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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 8, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people a driver weaving on the road hears sirens and pulls over. >> there we go. all right. there's the police. chase done. as you'll see, no. >> the wild chase that could only end in a wipeout. a homeless father is thrilled by the easter basket for his daughter. >> she's not the only one getting a gift. >> see the surprise that leaves dad in tears. >> thank you so much. >> something big's coming out of those bushes. >> they call him troublesome. >> the safari guest who keeps butting into happy hour. a dad pulls a magic trick, telling his teenage daughter -- >> i made the coin disappear. >> what happens when she tried
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to see through his charade. >> einstein discovered the theory of relatively. hawking gave us the big bang theory. they haven't figured out what makes people ensigninsane when you put them inside a car. starts in lithuania. this white van drives in front of the car with the dash cam. trying to get off the road i think, noticed the car with a dash cam is a police car. >> oh. >> and he has been drinking. >> oh. >> but it looks like it's going to end off relatively simply. pulls off the road. no. he changed his mind puts his foot to the floor, and the van takes off, very very slowly. >> oh no. [ sirens ] >> and he's off now at high speed. look how quickly he goes through here. now he's getting full-on dangerous. the police are like we have to stop this chase. the way they're going to do it they set up a roadblock with one of the police cars.
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but captain insano doesn't seem to notice. the front of the police car, before he takes it off the road ends up over the top of the guardrail. chase over. i.q., zero. but the craziness continues on the other side of the world. we head to calgary where we have a road rage incident. 4,000-pound suv engaged in a battle with the red car next to him. he just wants to get past it but he's doing it like so many people we've ever seen on the roads ourselves. getting right up behind the car. he starts moving left, moving right, moving left. he decides maybe i can go the inside lane. there's a gigantic truck. nice try. it continues it and continues. now, i'm going to go with the guy in the red car is being somewhat passive aggressive. he's deliberately slowed down to block him behind the truck, and later on as things escalate he seems to help escalate them. here he swings over to the
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right, gets in front of him, the red car decides he wants to be in front. there's a burst of dust blowing up. he goes left. the suv turns to right and get stopped at a red light. this is when captain red car decides to get out and have a few words. >> all of this raging and speeding to get stuck at a red light. >> yeah. >> like that really really got you far real quick, dude. ♪ >> falling down water falls. pretty awesome, right? >> awesome in a i didn't die kind of way. >> that looks like niagara falls from this angle almost. this guy went over in a tiny plastic boat. >> first kayaker goes down rights himself back up. no big deal. want to see what it looks like from the first-person perspective? here he goes. >> oh. >> wow, that looked really
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painful. >> like head butted the kayak. >> yeah. >> he made it out just fine. watch this. also rights himself. >> wow. >> wow. >> you can hear the other kayakers around him cheering. because he made it out alive. >> yeah. didn't die, buddy. >> this is in -- yep in ontario, canada, in case you want to go. >> quite often we get inspirational videos on "right this minute" and this is one of those that will tug on your heartstrings. right here at beginning of the video you see adam merit and his 6-year-old daughter brianna in lansing, michigan. and they're about to get a big surprise. they've been told you guys are getting easter baskets. they walk out to a group of people who belong to homeless angels people highlight the problem of homelessness and try to help out. this woman is telling brianna, we've got something for you.
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>> you are so welcome. >> she's got a new bunny, and a basket full of goodies. but they are not done because she's not the only one getting a gift. >> got a little something for daddy. who doesn't need it right? >> thank you. >> have a nice easter. >> they hand him a gas card. he's like yeah that's nice but he doesn't have a car. he's not carless for much longer. >> you're kidding me. >> he's light-headed. he can't comprehend that somebody just gave him his greatest need a car! >> every problem, obstacle i had was solved with this. this means i can do what i need to do for her and i don't have to worry. >> whoo! >> wow. this is an amazing gesture. >> a gesture like this sometimes we think about the huge things in the world to fix but the littlest things here
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helping someone out in a wonderful way. >> thank you so much. >> if you're going to choose to go out on the giant german racetrack, famous for allowing amateurs to go out on the racetrack, you've got to be careful. it goes without saying. this guy, in a beautiful black corvette comes around the corner goes a bit wide bumps into the curve. no big deal. slows it down. gently goes around the inside of the corner waiting for the traffic to go by so he can re-enter the racetrack in a safe manner. >> responsible driver. >> should have stayed put. >> oh! >> darn are you joking me? >> the inequity of this trash is so unjust. the corvette whatever it's worth, it's worth a lot more than this tiny cleo that comes
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skipping across the grass. this guy, boise, idaho, practice session on his dirt bike. lining things up. getting familiar with the feel of these tabletop jumps. here we go, big one here. and down. action camera goes tumbling off his helmet. makes it look worse than it was. >> a ski lift ride with a new type of fall. >> falls right down on to the cable, just in front of the people. >> see this scary encounter on the slopes. >> oh no! >> plus the great news that has her doing the happy dance. sosoilil i is s ththe e fofounundadatitionon for healthy plants just likike e gugumsms a arere t thehe fofoundation for healthy teeth. nenew w cocolglgatate e tototatal l momoututhwhwasash for gum health. itit k kilillsls g gerermsms a andnd f forormsms a a protective shield fofor r 4545% % ststrorongngerer g gumums.s. fofor r ststrorongngerer, , hehealalththieier r gugums cocolglgatate e tototatal l momoututhwhwasash.h. arare e yoyou u sesendndining g yoyourur
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we're riden the snowmobile of richard hampton on a cross-country snowmobile face. he wasn't wearing a helmet good thing he is that's a huge
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action. high speed, in the middle of this professional race richard isn't moving. >> boy, he's got a helmet on and everything. >> he does have a helmet on. racers notice he's not moving. over three minutes late he's still lying on his back. he was completely knocked unconscious. >> what. >> do not worry. you can see a little bit later, as someone starts to right his snowmobile you can see, there he is right there, sitting up talking to omother people. no problems. this in next video, going to make skiers and snowboarders feel very, very uncomfortable. hear that? what was that. >> crackling or something. >> cracking. tree falling. >> it's a -- oh no! >> falls right down on to the cable, just in front of the people who are videoing this. you can see there were some people ahead of them as well. but we're not done yet. the cable stops. figured okay stuck there. but the cable starts moving
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again. oh no oh no, oh no. >> what? >> whoa! >> thankfully it fell on downhillside so there's not a lot of people on that side. >> this is kind of gangster that's how they did it right? everybody cover your face. >> how would they know? the top of the bottom of the mountain. they didn't know what's going to happen. just jam it jam it, it will be fine. >> this video, another thing we as humans have to be scared of. >> this is definitely a fresh take on an internet announcement. >> now this is the story all about how our life got turned upside down and i'd like to take a second sit right there, so you -- >> you recognize the song. it's the song from "the fresh
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prince of bel air" you can tell the lyrics different, performed by a lovely couple. ♪ happy valley, oregon started to build a homestead ♪ ♪ relaxing thinking that our lives are cool ♪ ♪ family and friends up to no good ♪ ♪ started asking questions about parenthood parenthood♪ >> oh. >> the plan begun to start our own family. man it was fun ♪ ♪ many thought it would take time in two months ♪ ♪ we're sending you this rhyme ♪ woke up in the morning 7:00 or 8:00 and i thought i'm late it was finally there ♪ the sign we're now three, not a pair♪ >> oh! the old sonogram. that's so cute. >> that was good. >> well done, right? >> announcing that you're pregnant, a big deal. announcing that your daughter's
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going to be a big sister sometimes a bigger deal. >> ahhh! >> she does the happy dance. she loves every second of this. >> yes. >> i'm taking you on an adventure. this is the safari lodge in the game preserve in south africa. we have been there before. but check out this video. something in the trees. can you tell what it is? >> it's a big elephant. >> they call him troublesome. troublesome really likes the pool at the lodge. >> who doesn't like the pool at the lodge? >> that's freshwater not like the mucky water at the watering hole full of hippo poo and stuff. >> he gets to have a good time pull a couple of pranks like this one. there are some guests at the lodge. he puts his trunk in. >> nice.
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>> i see where he goes. >> that's why they call him troublesome. ♪ >> so we jump from south africa to sri lanka, this is pigeon island and we are observing something beautiful in nature. a turtle hatch. once they hatch, they make their way toward the water. >> sure they need to rename pigeon island turtle island. >> imagine having to be there when all of these hatchlings take off for the water. you're standing in the middle like these people don't want to step on one of them. >> they're so tiny. >> but quick. >> slide down on the beach and have them run all over. >> you're not supposed to touch then you're supposed to leave these turtles alone, let them do their thing. >> if they touch you -- >> it's all fun and games until you decide to prank your buddy. >> while skydiving. >> the cruel joke in midair. >> oh my gosh what did he do?
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and dude decides to make a fool out of himself. lost a bet here. the guys watching or the guidanci that make him wiggle.
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to prank their buddy while skydiving. >> what? >> not really a parachute, ha. >> kind of. >> what? >> here comes the group, out they go. in the skies over mexico. buddy, buddy, your rip cord your rip cord broke, ahhh! >> oh my gosh what did he do? >> he razed immediately and flipped him the bird. >> oh. >> there's a time and place for pranks but that's not one of them. >> that's a good one. >> brilliant. the guy seemed to appreciate. goes around and does a nice aerial high five. >> impressive. >> very impressive. >> it would work bet on a beginner than guy knew what he was doing. throw a beginner out of the plane and pull that. >> don't prank the beginner! >> the prank suited for beginners out there. it's a good one. you're going to want to try it this on family and friends out there. take a coin put it underneath the bottle. tell everybody around that's
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watching i'm going to do some magic. say, look you can see the coin through the water. but once i cover it up do my magic trick, check again and see if you can see that coin. i made the coin disappear. it's called water bottle prank. it's sweeping the internet. videos like this popping up all over the place, all of the guys in the room on on the prank. they're getting that guy. >> why did he fall for that? >> that's my thing. >> making him feel like it's a magic trick. put wonder into it. peek through, now you can see. i'm going to make it vanish. okay okay. >> it's fun. it's easy. it's harms. >> the megahit song "uptown funk" featuring bruno mars. ♪ >> just reached its 13 week at number one on the top 100, only
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ten songs in history have been on the top of the chart for that long. of course the song that popular, videos utilizing that song keep popping up online. first, this one from the dancers youtube channel. i've got to say, amp, can dance. as his buddy styles, who you see in the video. >> this is my jam. >> this 8-year-old has awesome moves. this is zane. love his dance moves. he goes into the head-pat belly rub thing that is so hard to do. and then he just break into the saturday night fever. >> classic. >> yeah. this is like a condensed version of every dance move you've ever seen, ever. >> he's the son of one of our producers, chris holden. >> oh. >> that's where he gets the moves from. ♪
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>> last but not least, this fella, jimbo. ♪ this guy just gets into it. >> who lost the bet here? the guy watching or the guy dancing? >> no bet involved. jimbo had gained a few pounds and decided to make this video to make fun of himself before heading back to the gym. that's why he's got the suspenders and the boxer shorts going. >> good for him. right. ♪ when you find the one you take her hand♪ >> this guy decides to take his best man speech to the keys. >> the groom's brother. >> the medley of songs that has the couple laughing and crying. i feel like the groom's thinking god, my brother is so talented. ining g usus y youour r acachihingng and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve e pmpm. . ththe e ononlyly o onene to combine a safe sleep aid... plplusus t thehe 1 12 2 hohourur p paiain n relieving strength of aleve.
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100 points, perfect shot. dog loves playing in the snow. ♪ ♪ >> this video's titled "the best best man's speech ever" and here's the thing it really is.
9:56 am
set to the tune of "stay with me" by sam smith. >> it's true when they say you become a man. >> best man is daniel he is the groom's brother. ♪ take her hand♪ >> daniel snuck in the keyboard so that the groom and the bride and the party didn't know or realize that he was going to break into song. ♪ she didn't say no that would be sad♪ >> the tune changes and he's changed the lyrics to the song by the police "every breath you take". ♪ every breath you take sounds like this ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ she's in the kitchen doing the laundry and dishes♪ >> now it's r. kelly's
9:57 am
"ignition". ♪ we were having♪ >> he does "can you feel the love tonight" by elton john. ♪ it's enough your expensive love ♪ ♪ >> then train's "hey soul sister". ♪ sister thanks for making me happy♪ >> backstreet boys as long as you love me ♪ ♪ loneliness never a friend of his search and search♪ >> the best man's most likely to hook up with a bridesmaid. when you do this you can sing and you're funny as well guaranteed. >> guaranteed. >> absolutely. >> entire best man speech song head on over to and click on today's show or you can see it on our mobile app. that's it for us here at
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"right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time, everybody.
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. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." we're breaking down all of the craziest hot topics and
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