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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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and he agreed to deploy the national guard as soon as they are available. they will be immediately deployed. >> authorities now say 15 officers were injured today, including some who suffered broken bones and two officers remain in the hospital tonight. in addition 27 protesters have been arrested. now developments from nepal. the death toll continues to go up following saturday's 7.8 earthquake. tonight 4,000 people are reported dead. 7,000 more are injured and both numbers are expected to go up. among those killed an employee of google. killed at mt. everest by an avalanche. he was with three other google employees. the others are safe. >> he was last heard from april 19, he told them he was heading to the base camp at mt.
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everest. several bay area organizations are answering the call for help after the earthquake. ktvu's azenith smith spoke to a man who is leading an effort to raise money. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: hearing his nephew voice in nepal he can't help but feel helpless. >> they are in pain. nothing we can do. all we can do is talk to them and say take care. >> reporter: he says he is thankful his immediate family survived saturday's 7.8 earthquake. he knows other friends are mourning the death of loved ones. some still searching. they are sleeping in tents, too worried of aftershocks. >> they need water. safe water. drinkable water and sanitize -- i mean, bath room -- not bath rooms. >> the need for water evident
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in this picture. people fighting for basic necessities. that is why his non-profit has raised $10,000 enlisting help on facebook. >> many people are injured, died. and, you know, telephone systems, the hospital are at capacity. >> reporter: the american red cross northern california chapter has been getting calls from people wanting to donate which people can do through their website, texting red cross to 9099 and to their website. >> you are able to stimulate the economy. people get back to work. more financial resources to help them rebuild. >> reporter: he says sense he can't be there he will do everything he can to help his family back home rebuild and
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recover. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. >> a foundation has people on the ground in nepal assessing the damage. >> been a rough few days for the people there. there is a lot of devastation and destruction. but we know that the spirit of the people there, they are resilient and they will bounce back. >> he is marted dianne feinstein -- married to dianne feinstein is the chair of the organization. he was on his way to nepal when the group truck. they mobilized a donate drive to help the people devastated by the earthquake. and stay with ktvu and for continuing coverage on the nepal earthquake. we are also posting updates. police are searching for an uber driver who robbed a passenger over the weekend. it started at 1:00 a.m.
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saturday morning. the 30-year-old passenger said the driver offered to take him to get drugs or prostitutes and he refused and when the driver failed to stop at the destination the victim jumped out of the car but the uber driver attacked him and stole his cell phone and wallet. uber says the company is cooperating with police to find the driver. also in san francisco, mese are asking witnesses -- police are asking witnesses to come forward after a person opened fire on muni today. witnesses say the gunman walked up to the victim inside the light rail vehicle, fired and ran away. that victim is now in the hospital with life-threatening injury. officials say the way the images are shot could put people at risk. now there is a push to keep drones away from the golden gate bridge. ktvu's christien kafton with the incident that inspired a letter from officials to the
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faa. >> reporter: one of the most photographed land marks in the world. and now drone operators are capperring its beauty. -- capturing its beauty. officials drafted a pair of letters, one to dianne feinstein, the other to the federal aviation administration offering input into new ruins on to how drones should be flown. they said it could be a safety risk to drivers. >> we had a drone that just fell out of the sky on to the road. no one was hurt, we didn't have accidents, but you could see the havoc that could create. >> reporter: they say no one was sited in that incident because there aren't rules in place. the bridge says the drones are capable of taking video of sensitive parts of the bridge and pose a security range. >> we need to make sure -- risk. >> we need to make sure no one hassicacy to secure areas --
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has access to secure areas. >> reporter: he says right now it is hard for drone opers to know what is -- operators to know what is allowed and what is not. we wants to come up with common sense rules. >> we need to have more communications. and guidelines set. quicker and better so there is less issues. >> reporter: bridge users would like to see rules too. >> well, if i am driving and i saw one, i think i will continue but it could be scary because i don't know -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i think the bridge should have heightened awareness for security at all times. >> reporter: this isn't to say they want a ban on drones. in fact they can think of uses for the drones, include nothing spectingdite access parts of
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the bridge -- inspecting difficult to access parts of the bridge. . new developments. a confession from the teenage suspect accused in the stabbing death of a 9-year-old boy. the suspect said: i wanted to see what it was like to take a life. the 18-year-old suspect is accused of stabbing and killing a 9-year-old boy in discovery bay. with an interview after walter scott admit heed killed the boy he started -- admitted he killed killed the boy he started crying and said i think about what if that was my little brother. i have remorse for what i did but there is a reason for everything that happens. ktvu's noelle walker spoke with a reporter who did the interview. what else did the suspect say? >> reporter: a reporter for the bay area newsgroup is the only reporter to sit down and talk
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to the suspect in a jail house interview. we talked about the experience just moments ago. he sat down and talked to 18- year-old walter scott. walter scott is a senior at liberty high school. he is now a suspect in a deadly early morning stabbing from sunday morning inside a discovery bay house. the victim, 9-year-old jordan almgren. a boy remembered for his smile and his love of baseball. the reporter said he was shaken and stunned when walter scott confessed to killing jordan almgren. >> kind of was all these thoughts, he thinks the world is coming to an end. and he bought survival gear on thursday he said, including a bear grill knife, which he said was the murder weapon. and he said that night at 3:00 a.m. the issue was so important to him, he woke up and he went
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into the boy's bedroom to stab him. during that interview walter scott admitted to stabbing the boy as he slept saying i wanted to see what it was like to take a life before someone tried to take mine. he said i wish that i hadn't done it. i think about that with my little brother in that sense i do have remorse for what i did but there is a reason for everything that happens and he said this is where he showed emotion. the only time he showed emotion. there is also -- they touched on his mental health state. on saturday his family called the sheriff's department asking for them to come over. they evaluated him for a mental health hold. and determined that he did not meet the criteria at the time for a 72 hour mental health hold. interestingly, the criteria for a hold is that you are a danger
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to yourself or to others. less than 24 hours later he is -- there is a stabbing and that stabbing he admitted to in the jail house interview earlier this morning. we will have more on this story, which is sad and getting more bizarre. >> just have to feel for the parents. noelle walker live, thank you. today in the east bay these are bone dry conditions. last week it looked like a swamp here. >> after the break, how the fog impacts your day tomorrow. temperatures warm today but it will cool down. i will let you know how much. >> a live look at traffic on interstate 80. car south
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towards hayward. traffic is average. >> interstate 80 in berkeley. the conditions there, the picture, drivers on the left side are towards the maze. easy going for them. in the commute direction, north, a different story. back with more in a moment.
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developing news right now involving a protest in oakland. demonstrators gathered across the street from the federal building. live pictures right now from the scene. they want to show solidarity with the protesters in baltimore. they are expected to march to the port of oakland. protesters are demanding officers involved in the arrest of a baltimore man be charged
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with first degree murder. freddie gray died after suffering a spinal injury. violent erupted on the streets. we will continue to follow this situation in baltimore and oakland and bring you the latest on ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. and tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news. police are helping the public can help. a man in this picture grabbed the buttock of a 12-year-old after brushing his hand against her back side twice before hand. it happened about 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon inside a market. daly city leaders detailed the new ordinance approved. it was dopted last year. under the -- adopted last year. under the law residents who allow minors to drink in their homes face fines. >> in show way, shape or form
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do we want to 9 parents. -- to fine parents. the purpose is to make sure parents are aware. >> the law also allows the city to bill residents for the cost of police who are called to parties involving underaged drinkers. new at 6:00 p.m. concerns about water waste in the east bay after someone noticed sprinklers running for hours. and during a drought every drop counts. when that residents noticed flooding in the median she went to ktvu's john sasaki. >> reporter: it looked like it was in the middle of a rain storm thursday night. but it was no natural event. i shot this video. >> i could only see that all of this water was being wasted. i could just imagine how many gallons was going down the drain. >> we are hand watering so we are not contributing to any
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waste of water. >> reporter: after realizing it had been going for 5 hours, not 5 minutes she informs she and then calls police. >> they see water, absolutely we need to be called about it. >> reporter: while i was there public works arrived and turned off the water. >> just flooded. >> reporter: i showed my video to the mayor. >> it was a mechanical failure on a valve that failed and accidentally turned on. >> reporter: there are now regulations regarding watering and for medians in particular. no water with run off, no watering during the day. >> we have -- you can only water two times per week. that is plenty. >> reporter: as the drought grown worse they received a
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number of calls about water wasters. >> everybody realizes what a serious situation we are in and they want to do their part in order to save. if that means calling out somebody, they will do it. >> reporter: here is a photo i took of a median over watering. i showed the video to the water district and within hours officials told me that contacted the city and the homeownersing to get the problems 86 -- homeowners association to get the problems fixed. these sprinkler heads are inefficient. to increase water efficiency they plan to install drip systems starting this summer. in martinez, john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. tomorrow officials will vote on whether to spend $25 million to buy water from other agencies in the state. if approved that deal would give east bay mud enough water to supply customers for one month. time now to get a check of
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the weather. warm day with temperatures in some places into the 80s. >> upper 80s today. >> hot. >> close to 90 in some places. everything is changing. fog now. inthfog -- the fog is rolling over that's thing. provides cooler for tomorrow. not cold, just not as warm. when the fog gets over the tower then you can talk about it being cooler. then it filters inland. national weather service tweets this. say it was warm april day. check it out. oakland downtown, 82 degrees. old record was 81 degrees in 2008. so a nice warm up today. more cities, 87 fairfield. 87 antioch. these numbers touching on 90 degrees. east of napa, fairfield, you will find backyard 90 degrees. fog and low clouds along the coast. the fog is pushing up over the
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hills. that is the mechanism for cooling tomorrow. mid-80s inland. but all this cool air, the green, right, the fog -- the dark greens and blues, the cooler air filters in. warm day again just not as warm. talking about upper 70s. and maybe a couple low 80s. there is the fog 77 santa rosa tomorrow. 82 antioch. temperatures came up today. temperature comes down tomorrow. 5-8 degrees again. 76 san jose. 77 mountain view.
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in the five-day forecast, then, no rain. unfortunately, the rain was great saturday night, right? none in the 5 day. we are looking for temperatures to warm up thursday and friday into the upper 80s. saturday, cooler. sunday comes into view here. tree pollens trending down. grass trending up and cooler tomorrow. warmer on thursday and friday. >> with the fog you see the fog rolling in there. >> yeah -- changes everything. [ talking at the same time ] >> good for hay fever stuff too. knocks the pollens down. >> thank you. in sacramento today a new bill aims to ease future droughts in california. supporters gathered with two trees that had been cut down. it would speed up the reviews of water storage projects. two republicans say too often the projects get caught up in years of litigation. the giants in southern california taking on the dodgers.
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and the warriors have time to kill. mark is up next with sports. >> now to the news room, gasia mikaelian with a look at what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. >> coming up at 7:00 p.m. we will have coverage of tonight's riot in baltimore. it came hours after the funeral for a man who died in police custody and millions of viewers watched bruce jenner describe his transition from a man to a woman. the warning he is getting from family members. we are working on these stories and more coming up tonight at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36.
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we could know tonight who they are going to play. the warriors got a long lay off. today they went at it. first practice since taking care of new orleans. they swept the pelicans but it was a competitive game and there are doubters, none in the bay area and the warriors don't worry too much about the fact there are some people who are still not believers thet they
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can go all the way -- that the they can go all the way. >> you can label us but -- there hasn't been a lot of teams like us in the history of the league. i think we have a special group. >> like i said it will be that way the entire playoffs. always have something to say. we focus on what we do. into be the team we have been all year and get better. everything else takes care of itself. >> they seem cool, calm and collected. meanwhile in cleveland the cavaliers have a problem. they swept the boston celtics over the weekend. but one of their stars, kevin love, a guy the warriors were interested in, sustained a separated left shoulder on that play. didn't waste time going straight to the locker room and
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today it was confirmed, and he will definitely miss their next series. could miss more time. kevin love definitely out. tim lincecum to the mound tonight in los angeles against the dodgers as the giants try to continue their mastery over los angeles. the a's have the day off before they take on the angels tomorrow. that is the sporting life for right now. going to be a lot of warriors fans jonessing for basketball. sunday that earliest. >> a long break. >> rust or rest. >> thank you. before we go here. developing news from baltimore. pictures here of a senior center that is under construction and you can see it is on fire. from what we understand this is not connected to all of the rioting that is going on in other parts of baltimore. the rioting comes as the governor declared a state of
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emergency and called in the nationals guard, the resulted of the death of someone who suffered fatal injuries while in police custody. things going from bad to worse in baltimore. riots and then this massive fire. complete coverage tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news. we will see you then.
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