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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 1, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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this poor guy got his horns wrapped around a tree. >> doesn't flow what's going on. >> see what does the trick to untangling a mouflon. >> a man starts stabbing a woman's purse so she calmly -- >> sprays him in the face with pepper spray. >> how a dangerous suspect is finally cornered by the cops. a biker's just traveling along but -- >> watch the rider's head snap to the right. >> what he noticed that had him circling back. er r. ever heard the idea somewhere out there that seven people on the planet who look exactly like you?
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see one woman's social media search to find her twin stranger. >> dang, man. >> is this real? when this mouflon got stuck -- >> mouflon. >> these people in poland decided they weren't just going to leave it up to fate. they were going to be very active trying to help the little guy out. >> grab the mouflon by the horn thing over there>> [ speaking foreign language ] >> this guy gets close, grabs a branch and attempts to grab this mouflon by the horn. while the mouflon is struggle it's scares doesn't know what's going on, it starts running in circles, fighting against the guy who's trying to help him. >> just staying outside the contact zone. >> sorry, never heard of a mouflon before. i'm going to call it a ram. >> finally grabs the horns just enough. >> ouch ouch!
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>> yes! >> what he says we don't see in the video, when it had finally run away it stopped, turned back around, and kind of stared at them for a second. he thinks as if saying thank you, dude. >> of course he's saying thank you. i feel like saying mouflon! no? >> yes! >> motorcycles are swift, quick, easy to get in and out of traffic and easy to abuse the speed of a bike. that guy goes whipping by an officer in the uk pulls in behind the motorcyclist looks at speedometer in the bottom right-hand corner slows down a bit, takes off, not yielding to the police officer behind him. speeding through traffic, passing cars left and right. and look at the numbers just go up and up and up. >> whoa! >> wow. that is ridiculous recklessly
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dangerously fast. >> very fast at 148 miles per hour. according to the uk the fastest ever clocked speed of a motorcyclist with a passenger. >> no! >> there's a passenger on this motorcycle? >> yes. hard to tell but there are two people the guy speeding away a 43-year-old man on his way to work had his friend with him, and took off. police did eventually catch up with this guy. he's pled guilty. he had to pay $680 in fines and got a sentence of 120 hours of community service. but they're not all like that. look at this guy. you want to be a safe rider? watch everything going around you. watch this rider's head snap to the right. >> oh. someone fell. >> good eye, troutman. i didn't see it at first. i had to watch it a couple of times. but you're right, the biker saw the woman fall. he quickly pulls over there she is. >> are you all right? are you okay. >> you want a hand up. >> this is so sweet. >> i'll help you up come on.
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are you okay? >> he helps her up by her arm. >> talk about h echlt lchlt lchlt psll's angel but this is a garden biker. >> are you all right? >> video of random unpredictable violence on the street of oakland quickly going viral. you'll see why because it's almost inexplicable. the video starts. there's a guy here here holding a bike. you can see in his right hand holding a knife. quickly, he stabs this woman's purse before backing away and he starts walking away. not done yet. he sees people are getting phones up i'll pause it right there tell you what was lapping before the video, according to the poster attempting to cut through a chain to steal a bike in front of the crowded restaurant. >> this woman's being remarkably calm. this is when he reached over picks up her phone and this is when she does this. sprays him in the face with pepper spray, which she had just
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gotten out of her bag. he angrily throws her phone away. and starts trying to ride away totally random. >> did the pepper spray work? i guess it did because it left but it didn't seem to affect him much. >> as he's riding away you can see he starts rubbing his eyes with his sleeves, he's having a bit of trouble. as he's riding away you hear people on the phone to oakland police. >> bmx-type bike black hair plain colored jeans. >> there was a second video posted shortly around the corner. you can see oakland pd has responded. there he is on the floor being arrested by oakland's finest. >> nice job. that was quick. quick responding. >> we put out a call out to oakland pd. turns out this guy had a half million dollar warrant out for his arrest and he's now being charged -- >> what. >> and being charged with vandalism, assault with deadly weapon and attempted robbery.
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>> that woman should get a merit or something. you got to believe that slowed him down enough for pd do get him. in the uk alone, 19,000 people a year who are riding their bikes are involved in accidents. so volvo, known for car safety decided, let's help people who are on bicycles. so they've come up with something they call life paint. >> life paint is a unique spray, reflective products on the market. when you play to surface, the particles will stick together with a special adhesive. spray this on by day. but light up at night in the glare of headlights. >> life paint can be safely
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applyied to clothes, helmet shoes, backpacks and dog leashes. this is not exactly paint. it's a washable material. it lasts ten days. and it's only available in the uk right now at six shops but say, depending how successful it is they'll roll it out internationally. >> i believe they can come up with a paint you can spray on people to make them better drivers. >> if only. >> he's on board for an epic back flip. >> he's not going for the single back flip no. >> see the trick that gets him nailed. >> poor guy. plus an extreme operation to save the date. >> this is a tactical team. >> the rescue mission that will leave you wanting to attend their special day. >> what is the actual invitation going to look like if this is to save the date? elel i is s yoyourur teteeteth'h's s first line of defense. bubut t dadailily y eaeatitingng anand
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there was a fundamental shift in the world of extreme sports when a genius or a gullible person figured out you can ride a snowmobile across the water. since then people across the world have emulated that genius. first up number one, he goes, he's having a good time. >> well done. >> stay in it. stay in it. nailed it. >> but his buddy, things aren't going swimmingly. i think somebody's going to be swimming -- >> oh what did le do? he slowed down? >> if you have a small mechanical problem if that belt gets wet or starts to slip a little bit or not maintained right, you lose a little bit of power. man, it's all about staying on that plain. >> does that mean his snowmobile is dead? >> it's going to be expenseive to fix. >> the second video, somebody tries to do something extreme. goes up gets to the jump and
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pause. he's not going for the single back flip. no. not going for the double back dplap. going for the less popular 1 1/2 back flips. >> whoa! >> klonk. >> poor guy. >> the problem is his buddy calls it a double as he goes up. >> whoa. >> not so much, no. >> are you good? >> that's a place and time to try it lots of big, fresh snow. if you fall or goof it up land in nice fluffy powder. >> whoa! yes! >> you're at a small grocery store in the uk and this happened. 22-year-old man james lewis bursts into the store with a ten-inch kitchen knife, and seems to be out of his mind with rage. chasing the clerk through the store but almost immediately, you see some police constables there, like they knew this man was going to attack. you see that one officer grab a
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shopping cart to defend himself when lewis comes after him. this guy trying to rob the store. the police immediately on scene because the suspect's father called the police because he was concerned for his son when he left the house. he said i think my son may be in some danger you should come. the police showed up just as james lewis began his attack on the store. you see him raging out, throwing cartons through the window. but another officer outside this building has a taser, and when he asks lewis to drop the knife and he doesn't, he deploys the taser. he pleaded guilty to attempted robbery, and already being sentenced. a couple of guys walking in a grocery. this person working in a cooler. two suspects. one suspect up in the top left corner go inside the cashier's office. the door was open. >> uh-oh. >> this other guy with the stripes on the sleeves of his
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jacket now attacks this clerk, pointing a chrome revolver at the back of the person gets the person down on the ground and begins to rob that person while the accomplice goes after the cashier inside the office robbing that person and also taking money from the drawer. atlanta police releasing the video because they're trying to identify the suspects just a few weeks after this robbery in march, one of of those subjects appears to show applauseup at another robbery using a similar, chrome revolver in a calm robbery. getting this guy to open up the register before he cleans that out, calmly walks out of the store. >> these guys need to be caught. in a world where wedding videos get better and better i give you operation save the date coming september 26th of this in year. a tactical team. the mission, save thedate. that tactical team madep ofkelly.
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as they take off the wet suits, in a wedding gear. these are very important items on this mission. they have to go after them. as you can see, this is a beautiful video, shot in the marin headlands in san francisco, where they live. by the way, the video choreographed by kelly's brother john. john is a former wwe wrestler and actor. and he is the first one to get sucker punched by the bride. >> yeah. the bride needs to get in there. that's important, that date to the bride. >> tyler jumps in when necessary, because garter belts a fury. >> who knew the garter toss could be so deadry? wait the bouquet toss. >> they found the box. they found the date. >> good grief. what is the actual invitation going to look like if this is all just to save the date? >> there is an explosion, by the
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way. death by caking. well done. >> this is a fun couple. great marriage. >> exactly what i was thinking. >> yeah. the wedding that you're like, we're definitely going to this one. >> they're going to laugh. >> everybody who sees this that doesn't get an invite is going to feel like they missed a really good time. >> you can go sky diving out of a plane or -- >> get in a helicopter rise above pensacola, florida, and then just step out onto the skid. >> the stunning views that will make you want to take flight. >> so cool! it looks beautiful. what a gorgeous location too. these bears know a thing or two about love and affection. >> they are proper. wow! >> what have they been looking? hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry y wiwinknkler. and i know there are many myths out there ababouout t a a rereveversrse e momortgage soso i i w wanant t yoyou u toto k know the facts. ththerere e arare e cucurrrrently no credit score oror i incncomome e rereququirements to qualify. yoyou u cacan n geget
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>> so cool. looks beautiful. what a gorgeous location too. >> the parachute wearing gopro catch capturing every inch of the action. a popular youtube channel, here's the extent of the planning they do at the beginning here. after you hit him, keep driving. okay. got it. >> that's a stunt. that's pinhead larry wearing the big hamster ball. jumps, gets his groundle torn in half leg splits, up and over the car. lands in the hamster fill. >> all right. >> yeah. >> none of the impact on the inflatable ball. >> i feel [ bleep ]. that was insane. that's the coolest stunt you've ever done dude. >> leg was cut open they don't
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know the leg, we don't know how bad it is. >> at least he won't be breathing. >> score. >> one could only hope, right? >> not a fan of bath time. >> snuggle pus. you want a bath? hey, hey, hey. give me my hand back. you want a bath. let's get a bath. come on. i know you want a bath master. come on. come on let's get a bath bubs. come on. come on let's get one. let's get a bath. >> videos remind you why animals rule the internet. first, romantic moment between bears. >> hubba, hubba. >> looking at ari and reason na at bear sanctuary, four paws in kosovo.
3:52 pm
rescued from a mini zoo. they are making out. this is a full-on open mouth kiss. >> they are proper. wow. what have they been watching? >> it's just love. >> love. when you love somebody you just are drawn to kiss them. >> next set of videos brand-new puppy. nothing better than a brand-new puppy. this is bronte. after the author. and look at that face. she is unbelievablebly adorable. first video, playing with her big brother link the cat. tolerant of puppy behavior. >> you can't get mad at a puppy. they're learning their way around the world and the cat tlps to there to teach it the place. >> an 8-year-old dog, not having it. look at those eyes. aw. >> you want to pet her ears. >> if you want to pet her ears you probably could because bronte belongs to one of the members of the "rtm" family. theresa. >> hey.
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>> hey. >> your dog's cute. >> she's adorable. >> bring bronte in. >> she's going to get brought in. >> the search for your unrelated twin is on. >> not as original as we might think. >> a project that will have you wondering -- is this when you have an uncomfortable conversation with your dad? rarandnd n new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. itit c comomeses w whehen n yoyourur i insurance company says they'll only pay ththreree-e-ququarartetersrs o of f whwhat it takes to replace it. whwhatat a arere y youou s supuppoposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? nonow w ifif y youou h hadad l libiberty mutual new car replacement, yoyou'u'd d geget t yoyourur w whohole car back. i i guguesess s ththeyey d donon't't want you driving around on three wheels. smsmarart.t. nenew w cacar r rereplplacacememenent t is just one of the features that come standard with a base liberty mutual policy. anand d fofor r drdriviverers s wiwith accident forgiveness,rates won't go up dudue e toto y youour r fifirsrst t acaccicidedent. leleararn n momorere b by y cacalllling swswititchch t to o lilibebertrty y mumututualal a and you can save
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basket. >> you have a home made string easter egg filled with chocolate, cool, huh? >> bad sprinkler. ♪ ♪ >> the concept, the idea there's one out there that looks like each and every one of us. >> get this they say that there are seven people on the planet
3:57 pm
who look exactly like you. this journalist named sophie decided that she was going to use social media to find her twin. >> help me find my twin. >> started this project in 2011. turns out that one of her friends had worked with her doppelganger. >> he told you at the time wow, you look like sophie. >> they met last summer. i want you to see the picture. >> whoa! >> dang man. >> is this real? >> everyone's reaction to that photo photo's varied. people are like oh my god, which one is you. >> how far away were they? >> back in the uk. is this when you have an uncomfortable conversation with your dad? >> it was like looking at least -- >> they swear they're unrelated. >> it's made me realize we're not as original as we might think. >> this video got so much attention for sophie and lauren inspired other people to look for their doppelganger.
3:58 pm hoping other people could help them find their quote/unquote twin strangers. i'd love to know if there's someone that looks just like plea. >> i'm thinking the same thing. we're going to put a challenge to our viewers. using the hashtag, "rtm"twins find our doppelgangers and post them via twi u #rtmtwin or go to our facebook page and post photos of our doppelgangers. that's our show everybody. we're so glad you
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: customers at a very fancy restaurant are black and they prove it on instagram. that is is relevant because there is now a big, big thing over mavado the famous reggae artist rapper who says he believes that philippe chow restaurant discriminated against him because he was black. he said he was given the bum's rush and treated rudely in the restaurant and they pushed him in the b


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