga in front by four. the blue devils responded the entire game. duke turned it around to lead by six. gonzaga trying to stay close down the stretch. kevin will take it to the hoop himself. bulldogs back within three. the blue devils answer again. justin winslow with the three. this time it's duke by nine. gonzaga never threatened again. duke clamping down on defense making this deal here. and then jones will get two more of his 16 points. this is what duke does. the blue devils in the final four after his 66-52 win. sending the second seeded bulldogs home. coach k fired up. >> i'm proud of my guys because
10:45 pm
we beat a hell of a team. our defense the last 16 minutes was spectacular, not good. i love these guys and they came through. i mean they came through. it's a nice thing to be able to say. >> duke's opponent in indianapolis next weekend will be michigan state. tom izzo's team had never failed to reach the final four after making it to the field of eight. tough opponent for the seven seeded spartans today. louisville harrell with the jam as the cardinals ran the floor at the first half. the spartans didn't start off well in the second. rosier makes the steal. gets an easy score. but michigan state battled back. travis trite with a beauty of the pass to matt costello. spartans then scored the next six points. denzel valentine smokes the path out


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