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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 31, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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police chase a dui suspect who has no idea. >> the officer is riding on the hood of the car. >> see the moment the hero makes the stop. >> that cop has been watching one too many van damme movies. an elderly man becomes -- >> stuck in some mud. >> why dpetgetting him out is one slippery slope. it's a video called third world space program. >> and i'm like uh-oh, this is where we see things go so wrong. >> see how low tech leads to one sky high surprise. plus a dog just hanging with his homeys.
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and a guy annoying his co-workers. >> hey, andrew. she was stunning. >> how he's taking bad jokes to an art form. >> did you hear about that mexican cereal killer? he had locomotives. >> motorcycles moving vehicles. they are not meant to be used like this. we start in malaysia. what we have is a lady waiting to cross the street. she's 76 years old. the passenger grabs her purse. she's dragged at least 15 feet. somebody had their dash cam running and they gave the registration number to police. the suspects were caught hours
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later. >> finally some yusties. >> i see that and i'm like that's my mother's age. that could have been my mom, could have been my aunt. that could have been anybody you know. >> at 76 years old an injury like that could actually be life-threaten life-threatening. >> in russia, police got a call about a guy in a white car. they said, we suspect that he's drunk driving. police spotted the car. the guy makes a left turn. there was an officer on the other side of the street. we don't see him until he jumps into frame and jumps up top of the car. the guy, he didn't stop. the officer's riding on the hood of the car and he says as he beat on the windownd he >> that cop has been watching one too many van damme movies. >> look at that guy. >> climbed over the car, down the other side. >> they led him away and he's still got a cigarette in his mouth. >> according to the department of info and p.r. for the ministry of the interior, they said the driver according to the translation, was "really
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drunk." >> in russia, that's very drunk. >> this is of an elderly man stuck in some mud. >> oh that's baud. >> it looks like this particular muddy area is surrounded by a lot of brush, a lot of vegetation. it's possible that he just didn't see it and before you know it, fell right in. fortunately rescue workers were able to make it to where he was and successfully rescue him, but not without a little maneuvering because they had to figure out a way to get to him. as you can see here, they used some boards to get close. they strap him up and then are able to very gently pull him out of the mud. >> he was full-on in there.
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>> it looks like they're able to rinse him off. they take him for a medical check-up just to make sure he's all right. >> but his skin is now extra soft. guys i've got an update on a pretty scary video we brought to you last week. that's in independence missouri. a police officer firing a taser. >> no don't! >> the story behind this video goes john's wife terry was in front of her house. officers drove by and began to place her under arrest for an outstanding $89 traffic warrant. independence police tell us that john became verbally aggressive and began to interfere with the arrest of his wife. police tased him outside of his house. john ran inside his house. and that's where this video picks up. but we now have the other half of the story. the liskoski family joining us
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right now to tell us what actually happened from their point of view. high guys. thank you for joining us. >> hi, guys. >> what happened? you just happened to be outside and officers drove by? >> i was getting my son ready to take him to the bus stop. here comes the officer swooping down in my driveway to arrest me on the $89 warrant ticket that i had. this is when my husband and daughter came out on my front porch because they heard noise going on. john wanted to speak his mind because we'd been harassed by this same police officer for the last six months. so my daughter decided she was going to record it. >> i said to the officer, i am sick and tired of you guys here constantly harassing us. so he started to chase me in the house. when he started to chase me into the house, my doors broke in pulled out his taser and he lit me up. >> it's unfortunate that this escalated out of control, but if you have an outstanding traffic ticket, why not be like all right, i'll take care of it and it's over? >> time was running short because i had to be at home for
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my son, so the next day when the officer was here, that's the day i was going to take care of that. >> there was no reason or probable cause for him to kick in my door and come in my house just because i made a statement telling him i'm tired of your harassment. >> we've had calls from our neighbors who dislike us for no apparent reason and they harass us over and over and over again. >> what's the solution? do you guys plan to move to try to get away from all of this? >> the officer that is harassing us and doing all this to us has made repeated phone calls to my landlord to make her evict us. we now have an eviction notice scheduled for april 27th for our section 8 to be terminated. >> where are the dogs? i know a lot of people are concerned. >> the other one passed away because she's in custody for ten days. she's never been separated without us. we got her and brought her home, and two days later she passed away. the other dog mary jane is still with usms. >> i've got two kids three grandchildren. i'm just trying to do what's right for my family and now
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we're losing everything. >> we asked independence police about the family's allegations that the officer was harassing them. police tell us that officer, who is trained in conflict resolution is assigned to that district so he's the person who is supposed to respond to any disputes. they also said the family initially had a problem with one neighbor but that grew to include disputes with several neighbors. this fellow right there, that's max. he's a taxi driver in dublin. but what he also has is a web series called maxi taxi. he sits in his cab and meets young and talented people and they come in and play songs, talk things like that. and this one is a very special one. it's beginning viral. it's quickly approaching six fug figures in views because of jane. she's 14 years old. she's performing a song she wrote when she was 11. it's for her uncle. >> i wrote a song three years ago for my uncle.
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he was in a battle with himself and he lost a battle with suicide. >> she wrote this song. it's for her uncle. it's the first time she's actually played it for anybody. ♪ look around you look at what you see ♪ ♪ people die walking around with fear ♪ ♪ no place to go to i want your by my side just for one more night ♪ >> see what i mean? >> wow, it's beautiful. and her voice is beautiful. >> and she wrote it when she was 11. >> watch out, taylor swift. >> i think the reason it seems to be catching fire so much is because she's talking about her heartfelt pain as well, but she's also warning people that are thinking of doing what her uncle did, she can show that there is an effect to what you do and to think about other people. >> maxi taxi giving her a ride
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to internet fame. >> wow. wow. it's a heated dispute in the street when a cyclist sees a lady parked in the bike lane. >> get out of here. >> you are so ridiculous. >> the people walking by they want to get involved, too. >> see why no one takes the high road, too. and the struggle is real wh icomes getting some. >> hey, kids is there any way -- >> the funny song that sums it up perfectly. >> just go to sleep, all right? they do this every night. >> mom and daddy time. itit's's t thehe o onlnly y hehearart health supplement wiwithth i ingngreredidienentsts t to both help lower bad chchololesesteterorol l anand d susupppport healthy blood pressure anand d alalsoso i incncluludedes s co q 10 trtry y nenew w trtruhuheaeartrt ththerere'e's s nono t tasastete l likike e twtwizzlers. ththerere'e's s nono t tasastete l likike e twtwizzlers. ththerere'e's s nono t tasastete l likike e twtwizzlers. (witch laughing) frfromom m movovieie c clalassssicics s toto t tv v hits twtwizizzlzlererizize e yoyourur e
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like us on stay in touch all day long. now, back to the show. ah would have been the seven deadly sins pride. we'll be seeing a lot, as well as another one, parking in the bike lane. >> you know this is not a park lane right? >> we're riding on the helmet of
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who i'm going to call mr. high road. he's got every reason to feel superior as he pulls up to this lady because as you can see, it's a bike lane. you see that sign? oh look, it's a bike lane. you see the sign saying don't park in this bike lane? it's a bike lane. >> it's not a parking lane. >> i literally just ran and you can keep going. >> not too much attitude for somebody who's wrong. >> don't block [ bleep ] traffic. >> there goes the high road. >> keep going. keep it moving dude. the sun is shining. it's seattle. have a good [ bleep ] day. >> she's all about have a good day. but the people walking by they want to get involved, too. >> it's a mistake. go around like everybody else. >> oh gosh. >> there are signs. there are laws. there are rules. you can't just disregard it because you don't feel like walking. >> you should probably go to therapy. >> you're wrong, lady. >> i support bikers. i'm super happy you like to bike. >> the more she talks, the more
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annoyed i get at this woman. >> love it. >> she was wrong. say i'm sorry. move the freaking car. >> it all comes to a head. everybody goes on their way. she needs a little bit of rubber on the road. and the day in seattle continues. just treat each other with a little bit of respect and everything will be sunshine and rainbows. >> i support bikers. >> here we are with another edition of animal friends. we saw with sophie grant's video. she posted it on our "right this minute" facebook page. she's been trying to befriend this groundhog for years. she sprinkled some rose petals on the ground. >> the groundhog just wanted some romancing. >> a little touch and feel because that's what happens. the final run has to be my favorite. it reminds me of that little phrase we learned from "sesame street." which one of these things is not like the other. here we have a carousel.
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here we have a dog riding. the dog doesn't try to get off! it's enjoying the ride. like the kids. >> it's sitting -- i mean come on. everything about this is amazing. god bless the internet. but what? mom and daddy time is when mommy and daddy get to go upstairs and fold laundry or fold cars or -- >> read a book. >> or tell jokes, with the doors closed. >> as parents apparently it is very very very difficult to get some quality mommy/daddy time. as they let us know. >> can you give us a little bit of mommy/daddy time real quick? >> oh no. >> mom and daddy time. >> hey, kids, is there any way -- >> ♪ mom and daddy time ♪ >> ♪ we could have a little time to play ♪ >> they are going to play something, but it ain't cars.
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>> we just need a little more time. >> like 20 minutes okay? ♪ for mom and ddy time ♪ >> they'll settle whatever they can get. >> work is done. let's start lovin'. after i put the kids' pizza in the oven. >> at what age is it okay to lock them in the bathroom? >> never. >> i would advise you slip into something more comfortable. she smiles and says that's impossible. these sweat pants, you've seen them before, i put them on every day when i walk in the door, and this shirt has a stain, isn't that cute? it might be chocolate or it might be poop. >> a very simple solution. >> mom and daddy time. >> we'll try again another day. >> we'll just get a little more time. >> i got another plan for you dads. >> for mom and daddy time. >> just get two ipads. climbing one very tall wall. >> he's getting tired. and he bails. >> no! >> see it next "right this minute."
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3:21 pm
>> you clearly saw him take the wrap off the bottle so i think he's trying to show you that yes, this is sealed. it's the real deal. >> he pours half a bottle in there. >> it's more like soup now. >> three, two, one, action. >> come on great britain, you can do it. do it for queen and country. >> it's such a great feeling, though that wasabi that burns your sinuses and cleans out your whole face you just feel like you've been reborn. he needs to complete this challenge in 60 minutes. only have an hour. can he keep going? >> he's going to do it. >> i would bet that would be so painful, just in your gut. >> there's nothing to take the edge off. >> last time i take a big mouthful of it it hits my lungs. >> 59. you have under a minute to finish. >> will he get the gold medal for the brits? >> 10 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 --
3:22 pm
stop. >> yea! >> the only thing he didn't do is lick the package. >> my word. >> score one for the brits. >> the epitome of the stiff upper lip. people say it all the time. you know what, i'm guilty of it myself. never judge a book by itself cover. i totally judge this video by its title. third world space program. this comes to us from thailand. they've got a huge pile of fireworks explosives. by the looks of it they've got these huge sticks with flames on the end. no one's wearing any safety equipment. all of the smoke starts going. it's all catching fire. it's all about to go wrong. they were blinded by all of the smoke. i'm like that's something of an
3:23 pm
anticlimax. and i was the wrongest person in history when this happened. look at that! >> wow! >>tooks to g uoue thinking, all right, what's going to happen now? is it going to come down? is it going to explode? no they thought of that, too. the thai space program has also came up with -- >> oh, my gosh it's got a parachute. >> these guys are amazing. >> all i can do is -- i mean what else can you do? this is brilliant. >> some other people do definitely get judged. the red neck. >> i love rednecks. you've always got to go with the ingenuity. they have a carport. they need to move it. you just think outside the box. >> there is nothing wrong with this. >> redneck ingenuity at its finest. they park the rv underneath. some old tires to lift it up.
3:24 pm
they strapped it up and just drive it to wherever they need. the cool thing is they don't ever have to park the rv again. it's always parked. >> this guy annoys his co-workers with some jokes. >> the delivery is good. i'm going to study this good. >> why they're so bad, they're good. >> i used to be addicted to ap. i'm clean now. brarandnd n new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. itit c comomeses w whehen n yoyourur i insurance company says they'll only pay ththreree-e-ququarartetersrs o of f whwhat it takes to replace it. whwhatat a arere y youou s supuppoposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? nonow w ifif y youou h hadad l libiberty mutual new car replacement, yoyou'u'd d geget t yoyourur w whohole car back. i i guguesess s ththeyey d donon't't want you driving around on three wheels. smsmarart.t. nenew w cacar r rereplplacacememenent t is just one of the features that come standard with a base liberty mutual policy. anand d fofor r drdriviverers s wiwith accident forgiveness,rates won't go up dudue e toto y youour r fifirsrst t acaccicidedent. leleararn n momorere b by y cacalllling
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cheeseburgers. >> the amount of time some people have perplexes me.
3:27 pm
cat won't walk. >> come on connor. come on. you can do it. >> you guys are no strangers to bad jokes at the office. >> more like poorly told jokes. >> this guy decided to deliver some jokes to his co-workers. >> hey andrew you hear about that new broom that came out? it's sweeping the nation. i'm going to try my reversible jacket after work andrew. can't wait to see how it turns out. >> this video a little older, but just now popping up again because it's hysterical. >> andrew i used to be addicted to soap. i'm clean now. you hear about that mexican zeal serial killer? he had locomotive. >> the delivery is good. i'm going to study this video. i'll get better.
3:28 pm
>> i ate too much greek food. >> really? >> now filafel. >> did you read that book on anti-gravity? it's hard to put down. >> i have a joke. >> so the bar asks him, why the long face? >> the oldest joke in the world. >> it's actually the bartender. not the bar. >> i just got a joke cutting cans. it's so depressing. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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don't do it don't do it. >> a customer says this is what happened when he asked for some ranch with barbecue sauce. the fast-food order that was really fast. >> keep going, keep going. >> a driver notices other cars -- >> brake lights go on. >> see the reason seconds later. it's a go pro look at feeding time for -- >> seven orphaned bear cubs. >> why cute and cuddly doesn't mean easy. plus when chair lifts attack. and bat dad returns. >> too old for


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